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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Pub Or Bar Accident?

The catering and hospitality industry is not only one of the biggest employers in the UK, it’s also one of the most visited by guests, patrons, and customers. As many as one in three people say that they dine out at least once a week, with many more visiting pubs and bars. With so many people involved in the industry, it is not uncommon for accidents to take place.

Of these accidents, trips and falls are more likely to affect catering and hospitality staff than any other industry. In certain circumstances, employees can be four times as likely to slip on spilt drinks or wet floors when compared to other lines of work. In cases where an employer or occupier may have acted in a negligent manner, you may have a viable claim for compensation.

Making a pub or bar injury claim might seem difficult. This guide is designed to provide you with an introduction to the process, providing necessary advice to those who might have been affected by an accident in a pub or bar. See the Health and Safety Guidelines for the Catering Industry for more detailed information.

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A Guide to Pub or Bar Accident Claims

Bar and Pub Personal Injury

Bar and Pub Personal Injury

This guide will discuss pub or bar accident claims and the ways in which they can affect your life. For those considering a claim, it can provide a useful starting point. When you are thinking about any form of pub or bar injury claim, knowing the most common forms of accidents, how the law deals with negligence, and how to initiate a claim can be invaluable.

We will also discuss many of the difficulties of making a pub or bar accident claim. This includes advice on how to find a law firm and the benefits this brings. For anyone who has been injured following an accident in a pub or bar, this guide should prove to be very useful.

What is a Pub or Bar Accident?

According to the British Beer and Pub Association, there were just over 50,000 pubs in the UK as of 2015. When the number of clubs, bars, and other drinking establishments is added to that list, the number can seem huge. With so many venues open to the public, with so much variety between the venues, there are many different accidents which can occur in (or on the premises of) a pub or a bar. A pub or a bar accident might have a number of different causes and a number of different implications, but the uniting factor will be the environment in which the accident took place

Reasons for accidents could include human error, negligence, and even poor facility maintenance. If you suffer from these kinds of accidents in the pub or bar, it can result in a personal injury. As such, you may be able to make a pub or bar injury claim if the accident occurred as the result of another party’s negligent actions. As we will discover in a later section, these accidents and injuries can take many different forms. However, claiming for compensation should never be dismissed as a potential course of action.

Pub or Bar Accidents Caused By Drink Spillages and Broken Glass on the Floor

One of the most common causes of a pub or bar accident (for both patrons and employees) is a floor which has spilt drinks or broken glass on it. With many pubs and bars serving alcohol, a large number of staff and patrons, and separate containers for every drink, spillages and breakages can be impossible to prevent.

When a spillage or breakage occurs, it can make the floor more hazardous. This makes slips, trips, and falls injuries more likely. With low lighting, large crowd numbers, and alcohol-affected senses, these hazards can become exacerbated. Should you slip and injure yourself, for example, a bar injury claim might be a legitimate course of action. In making such a claim, you may need to demonstrate that the bar or pub failed to provide adequate warning of the slippery floors, failed to clean the floors in a reasonable time, or acted negligently in some other manner. If this is the case, then they may have to pay you compensation.

Pub or Bar Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance

Pub or bar accidents can also be caused by poor maintenance. This could include uneven flooring, furniture which may collapse, loose carpets, or any other part of the venue which might pose a danger due to failed maintenance.

It is the responsibility of the pub or the bar to ensure that the facilities are safe.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 requires the operator of a pub or a bar to provide a safe environment to both employees and visitors. The occupier (in this case, it might be the owner/operator of the pub or bar or the landlord of the venue) has a duty of care which is extended to visitors to the property, providing protection from accidents resulting from the defective or dangerous conditions of the property. For example, this could include beer gardens, car parks, and other exterior parts of the building.

If the landlord fails in their duty to provide a safe, risk-free environment to a reasonable degree, they may be liable for a pub or bar injury claim in the event of an accident or injury.

Other Common Accidents that Feature in Pub or Bar Accident Claims

There are a number of accidents that frequently occur in pubs and bars. These include:

  • Accidents due to cluttered stairways.
  • Accidents as the result of unsafe furniture.
  • Accidents due to poorly prepared food or drink.

Depending on the exact nature of your accident or injury, it may not conform to any of the issues outlined above. However, that does not mean that you will not win your compensation claim. Contact a solicitor and discuss your potential claim for more information.

