Our Research And Statistics

Here at Legal Expert, we conduct our own research and compile our own statistics to provide analysis on different areas of law.

As solicitors, we sometimes see areas in which our clients are being let down by the likes of the government or third-party insurers.

Sometimes, we also encounter issues that we feel deserve further attention. Our hope is to highlight areas of improvement in our lives, legal system and society, and to hopefully begin a conversation to try and right the wrongs and injustices that we identify.

On this page, you can find details of all of our research projects completed to date. They range in subject. To learn more and to see the results, simply click the links below.

If you have any questions about our research, please contact us here.

For any media enquiries relating to our research and statistics, please write to media@legalexpert.co.uk.

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Our Research And Statistics

Below, you can browse through the sections to uncover the results of our research.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can be tremendously serious, inflicting permanent and long-lasting harm to both mother and child.

Our recent research has uncovered the scale of the problem. Some NHS Trusts are paying out tens of millions of pounds on birth injuries each year, so Legal Expert decided to investigate.

We’ve obtained figures from each NHS Trust and obtained comments from charitable organisations, which you can read here on our dedicated birth injuries research page.

The Whiplash Reform Programme

In 2021, the Conservative government introduced the Whiplash Reform Programme. The aim was to improve the system for claimants, with promises of reduced insurance premiums and and faster payouts.

However, the opposite has happened. Insurance premiums have rocketed in price and over 400,000 cases are currently clogging up the Official Injury Claims Portal, created to adminster the claims.

Legal Expert set out to uncover the scale of the problem in a bid to highlight the issues. Read the full report on The Whiplash Reforms here.


Potholes seem to be popping up everywhere of late. Our research into the problem seeks to determine the extent of the issues, as well as providing vital data on the likes of money spent by councils on repairs and compensation.

Check out our research into potholes here.

Drink Driving Offences In The UK

We recently set out to uncover the number of drink driving offences in the country, covering the period September 2022 to September 2023.

We wrote to all police forces in the country under the Freedom of Information Act and asked for the rates of offences and key information relating to it, such as the occupation of the offender.

Head here to read our results in full.

Damp And Mould In Council Houses

There have been a lot of reports in the media about damp and mould in council houses. Some reports have described tragic and avoidable outcomes, such as Awaab Ishak who died from a respiratory condition thought to have been caused by mould.

Given that we work in housing disrepair, we appreciate the scale of the issue having spoken with many clients.

We therefore set out to uncover the true scale of the issue. You can find the results of our research into damp and mould here.

Medical Negligence Compensation Payouts

Being specialists in medical negligence claims, we understand the issues that some of our clients have experienced. From birth injuries to prescription errors and cancer misdiagnoses, mistakes in clinical settings can cause severe damage.

In this piece of research, we set out to learn about compensation payouts made by NHS trusts in the UK for medical negligence. You can find the results here.

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