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Easyjet Data Breach Compensation Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim? – Amounts For Easyjet Data Breach

By Max Mitrovic. Last Updated 7th June 2022. In this guide, we explain how those who have a valid data breach claim against Easyjet could potentially receive compensation. Have you have been affected by a breach of your private information? It may have occurred because an organisation which was meant to protect your data failed to take the correct steps. If this applies, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Whenever we sign up for a new service, purchase something online, or even when we book a flight through airlines like Easyjet, in today’s tech-forward society, our personal data is used a lot. To ensure our information is kept safe when using these services, there are laws and policies set in place for companies to adhere to.

Could I Claim For An Easyjet Data Breach?

Easyjet data breach claims guide

Easyjet data breach claims guide

While there are measures to keep our data safe, unfortunately, errors can still occur. For example, if an Easyjet data breach were to occur that directly affected you, it could cause you to suffer psychological injuries or experience financial losses. If that is the case and you can prove the harm caused, you might consider taking legal action and seeking data breach compensation.

Throughout this guide, you will find free legal advice regarding the data breach claims process. More specifically, you will find information on what you could do in the event you are affected by a data breach. Once you have read this guide to the very end, you should be well informed on how to claim, how data breaches are caused, what impact they can have, and most importantly, how we can help.

Should you happen to have any follow-up questions, or even if you’d like to discuss your case further, please speak to one of our advisers. You can contact our team by calling us on 0800 073 8804.

Select A Section

  1. A Guide To Data Breach Claims Against Easyjet
  2. What Is A Data Breach Claim Against Easyjet?
  3. Guidelines On How Airlines May Comply With The GDPR
  4. The Easyjet Data Breach Incident
  5. Do I Need To Report An Airline Data Breach To The Information Commissioners’ Office?
  6. How The Victim Of An Easyjet Data Breach Could Be Compensated 
  7. Data Protection Breach Compensation Amount UK
  8. What Can I Do If My Personal Data Privacy Is Breached?
  9. How A Solicitor Specialising In Claims For Data Breaches Could Help You Make A Claim Against Easyjet
  10. No Win No Fee Data Breach Claims Against Easyjet
  11. How To Contact An Advisor About Data Breach Claims Against Easyjet
  12. Other Resources Related To Data Breach Claims

A Guide To Data Breach Claims Against Easyjet

In many cases, sharing data is a thoughtless experience that can make purchasing products and services an easy experience. Due to developments in technology and data sharing, there have been laws and regulations set in place to ensure personal data is kept safe.

A notable piece of legislation that emphasises the importance of data protection is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR was enacted into UK law by the Data Protection Act 2018. The UK GDPR runs alongside the Data Protection Act. It essentially integrates the rules of the European Union’s GDPR into the UK’s own data protection laws. However, while there is data protection legislation in place, data breach incidents can still arise.

Throughout this guide, we will provide insights into the data breach claims process. In doing so, we will answer relevant questions, such as:

  • Should I make my claim within a specific timeframe?
  • Will I be required to provide evidence to support my claim?
  • At what point should I seek advice?
  • Are there agreements to help fund my claim?
  • How would a data breach solicitor support me and my case?
  • Can I receive compensation for a data breach?

Please note that it is challenging to outline every element that could be factored into a claim. Therefore, if your circumstances are not outlined within this guide, do not worry. All you have to do is contact our data breach claims team and speak with an adviser.

Time Limitations For Claims Against Easyjet For A Data Breach

Every claim must meet a certain level of criteria for it to be taken on by a solicitor. For instance, if you intend on pursuing a compensation claim for an Easyjet data breach, then you must begin your case within 6 years. The standard time limit for starting a data breach claim is 6 years if it’s being made against a non-public body. If you are claiming against a public body, then the time limit is 1 year instead.

6 years may at first sound like a lengthy period. However, it is crucial to allow time for your solicitor to collect evidence and build your claim. Failing to make your case within this time frame could ultimately affect your right to start a valid claim against Easyjet for data breach compensation.

Now we have outlined the importance of time limitations, you might have questions as to whether your case meets the relevant criteria. Why not take a moment to click the live chat icon and speak to one of our advisers?

Here at Legal Expert, our data breach claims team are well versed in the law, and with their support, can outline whether our case meets the limitation period.

What Is A Data Breach Claim Against Easyjet?

A data breach is when your personal information is leaked, stolen or used or shared without permission in a manner where prior permission should have been gained. It can have a severe impact on your psychological well being, and it may also result in financial implications.

