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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Back Injury At Work?

Over 1.2million employees suffer from musculoskeletal disorders that are work related. As such, back pain accounts for 119 lost days of work according to the Health Response Group. With these statistics in mind, it is important to take any potential back injury at work seriously and, should an accident occur, to ensure you are adequately compensated.

Health and safety back pain in the workplace is a serious issue that has gathered a lot of attention in the UK. As the UK has such a large amount of the population suffering from work related back injuries, all hands are on deck to create a more secure workplace. It is now normal for many people to ask, can I work with a bad back? Although it may be possible for you to continue with your daily tasks in spite of the pain you may be feeling, it is important you seek compensation so you can get adequate care and begin the healing process after a back injury at work.

While no monetary amount can truly cover your pain and suffering, conditions can become manageable when there is some form of compensation paid. For instance, based on back injury compensation examples, average compensation for back injury car accident and other incidents can range from £350 to £9,850 for mild injury or from £29,750 to £123,300 in extremely serious cases. When you use the services of experienced solicitors, your case will be settled in the best possible way and you can manage the injury with necessary support.

You can get more information by reading the UK Government Guidelines on Back Pain at Work, which has information on best practises to avoid workplace injuries. It’s also a good way to verify if your employer has created a healthy, safe environment for you and your fellow employees. It is important that you take your time to know the kind of environment that is best for your health. If every employer is aware of the situation, back injury at work in the UK will greatly diminish and employees can continue to be productive without putting their health at risk.

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A Guide To Back Injury At Work Accident Claims

Back Injury At Work

Back Injury At Work

Back injuries are a common occurrence in the workplace. Many millions of work hours are lost because of this and it is important for every employee to be able to identify when to make a legal claim due to a back injury. Back injuries are the second most common form of workplace injury after those affecting the hand and the long-term effects can remain undetected for years. That is why a back injury accident claim isn’t only for those that have chronic pain but also those suffering from the seemingly minor niggles. A back injury at work compensation amount could be awarded to a variety of different severities, all you have to do is enquire. If you have suffered a back injury and you suspect it’s work-related, we can help you establish the facts around the case and, if indeed it is, we can help you get compensation.

It is important that you realise that while the back offers full support for our bodies and can seem incredibly tough, it is still a fragile part of the body that needs frequent care and attention. A lot of the modes of operation prevalent in the workplaces, as well as many common practices, are injurious to the spinal structure, thus making you susceptible to injury. You can, however, rest assured if your back pain is a result of your work-related activity. Help is at hand.

What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident Causing A Back Injury At Work

Have you become a victim of an accident at your workplace that resulted in back pain? Would you like to make a back injury claim? If so, then you might be due compensation and you can put in for back injury at work claim. In cases such as these, one of the first things you should do is take plenty of photographs of the accident scene and location. You should also get the contact details for anyone who witnessed the accident. It is vital that you also seek professional medical help. Not only will it help with immediate pain relief, but an initial diagnosis can form the basis of a successful claim.

It is not easy to endure pain simply because you were doing your job. When such accidents occur, your employer will often be in a position of responsibility regarding compensation. Many employees underestimate the impact of workplace accidents, especially in the short run. But back injury is not so easy to dismiss. Sometimes, the pain can feel inconsequential and you may feel it is something you can overlook. But back pain isn’t so easy to define and you should use a back pain risk assessment to judge the actual degree of the accident and any potential long-term risks before deciding on a course of action. It’s important to remember that you could qualify for back injury at work compensation amounts for both severe and minor forms of pain. Call us today to find out more.

Claiming Compensation For A Back Injury At Work

Legally speaking, it is the responsibility of your employer to protect you from many forms of workplace injury. Your accident may be proof that they have not been keeping up their end of the bargain. Employees with back pain end up seriously affected as their productivity is reduced and, in the long term, the employer responsible for this reduced efficiency may begin to think about replacing the employee. This is why you should ensure that you are adequately compensated for the pain you experience. No work – no matter how important – should put your health, safety, and well-being at risk.

If you discover your workplace accident has caused you back pain, you may be entitled to compensation for a back injury at work in the UK. With the help of a professional and experienced solicitor, your financial burden could be eased. Many employees have missed out on the opportunity to be compensated for their pain because they were misinformed and held responsible for their accidents even though their employer was liable. If you want to learn whether you were at fault, you can talk to our solicitors today. We know how to ask the right questions, questions which will establish the real culprit and, in many cases, we have found that the employee has a legitimate case. Claiming compensation for a back injury at work isn’t a complicated procedure and, in cases where the right solicitors are involved, the back injury compensation payouts can be quite impressive.

