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Bus Accident Claims How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Bus Accident? or Coach

Despite best efforts, transport companies that operate public bus, minibus and coach services cannot eliminate every potential cause of an accident. And in many cases, these causes may actually be beyond the service operators control. It is, therefore vital that if you have been in a bus, coach or minibus accident, that you understand that you will need expert legal advice to successfully make a claim for compensation following this type of accident.

Bus accident compensationA bus, coach or minibus accident can result from either negligence on the part of the transport firm with regards to the operation of the service, as a result of driver error, or as a direct consequence of the vehicle being involved in a crash. The range of injuries that a person can, therefore, suffer from, is wide-ranging. Whiplash is a common injury that passengers will sustain due to actual vehicle collisions. However, when it comes to accidents caused by faulty equipment or driver negligence, the range of injuries is much broader, even resulting in death in rare cases.


Bus Accident Compensation Video – How To Claim?

It can be difficult to properly apportion blame when it comes to a bus or a coach accident. Is the transport firm itself to blame for not maintaining their equipment properly? Is the driver at fault for exhibiting negligence in the execution of his duties? Was it a third party, another vehicle that caused the accident? And in a worst-case scenario, was the accident caused by any combination of the above? So you can see, what seems like a simple accident claim can be quite complex depending upon the circumstances. Therefore, we offer our services to assist anybody who believes they have a reason to claim compensation after a bus, coach or minibus accident.

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A Guide to Bus Accident Claims

The service we offer victims of bus or a coach accident begins with an entirely free legal consultancy session. When you contact us, we will arrange to schedule this important consultation at a time that fits your schedule, so we can capture all of the key facts of the accident in a single session. We have to have all of these facts in order to provide our clients with the service they deserve.

Based on the details of the accident we will be able to give you a clear indication of whether you have a valid reason to seek compensation. We can also advise you on the next step you need to take.

We make this question and answer session as easy as possible. We know being involved in any accident can be a harrowing experience. So, we attempt to streamline this process, to minimise hardship and stress. Once we have all the facts, we will advise you what to do next.

In most cases, we will also offer to take on your compensation claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Unless we successfully claim compensation on your behalf, you don’t pay us a thing.
One thing to note right here, though, is that questions like how much you can claim for a bus or a coach accident and how long it will take are sometimes hard to answer completely at this stage. Every bus accident compensation claim is unique so we won’t be able to give a precise figure during the initial free consultation.

What’s a Bus Accident Claim?

Successfully pursuing a compensation claim following a bus, coach or minibus accident can be quite complex. Two specific issues cause this complexity.

Firstly, just who is to blame? In some cases, for example the automatic door trapping and injuring a person, the route to responsibility is clear. But what happens if the reason for the automatic door malfunctioning was the direct result of being involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle? Or if the bus or the coach suffered damage due to some other, static outside influence, like colliding with a badly positioned railing or barrier? In these kinds of cases, the route to responsibility is much less clear.

The second issue that complicates a compensation claim following a bus, coach or minibus accident, is the wide range of injuries that the accident can cause. Many of these injuries will not exhibit their most serious side effects until later, potentially years into the future. And we also have the possibility of an accident claim actually being a wrongful death or fatal accident claim.

As we can see from the above information, actually deciding who is responsible for paying compensation, and what can actually be claimed for, is extremely complex. You will definitely need expert legal advice to pursue your claim. This is where we come in, we can correlate all of the details of your bus or your coach accident, and help you make a successful compensation claim, for the highest amount possible.

No Win No Fee Bus Accident Compensation Claims

If we take the fact that successfully making a claim for compensation following a minibus, coach or bus accident is a complex process at face value, then we can see that these sorts of claim can take quite a while to action. This complexity of claim and extended duration of legal proceedings can add up to some pretty heavyweight legal expenses. And for many people, this means that they really cannot afford to press their claim, even though they may be entitled to a substantial payout. This is where we can help. We can offer a fully No Win No Fee arrangement for dealing with the legal expenses incurred as part of your compensation claim.

No Win No Fee means exactly what it says. Unless you receive a compensation payout as a result of our actions in pressing a claim following a bus or coach accident, then you don’t pay a thing.

Another name to this kind of arrangement is Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The entire idea behind this kind of agreement is to make sure that everybody, regardless of their financial position, can acquire the legal expertise they need to claim compensation following a bus or coach accident.