Companies like Easyjet are required by law to adhere to data protection measures. In doing so, these precautions ensure all data the company is responsible for is kept safe. However, if an Easyjet data breach were to occur, the impact could be far-reaching. For example, the following forms of customer data could become compromised:

  • Date of birth
  • Passport information
  • Banking details
  • Home address
  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Not only could personal information become jeopardised, but information about Easyjet employees may also be compromised. For example, if hacking malware got into an Easyjet system, it could expose employees:

  • CV
  • Home address
  • Banking information
  • Passport information

If you can prove that you have suffered an Easyjet data breach, then please continue to read this guide. Within the following sections, we are going to outline what steps you could take after a data breach. In the meantime, if you happen to have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How common are data breaches in companies?

To help with understanding how often companies are affected by cyber-attacks and data breaches, we can look to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021. This Government-published report saw 1,419 UK businesses surveyed and they revealed their experiences with cyber attacks and data breaches between March 2020 and March 2021. Among the survey’s findings, 654 of the businesses surveyed experienced a cyber-attack or data breach during this time period.

By far the most common type of cyber-attack reported by businesses were phishing attempts. 83% of the businesses which reported cyberattacks experienced this method. 27% reported individuals impersonating an organisation through email or other methods as part of their cyber attack. 9% were affected by either viruses, spyware or malware.

As many as 27% of the businesses which confirmed experiencing cyber attacks said they experience this type of attack at least once a week.

What Is The Role Of The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)?

The ICO is an independent organisation charged with monitoring and enforcing compliance with data protection laws. It covers the entirety of the UK, with offices in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

All organisations must report a security breach to the ICO within 72 hours of discovery. In the case of the Easyjet data breach, the company notified the ICO in January 2020. However, data protection law also requires organisations to inform affected individuals without undue delay. In the case of Easyjet, they waited 4 further months to begin to notify customers.

When an organization is in breach of laws like the Data Protection Act 2018 or the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations, the ICO has the power to investigate. If they find positive wrongful conduct on the part of the organisation, they have the power to issue enforcement notices, meaning steps have to be taken to comply with the law. They’ll then monitor the firm to ensure practices and procedures have been improved.

In more extreme cases, the ICO has the power to issue fines, some of which can be quite significant. For example, British Airways was fined £20m for failing to secure customer data, and more recently fined The Conservative Party £10,000 for sending 51 marketing emails to people who didn’t opt in to receive them.

Guidelines On How Airlines May Comply With The GDPR

As we mentioned earlier, there have been rules and regulations that have been implemented to promote data security. A prime example of this is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR plays a critical role in the way data is stored and secured, so to further your understanding of their duties, we have outlined some of their key roles:

  • Data subject — this is the individual whose data is being used/processed.
  • The data processor — this is the organisation (or individual) that is responsible for the processing of data.
  • A data controller — the controller is the organisation responsible for defining why the data is being processed.

The roles above are required to adhere to certain principles to ensure they are acting within the law. Here is a list of examples:

  • The data subject must be informed as to why their data is being stored (and how it is being stored).
  • All data that is being stored must be up to date.
  • Data controllers are obligated to prove that they adhere to their duties.
  • Any information that is being stored must be confidential and done lawfully and transparently.

While the duties and obligations outlined above echo the importance of data protection law, there are unfortunate circumstances where incidents can occur. If you can provide evidence that shows how an Easyjet data breach has caused you trauma or harm, then one of our solicitors could offer to handle your case.

Within the following sections, we are going to look at the steps you could consider. However, if you happen to have any additional queries, please contact our team using the number at the top of the page.

The Easyjet Data Breach Incident

In this section of the guide, we are going to take a look at a fairly recent case study regarding Easyjet.

In May 2020, it was announced by Easyjet that the personal information of over 9 million customers from around the world had been compromised in a data breach. The sensitive material that was exposed included:

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Travel data — such as departure times, arrival times, etc.

The breach occurred in January 2020. Easyjet quickly informed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) within the required timeframe of 72 hours. However, they failed to report their customers in this timeframe.

Instead, Easyjet customers failed to get a response from the company for four months — breaching Article 82 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have evidence to support a valid data breach claim, why not get in touch with the Legal Expert advisors today?

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52722626

Private Company Data Breaches Explained

When we discuss data breaches, many automatically assume we are referring to technical errors — such as system failures or computer errors. However, there are circumstances where a data breach could be caused by poor practices, human error, or insufficient measures. For instance, a data breach could cause irreparable harm if:

  • An email contacting sensitive or personal information is sent to the wrong participants.
  • Unauthorised parties could gain access to data if an employee were to leave a computer unattended.
  • The business could become infected with malware, ransomware or viruses. In return, private information could become compromised.

