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City of London Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

This article is designed to give you all of the information to help you to choose a medical negligence solicitor that can help with claims in the City of London area. Legal Expert are specialists in compensation claims, covering the whole of Great Britain and always offer a no win no fee service for claims we take on.

Medical negligence solicitor City of London

Medical negligence solicitor City of London

There are many examples of medical negligence that can lead to a compensation claim. Essentially it needs to be proven that a medical professional that treated you caused you harm that could’ve been prevented had they acted correctly.

Examples of medical negligence include:

  • Incorrect medication being prescribed
  • Misdiagnosis of a disease, illness or condition
  • No diagnosis at all of a condition
  • Delayed and late diagnosis
  • Injuries caused while undergoing treatment or surgery
  • Pain caused because of the incorrect anaesthetic levels
  • Pain or injuries caused by incorrect equipment being used

These are just a handful of examples that can be claimed for but there are many more and we will consider all cases.

Medical negligence can be caused by doctors, nurses, dentists, surgeons, care staff and any other medical professional. It can happen at an NHS site or at a private healthcare provider and can also be caused while undergoing cosmetic surgery.

There are cases where a patient being harmed by a medical professional wouldn’t constitute medical negligence such as when undergoing treatment which causes painful side effects. In these cases, if you were informed of the side effects properly, the pain caused probably wouldn’t lead to a medical negligence claim because the doctor or specialist was trying to treat a condition and the side effects were known prior to the procedure.

All medical specialists have a duty of care to their patients and if they breach that duty then a compensation claim can be made against the NHS trust (or private healthcare provider) rather than the medical professional themselves.

Medical negligence claims are often complex pieces of work and if the medical board that reviews the case doesn’t agree that the professional was negligent then we advise you to have a specialist solicitor on your side that knows how to counter their claims and is able to provide evidence to prove that there was negligence and therefore you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Legal Expert can make complex claims on our client’s behalf using a no win no fee service. If you’d like to engage with us, then please get in touch. If you’re not sure whether there was negligence in your case, then please discuss your case with us and we’ll advise you on the chance of success in making an injury claim.

How To Choose A Medical Negligence Solicitor

There are plenty of solicitors in the UK who will happily take on a claim for medical negligence, so how do you choose which one will be the best solicitor for you?

There are a number of questions we suggest you ask before making a decision:

  • Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, does the solicitor offer a no win no fee service? Legal Expert only take cases on using our no win no fee agreement which means that you don’t pay any fees up front and none if we lose the case. The only fee you’ll pay is an agreed percentage of any compensation that is won for you. This is much less stressful than paying a solicitor a hourly rate to take on your case, especially if you don’t end up with any compensation.
  • Next, look at the types of cases the solicitor you are considering mainly deals with. Legal Expert only deal with personal injury and medical negligence claims. It is often easy to choose a solicitor that your family have used for other legal matters, but a specialist personal injury lawyer will have experience in the latest legislation in personal injury law.
  • Try to find out how well previous customers rate the solicitor by looking at reviews (see below).
  • Ask the solicitor if they can provide examples of cases similar to yours that they’ve won and what level of compensation they gained for the client.

Not all solicitors will fulfil all of the above criteria whereas Legal Expert do and we’ve got years of experience in making medical negligence claims up and down the country.

Do I Need To Use Local City of London Solicitors?

Just because you’ve been injured in a City of London hospital does not mean that you are required to choose a solicitor in that area. In fact, in most cases, you probably won’t ever set foot in your solicitor’s office as most correspondence is completed over the telephone, email and postal service so the location of their office really doesn’t matter.

That said, at Legal Expert, we want to make sure that our clients don’t have to travel too far when being assessed medically (to provide evidence to support your claim) and so we work with a panel of medical experts up and down the country to ensure that, if you choose us to make your claim, you won’t ever have to go too far from home to see a doctor, for physiotherapy or other medical specialist for an assessment.

The medical teams we employ in the City of London area include:

Syed Zaidi6-8 BonhillLondonEC2A 4BX
Sajive Bansal Loncroft House, Victoria AvenueLondonEC2M 4NS
Geoffrey Hill65 London WallLondonEC2M 5TU

This is a sample of the medical professionals we use for treatment, assessment and treatments such as physiotherapy and counselling.

Reviews Of Solicitor

Review sites are a great source of information when choosing a medical negligence solicitor because they are left by clients and you’ll be able to gauge the level of success that a particular solicitor has had, whether the clients have been happy with the amount of compensation received and you’ll get a general feel for the customer satisfaction levels.

We’d also recommend that you leave reviews of any solicitor you’ve used to aid other claimants who are seeking advice about choosing the right personal injury solicitor for them.

Reviews won’t give you every answer you’ll need when choosing a solicitor so it is advisable to speak with a specialist firm, such as Legal Expert, to help make up your mind about who will be the right fit for your case.

Common Medical Negligence Cases Legal Expert Conducts

Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors can help when making a claim for medical or clinical negligence against the NHS or private healthcare providers. The negligence can have happened at a hospital, GP surgery, dentists, care home or nursing home.

