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Taxi Accident Claims How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Taxi Accident?

Both taxis and minicabs are classed as public hire vehicles, and therefore must be covered by a full private and public hire insurance. This means that if you are the victim of an accident that leads to injury, or some other form of loss, you should be able to make a compensation claim.

Taxi accident claimThere are several different key scenarios that can lead to a person having a right to claim compensation following a minicab or taxi passenger accident. Such as the driver making a mistake, the vehicle itself being faulty, or a third party such as another vehicle causing the accident. No matter how the taxi or minicab accident actually occurred, as long as it was not your fault, you should have a good reason to claim compensation, and we can help with this.

Discerning who was at fault for the accident, and determining just what you can make a compensation claim for following a taxi accident, is a complicated process. You will need legal advice, and the assistance of a solicitor to press your compensation claim. We recommend you contact us to discuss how we can help you with this.

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A Guide to Making a Claim for Compensation Following a Taxi or Minicab Accident

We believe in making the process of pursuing a claim for compensation following a taxi or minicab accident as easy as possible. Because of this, we have designed a service that begins with a free legal consultancy session.

We use this session to find out all of the facts that pertain to the taxi or minicab accident. We then use these facts to come up with a plan on how to move your taxi accident claim forward. In almost every case we will offer to pursue a compensation claim on your behalf, under a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that you don’t pay any legal fees at all unless we actually manage to make a successful compensation claim on your behalf following your taxi accident.

Something we should make clear, though, is that due to the complexity of these types of compensation claims, we will not be able to give you an estimate of just how much you can expect to claim during this free consultation.

What is an Accident Compensation Claim Following a Taxi or Minicab Accident?

When considering making a claim for compensation following an accident occurring whilst riding in a taxi or minicab, there are two driving factors that will affect the claim.

Firstly, who is to blame? Was the taxi accident caused by negligence on the part of the driver? Was the vehicle at fault? Or perhaps a third party caused the accident? Discerning the actual facts that lead up to the accident is an important part of the claim process.

Secondly, we need to discern what compensation you may be eligible to claim. This will include evaluating any injuries you sustained, loss of earnings due to the accident, and any long-term factors such as ongoing health issues.

Taxi and Minicab Accidents are Common

Taxi or minicab services are the most popular form of short-distance public transport in the United Kingdom. And as we would expect, due to this, the number of accidents that members of the public are involved in whilst riding in a minicab or taxi is quite high.

In 2015 there were almost 250,000 registered taxi and private hire vehicles in the U.K. 69% of these licensed vehicles were minicabs, not taxis. Overall, there were almost 300,000 licensed taxi or minicab drivers in the U.K. in 2015.

When we correlate these numbers with the statistics on road accidents that occurred in the U.K. in the same period we find that there were almost 200,000 accidents, of which 22,000 resulted in serious injury and 1,750 resulted in death.

So, we can clearly see that the risk of being involved in a road traffic accident when riding in a taxi or minicab is quite high. Because of the frequency that we action compensation claims on behalf of our clients due to these types of accidents, we are in a position to help.

Taxi or Minicab Accident Compensation Claims on a No Win No Fee Basis

Making a claim for compensation following an accident whilst you are riding in a taxi or minicab is a complicated process. Discerning just who is to blame for the accident (and who to make a claim against) can take some time. As can the actual claim itself. In most cases, this can mean that the victim will need to pay ongoing legal fees until their claim is completed. And if unsuccessful, they will be out of pocket to the value of these legal fees.

We offer an alternative option. We can arrange a Conditional Fee Agreement, or what is more commonly known as a No Win No Fee agreement. This means you don’t pay a thing until our claim is complete, and only pay if your claim was successful. The maximum we can legally charge once you receive your compensation payout is 25% of the amount you were awarded.

Who Can Sue for a Taxi or Minicab Accident Compensation Claim?

In most cases following an accident that occurs in a taxi or minicab, it will be the actual victim who will make the compensation claim. However, in some cases, such as where the victim is unable to make their own claim (due to ill health) or in extreme cases was killed as a result of the accident, there may be other parties who can be sued for compensation.

In cases where the victim is unable to press their own compensation claim, then dependents of the victim will be able to sue. Additionally, extended family members who have suffered hardship due to the loss of a loved one can also claim. Finally, the estate of a person who was killed in a taxi or minicab accident can also sue.

What About Compensation Claims Against Ride Sharing Services such as Uber?

