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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Arm Injury?

By Russell Bowes. Last Updated 23rd March 2021. This is our updated guide to arm injury claims. Accidents causing arm injuries are surprisingly common for individuals to suffer from, especially due to how fragile the connections between the wrist and arm are. Arm injuries can be among the most debilitating, and accidents of this nature can be caused in various locations, such as your place of work or while dining out at a restaurant.

If you have suffered from an accident causing an arm injury, then you could likely be entitled to claiming compensation for your accident with the help of a Claims Service. Our company will help you to determine whether or not you claim is worth pursuing, and how much compensation you may be able to claim.

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A Guide to arm injury claims

Arm Injury claims

Arm Injury Compensation

This guide exists to inform and assist you with your personal injury compensation claim for accidents causing arm injuries. It will provide you with comprehensive and accurate information regarding the aspects of your claim that you will need to consider before making your claim, and how you should actually go about the process of making your compensation claim.

The guide will also inform you about the evidence that is needed to make a valid compensation claim and the average amounts of compensation that you may receive at the end of your claim; depending mostly upon the type and severity of your arm injury.

What to Do If You Are Involved in an Accident Causing an Arm Injury

What you need to do if you become involved in an accident that has caused you an arm injury can be initially confusing, but you must stay calm. Your first priority should be to attend to any medical requirements caused by an injury, either performing first aid on yourself or seeking medical advice.

Once you have made sure that you are safe and have ensured no more physical harm can come to you, either leaving the situation or calling the police, you can begin gathering evidence to support your compensation claim:

  • Firstly, you should gather witness statements from those surrounding your accident. For example, if you suffered your arm injury as a result of a car accident, then this could include pedestrians walking nearby or motorists in traffic nearby. This is to corroborate your version of events and ensure that possible incoherencies do not undermine your claim.
  • Secondly, you should find evidence that your accident resulted from negligence on behalf of another individual or company. To continue our example, if your accident occurred due to the other party tailgating, i.e. leaving too little gap between cars, then CCTV footage or witness statements should confirm this.
  • Thirdly, you should ensure that you have evidence in support of the severity of your injury. To return to the example, after your accident, you were taken from the building site into hospital by ambulance and then given x-ray tests to see whether your arm was seriously broken. This proves the severity of your injury, thereby ensuring you receive the maximum possible compensation.

By following these initial steps, you will be well on your way to making a successful personal injury claim following an accident causing arm injury.

How to Begin an Arm Injury Claim

How do arm injury claims work? The process of beginning your compensation claim for an accident causing arm injury is almost certainly much simpler and more comfortable than you will be expecting. With the professional support that our company provides to you throughout the claims process, it could not be easier to make a personal injury claim for a broken arm and receive the compensation that you deserve.

As previously mentioned, the first step you need to take is to gather the necessary evidence to support your broken arm injury claim. This could include almost anything that you believe to be relevant and support your account of the accident and injury. Typical evidence that tends to be used includes witness statements, medical reports, and photographic evidence of the site in question.

Arm injury

Arm injury

Next, it can help to seek out legal representation. This can be done either by calling our phone number 0800 073 8804 or filling in a contact form on our website to receive a free consultation over the phone. In this consultation session, we will assess how valid we believe your personal injury claim broken arm is, depending upon the evidence you provide.

We will then provide you with an evaluation concerning how successful we believe it could be if you were to take your claim to court through our service. This is to ensure you do not invest any more time and money than is necessary into a claim that is unlikely to ever result in you receiving compensation for your arm injury.

After this session, we can begin the process of bringing your compensation claim to court. We will also conduct further fact-finding, possibly by looking at CCTV or arranging local medical assessments to evaluate your arm injury severity. We can arrange for you to visit a doctor in order to evaluate the severity of the injury. These steps help to ensure that the maximum amount of compensation is reached.

Then we will begin legal proceedings. Thanks to our ‘No Win No Fee’ policy, we even won’t charge you legal fees unless we are successful in arguing your case, making the process almost danger-free.

What can be Claimed for after an Accident Causing an Arm Injury?

