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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Burn Injury?

This is a comprehensive guide to burn injury claims if you have suffered a burn due to no fault of your own. Including advice on how to start your claim, and typical compensation amounts for burns.

A huge number of people need to seek medical treatment due to a burn injury. It is estimated that around 175,000 burns victims enter accident and emergency every year due to a type of burn, with almost half of these victims being under the age of 16.

Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can range from different severities, some being minor which need little treatment and others that caused major skin and even internal damage. Burns can leave severe scars not only outwards on a person’s skin but they can also cause damage to internal organs, tendons, nerve and ligament damage leading to even more problems for the victim in terms of physical ability problems, scarring and skin damage.

Psychological issues can also be a major factor when a person suffers a burn injury especially when the injury was caused through negligence. Due to the severity of burns and how they scar compensation amounts may seem higher as pain and suffering along with physical damage may warrant a higher rate of compensation.

If you are searching for a burns compensation calculator or information about burn injury settlements amount in the UK, then this guide could help you.

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A Guide To Burn Injury Claims

The following guide has been put together to guide personal injury victims of burns on how and why to make a personal injury claim for compensation. This guide will help you to understand the concept of burn injury claims and help you to understand the process of making a claim. It will also give a comprehensive table of burn injury compensation amounts which will allow you to estimate how much compensation you may get if your burn injury case succeeds. These examples of burn claim payouts will vary from burn at work compensation to 2nd degree burn compensation.

The table of compensation amounts has been put together as a guide on how much compensation past cases of burn injury claims have amounted to, making comparisons may help you in finding out how much compensation you are entitled to as a result of your personal injury claim.

What Is A Personal Injury Compensation Claim For Burns?

Let’s break the question down. A personal injury compensation claim is designed to compensate a person who has been injured through no fault of their own. It is technically designed to put the victim of personal injury back to the position they was in before the injury was caused. The injury does not always mean a physical injury to the body but also harm that has been caused to a person’s emotional state along with their mental state. Personal Injury which is a legal term it is a type of Tort’s law, when a person is injured in some way due to the negligence of another.

A burn injury can happen for numerous reasons, well over 250,000 people suffer a burn injury in the UK every year due to a burn accident, such injuries can happen for all different reasons and while the majority are accidents and could not have been prevented others are not. Causes of burns can be through contact with chemicals, hot fluids, hot surfaces, flames, electrical out-puts etc. With a huge amount of people being admitted to hospital due to such burns and around 13,000 being admitted burn injuries are quite common. Such accidents that cause burns can happen due to car accidents, accident in the work place and in a public place such as restaurants. In circumstances where the burn was suffered within the workplace, you could be awarded 2nd degree burn workers compensation. These types of incidents where the victim is burnt due to the fault and negligence of a third party can warrant compensation and that is where burn injury claims are pursued.

If you have suffered a burn injury that has been caused through the negligence of another, maybe you were burnt while at work or a road traffic accident caused a burn to your skin then you have the right to make a claim and our burn injury solicitors will be more than happy to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation. Burn injury lawyers have the ability to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Compensation For Burns

No Win No Fee compensation claims means that a person who wants to pursue a personal injury claim are at no financial risk as if the case does not succeed then they will never have to pay either side any fees. Solicitors No Win No fee contracts may vary from one law firm to the next.

Since the law changed in April 2013 law firms have moved to using the word conditional fee agreement which is very much like the No Win No Fee agreement, however such changes to the law meant solicitors fees were capped. They were capped so much so that solicitors could no longer receive their full fees from the third party if the case was successful, which meant they had to recuperate them elsewhere.

It is the general consensus that solicitors now make up their fees through a succession fee which comes from their client’s compensation. The amount a solicitor can take from their client’s compensation that is awarded is capped at 25%. In laymen’s terms this means that if a solicitor wins their clients case for a personal injury matter then they can take up to 25% of the compensation awarded to their clients if that is what is in their clients No Win No Fee contract or conditional fee agreement.

For What Reason Can I Claim Compensation For A Burn?

The main reason someone can claim burn injury compensation is if the burn was caused through the fault of a third party. The vast majority of the population have had some sort of burn whether it is very minor to the more serious 3 degree burns that can affect the internal parts of a person’s body. This section will touch upon the various scenarios in which burn compensation amounts could be awarded. We have assisted in making burn injury compensation claims for various causes. Burn injuries can happen in the following scenarios;

Road Traffic Accidents –

One of the main causes of burns when a person is burned in a road traffic collision is when the air bag goes off, the substances and components used to allow the airbag to expand when a collision has happened can cause burns to the people within the vehicle. This may only cause minor burns but enough that a scar may be left in its place.