Claiming for Pub or Bar Accidents while at Work

Employees of a pub or bar are among those most at risk of accidents and injuries. According to information released by the Health and Safety Executive, some of the most common injuries for employees in the catering and hospitality industry include:

  • Food spillages
  • Water overflow or leaks
  • Floor in poor condition
  • Trip hazards
  • Cleaning products applied to floors
  • Carrying hot oil
Pub accident claim

Pub accident claim

Any of the above issues can result in serious injury. An employer has a duty to its employees to ensure that they are protected from hazardous situations to a reasonable degree.

If you have suffered any of the above injuries (or others) and believe that this could have been prevented by adhering to health and safety guidelines, providing protective clothing, or providing training, you may have a claim for compensation. If this is the case, we recommend you contact a legal professional to discover more. See the Health and Safety regulations for the catering market for more detailed information.

Claiming for Pub or Bar Accidents Caused by Negligence

Negligence is an important subject even for victims who are not employees in a pub or bar. If you have been injured in such a place as the result of a preventable accident, you made need to prove that the bar or pub operator acted in a negligent fashion.

The operator is required to ensure that all customers are safe and protected from risk (to a reasonable degree) while in the building or facility. This is not only true of the pub or bar itself, but also any car parks, corridors, entrances, and other property which fall under the operator’s responsibility.

As such, a compensation claim following a pub or bar accident will likely depend on you being able to prove that the operator acted in a negligent fashion. Though this might be difficult, we will discuss the steps you can take in a later section. You may also benefit from the legal guidance provided by a law firm.

Assessing the Severity of Pub or Bar Accidents

As part of any compensation claim, assessing the severity of the injury or the accident is vital. In the simplest possible terms: the more severe the injury, the higher the compensation settlement amount is likely to be. However, there are a number of factors which can complicate this.

It is important to think about the long-term implications of an injury. We will cover this in the next section, but more severe injuries often carry serious connotations for your future health. Added to this, any injury which might affect your ability to work or your quality of life might be considered more severe.

The severity of an injury can also be linked to the pain it causes. This is not just a physical pain but also an emotional and psychological pain. Often, it can help to keep a medical journal of the various ways in which the injury has affected your life. If you do claim compensation, this journal can be used as evidence as to the severity of the injury. If you are unsure of how the severity of an injury might affect your case, feel free to phone our team and discuss the matter.

The Long-Term Effect of Pub or Bar Accidents

When making any compensation claim, long-term effects and complications can influence the compensation payout amount. However, it is important to note that the long-term effect of these injuries does not just include the physical pain and suffering being experienced by the victim. It can recognise long-term psychological damage and other, more abstract issues.

It is important to get a correct diagnosis of your potential future health as it pertains to the injury. This is an issue of correctly diagnosing any long-term health issues. Following an accident, you may receive medical treatment. This might be from an emergency room doctor. It is possible that you do not receive a complete diagnosis for your injury. Future complications and issues might not be apparent in the hours immediately after you are hurt. This is why we arrange for our clients to visit a local doctor, who will provide a complete diagnosis of all current and future health implications caused by the injury.

What to do If You Have Suffered a Pub or Bar Accident

If you have suffered a pub or bar accident that caused you an injury, it is advisable to take action immediately. This means that if you are considering a compensation claim, you can begin the process of gathering evidence as soon as you have sought the correct medical help. If you have been injured, we suggest that you:

  • Report the accident – you are expected to report the accident to a member of staff or management of the pub or bar. Ask that the incident is recorded in the accident book.
  • Collect evidence – It is important to collect the details of the witnesses of the accident, take photographs of where the accident happened, and anything else that could help the case.
  • Get a medical examination – as mentioned in a previous section, a follow-up medical exam can help diagnose future medical issues.
  • Document all information – keep a record of anything that relates to the injury. For example, the financial losses, medical expenses, and so on.

Taking the above steps can improve the standing of your claim before you even begin legal action.

What Can be Claimed for After a Pub or Bar Accident

The exact details of the final settlement amount will differ from case to case. However, there are a number of damages and expenses which you may wish to consider when filing a claim. These include:

  • General damages – this generally refers to the pain and the suffering; the direct medical consequences of the injury.
  • Medical expenses – these are more tangible medical expenses, such as the purchase of equipment or medicine.
  • Special damages – these damages might refer to additional losses suffered by the accident, such as damage to jewellery or your car.
  • Care claim – in the event that you have had to hire assistance in the form of a carer or nurse, you can potentially claim these expenses as part of the settlement amount.

Your solicitor can help you determine the exact damages and expenses as they pertain to your claim.