What you can claim after an accident has caused you an arm injury relies heavily on what expenses you have incurred as result of your injury. Most people who make compensation claims underestimate the number of different expenses that can be claimed, normally focusing on medical costs. However, you could claim compensation for a number of the expenses as result of the accident:

  • General damages – this includes unspecified damages such as pain and suffering as a result of the arm injury, effect upon your life, and loss of reputation stemming from the arm injury.
  • Special damages – this includes measurable damages such as direct loss of earnings, cost of home-care required by your arm injury, and damage to your property.
  • Medical costs – this includes the cost of medical tests and treatments either not covered by the NHS or sought out from either private healthcare providers or overseas healthcare providers.
  • Travel costs – this includes the cost to travel between your home and hospital appointments and potentially travel to foreign countries if treatment is sought overseas.

These various financial losses and damages directly show you the number of different things that you can claim compensation for concerning your arm injury caused by an accident. However, the driving force behind how much compensation you are determined to receive stems heavily from your arm injury’s type and severity.

What Arm Bones Do You Have?

Another aspect of your personal injury claim for an arm injury that you will need to consider the different bones of your arm, namely the Humerus; Radius; and Ulna, and how damage to said different bones can affect your compensation claim:

  • The Humerus is the uppermost bone in your arm, connecting your elbow and shoulder. This results in a broken Humerus affecting your elbow and shoulder as well as your arm. This involves you if you are attempting to make a broken Humerus claim or receive a fractured Humerus settlement it tends to lead to severe injuries, which have higher compensation amounts.
  • The Radius is one of the two lower bones in your arm, connecting your elbow with the inside of your wrist. The proximity between the Radius and wrist can lead to serious medical consequences, especially a distal Radius fracture. This will affect you when attempting to make a broken Radius claim as it will result in a moderate, but relatively smaller compensation amount than the humerus.
  • The Ulna is the other of the two lower bones in your arm, also connecting your elbow with your wrist, although in this case the outside of your wrist. This will also affect you when you attempt to make a broken Ulna claim as the area of connection is fundamentally weakened.

The Most Common Types of Arm Injuries

What are the most common types of arm injury claims? When considering your personal injury claim for an accident causing arm injury, one important aspect to consider are the most common types of arm injury that you can suffer from and their symptoms:

  • Tendonitis is the most common type of arm injury, being an inflammation of the tendons between the muscles and bones in your arms. Common symptoms of tendonitis to watch out for include weakness/stiffness in your arm, a grating sensation in your arm, or swelling in your arm.
  • Sprains are a different common type of arm injury, being a tearing or stretching of a ligament in your elbows. Common symptoms of a sprain you should look out for are swelling around your elbow joint and painful bruising that does not easily fade.
  • Dislocation is another common type of arm injury, being the shifting of bones out of their proper positions. Common symptoms of a dislocation that you need to look out for are joint numbness, significant swelling at the joint, and bones appearing to visibly be out of place.
  • Broken bones are the most obvious and well-known type of arm injury, being simply the breaking of one of the three bones in your arm. While obvious symptoms of a broken arm include your arm being bent at a strange shape and a snapping noise when you are injured, others include simple bruising or swelling around the area of injury.

How to Assess the Severity of an Arm Injury

When considering your personal injury claim for an arm injury, the most important aspect to consider is your arm injury severity. This is due to the processes of a broken arm compensation calculator highly valuing the severity of your injury, actually over the amount of expense that you have occurred as result of it:

  • Your arm injury will be considered to be of only minor severity if the injury has an effect upon you, but not a particularly significant nor long-term one and is easily treated through medical care. Arm injuries of this level of severity, such as sprains, rarely receive large amounts of compensation.
  • Your arm injury will be considered to be of moderate severity if the injury still has a minimal effect upon your life, but still has a long-term effect that is not easily treated. Arm injuries of this level of severity, such as soft tissue damage, also rarely receive large amounts of compensation but receive significantly more than minor severity injuries on average.
  • Your arm injury would be considered serious or severe if the injury has a great impact upon your life and requires extensive medical treatment to assist with. Arm injuries of this level of severity, such as permanent muscle/nerve damage, receive large amounts of compensation due to their long-term effect upon your life.
  • Finally, your arm injury would be considered very severe if the injury is permanent and requires the removal of one of or both of your limbs. Arm injuries of this severity, such as severe necrosis or blood poisoning, receive the maximum amount of compensation due to the permanent effect of the injury and extensive medical treatment required over your life to ensure no further complications arise.