More serious burns that can happen when a person is involved in a road traffic accident can be from the surface of the road especially if they are cycle or motorbike users as well as if vehicles catch fire. There are various ways in which those involved in an accident on the road can sustain a burn injury and if this injury was caused through no fault of their own then they can make a claim for burn injury compensation.

Accident at Work Burn Injuries –

Burn Injury At Work

Burn Injury At Work

Workplace accidents that cause burns can also rate from minor burns to very severe burns. There are several different examples of skin burn at work claims payouts, many of which we will discuss in this section. Those that work in kitchen settings may be burnt often through cooking or the use of hot water. These accidents at work may just be accidents that are no fault of another. Some of course can be through little or no training or even caused by a third party, all which would allow the victim to be able to make a claim for burn injury personal compensation.

There are occupations that mean that employees come in to contact with substances and chemicals on a daily basis that when in contact with skin can cause catastrophic irreversible damage to the skin and internal organs. However, most scenarios could be reasonable grounds for a burn claim payout. Obviously such dangerous situations can be prevented if the right protective clothing is worn, upmost employees are fully trained, the workplace environment is safe etc. If any of these components are lacking and an employee is burnt then they are able to pursue a compensation claim.

Burn compensation payouts are not limited to what is mentioned above they can happen in many different work places such as engineering, medicine, cleaning etc, the important thing to remember is if the burn could have been prevented by the employer then there is a case for burn injury compensation.

Medical and Clinical Negligence Burn Injuries –

Many people have been burnt through cosmetic procedures that have left them with lifelong scars due to the inability or unqualified people attempting to perform procedures that only specially trained people should. You may be wondering how much compensation for chemical burns is available to victims. Even in medical malpractice, a burn claim payout could be awarded.

Laser hair removal is one that always pops up for causing burns to people’s skin due to the lack of knowledge, training and equipment. Waxing can be another familiar burn injury that can happen in the work of cosmetics. However, that said burns have been known to happen within the area of medicine, even when fully trained physicians are performing a procedure or giving a treatment. Medical negligence burns can come from dressing, some patients are allergic to different types of plastic, however if both the physician and the patient is unaware of the allergy then it is simply an accident or mistake and a claim may not be pursued.

Burns in a medical environment may happen due to radiation, laser treatment, chemical burns if a patient comes in to contact with hazardous substances, these can happen in situations which could not have been prevented, they could also be due to the negligence of the medical staff.

Consumption of Food & Restaurant Burn Injuries –

Food producers such as restaurants, fast food suppliers etc can cause burns and scaldings to their consumers or customers if their products are far too hot for consumption. If you have ever been burnt due to food or liquids being too hot at a restaurant or take away establishment then you may have a case for burn or scalding injury compensation.

Faulty Products –

Products especially electrical products can cause serious burns and electrocution if they are faulty or do not adhere to the standards set out by law.

If a product is not wired correctly or there are issues with voltage then not only can they cause burns but fires can easily be started this way and cause unbelievable damage to a property and or people. There is no denying that electricity can be very dangerous if products are faulty or an untrained person attempts to rectify or manage any type of product that requires electricity. Burns from electricity can be minor but many can be very severe also.

Who Can Make A Burn Injury Claim?

A person or even child, as more than half of the people who visit Accident and Emergency every year due to a burn are children can make a burn injury claim if they feel that the burn was caused due to the negligence of another. A massive 175,000 visit A and E each year in the UK due to some type of burn, most of these patients do not need admission in to the hospital but can be treated as an outpatient.

It is fair to say that burns are quite common and most people can remember an experience of when they have suffered a burn, most of which are mild burns or scalding’s. However regardless of the severity of the burn if it was caused due to a third party then this burn warrants compensation, many burns leave lasting scars and emotional effects can also be a result especially if such scars are visible by others.

Burns that are 2nd and 3rd degree qualify for personal injury compensation. Doctors usually determine what type of burn you have. First degree burns are usually to the top layer of skin, superficial burns and people usually make a full recovery however it is possible for some scarring to be left. Second degree burns affect two layers of skin and third degree burns will destroy both top layers of skin and may go onto cause tissue damage underneath the skin itself. Those that suffer 2nd and 3rd degree burns to their body are able to make a claim for burn injury compensation.

The burn injury must have happened within the last three years unless the case involves a minor in which the parent or the person who is responsible for them may pursue a claim on their behalf. However a minor can always pursue their own claim when they turn the age of 18 as they have three years from this birthday to pursue a claim for burn injury compensation.

How To Make A Personal Injury Claim For A Burn?

A common misconception among claimants is how much their burn claim is worth and how much compensation for scalding a victim could receive. Suffering a burn due to the negligence of another can make the victim very frustrated as they are likely to be left with lasting damage that could have been avoided. Pursuing a claim for burns injury compensation can be the last thing on a burn victims mind, however it could help in allowing the victim a way to get back to their normal self in as much as they can.

