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Have you been injured or made ill as a result of negligent treatment by a medical practitioner? You could have been harmed in some way by a doctor, dentist, nurse or other healthcare practitioner and experienced pain or suffering as a result. If this is you, you could be looking for solicitors in your local area (such as solicitors Lancaster) to help you claim the medical negligence compensation that you deserve. No matter where you live in the UK, Legal Expert can provide you with experienced and professional medical negligence solicitors able to conduct a variety of medical negligence claim types. If you have been injured, made ill or otherwise harmed in some way, contact the specialist team at Legal Expert today. Call us now on 0800 073 8804 for more information.

What is medical negligence?

If you have experienced some form of harm as a result of the way in which either an NHS or private healthcare practitioner treated you, you could be asking whether this qualifies as medical negligence. Medical or clinical negligence are incidences where a person or organisation has breached the duty of care which the legally owed the person. It needs to be able to be shown that this breach was responsible for the adverse effects the person experienced. The resulting injury or illness could be either physical or psychological. The negligence could have been caused by the practitioner failing to provide the right treatment and medication, failure to pay due care and attention to a patient’s condition or even deliberately cutting corners in treatment. Put simply, it is where treatment falls below the standard the patient should expect.

solicitors LancasterHow do you show your claim is valid?

In any medical negligence claim or personal injury claims, in general, the burden of proof will rest with the claimant. This is why it is crucial to have the right solicitor working on your claim. They need to be experienced and have the knowledge necessary to process your claim.

Your solicitor needs to be able to prove that the healthcare provider or practitioner which is identified as the defendant owed you (the claimant) a duty of care. They will also need to be able to demonstrate that this person or organisation was in breach of their duty of care. During your Lancaster solicitors free consultation, they will review your evidence and case, determining whether they will be able to show this breach led directly to your injuries.

We can provide high-quality solicitors who are able to prove the criteria above for your claim, showing each of the elements necessary. In most cases of medical negligence, it will be easy to show that the doctor, dentist, nurse or other persons responsible for your care owed you this duty of care. Next, the solicitor will show that the way in which treatment was administered amounted to negligence, through action or inaction. Finally, they will provide evidence which proves that you have suffered, and how you have suffered.

What can I include in my claim?

Your claim may include damages for the injury you have suffered, as well as any costs or financial losses you have incurred. This could be the cost of medication and travel to appointments for treatment, or it could be to compensate you for your loss of earnings.

Compensation claim time limits.

As with all personal injury claims, medical negligence claims must be brought within three years of either the injury occurring, or of the claimant discovering and being diagnosed with the condition.

Our guide below contains more information on what medical negligence claims are and how to go about making them.

How To Find The Best Lancaster Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical negligence claims, as with any personal injury claim, will typically take several months to conduct. However, on a rare condition, they can take up to the full three year time limits to conduct. Compensation claims in the NHS or private sector will require the solicitor to be privy to a lot of personal and private medical information. As such you need to be able to have a good relationship with the solicitor and to be able to trust them with the information. You also need to be able to trust that the advice they are providing you is trustworthy and also clear to understand. Our solicitors in Lancaster can help you in this regard.

Comparing Reviews Of Different Solicitors

To help you choose which solicitor to handle your case, you may want to look at different online reviews of legal firms who are based in, or who cover your area. People use a variety of different search terms to find a solicitor who covers their local area. When you are choosing between different professional services, you might read lots of different reviews to see which one may be better suited for helping with your claim, or who can offer services at a competitive rate.

When you are looking at reviews of Lancaster solicitors, ensure that you look at how their fee structure works and whether or not the service they offer is a proper no win, no fee service. Contact our team today to find out more about how our service works.

Do I Have To Choose A Clinical Negligence Solicitor In Lancaster?

One of the largest misconceptions around using a solicitor is that they should be based in the same location as you and that you will need to have a lot of face-to-face meetings with them during your claims process. However, with the development and prevalence of digital communication tools, you can access professional services digitally from across the country. In fact, today most personal injury cases can be carried out without the need for the claimant and solicitor to meet face-to-face. Services such as solicitors no longer have to be provided from the same location as you, they could be based anywhere else in the country whilst making the claimant feel like the solicitor is just around the corner from them. More important than your solicitors’ location is their track record in settling cases and their ability to get clients the full amount of compensation that they could be entitled to. By working with our clinical negligence team, you will be provided with an experienced and expert solicitor who is able to assist claimants in your area.

Claimants who need medical exams to fully establish the extent of their injuries with a neutral doctor can have this organised for them in their local area and if necessary a home visit could be organised.