How Much Compensation Will I get after an Accident Causing an Arm Injury? – Updated March 2021

When you consider making a personal injury claim for compensation after an accident has caused you an arm injury, the most pressing issue for you is likely to be the amount of compensation you could receive. Unfortunately, compensation such as average compensation for broken wrist or average settlement for fractured Humerus can vary considerably based upon individual cases and general principles are difficult to determine.

However, if you are entirely concerned with questions such as “how much compensation will I get for a broken arm,” then do not fear. Here are the average compensation amounts that you can use as a general guideline for how much compensation you could receive if you go through with your claim:

Severity/Type of InjuryExamplesAverage Compensation
Simple Fractures of the ForearmSerious fractures of the forearm£6,190 to £18,020
Less Severe InjuryWhislt the person may have experienced significant disabilities, they have already had or will have a substantial recovery£6,190 to £18,020
Injuries Resulting in Permanent and Substantial DisablementWhere the claimant sustains serious fractures of one or of both their forearms. £36,770 to £56,180
Severe Arm InjuryComplex fracture/permanent loss of feeling£90,250 to £122,860
Below the elbow amputationWhere one one arm is amputated below the elbow. £90,250 to £102,890
Above the elbow amputationShorter stumps will create more problems for the claimant in terms of using prostetic devices. £102,890 to £122,860
Amputations at the shoulderAn arm amputation at the shoulderNot less than £128,710
Loss of both armsThe loss of both of your arms. The person is reduced to a state of being helpless. £225,960 to £281,520
Moderate or minor elbow injuriesThe bulk of claims for elbow injuries will fall into this category. Up to £11,820
Uncomplicated colles fracturesSingle type and level of award. In the region of £6,970
Wrist injuries (d)Wrist fractures or similar soft tissue injures which can take longer to heel, but from which you can recover. Rarely exceed £9,620

As you can see here, the amount of compensation that you could receive can massively vary even within the same severity of injury. Compensation in arm injury claims are based on the severity of the injury suffered. .

However, what can be clearly seen is that the type and severity of the injury does matter to a large degree when considering how much compensation you could receive for you arm injury accident claim.

An Arm Injury Case Study

If you are still wary about making a compensation claim, try to become inspired by a real example of an individual who went through similar issues as you are now going through.

This claimant was struck by a trolley that became out of control and suffered soft tissue trauma to their arm and emotional suffering and bruising on their face. The claimant received over £1,000 for her claim directly as a result of her arm and facial injuries.

This shows you how your arm injury claim could turn out; you can succeed in your personal injury claim. It would be best if you had the support of an excellent Claims Service such as our company to get you through this challenging period in your life and ensure you get the most out of arm injury claims

Arm injury claims statistics

carpal-tunnel-statistics-graph.jpgWe previously mentioned how a workplace accident could be the causing factor of an arm injury. If that happens to be the case, then you may consider taking legal action against your negligent employer.  Within this section of the guide, we wanted to take a moment to include some statistics that outline workplace injury statistics form 2019/20. However, please note that the information provided is not directly in relation to a negligent event.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) state that

  • Around 111 workers were killed at work.
  • An estimated £38.8 million working days were lost due to a work-related illness or accident.
  • £16.2 billion estimated costs of injuries and ill health from working conditions

It is outlined by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 that there are measures that can be implemented to combat workplace incidents, such as:

  • Carrying out risk assessments,
  • Ensuring that a high standard of housekeeping is met.
  • Supervising any risky tasks.
  • Providing members of staff with PPE.
  • Routinely inspect the workplace.