Undoubtedly, if you have suffered due to an Easyjet data breach, you may question what steps you can take to support your case, in the next section of this guide, we look at how you can file a complaint through the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as well as the importance of evidence collection.

Do I Need To Report An Airline Data Breach To The Information Commissioners’ Office?

An Easyjet data breach has the potential to cause various degrees of trauma and damage. Rightfully, you may question if you could seek compensation when you’ve personally suffered.

To make a valid compensation claim of this nature, you’ll need to provide evidence to support your case. The first form of evidence you can acquire is making a complaint to the company.

The company must carry out an internal investigation into the matter. Once the investigation has concluded, they have to inform you of their findings. If you disagree with the decision of the investigation, then it is possible to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The ICO states that you must get in contact with them once 3 months without meaningful communication has gone by between yourself and the company in question. Once you contact the ICO, they can lead their own investigation into the matter and issue fines to companies that breach data protection law.

How The Victim Of An Easyjet Data Breach Could Be Compensated

You rightfully may question whether you could be awarded compensation for any consequences of a data breach. When pursuing a claim of this nature, compensation can be split into two separate categories:

  • Non-material damages — provided to compensate for psychological trauma.
  • Material damages — given to those who experience financial losses.

If you have experienced psychological trauma due to an Easyjet data breach, then you would be required to attend a medical examination to prove the harm suffered. Medical assessments can play a part in claiming for psychological harm caused by a data breach.

During the assessment process, whoever is conducting the evaluation will take a look at your injuries, determine their impact and severity, and outline whether there are long term implications.

Here at Legal Expert, we can help organise an assessment with an impartial medical professional as close to your home as possible. So, if you can prove that you have a valid claim against an Easyjet data breach and you’re seeking advice, you’re welcome to contact one of our advisers.

Data Protection Breach Compensation Amount UK

In the case of Vidal-Hall and others V Google Inc [2015], it was decided that there was no need for financial harm to be suffered by a data breach victim in order to seek compensation for psychological injuries, which was previously the law.

In addition, it was advised that mental harm caused due to a data breach is something that can be valued with reference to personal injury law.

Potential Easyjet Compensation Amounts for a Data Breach Claim in 2022

Every claim is unique meaning that the amount awarded in a potential claim against Easyjet for a data breach could differ from the amounts shown below. The Judicial College Guidelines are used by solicitors and lawyers to provide you with an idea of what you could receive. However, cases are very complex which is why we can only provide you with a compensation estimate relating to a potential claim against Easyjet for a breach of personal data.

The figures below have been taken from the latest edition of the guidelines that were published in April 2022.

Injury TypeSeverity AmountNotes
Psychiatric Damage Severe £54,830 to £115,730The individual would be left with trauma that makes them feel unable to cope with life. In return, this would affect relationships and make them vulnerable.
Psychiatric Damage Moderately Severe£19,070 to £54,830Cases of this nature would include cases of work related stress or cases where psychological trauma has infiltrated everyday life.
Psychiatric Damage Moderate£5,860 to £19,070Cases of this nature would have psychological trauma, but with the support of a medical professional, improvement could be made.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderSevere£59,860 to £100,670The individual would experience life altering implications that ultimately impact their professional life and social life.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderModerately Severe£23,150 to £59,860 PTSD of this nature would result in significant disability and the individual would require professional help.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderLess Severe£3,950 to £8,180PTSD of this nature would be expected to make a full recovery within 2-years. Only minor symptoms would prevail.

The above table provides examples of what you could receive for psychological injuries caused by a data breach. As such, this shows potential compensation for non-material damages.

You may be wondering ‘could potential Easyjet data breach compensation consist of any other kinds of damages?’. You could also potentially claim for material damages. This includes any financial losses caused by the data breach. Therefore, it could include:

  • Loss of earnings if you lose income due to being unable to work, for example.
  • Medical expenses. This can include prescription costs, for instance.
  • Travel costs, such as for public transport.

To receive a compensation estimate or to see if you can claim, please contact our team of advisors at a time that suits you using the details above.

What Can I Do If My Personal Data Privacy Is Breached?

As we briefly touched upon in the previous sections, the only certified way you can receive compensation for a data breach is by making a valid claim against the company.