In 2011, Uber opened the first consumer-focused ride sharing service in the U.K. And since this time, several competitors have also begun operating. So where does a person stand legally if they are the victim of an accident whilst riding in an Uber or another ride-sharing type of service?

The situation here is quite complex. Uber (and other ride sharing providers) do not see itself as a taxi/minicab firm. It is a tech company that operates as a bridge between drivers and passengers. Uber sees its drivers as individual private contractors. And whilst Uber does require that its drivers maintain a proper level of insurance, it does not check on the condition of the vehicle, and it does not monitor the conduct of its drivers.

In a standard taxi/minicab firm we have a direct route to responsibility, starting with the driver, and then on to the company itself. Ride-sharing services offer no such clear route to responsibility. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident whilst riding an Uber or another ride-sharing type of service, you really must seek legal advice as soon as possible. Uber has made it very difficult to sue the company itself for compensation, and it will require careful handling to press your compensation claim successfully.

What Types of Circumstances Can Result in Claiming Taxi or Minicab Accident Compensation?

There are three main sets of circumstances that can lead to a person having the right to claim compensation following an accident whilst riding in a taxi or minicab. These are driver negligence, negligence on the part of the operating company, and accidents caused by a third party.

Taxi or Minicab Driver Negligence Claims

In this category, we are talking about all of the reasons an injury can occur due to a person riding in a taxi or minicab being involved in an accident caused by the driver of the vehicle. This could include situations such as:

  • Loss of concentration.
  • Use of mobile telephone.
  • Dangerous driving.
  • Speeding.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Taxi Accident Claims Against the Controlling Company

In this category, we are talking about reasons for making a compensation claim against the taxi or minicab firm after suffering an injury due to an accident that occurred whilst riding in one of their vehicles. Examples of these reasons include:

  • Failing to ensure the car was properly maintained.
  • Failing to ensure the driver held proper insurance.
  • Failure to ensure that all legal compliance issues are covered.
  • Failure to perform adequate background checks and verification of new drivers.

Taxi Accident Claims Against a Third Party

In this category, we are talking about all of the reasons a person may have a right to claim compensation following a taxi or minicab accident, that was caused by a third party. Examples of these reasons include:

  • Another vehicle causes an accident involving the taxi or minicab.
  • The taxi or minicab crashing after the driver has been forced to take evasive maneuvers to avoid the actions of another vehicle.
  • Collision with some static object that has been left in a place where it is causing an obstacle.

What You Should do if You are Involved in a Taxi Passenger Accident

If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of an accident whilst riding in a taxi, minicab or ride-sharing service, then it is vital that you capture all of the key facts right away, and take certain actions to ensure that the driver knows you are injured.

We recommend the following actions:

  • Make sure your driver knows that you have suffered an injury as a result of the accident.
  • Take down the name, address, telephone number, car registration details and if possible, the license number of the driver.
  • Take contact details for anyone else involved in the accident.
  • Take contact details for anyone who witnessed the accident.
  • Take as many photos as possible if you have a camera (or phone with a camera). This includes the accident scene, the vehicle itself, and key registration documents.
  • Make sure that the accident has been reported to the police.
  • Go to the hospital, even if you have sustained only minor injuries so that there is a documented record of them.
  • Contact a qualified legal representative to help you with your compensation claim. We are happy to help you in this capacity.

How to Make a Claim for Compensation After a Taxi Accident

The very first thing you should do when you are considering making a claim for compensation following being the victim of an injury sustained as a result of an accident whilst you were traveling in a taxi or minicab is to get some legal advice.

This is where we come in. We offer a completely free legal consultation, during which we will ask you all of the pertinent questions about the factors leading to the accident. This questions will likely include:

  • Where was the accident?
  • When did the accident happen?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • Details of any injuries that you sustained.
  • What was done to assist you after the accident?
  • Are you going to suffer any long-term health issues or lose earning as a result of the accident?

Once we have the answers to these kinds of questions, we can make some sensible recommendations on how to move your compensation claim forward.

Compensation You Can Claim Following a Taxi or Minicab Accident

Just how much compensation you might be able to claim due to sustaining an injury as a result of a taxi or minicab accident is far from straightforward. It will depend upon how bad your injuries are, what the long-term health and financial effects of your injuries will be, and also the level of negligence that caused the accident in the first place.