No Win No Fee Arm Injury Claims

The aspect of making a personal injury claim for an accident causing arm injury that causes most people’s reluctance is the legal fees that you could be charged for attempting to get compensation, regardless of whether you claim is successful or not.

These legal fees may be charged against you by your Claims Agency and can cause further worry and stress. If you are already experiencing financial issues resulting from your accident, such fees can appear excessive, hurting you when you are at your most vulnerable. Even worse, your fees may even exceed your compensation and leave you at a loss.

However, our company will ensure you experience none of this stress during the claims process. If you choose our company to represent you, we will ensure your claim will succeed, focusing entirely on the best outcome for you. Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ Policy guarantees your financial stability throughout the claims process.

This policy, also called a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement,’ ensures that we will do our best to win your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. We promise to only charge for our services on the condition that we win your compensation claim in court; if your claim fails, you won’t have any legal fees or debt to add to your worries.

This provides a safe and stable base for you to claim arm injury compensation for your accident successfully. As a company, we promise to support you throughout the claims process, regardless of your initial wealth, and ensure that you receive the maximum possible compensation that you deserve for your injury.

Why Choose Us as Your Claims Service for an Arm Injury Claim?

When you decide to make your personal injury claim after your accident involving an arm injury, you need our company’s strong support as your Claims Advisor.

Our years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims places us as one of the most capable companies for dealing with claims for accidents causing arm injuries. It has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of how to maximise your chance of being successful in seeking your personal injury claim and achieving your maximum potential compensation amount.

Our team of legal experts will ensure that your personal injury claims dealt with efficiently and professionally both in and out of court. They can assist you in your claim along every step of the process, and give you premium advice on proceeding with your personal injury claim for an arm injury.

Our desire to see justice done in the world is highlighted by our ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy. This emphasises our company’s commitment to justice, especially for those who believe that cannot receive it due to their financial status and limits the amount of stress that you will face throughout the claims process. We can even arrange for a local medical evaluation to strengthen the evidence you support your claim.

In short, we are by far the best company for dealing with personal injury claims and arm injury claims, and you should choose us as your Claims Service.

Call for Free Advice and To Start a Claim

If you believe that you have a legitimate claim for an accident that has caused an arm injury, and even if you are just wondering about your situation after an accident, you need to contact us as soon as you can.

You can begin the process of your claim by contacting us either by filling in the contact form provided or calling the number below, and then we can begin the process of getting you justice and compensation for the accident you suffered.

Call 0800 073 8804 now, and our company is able to provide you with free advice on how to proceed with arm injury claims and how much compensation you could receive. Our personal injury solicitors could help you.

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Arm Injury Claim FAQs

How much can I claim for a broken arm?

As you can see from our updated arm injury claims table, the amount of compensation which could be awarded for a broken arm could depend upon how serious the break or fracture is. You can talk to us today to check how much you could claim.

How much can I claim for a hand injury?

Hand injury claims are estimated in a similar way to how arm and elbow injuries as assessed in the compensation table above. You can find out more in this hand injury claims guide.

What is the average payout for a broken arm?

There is not an ‘average payout’ which we can say you will be awarded for a broken arm. This is because each injury is different, so the amount of compensation awarded will also be different.

Is there a time limit on injury claims?

In general there is a three year time limit in which to make a personal injury claim. However, there are circumstances in which this could be longer or shorter. This is why it is important that you begin your claim as soon as possible.

How long does an arm injury take to heal?

In general the more severe an arm injury is the longer it will take to heal. In some cases, even mild injuries may take several months for you to recover from. In some cases it could take four or five months for you to be able to return to usual activities.

What are the symptoms of a hairline fracture in the arm?

Some of the most common or frequent symptoms of hairline fractures could include, tenderness, bruising, swelling and pain.

How can I tell if I broke my wrist or just sprained it?

You can assess the crookedness of your wrist. If you have fractured or broken the wrist the joint will look misaligned or crooked. If it is sprained, then there will be swelling, but it should not look crooked.

Can you claim for a sprained wrist?

Yes, if the injury is serious enough, you could claim for sprained wrist injuries.

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