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Road Traffic Accident Solicitors – How to make a No Win No Fee claim

Road traffic accidents can cause a wide variety of different injuries ranging from sprains and strains that heal over time to life changing injuries or even death. As safe as many of us are on the roads, there are, unfortunately those who do drive without due care and attention, or worse, deliberately dangerously. For those people who are injured due to other road users’ negligence, the injuries and after effects can seem even more painful, but there is some hope of financial compensation in most cases where the claimant is not at fault. To get the compensation you deserve, road traffic accident solicitors are there to help. With specialist knowledge of their chosen field, they can fight on your behalf for compensation for your injuries. Read on to find out more.

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A guide to using a road traffic accident solicitor

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor

Whether you drive for work, take a regular commute to work, or drive the kids to school, being a car owner can certainly provide a lot of freedom. While the vast majority of us respect our fellow road users and keep concentrating at all times to ensure we are driving safely, others do not, and by doing so, they can cause road traffic accidents that can leave people with a huge array of injuries. If you have suffered with injuries caused by a road traffic accident, then chances are you will have been through pain, inconvenience and perhaps even financial loss if you were unable to work while recovering. In extreme cases, you may be left with permanent damage. Whatever your injuries from a car accident that you were not at fault for, you may wish to contact road traffic accident solicitors to see if you have a claim for compensation. This guide explains what road traffic accident personal injury solicitors do, a little about road traffic accident law, and offers advice on what to do if you have been injured on the road.

What is a road traffic accident solicitor?

Road traffic accident solicitors are people who are highly experienced in dealing with this somewhat complex area of personal injury law. It takes years of study to become a high quality road traffic accident solicitor, as once the initial education has been completed and they are able to practice law, they then have to learn from experience what can be applied in each case they work on, in order to secure the maximum RTA compensation amounts for their clients’ injuries. This experience builds as years go by, and a road traffic solicitor with years of experience will likely have dealt with claims very similar to yours before, and will know exactly what arguments will apply in order to gain you the compensation you deserve.

Can my road traffic accident solicitor file my compensation claim for me?

When it comes to making road traffic accident claims, your version of events will need to be assessed to see who is at fault for the accident. If your solicitor deduces that someone else was at fault for your injuries and you were not at fault, then it is likely that they will take on your claim on a no win no fee agreement, which ensures that you will not have to pay out upfront for any legal costs pertaining to your case. Your road traffic accident solicitors will be able to file your compensation claim for you if this is the case. If they feel that you do not have a case, they will advise you of this, while explaining the reason/s why they feel any claim would be unsuccessful.

If I am injured by an uninsured driver, or the driver flees the scene can I claim?

Sadly, not every driver is compliant with UK law, which requires you to stop at the scene of any accident you were involved in. Similarly, not every driver, despite it being law, has valid insurance. If you were in an accident that was the fault of someone else and the driver has absconded or failed to stop, then this does not exclude you from being able to contact road traffic solicitors with a view to making a claim. Similarly, if you were involved in an RTA involving an uninsured driver you should also be able to make a claim if the accident was the fault of the other driver.

There is an institution that exists called the Motor Insurance Bureau. This organisation is funded by motor insurance underwriters with the purpose to ensure those injured in accidents that were not their fault but caused by those with no insurance or those that are untraceable are compensated for their injuries. Your road traffic accident solicitor should be able to give you advice about how they can file your claim with the MIB on your behalf, and what is involved with this.

After I start my claim with my road traffic accident solicitor, what would I then need to do?

Usually, you will need to have a free consultation, which serves as a fact finding session. You will be asked a lot of questions about your accident, which you should answer honestly. If you do not know the answer to any question you are asked, you should just say so. The only right answer is the honest one, and an ‘I don’t know’ answer may not affect any part of your claim; it may just mean the solicitor will have to find the information out elsewhere. Once this fact finding consultation has taken place, you will usually be told whether your claim has a good chance of getting you a compensation award. If so, then you will have the no win no fee agreement explained to you, which outlines all the fees, and makes clear that you will not be expected to pay the legal fees pertaining to your case if it is not successful. Once the agreement has been duly read and signed, then your solicitor will, in most cases arrange a medical appointment for you. At this appointment, an independent medical professional may assess your medical notes, speak to you about your injuries, examine you, and write a report detailing their findings. This report will serve as your medical evidence, and works by supporting your claim for compensation.

If your injuries have made it difficult for you to travel long distances, then do not worry. We will try our best to make the appointment locally to you, so that it makes it easier for you to attend. Once the medical report has been received, if you are within the road accident claim time limit, your solicitor will begin to build your case in order to launch your compensation claim.

How long do you have to claim for a road traffic accident?

Claims for most types of personal injury have a time limit, and like many other injury claims, the limit is three years from the incident date. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, we would advise acting sooner rather than later as it will make the process of pulling together the required evidence much easier, as well as meaning the events that have happened are more clear in your mind.

There are, as always, exceptions to this limit. If, for example, you were injured as a child passenger in a motor vehicle accident, and a responsible adult did not make a claim on your behalf while you were still a child, you could have up to three years from the date of your 18th birthday to file a claim. There may be other exceptions to this rule, depending on your circumstances, so it is always best to check if you could have a claim with the experts. You may be surprised.

Can I get free advice from a road traffic accident solicitor?