Starting a claim for burns injury compensation is quite straight forward. It is always advised that a solicitor is used to help pursue the case in order for it to reaches its maximum compensation amount. Burn injury solicitors are legal experts who deal with burn injury claims on a daily basis and can help you with your case for burn injury compensation.

We offer free legal and confidential advice to those that have suffered a burn injury and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. By calling us you can rest assured that your case is in the best possible hands knowing that we will do all we can to secure you your compensation.

What Can I Claim For With A Burn Injury Case?

How much and what can be claimed for in the case of a personal injury can differ from one case to the next. No two cases are ever exactly the same, as no two accidents that happen are ever the same, they may be similar but all have different entities. Also people’s circumstances differ; victims of personal injury will have their own personal issues that will contribute to how much compensation can be claimed. Burn injury claim amounts can differ largely as burns are often difficult to attach burn injury settlement amounts to. Burns can be unpredictable and also how they scar, burn injury claim amounts will be different for each and every person depending on the type and degree of burn. Below are different areas that are taken in to consideration when calculating a victim’s personal injury compensation amount;

  • General Damages – these cover the pain and suffering a person has felt due to their personal injury.
  • Special Damages – such damages covers the victim’s personal circumstances, and helps to put them back into the financial state that they were in before the incident took place.
  • – Travel costs,
  • – Prescription costs,
  • -Medical care,
  • -Loss of earnings,
  • -Loss of earning capacity
  • -Replacement of damaged property

Will all be covered through special damages.

Personal Injury Claim Amounts For Burns Injury Compensation.

Classifying burns in order to be able to put certain amounts not only to different types of burns but also different severities is not an easy matter. Burns can be broken down into the following categories;

  • Thermal Injuries
  • – Flame Burn (dry heat)
  • – Scalding Burn (wet heat)
  • Non – Thermal Injuries
  • – Electrical or Electrocution
  • – Chemical
  • – Frost Bite
  • – Radiation

All of which can have different severities depending largely on the type of exposure and how intense the cause of the burn has been.

The time scale in which the body is exposed to the component that causes the burn is also very important. If the exposure lasts for a long period of time then the results are going to be much worse than if the contact was very short. Peripheral circulation and thickness of people’s skin can also play apart as well as how the burn is treated and how quickly after exposure.

Below are examples of burns compensation payouts;

  • Woman suffers burns to her face as a result of drinking a cup of tea that was far too hot to be served within an establishment receives £5,000 in compensation.
  • Airline causes burn injuries to a teenager after the hot chocolate was spilled accidentally on her leg, received £10,000 in damages.

Example of skin burn at work claims payouts;

  • Victim of burn injury at work, scalded due to unsuitable container used to transport boiling water, receives £7,000 for scarring left to his hand.
  • Employee at chemical plant receives burns to his leg due to unreliable protective clothing, receives £3,250 in burns injury compensation payout.
  • Chef suffers scalding to his face due to unsafe work practices, receives £8,000 due to workplace negligence.
  • Engineer suffered burns to his hand when a hydraulic hose/pipe filled with oil leaked from the pipe causing burns to his hands, he was awarded £15,100 in compensation.
  • Trainee electrician asked to service a electricity pole, was electrocuted causing 40% burns to the body was awarded £650,000 for burns injury compensation.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and the and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 allows employees that have been injured through unsafe working practice and negligence of the employers to be able to make a claim for accidents that happen at work which could have been prevented. This also applies if employees have suffered a burn injury at work. Employers are bound by law to report any burn or even scalds that happen at the work place even if these are just accidents and could have not been prevented by the employers.

It is not hard to see why when categorising burns in order to apply compensation amounts is very complex. People experience burns in different ways and are left with psychological issues in different ways also. The table below should never be taken as exact but used as guidance.

Burn Injury Compensation Amounts, How Much Will I Receive?

Type of Burn InjuryCompensation AmountsComments
Minor burn injury£1,000 - £2,989Minor burns and scolds to the body that only affect a small area.
Moderate burn injury£2,898 - £19,250Moderate burn can range from small area exposure to a medium area however burns may leave prominent scarring.
Severe burn injury£19,250 - £79,500Severe burns usually 3rd degree
Minor scarring payout£1,750 -£5,700Visible scar or several small scars only just noticeable.
Visible scarring£5,700 - £16,550Noticeable scar that is within the area of back, leg or arm.
Scarring due to thermal or non-thermal heat or chemicalThis can range dramatically depending on how severe and where placed up on the body.

How to Treat Burns and Scalds?


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