You don’t pay a single penny unless you receive compensation. Additionally, we are legally bound to charge no more that 25 percent of the compensation amount you receive as payment for our legal services.

Who Can Sue for a Bus or Coach Accident Compensation Claim?

Normally, the person who has been involved in the bus or coach accident will be the person pursuing a compensation claim. However, in the case of an accident that results in death, then a compensation claim can also be pursued by the following parties:

  • The family of the victim – non-dependant members of the family who have suffered hardship following the death.
  • Individuals who are dependent on the victim – spouse, partner or any children or other members of the family who were entirely dependent financially on the support of the deceased.
  • The extended estate of the victim – other parties that have experienced some type of hardship following the death. For example, a business that suffers financial hardship because of the loss of the owner.


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What Sorts of Situation Can Cause Bus or Coach Accident Claims?

Bus or coach accidents fall into two main categories. There are those that have been caused by the negligence of the transport firm or one of its employees, for example the driver. There are also bus and coach accidents that are caused by a third party, i.e the driver of another vehicle.

Bus or Coach Accidents Caused by Negligence

In this category, we have two sub-categories. Negligence on behalf of the company or negligence on behalf of the driver, for example:

Transport Firm Negligence:

  • Badly maintained equipment i.e automatic doors.
  • Insufficient safety precautions were taken, i.e failing to keep the floor dry and slip-free.
  • Mechanical faults causing the bus to crash.

Driver Negligence:

  • Bus colliding with another vehicle (drivers fault).
  • Dangerous driving.
  • Speeding.

It should be noted that in most cases, a claim for compensation following a bus or coach accident will be brought against the transport firm, even if the accident can be attributed to driver negligence.

Bus or Coach Accidents Caused by a Third Party

In many ways, this is the more complex of the two categories when it comes to successfully claiming compensation following a bus or coach accident. In these cases, an external effect caused the accident to happen, examples of this are:

  • A vehicle crashes into the bus or coach.
  • The driver is forced to avoid an accident with another vehicle, resulting in the bus being run off the road and colliding with a static object.
  • The driver being forced to perform an emergency breaking maneuver, as a result of needing to avoid another vehicle, which results in injury to a passenger.
  • Collision with a static obstacle that has been positioned in a place by a third party, where it causes an obstruction.

These are just a handful of examples of how a third party can carry the responsibility for a bus or coach accident. And as we can see, in some cases, proving who exactly is at fault can be complicated in some situations. Therefore, it is vital that you seek expert legal advice following any such accident.

How to Make a Claim for Compensation Following Bus or Coach Accident

Beginning the process of claiming compensation following a bus, coach or minibus accident is a crucial stage of the claim. It is important that your legal firm understands all of the details of the claim so they know who to sue. We aim to make this stage of the process as simple as possible so that you understand right from the outset what will happen during the entire process.

We offer a completely free charge legal consulting session, during which we will capture all of the key details so that we can offer you the best advice in pressing your claim for compensation following a bus or coach accident.

During this first free consultation, we need to capture as much information as we can, this shall include needing information like:

  • Where and when did the incident take place?
  • What injuries did you sustain?
  • What actions did the transport form take to assist you following the accident?
  • Have your injuries resulted in hardship i.e loss of work or earnings?
  • Are you likely to have ongoing health issues due to the injuries you sustained?

We can then use this information to decide who you can claim compensation against and what for.

If you are involved in a bus, coach or minibus accident we recommend that you take the following actions after the accident has happened:

  • Make sure you keep the bus or coach ticket (or your current bus pass).
  • Make sure that the driver knows that you were injured as a result of the accident.
  • Write down the name of the driver and the number of the bus.
  • If you can, take pictures (possibly using your phone) of the accident site.
  • Write down the registration number of the bus and any other vehicles involved.
  • Make a small sketch of the layout of the accident site if you can.

All of this evidence will be very useful to us, as we can use it whilst pressing your compensation claim following a bus, coach or minibus accident on a No Win No Fee basis.

What Can Be Claimed For after a Bus or Coach Accident?