If you are experiencing back pain and your job involves lifting and moving heavy objects, stretching, twisting and reaching, stooping, crouching, bending, long distance driving, and many other physically taxing tasks, then you might be entitled to compensation. The compensation amount for a back injury at work claim would be determined by the severity of the injury.

Causes Of Back Pain At Work

While causes of back pain are diverse, there are some activities that – if done regularly – could contribute to and exacerbate any back injury. In the workplace, such tasks include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Repeated lifting, especially of heavy objects or loads.
  • Any trips, falls, or slips which happen at work.
  • Chairs which are broken or unsuitable.
  • Loads which are carried in an awkward fashion (e.g. one handed).
  • Industry and manual labour tasks of a heavy nature.
  • Tasks – such as manual packing – which can be repetitive and strenuous.
  • Driving over long distances and uneven terrain, especially when seats are not adjustable or suitable.
  • Posture related issues, including stopping, crouching, and bending over, as well as computer work.

The buildup of these activities can result in chronic back injury. According to back pain in the workplace statistics, this chronic back pain is responsible for about 49% of back injuries. This means even if the pain you are feeling right now is bearable, you shouldn’t just decide to live with it. You should be compensated and should take steps to ensure you work in a healthier and friendlier environment.

Judging The Severity Of A Back Injury At Work

An important part of assessing any workplace back injury is determining its severity. Sometimes, the pain that is being felt does not correspond to the actual damage that has been done, nor the long-term effects of the injury. Fortunately, you can be efficiently compensated for your back injuries whether they appear mild or severe.

Back injury at work

Back injury at work

Each back injury claim is unique and should be evaluated based on the details involved. What you should know is that no matter how mild your injury might seem, you still need to pay attention to it. Even if it only causes discomfort, you should treat it as quickly as possible to avoid complications. If the back injury is serious, it could cause lifetime incapacitation. While your claim will be driven by the severity of the injury you can be assured of a fair settlement in the end. To accurately judge the severity of a back injury at work, a back pain risk assessment tool can be used. We have designed a risk assessment tool that will take the details surrounding your case so as to create a basis for the amount of compensation you might expect to receive.

How To Begin A Back Injury At Work Compensation Claim

Ideally, all employers in a workplace should be insured as part of general business practices. If you happen to suffer from back injury in your workplace, the company’s insurance policy should cover your claim for compensation. You can begin the process of seeking compensation through us. We offer free consultancy sessions, which involves fact finding and the handling of correspondences and paperwork. We use our back injury compensation calculator to determine how much you could be paid as compensation. In some instances where that does not give us enough information, we investigate the specific situations surrounding your injury to come up with a fair deal. You can be sure you are in safe hands with us, as we operate under regulation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Your information is safe with us. You also don’t have to worry about an upfront payment as we strictly operate a ‘No Win No Fee’ policy. We give our best to get you the highest amount possible in the form of compensation.

The compensation plan includes the full cost of your medical and therapy treatments, expenses incurred directly from your pocket, transportation to and from treatment, and about 2/3rds of the wages you might lose as a result of your injury. Please note that the process begins when you report your back injury, which is why you should document as many details as possible regarding your accident. Contact us today to discuss the average compensation settlements for back injury at work claims and what you may be entitled to.

What Can Be Claimed For After An Accident Causing A Back Injury At Work?

What you can claim after a back injury at work depends on the nature of the injury. How much compensation could be awarded for a back injury at work? Was it acute or chronic? How long did it last and what did it affect? When these questions (and more) have been answered, a compensation plan will be drawn up for you. The back injury at work compensation amount in the UK will depend on a variety of factors, many of which will be discussed below. However, there are general areas covered by compensation claims, and they can include the following:

  • General damages – compensation claims for general damages include a number of out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of your back injury. It includes the cost of medical treatment and physiotherapy, prescriptions, and much more. The calculation of general damages is about the specific case being addressed.
  • Care claim – this involves cases where the victim would need lifetime or temporary support or a caregiver as a direct result of the back injury. Where this kind of factor is present, the final total of the compensation will undoubtedly rise.
  • Loss of earnings – this is compensation for the earnings you could have made if there was no back injury. Usually, it covers two-thirds of the earnings lost and can be added to general damages.
  • Travel Expenses – this involves expenses incurred in the form of transportation because of the back injury. It includes the cost of transportation to hospitals and to physiotherapy sessions. It also includes additional costs of regular transportation caused by the back injury.
  • Medical Expenses – this can be calculated with general damages and it is the cost of getting medical treatment for the back injury, including prescriptions and specialist equipment.