Many people ask friends and family for advice after a road traffic accident, and while your friends and family may have useful guidance for you, it is usually no substitute for road traffic accident claims advice from professionals who have experienced the process from a legal standpoint themselves. Whether you have checked a road traffic accident compensation calculator, and want to know how accurate it is, or you have questions about providing the liability of a driver, our experts are here to help. Simply call us to ask about any aspect of making a road traffic accident claim, and we will be able to help you. There is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question. We prefer that our clients be well informed about every aspect of the process, so whether it is a query about what no win no fee road traffic accident claims entail, or you would like to know more about the Motor Insurance Bureau, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

What are the benefits from using a specialist road traffic accident solicitor compared to a non-specialist solicitor?

As with any professional matter, it is important to get help from someone who knows the process like the back of their hand. You would not attempt to treat your own serious injuries, and the same is usually true when it comes to dealing with the legal aspect of a compensation claim. However, the legal representative you choose is important too – not all solicitors are the same, and it is important you get one that has experience of this type of injury claim, in order that they can gain you the maximum compensation payout possible for your injuries.

If, for example, you chose a solicitor without experience in the complexities of road traffic accident law, and a mistake was made within your case, or some information overlooked, it may be that you will not receive the compensation you would be entitled to if an experienced specialist RTA solicitor were handling your claim. It is therefore a good idea to weight up the risks before opting for a solicitor without experience in this field of law.

The most common types of claims that our road traffic accident solicitors regularly work on

While no accident is exactly the same as any other, in terms of the injuries, their severity and the way the accident occurred, there are some similarities in the claims that road traffic solicitors commonly take on. Here, we list the most common.

  • Whiplash – Often one of the most common injuries, whiplash occurs when the head and neck are the subject of rapid acceleration and deceleration. This can cause head and neck pain that can be very intense. Whiplash injuries usually clear up on their own but this may take some time. In some cases prescription pain medicine will be required or physiotherapy.
  • Neck Injuries – Neck injuries account for a large proportion of road traffic injuries. From minor sprains to severe and life changing injuries, these are often intensely painful. Whilst some neck injuries require rest and pain relief, others can require surgery, and not all conditions can be cured completely.
  • Back Injuries – From prolapsed discs to spinal cord injuries, some back injuries can cause a loss of the quality of life that claimants have before the accident. Often, back injuries can last for some time after the accident. In extreme cases, paralysis could occur as a result of a person’s injuries, which would be life-changing. You would likely need care and assistance with some aspects of your day that you did not require before the accident, and you may suffer depression or mental health issues as a result.
  • Fractures – Whether you have broken a finger, a wrist, a leg or your back or neck, a fracture can be extremely painful. Depending on the severity of your fracture and how complex it is, it may not always be possible to set the bone to heal as it normally would. This can in some cases lead to loss of mobility or disfigurement. It may even lead you to be unable to carry out some tasks you did with ease before your injury, and may affect your ability to play sports.

Whether your injury is listed above or is not as common as these, if it were caused by an accident that is someone else’s fault, then you should get in touch with specialists for free advice. By calling us to tell us what has happened to you, you will be able to receive free, no-obligation advice on what to do next. There will be no obligation to use our service, or even take the advice we give you, but it is based on years of experience so you will know we have the information to back our advice up.

No Win No Fee road traffic accident solicitors

If you have been financially disadvantaged in the course of the after effects of your road accident, it is likely that you will not want to pay out any monies upfront for a compensation claim, Luckily, you will not have to should you choose a no win no fee service. When you make a no win no fee claim, the only time you will be expected to pay any legal fees is as a portion of your compensation that has been successfully awarded to you. If your case does not result in an award for compensation, you will not be in receipt of a demand for payment for legal fees.

This can be seen as an extremely positive thing. For one thing, you will know that your solicitor is not just ‘going through the motions’ and is really fighting hard for your compensation. A solicitor that charges either a fixed hourly rate or a fixed fee regardless of whether you win or lose your case may not be as motivated to go the extra mile to get your compensation.

If you would like to know more about how no win no fee claims work, why not call our experts. We can explain anything you might need to know about making a claim.

Why choose us as your claims service for your road traffic accident claim?

As a company, we care about people. Whether you have suffered a minor or major injury due to the fault of someone else, we feel very strongly that you should be compensated for this. After all, you have suffered pain, if not as well as financial loss and inconvenience, due to someone else’s reckless behaviour. We also feel that making a claim for compensation could work to ensure that the accident you have is not as likely to happen again. In short, we care about our clients and the injuries they’ve sustained as well as the effect on their lives. Whilst we know no amount of money can compensate truly for pain and suffering, we will work hard to ensure our clients are duly compensated for what they have been through, and we have done so time and time again.

With thousands of compensation cases under our belt, we also have expert knowledge of specialist and complex cases, which means we are in a great place to offer free advice to those people seeking compensation for road traffic accident injuries, as well as helping to start the claims process. As many of our satisfied customers will attest to, we make the claims process less stressful, so you can concentrate on recovery.

Call for free advice from our road traffic accident experts and to make a claim

After reading this, you might have more questions about road traffic solicitors and the training they go through, or you may want to get some idea of the level of compensation your injuries would typically be awarded. If so, then our experts can give you no-obligation advice that is completely free of charge.

Similarly, if you are ready to start a road traffic accident claim, we can help here too. All you have to do is call 0800 073 8804 to be connected to a professional, sympathetic member of our team, who will talk you through getting started on making a claim.

There really is no better time than now to call our team. Whether you have been injured recently, or are almost at the three year time limit, call our expert team who will be able to advice you best on the route forward.

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