Accident At Work Claims

Have you suffered a accident at work and want to make a claim for compensation?

If you have suffered a accident at work and want to make a claim for compensation its important that your workplace or workplace manager knows about your accident at work and it does go in the workplace accident book. If you are in pain after a work accident and you see a GP or go to a hospital it can also help when claiming compensation as it goes down on your records that you have had medical attention and it helps with evidence.

What types of accidents at work do most workers claim for?

Slip trip injuries at work.

Back injuries at work when lifting or pulling.

Vehicle accidents at work example FLT Forklift trucks.

Accidents from faulty machinery.

Hearing loss from noisy environments.

What can a claim for my accident at work?

You can claim for many things, injuries  to find out how much you can claim for a accident at work click this link. Also you can claim for your loss of earnings example if you was off work for 2 months and you earned £2,000 per month you could claim a total of £4,000 for 2 months loss of earnings. If your injury is so bad you need help around the house or cleaning, eating and traveling. The person who is caring for you could also put in a care claim. When a person is injured the victim and the family can lose out financially when the victim is not able to work so its very important you claim for everything you are entitled to.

What is the best way i can claim compensation for my work accident?

Contact our free legal advice team today we can advice you for free we also have a fast track compensation service to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries. We also arrange your medical local to your post code so you do not have to travel. Contact us today for free no obligation legal advice on claiming compensation.

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