No Win No Fee Pub or Bar Accident Claims

Whether you are suing a bar for assault or you are suing a bar bouncer, one of the most difficult challenges following an injury or accident is gathering together the funds to launch a legal claim. If you are considering a bar, pub, or nightclub injury claim, we offer an alternative.

Our ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement could be the best solution. Commonly known as the ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ (or by its abbreviation, CFA), this approach can dramatically lower the financial risk of working with legal professionals. If you would like to make a claim but are worried about the monetary implications of working with a law firm, discuss the matter with our team today and see what we can do to help you.

How Much Can I Claim for Pub or Bar Accident

Trying to put an exact figure on a settlement amount in the very early stages of a claim can be next to impossible. Each case is unique and each settlement amount will be calculated in a different way. However, the table below can be used as an indication of the ways in which severity of an injury and the type of an injury can affect the final total.

Toe InjurySevere£7,300 - £10,450Causes severe pains and could lead to temporary loss of the toe.
Toe InjuryFull Amputation£27,750 - £42,600Total loss of the toe with excruciating pain.
Toe InjuryModerateUp to £7,300Moderately serious but enough to cause serious pains.
Foot InjuryVery severe£63,825 - £83,235May lead to amputation both feet as a result of accident.
Foot InjurySevere£31,900 - £53,200Deterioration of the foot or feet causing an ongoing issue, possibly with serious pains
Foot InjurySerious£19,000 - £29,800Major Loss of normal ability of the foot, ongoing pain, or may even require surgery to correct as a result of injury.
Foot InjuryModerate£10,450 - £19,000Short-term damage to foot, causing a temporary loss of function or pain as result of injury.
Foot InjuryMinorUp to £10,450A small injury to the foot and temporary pain as result of injury.
Leg InjuryModerate£21,000 - £29,800Injury may be limited in its severity but there are serious pains as result of injury.
Leg InjurySerious£29,800 - £41,675Break or fracture of the leg that will take some time to heal.
Finger InjurySevere fractureUp to £27,925Loss of function in one of the fingers as a result of injury.
Finger InjuryLoss of index fingerUp to £14,250May be an amputation of one or more of the fingers as result of injury.
Finger InjuryPartial loss of finger£9,250- £14,250Temporary loss of function of a finger down to minor sprains causing short-term pain as result of injury.
Finger InjuryFracture of index finger£6,925 - £9,300A little fracture but big enough to cause short-term pains.

The table is used to provide estimations of potential injury settlement amounts. If you would like a more accurate estimate, based on the facts of your case, we recommend contacting a law firm.

How to Start Pub or Bar Accident Claims

If you are involved in a pub or bar accident, speaking to legal experts should be one of your first actions. If you are interested in a pub injury claim or a bar injury claim, expert assistance can help you through the complex web of regulations and bureaucracy that exists. For example, clients who decide to work with our team might follow this process:

  • Call our offices and arrange for a free legal consultation. In this session, we’ll go over every aspect of your case and help you decide whether you have a viable claim for compensation.
  • If you decide to continue to work with us following this session, we can then begin the process of launching legal action on your behalf.
  • This can include a further fact-finding process, attempting to obtain evidence such as CCTV that you might not have been able to access.
  • If a medical examination is needed, we can arrange a local medical appointment on your behalf.
  • We can begin to file the correct paperwork and file the claim in the correct manner.

Rather than sitting at home wondering how to sue a bar for negligence, we believe that professional legal assistance can make the process much easier and much quicker.

Why Choose Us as Your Claims Service for a Pub or Bar Accident

Claiming compensation is not easy. This is especially true when you have suffered an injury as the result of an accident. Rather than spending time recovering, you may be fretting about how to deal with the matter. This is where we come in.

We offer a simple, stress-free approach to claiming compensation. Rather than trying to handle everything yourself, you can trust our team to work with you to make the process as easy as possible. We are experienced, friendly, and proud of our ethics and integrity. We can offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement and we’ll work hard to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation.

We have the capacity, knowledge, and professionalism needed to handle your compensation claim. To find out more about how we’re able to help, you only need to get in touch.

Call for Free Advice and to Start a Claim

If you’ve been involved in any form of accident in a pub, a bar, a nightclub, or a restaurant, we’re able to help you claim compensation. With a customer-friendly approach and years of experience, the entire process is so much simpler with our professional help. To discover more, you can fill out a contact form online, use our website’s chat feature, or call 0800 073 8804. We’ll arrange a free consultation session and start your compensation claim in the right way.


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