Here at Legal Expert, our solicitors are well versed in handling cases of this nature. They can assist you in seeking compensation if you’ve been affected by a data breach, ensuring you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

In the sections that follow, we are going to outline some crucial steps regarding the claims process. For instance, we are going to outline how you can find the best solicitor, whether you could be eligible for a No Win and No Fee agreement, and much more. However, in the meantime, if you happen to have any questions, then please feel free to contact us. One of our advisers would be more than happy to chat with you.

How A Solicitor Specialising In Claims For Data Breaches Could Help You Make a Claim Against Easyjet

Understandably, if you can prove that you have been affected by an Easyjet data breach, then you might rightfully consider taking legal action against them for the harm they’ve caused. It would be fair to state that nobody ever expects, nor do they prepare for the moments where they need legal representation — so it is more than understandable to be unsure how to find the right lawyer.

Having the right solicitor by your side can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case. Many claimants take to the internet when searching for a data breach solicitor. More specifically, claimants often read client reviews. By reading reviews left by previous clients, you can gain valuable information, such as the success rate of the firm, whether their data breach solicitors have experience handling cases similar to yours, and whether the firm would be a good fit.

While we strongly recommend reading client reviews, we also suggest reaching out and contacting an adviser over the phone. By picking up the phone and calling an adviser, you have the opportunity to ask questions and ensure the solicitors have experience in handling cases similar to yours.

If you’d like to read our client reviews, then please click here.

No Win No Fee Data Breach Claims Against Easyjet

Here at Legal Expert, we naturally receive a lot of questions regarding the claims process. However, one of the main concerns we hear often from claimants is in regards to funding. It’s for that reason why our data breach solicitors handle claims under a No Win No Fee agreement.

Should you choose to connect with us when considering a compensation claim, then one of our advisers will evaluate whether your claim meets the relevant criteria — such as the time limitation period. If your case meets the applicable standards, then one of our advisers will connect you to a solicitor.

If a solicitor offers to take on your case under a No Win No Fee arrangement, then you would be provided with a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA – the formal name for a No Win No Fee agreement). Within the CFA, it would outline the benefits you would have access to, such as:

  • There would be no start-up costs, allowing you to begin your case as soon as possible.
  • No hidden charges or costs while the claim is ongoing.
  • You wouldn’t be required to cover your solicitor’s legal expenses should the claim be unsuccessful.

If your case succeeds, then your solicitor will take a small, legally capped percentage of your compensation to cover their costs. Don’t worry, you’ll still receive the vast majority of your settlement.

How To Contact An Advisor About Data Breach Claims Against Easyjet

Now that you have read this online guide, you might feel more informed and ready to kick start your potential claim. If that is the case, then Legal Expert is here to help.

As always, our data breach claims team would be more than happy to speak with you should you have any questions or concerns. To speak with them, please use one of the following quick and easy methods:

Other Resources Related To Data Breach Claims

We are now entering the final section of our Easyjet data breach guide. Thanks for reading till the very end —we hope you have found this guide of use.

Below, we have included some additional resources for you to look at. Not only will the resources below help inform your understanding of the data breach claims process, but they will also elaborate on more specific topics mentioned in the guide, such as No Win No Fee agreements.

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NHS Anxiety Form – suffering from anxiousness? Read how the NHS could help you.

ICO – learn more about how the ICO operates.

You are also welcome to check out our personal injury claims guides if you are looking for information about such claims. We’ve included some examples of such guides just below:

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Taxi Accident Claims Guide – in this guide, we focus on how you may be able to claim for injuries you suffered due to negligence while inside a taxi.

Other Useful Compensation Guides

Easyjet Data Breach Claims FAQ

For this final section of our data breach claims guide, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions on the subject:

Can I Claim From Easyjet For A Data Breach?

If you have evidence that you were affected by a data breach and the organisation holding your data failed to take the correct steps to prevent the breach from occurring, then you may be able to claim against the organisation for this. You will need to make sure you start such a claim in time.

How Much Can You Claim For A Data Breach?

The amount of compensation you may be able to receive if you have a valid data breach claim can vary. Through such a claim, you may be able to claim for one or both of the following – financial harm and psychological injuries. So it depends how much you may have lost financially as a direct result of the data breach and whether psychological injuries can be diagnosed and linked to the data breach. It also depends on how severe any psychological injuries you’ve suffered are deemed to be.

How Long Does A Data Breach Claim Take?

How long a data breach claim takes can vary and depends on how complex the case proves to be and if and when the defendant admits liability. More straightforward cases may be resolved in just a few months, whereas more complex cases could end up taking one or even several years.

If you still have any questions about receiving compensation when you have a valid Easyjet data breach claim, feel free to contact Legal Expert’s advisors today.

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