Claims Our Lancaster Medical Negligence Team Conducts

During your initial Lancaster solicitors free consultation, our team will ask you a number of questions to establish the nature, extent, and validity of your claim. Our medical negligence team will then be able to provide you with a solicitor who has the relevant experience to conduct your claim, and who can carry out claims in your area. Our team can help with negligence claims against practitioners in the NHS and private sector and with injuries from the mild to the severe and even life-altering.

Below we briefly look at some of the most common causes for people to make a medical negligence claim and the causes of them. The list does not include all the different causes and consequences surrounding medical negligence and is not exhaustive of the types of claims we have handled or are able to. If the injury, illness or circumstances of your claim are not described below don’t worry. Our expert team can still help you.

Hospital Negligence

A visit to the hospital should be safe and result in you getting better, not worse. However, when you receive substandard care and experience potentially life-changing consequences it falls very far short of this. Hospital negligence might take the form of negligent treatment in an A&E department, delays in your treatment, developing a new infection, misdiagnosis, and errors in surgery.

Across the country, our team is experienced in handling negligence claims against NHS and private hospitals. If you have experienced hospital negligence, use our compensation form to contact us today.

Dental Negligence

Mistakes made by a dentist, dental surgeon or other practitioners during your treatment can be both painful and even traumatic. Our team can help you with dental negligence claims no matter what type of accident or mistreatment you have suffered which led to you to suffer in some way. Your claim can take account of both injuries and financial costs incurred. Commonly, dental negligence can take the form of a delay in treatment, the misdiagnosis of a condition, damage to nerves, cosmetic damage and mistakes which lead to you losing one or more teeth. At Legal Expert, we can handle cases of both private and NHS dentist negligence.

Contact us today for further information about making a dental negligence claim.

GP/ Doctor Negligence

A GP (General Practitioner), as well as other healthcare practitioners at a GP surgery, are usually the first point of contact if you are unwell. How well you are treated here can have a large effect on your overall health and specific conditions. You should be able to expect the doctor to correctly diagnose the condition and prescribe treatment based on this. GP negligence could include (but is not limited to); failure to diagnose a condition, not referring you to a specialist or for further tests, not accounting for your medical history and not examining you thoroughly. Simply put, cases of GP negligence will involve substandard care or care which falls short of what can reasonably be expected.

Cancer Negligence

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases that a person can develop. It can affect people of all ages and walks of life. There are also many forms of cancer from the very common to the very rare. With any form of cancer, it is important that it is diagnosed as early as possible and that it is diagnosed correctly. If a GP, doctor, oncologist or surgeon fails to provide the correct and expected level of care at any point through the treatment of your cancer, it could make your cancer much harder to correctly treat and in the most serious cases lead to cancer becoming terminal.

If you have suffered negligent treatment of your cancer, talk to Legal Expert.

Nursing Home Negligence

Care and nursing homes are often trusted to look after and provide care for our vulnerable loved ones, whether an elderly relative or a sick child. However, if the standard of care slips negligence can creep in. if you, a parent, relative or person whom you are responsible for has been treated in a negligent way in a nursing home, the solicitors we can provide could be able to help you claim compensation for the consequences of this negligence.

Birth Injury Negligence

Claims for negligent care during childbirth can be made in cases where the mother or the child have suffered some form of injury or illness during the birth. Cases could involve the mother or child contracting an infection during their stay in hospital, the child suffering hypoxia during the delivery or other physical injuries during the birthing process. If you, your child or a loved one has experienced negligent care during childbirth, contact our specialist team today.

Medical Negligence Claims Against The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

NHS trusts are legally responsible for the provision of care administered through the hospitals (and other facilities) they manage. Ultimately your case could be brought against one of these. The table below includes data on the number of claims made against The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust in the period 2015/ 2016.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Recieved 2015/ 16Number of Incident 2015/ 16Payments Made
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust73227,219,273

Lancaster No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Solicitors

If you have suffered some form of injury or otherwise been made ill or harmed by a medical practitioner anywhere in the country you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation using our no win no fee service. No win, no fee services are provided without the claimant having to make any large upfront or ongoing payments to secure the solicitor’s services. The solicitor assumes the risk of a case not securing an award, as without the win they will not charge for services provided. These type of agreements have helped people across the country to make a claim when they otherwise would not have been able to. Under a no win, no fee agreement, if your claim is not successful you will not be left with a big bill to cover. If you are awarded compensation, your solicitors’ fee can be deducted from this.

What Happens Next

Taking the next step in your claims process means contacting Legal Expert. Our team can provide expert solicitors who can cover claims being made across the country and who can conduct claims against both the NHS and private providers. We are on hand seven days a week and ready to take your call.

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