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How much compensation can I claim for a doormat slip trip?

By Max Micovic. Last updated 4th May 2022. Welcome to our guide on claiming compensation for tripping on a doormat. A slip or trip accident could cause various injuries that you could seek compensation for if someone else acted negligently. This guide will explore the process of claiming in more detail.

It seems simple to put in a doorway to keep the floor from becoming marked. The simple doormat – found in commercial premises, public buildings and all across the country. But this small item can cause big problems if it is not secured properly to the floor, leaving many people up and down the country suffering pain due to the incorrect placement or securing of the mat that has led to a slip or trip.

Doormat slip trip claims can be put forward to many different businesses if they have not followed the correct procedure when installing them. This guide offers all the information you’ll need to make a doormat slip trip claim, as well as including common payout amounts for claims just like yours.

Better still, we offer advice on how to go about claiming compensation for tripping on a doormat. And if you have a fall at work, we can advise on filing an accident at work claims.

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Introduction to our doormat slip trip claims guide

When you enter most commercial buildings, the first thing you’ll step on is usually the doormat, placed in situ so that the floor of the building does not become unduly marked. However, these doormats could pose a slip or trip hazard, especially if they are not put in correctly, and health and safety aren’t considered when the business purchases them.

If you have suffered injuries because of the incorrect type/fitting of the mat, then you may be entitled to claim for your injuries. However, you must be able to demonstrate negligence in order to put forward a valid trip and fall claim.

In this handy guide, we cover the important information you’ll need if you’ve been injured in this manner, along with providing example payment amounts for specific types of personal injury for doormat slip trip claims.

What constitutes a doormat slip trip claim?

The most simple way of explaining this is by illustrating something that could happen, sort of a slips trips and falls case study. Let us say, for example, a person walks into work on a rainy day.

Doormat Slip, Trip And Fall Accident Claims

Doormat Slip, Trip And Fall Accident Claims Guide

The doormat by the front door of the office building is not non-slip, and water has collected under it. If that person slips on that doormat and then injures themselves, then the fault would be the entity that placed the doormat and/or did not secure it properly to ensure that it did not slip in the first place.

Whether it is your employer’s building, a commercial building, or a public building, proper care should be taken to avoid slip, trip hazards and doormats that are not fit for purpose or not fitted properly can leave businesses and public entities liable for slip, and trip cases should people become injured because of this.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding claims for compensation for tripping on a doormat.

What injuries can be caused by a doormat slip or trip?

Slip or trip injuries can be fatal in extreme cases, as you can read in health and safety case studies for accidents. It depends, however, on how far a person falls and where they hit.

A severe blow to the head, when it hits the ground, for example, could cause severe damage to the head and brain. Alternatively, a simple fall on the same level could result in minor fractures or sprains.

Hip damage could also be sustained in falls, as are foot injuries, and some can take a long time to recover from. This may mean time off work, which may cause you to lose income, incur medical bills and other costs. However, you could claim these back as part of your compensation for injuries sustained after you tripped over a doormat.

 I Slipped on a doormat in a supermarket – can I claim?

Supermarkets have a responsibility to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls as much as possible. According to the HSE, preventing slips with the removal of water from a person’s shoes can be done with a mat. But the mat should be of sufficient quality and length to ensure that they don’t provide a slip hazard. If not, then you may make a supermarket doormat slip trip claim.

Further advice

The positioning of the mat is also important. An entrance mat should really be positioned so that each person who enters the doorway can step directly onto the doormat. It should allow them to take several steps across it before stepping on the floor itself. So that a doormat doesn’t become a trip hazard, the doormat should be fixed (ideally) in a well, allowing it to sit flush with the floor. This would prevent the mat from creeping.

If the supermarket you’re visiting does not adhere to the guidelines on mat placement and quality/size of the mat itself, then you may be able to put forward a doormat injury claim should you become injured as a result of a slip or trip on a doormat. If someone is with you or others witness the event, then it would be a good thing to take down some of their details, as you may require their statement at a later date.

Additionally, it would be wise to take photos of the doormat, the surrounding area, your injuries and anything else appropriate. You should ensure that the supermarket keeps a record of the accident, and you should obviously seek medical attention. And that’s the case even if, on the initial fall, your injuries only seem to be minor.

I Slipped on a hotel doormat causing injury – do I have a claim?

People use hotels across the country on business or for pleasure, and if you’re going away from home, the last thing you need is to be injured – it could completely ruin your trip. If a hotel has failed to ensure a mat is fitted properly or that it is fit for purpose, then it could be that you have a right to claim compensation for your injuries caused by the trip or slip. You should report the hotel doormat slip trip incident to the hotel, so they make a record of it, and you should also ensure that witnesses details are collected. That’s because a witness statement might help your case of claiming compensation for tripping on a doormat.

 What Should I do If I Tripped on a restaurant doormat?