How much compensation you can claim, and what you can claim for, will depend upon the individual conditions of the bus, coach or minibus accident.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, and the level of negligence shown by the party that caused the accident, you might be able to claim the following types of compensation:

  • Care costs – if you need assistance with taking care of yourself as a result of your injuries.
  • Medical costs – all medical costs that you had to pay as a direct consequence of the accident to treat your injuries.
  • General damages – physical pain, mental stress, and anguish, as well as other general damages.
  • Travel costs – any travel expenses you incurred as a direct consequence of the accident.
  • Loss of income – a compensation claim for loss of earning due to the accident, and also the potential future loss of earning due to ongoing health issues encountered as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Bus Accident Compensation Amounts

It is very hard to make an estimate of how much you might be able to claim as compensation following a bus, coach or minibus accident. However, below we have produced a table showing the average compensation amounts paid for a variety of different injuries that are typically encountered after a bus accident.

Chest injury (minor)£9,575 to £13,650Including small puncture wounds, cracked ribs and bruising.
Chest injury (moderate)£23,800 to £41,675Chest injuries that result in some ongoing disability.
Chest injury (moderately severe)£50,000 to £76,500Resulting in degradation in lung function, damage to the heart or some other ongoing condition resulting in lowered life expectancy.
Chest injury (severe)£76,500 to £114,100Loss of one lung, series damage to the heart, prolonged ongoing pain and loss of life expectancy.
Loss or damage to one toothUp to £3,300
Loss or damage of several teethUp to £9,600
Minor fracture to wrist or arm£2,900 to £3,700
Major fracture to wrist or armUp to £51,000
Quadriplegia£246,750 to £307,000Also, known as Tetraplegia
Brain damage/head injury (minor)£1,675 to £9,700
Brain damage (less severe)£11,650 to £32,700
Brain damage (moderate)£32,725 to £166,600Driven by considerations such as effect upon concentration, cognitive ability, memory and senses (sight, hearing etc.)
Brain damage (moderately severe)£166,500 to £214,350Including brain damage causing partial paralysis.
Bran damage (severe)£214,350 to £307,000
Neck injury (minor)£3,300 to £6,000Short-term health effects such as Whiplash.
Neck injury (moderate)£6,000 to £29,250Dependent upon actual neck damage suffered and loss of motor movement plus ongoing pain.
Neck injury (severe)£34,575 to £112,750Dependent upon the severity of the break, plus ongoing pain and permanent side effects.
Back injury (minor)£6,000 to £9,500
Back injury (moderate)£9,500 to £21.100Dependent on ongoing pain, the severity of initial damage.
Back injury (severe)£29,475 to £122,350Dependent on ongoing pain, the severity of initial damage and long-term side effects.
Leg injuries£6,925 to £103,250Depending upon severity
Knee injuries£10,450 to £73,125Depending on severity
Ankle injuries£10,450 to £53,000Depending on severity
Foot injuries£10,450 to £53,200Depending on severity

These are some of the most common types of injuries which are encountered as a result of a bus, coach or minibus accident. Neck injuries like whiplash are extremely common, although care needs to be taken to ensure that what is originally seen as a mild case of whiplash, does not have serious health concerns later down the line.

When it comes to claiming other damages like loss of earnings, the compensation amount will always be driven by the actual facts of each individual case. It is, therefore, impossible to give a true indication of the amount you may claim.

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Why Choose Us as Your Bus Accident Claims Service?

We are a legal firm that honestly believes that everyone has a right to adequate legal representation when pursuing a compensation claim following a minibus, coach or bus accident, regardless of their personal financial position. We are fully committed to making sure everyone has access to the legal services they need, by finding innovative ways to deal with the legal costs.

When you engage us in a No Win No Fee arrangement, you can rest assured that we will always act in your best interest, and we will always attempt to get you the most compensation we can.

Our overall legal fee will never be higher that 25% of the total compensation pay-out. Put simply, we always keep our clients’ needs and requirements as the driving force of the service we offer. The legal advice and representation and advice you need, when you need it, without a penny to pay unless we successful make a compensation claim on your behalf.

Start Your Bus Or Coach Accident Claim Today

If you have recently been the victim of a bus, coach or minibus accident, then you need to think about making a claim for compensation. Even if you do not believe any third party to be at fault, you may still have the right to claim compensation, it could be that negligence leads to injuries that could have been avoided.

If you contact us we will happily set up a completely free legal consultation session, and evaluate your accident. If we believe you have a valid reason to claim compensation for your bus or your coach accident against the transport company or a third party, we can help you make that claim quickly and easily. And all of this can be arranged using a No Win No Fee type of agreement. You don’t pay a thing unless we actually make a successful compensation claim for you.

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