The following sections describe the most common types of claims we receive and deal with regularly:

Cancer Medical Negligence Claims

Legal Expert are able to make claims on your behalf for cancer negligence claims which, in general, are usually caused by mis-diagnosis or late diagnosis of the cancer which can lead to late treatment or in the most severe cases death of the patient because no treatment was attempted.

All types of cancer misdiagnosis can be claimed for including: Lung cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer, bowel cancer and any other type as well.

Childbirth Injury Medical Negligence Claims

An injury during childbirth can be one of the most traumatic types of personal injury claims made, especially for the more serious injuries such as brain damage to the baby.

There are numerous accidents and injuries that Legal Expert can help with whether they occurred in a City of London hospital or anywhere else in the UK. If the medical team were responsible for the injuries, that could have been prevented in any way, then get in contact with one of our experts.

Common birth injury negligence to babies include: Cerebral Palsy, broken bones, brain damage caused by lack of oxygen and stillbirth. Injuries to the mother can include pelvic damage, womb damage, bowel damage and cuts and lesions.

GP Or Doctor Medical Negligence Claims

We all understand how busy GP surgeries have become over the past few years and understand that they are under a lot of pressure to see patients quickly and efficiently but that should not mean that a patient receives a lower level of treatment or a breach of duty occurs.

If you believe that a doctor has made a mistake that has caused you to become ill or not receive the treatment you needed, then we may be able to claim against the NHS. We have a more detailed guide to doctor medical negligence claims which explains more about the reasons why you might be eligible to claim but some of the common reasons we see include:

  • Mis-diagnosis of an illness which delays treatment
  • Late or no referral to a hospital or specialist
  • Not referring to your medical history
  • Failing to examine you properly because of time constraints

Any of these can be reasons to claim, if you think your illness or injury was caused by your GP then please make contact with our specialist advisers.

Care Home Negligence Claims

It is possible that you are considering suing a nursing home for negligence (or a care home) on behalf of somebody else who isn’t able to, which is fine, and we can still help in these cases.

Some of the common types of claims we deal with include:

  • Illnesses which do not get treated properly (or at all)
  • Fatal accidents in care homes
  • Bedsores which can be caused by lack of care, cleaning or movement

We can deal with any type of care home negligence, whether in the City of London or not, so if you or a loved one have become injured and believe it was caused by care home staff, then please get in touch.

Dental Negligence Claims

If you’ve been injured because of dental negligence recently, had the wrong tooth removed, received a nerve injury, become infected because of treatment or had any other illness due to the effects of dentistry then you could be eligible to claim compensation against the Dentist provider.

As well as bringing a claim against the NHS, it is possible to make dental negligence claims against private dentists so long as, in either case, the dentist, hygienist or dental nurse caused you to become ill or injured due to negligent treatment.

Legal Expert have dealt with multiple dental compensation claims and will always offer our no win no fee service for any claims we take on.

Common dental negligence claims include:

  • Nerve damage or injury
  • Loss of teeth due to incorrect surgery
  • Treating the wrong tooth
  • Delay or incorrect diagnosis of a problem

Furthermore, dental negligence can be argued in cases where oral cancer isn’t diagnosed following a check-up.

Hospital Medical Negligence Claims

One of the most common types of medical negligence claims are for accidents, injuries or illnesses caused while being treated in hospital.

If you’ve been injured, become further sick or your illness was made worse while staying at a City of London hospital then we can help you to begin a claim today.

As well as injuries or accidents sustained in the hospital, it is possible to claim if you’ve been discharged from hospital too soon which has resulted your condition re-occurring or deteriorating.

Medical Negligence Statistics For Hospitals Operated By The Central London Clinical Commissioning Group

The table below shows the medical negligence data for claims made against Central London commissioning group:

NHS Trust2016 Claims2016 IncidentsPayments
Barts Health NHS Trust1318£21,459,645

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

The good thing about no win no fee solicitors is that you never have to transfer any money to them from your own account. This is because there’s no fee up front to pay, no ongoing costs while they prepare your case and you don’t have to pay them anything at all if they fail to win you any compensation.

If they do win your case, then they simply retain the agreed success fee (an agreed percentage of your compensation) and send the rest as payment directly to you.

Unlike solicitors that charge by the hour, regardless of the outcome, no win no fee agreements are completely risk and stress free.

How To Contact Our Team

Now that you’ve read this guide about medical negligence solicitors and claims in the City of London area, we hope you’re ready to use Legal Expert to begin your own claim. If so, you can get in touch by:

Whichever method you choose, we’ll begin by offering a free initial consultation where we’ll take all of the details of your claim and assess its chances of success. If we believe it has a good chance then we’ll prepare a no win no fee agreement and start the ball rolling.

Useful Resources And Local Medical Services

Cancer Misdiagnosis – a comprehensive guide regarding the misdiagnosis of cancer and the amounts of compensation that can be claimed.

Dental Negligence Claims – a guide with more information regarding claims against dental practices.

Here are some useful links to medical practices in the City of London area:

St Bartholomew’s Hospital (NHS)
West Smithfield
Tel: 020 3416 5000

London Bridge Hospital (Private)
27 Tooley Street
Tel: 020 7407 3100

City Of London GP
Walk-In Clinic
33-34 Bury Street
Tel: 020 3811 3128

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