Typically, all compensation claims will be made up of one or more of these categories:

  • The cost of additional care – if you had to pay out of pocket expenses to pay for care services, such as nursing visits or similar following your accident.
  • The cost of medical care – for the treatment of your injuries after the accident, and ongoing treatment of long-term effects of injuries.
  • General damages – covering items such as the physical pain of the injury, emotional trauma, and other conditions suffered as a result of the accident.
  • The cost of travel – covering out of pocket expenses for travel tickets/charges due to the accident.
  • Loss of income – if the injuries you sustained due to the accident result in your income becoming lower, or even drying up altogether, you can make a claim for loss of earnings.

Taxi and Minicab Accident Compensation Amounts

No two claims for compensation are the same, and the amount you will receive will be driven by a wide range of factors. However, as a rule of thumb, these are likely compensation amounts for a range of different injuries.

Chest injury (minor)£9,575 to £13,650Including small puncture wounds, cracked ribs and bruising.
Chest injury (moderate)£23,800 to £41,675Chest injuries that result in some ongoing disability.
Chest injury (moderately severe)£50,000 to £76,500Resulting in degradation in lung function, damage to the heart or some other ongoing condition resulting in lowered life expectancy.
Chest injury (severe)£76,500 to £114,100Loss of one lung, series damage to the heart, prolonged ongoing pain and loss of life expectancy.
Loss or damage to one toothUp to £3,300
Loss or damage of several teethUp to £9,600
Minor fracture to wrist or arm£2,900 - £3,700
Major fracture to wrist or armUp to £51,000
Neck injury (minor)£3,300 to £6,000Short-term health effects such as Whiplash.
Neck injury (moderate)£6,000 to £29,250Dependent upon actual neck damage suffered and loss of motor movement plus ongoing pain.
Neck injury (severe)£34,575 to £112,750Dependent upon the severity of the break, plus ongoing pain and permanent side effects.
Back injury (minor)£6,000 to £9,500
Back injury (moderate)£9,500 to £21.100Dependent on ongoing pain, the severity of initial damage.
Back injury (severe)£29,475 to £122,350Dependent on ongoing pain, the severity of initial damage and long-term side effects.
Leg injuries£6,925 to £103,250Depending upon severity
Knee injuries£10,450 to £73,125Depending on severity
Ankle injuries£10,450 to £53,000Depending on severity
Foot injuries£10,450 to £53,200Depending on severity
Quadriplegia£246,750 -to£307,000Also, known as Tetraplegia
Brain damage/head injury (minor)£1,675 to £9,700
Brain damage (less severe)£11,650 to £32,700
Brain damage (moderate)£32,725 to £166,600Driven by considerations such as effect upon concentration, cognitive ability, memory and senses (sight, hearing etc.)
Brain damage (moderately severe)£166,500 to £214,350Including brain damage causing partial paralysis.
Brain damage (severe)£214,350 to £307,000

Why Choose Us as Your Solicitor?

Making a successful compensation claim following involvement in an accident whilst riding in a taxi or minicab is a complex process. We understand that for most people, it is a process they need as much help with as possible. Therefore, we always work in a fully transparent manner, explaining the actions we are taking in full so that you always understand exactly what is happening.

Our No Win No Fee service has been designed from the ground up to be simple and efficient. We won’t over-complicate things, and we won’t offer you advice based on lining our own pockets. Instead, we will simply aim to get you the most compensation possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Every client is important to us, and we treat each compensation claim case with the same importance. No matter how large or small. And all of this we are happy to do on a No Win No Fee basis. No legal fees to pay now, and you won’t pay any until we secure a claim for you. If we can’t we won’t charge you a penny. You really have nothing to lose, so contact us now so we can help you claim compensation following an accident whilst riding in a taxi or minicab.

Call Today For Expert Advice on a Taxi Accident Claim

Have you recently suffered an injury that was sustained due to being involved in an accident whilst riding in a taxi or minicab? Did you know that even a minor injury could be a valid reason to make a compensation claim?

If you have suffered an injury that was caused by anybody but yourself, then you will probably have a valid cause for claiming compensation.

Contact us right away. We will then arrange a completely free legal consulting session for you. During this session, we will take all of the key facts about the accident and your injury, so that we can decide if you have a right to claim compensation. If you do, we will almost definitely pursue this taxi accident compensation claim on your behalf under a No Win No Fee arrangement. You won’t pay a single penny unless your claim is successful.

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