While there is no amount that can make up for the pain of severe back injury, especially the kind that can irrecoverably alter your life, there is some measure of comfort in knowing you won’t have to bear the full brunt of it alone. With professional help, you can get the kind of compensation needed from a back injury at work claim to return your life to normality.

How Much Compensation Will I Get For An Accident Causing A Back Injury At Work?

It is difficult to say with absolute certainty what your back injury at work claim amount would be. But we have gone through the hurdle of gathering together many people’s experiences and compensation totals. From our research, we have come up with an estimate of the amount that you are likely to be paid depending on the injury and severity level. These amounts are from actual people that have been paid during our practice, so you can use them as a solid foundation for your expectations. Though it should be noted that the average payout for a back injury at work in 2019 could be different depending on each individual’s circumstances.

Injury to the shoulderMinorInjuries which cause restriction of arm movement or pain in the short term.Up to £6,000
Injury to the shoulderModerateInjuries which cause limited movement in the arm.£6,000 to £9,700
Injury to the shoulderSevereInjuries which cause numbness or an impaired range of movement.£14,600 to £36,500
Injury to the neckMinorInjuries (i.e. whiplash) which can cause short term damage to the neck.Up to £6,000
Injury to the neckModerateInjuries which cause a restriction of movement in the long term and pain.£6,000 to £29,250
Injury to the neckSevereInjuries which cause severe pain, which impair movement, or which cause paralysis.£34,575 to £112,750
Injury to the backMinorInjuries which cause damage to the back or spine (temporary) which results in short term pain.Up to £9,500
Injury to the backModerateInjuries which cause ongoing, long term pain to a damaged back.£9,500 to £29,475
Injury to the backSevereInjuries which cause a loss of motor functions or even paralysis£29,475 to £122,350
ParalysisQuadriplegic£246,750 to £307,000
ParalysisParaplegic£166,500 to £216,000

These ranges cover both acute and chronic back injuries as well as back-related injuries, such as those affecting the neck and the shoulders. It also includes complications that can arise as a result of back injuries such as paralysis. If you engage our services, we will endeavour to get you an offer that will help you deal with the aches and pains.

Treatment For Back Injury

How back injuries are treated depends on their degree. Mild back injuries can be treated with a hot or cold compress while some chronic back injuries must be treated through surgery. Some people often ask, “I hurt my back at work what should I do? The response to this is only substantiated by expert recommendation. This means once you hurt your back at the workplace, you should have an expert examine you and recommend a treatment method.

Medicines that your physician can recommend to treat acute back injury include ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, and others. In cases of severe pain, he may recommend stronger painkillers and other, more potent medications. Avoid self-treatment when you suffer a work-related back injury as it can adversely affect any investigation during your case, should you decide to lay a claim for compensation.

No Win No Fee Back Injury At Work Claims

Many employees overlook their back injuries, especially when they are acute. While some would have preferred to press for compensation, they are discouraged because of their limited finances. The good news is that, with our assistance, you don’t need a penny to file for compensation for your back injury. In fact, until you win your back pain at work claim, we don’t get paid at all. So, nothing should stop you from getting the help you deserve.

It is your right, and you shouldn’t sacrifice it because you don’t have money to hand. After you have won your back injury compensation payout, we will charge you only 25% of the total amount. Legally, 25% is the highest amount law companies such as ourselves can charge. Sometimes, our charges will be even less. Eventually, you will receive 75% of your compensation total. Often, this is a life changing amount of money.

Why Choose Us As Your Claims Service For A Back Injury At Work Claim?

While you have several options of designated solicitors to choose as your claims service, you will not find any that so easily brings together our expertise, hard work, and desire to help. We have years of experience, dealing with personal injury compensation claims from across the country, including handling cases regarding back injury at work compensation, and our team has enjoyed success in an overwhelming number of cases. We believe that our success can be attributed to the fantastic care we take of our clients. We make your relief and comfort our main objective and fight for you every step of the way.

Call For Free Advice And To Start A Claim

If you have suffered an accident or if you feel your employer might be responsible for your back or shoulder injury, you can begin your journey into recovery by making a claim. Contact us by calling 0800 073 8804 and discuss your potential back pain at work claim with our friendly team of experts.


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