Eating out in restaurants or bars is something that people do every day. Almost always, this will happen without incident, and you’ll return home full and happy, but sometimes a trip to a restaurant, either locally or out of town, won’t go so well. Whether you have slipped or tripped on a doormat in a restaurant and hurt your knee, ankle, shoulder, hand, foot or any other part of the body, if this was due to the mat not being sited properly or being not fit for purpose, then it will be likely to lead to a compensation claim. This will cover the costs you incur as a consequence of the restaurant doormat slip or trip, as well as a payment that is supposed to compensate you for the pain and the suffering you have gone through.

Who Is Responsible For A Slip, Or Trip On A Doormat Accident in hospital?

Even in a hospital, slips and trips can happen. If you have experienced a hospital doormat slip trip injury while either visiting someone in hospital, going to the hospital as a patient or even while you are working in a hospital, then you might need to establish who is liable for this. You would think that in a place meant to provide good health, proper health and safety would be observed, right down to doormat placement and suitability, but sometimes mistakes are made. In these cases, if a hospital shows negligence in their repair or placement of doormats, and you suffer an injury, you could claim.

Can I Claim For Doormat slip trip accidents at work?

If you tripped over a loose doormat at work, you may be eligible to claim provided someone else’s negligence caused you to sustain harm in an accident.

Employers also have duties to make sure you have a safe environment to work in. If they fail to secure a mat to the floor, they are liable. Accident at work scenarios should have risk assessments as much as possible for workers on business premises. However, RIDDOR slips, trips and falls are reported very frequently across the country. And some are because of office doormat slip and trip incidents caused by mats.

However, you will likely have some reticence about taking legal action against someone who pays your wages no matter what accident scenarios in the workplace you have experienced. You may worry that your employer would go out of business if they had to pay a lot of money out or that they would fire you because you claimed against them. Neither of these things is likely. First of all, your employer should have in place insurance – this should be where your compensation payment comes from. Secondly, your employer isn’t legally allowed to treat you any differently than they did before you made your claim. Many accidents at work case study writers explain that their employment doesn’t change after claiming compensation for tripping on a doormat.

What type of compensation award could I get when pursuing a doormat slip trip claim?

When you’re looking at the types of compensation, you could be entitled to within your award, whether a petrol station doormat slip trip or shop doormat slip trip, they divide into different subsections. We have the most common types below, but if you incur other costs, be sure to let us know. And we can then ascertain whether these could form part of your claim.

Carer’s costs – If, as a consequence of your accident, you require someone to come into your home to help with things you would otherwise have been able to do yourself, then the person tasked with this care would likely be able to put forward a carer’s claim.

Travel Costs – Travel due to your doormat slip or trip injury may incur costs that you could recoup.

Medical Costs – Prescriptions, hiring mobility equipment, physiotherapy – all things that would be part of a medical costs award.

Damages – General – This part of your personal injury compensation award should be for the actual injury you’ve incurred, including suffering and pain experienced.

Wage/Expected Wage loss – You should receive compensation for money through time off work both afterwards and in the future.

How much doormat slip and fall compensation would I get?

Without knowing the nature of your injury, it would be impossible to guess the bracket into which your compensation payment would fall. However, we have listed figures from the Judicial College Guidelines below. The guidelines provide bracket compensation amounts for different injuries. They should only be used as a guide though because your actual settlement will vary depending on different factors.

The information we can offer takes into account a typical injury of this nature. Still, we cannot give you an accurate representation of your payout as various factors will need to be taken into consideration when working out how much you will be awarded. Be wary of anyone who tells you they can give you an exact amount you will be entitled to. As no two compensation claims are the same, this is not really possible.

Doormat Slip and TripAmount typically awardedNotes
Suffering/Pain From £1,000 up to £200,000It will be determined how much suffering/pain you have encountered and the payment award reached will attempt to compensate you for that.
AnguishBasic amount £3,550If you feared that the end of your life was going to take place, then it would obviously cause anguish. This award is supposed to compensate for that.
Rib breakagesAmounts Up to £3,000Serious amounts of pain can take place, but recovery should be possible for these types of injury.
Neck injury/ies - SevereFrom £42,550 up to £112,750Fractures and dislocations are on the lower end of the bracket here, along with acute injuries to the soft tissue. Higher amounts compensate for cases of permanent damage such as quadriparesis.
Neck Injury/ies ModerateFrom £6,000 up to £19,000Severely painful immediately. This covers dislocations and breaks. Lower awards are for some of the types of injury that have been made worse by the accident.
Neck injury/ies -MinorFrom few hundred pounds up to £6,000The injury/ies will be assessed and the details of the effects on the claimants quality of life will be taken into account.
Wage/s LossFrom £5,000 up to £500,000Wage loss can be scary, as we all have bills to pay, but your wage loss should be able to be compensated for if you are in an accident due to no fault of yours. Doormat slips and trips can cause you time off work but if you lose out on a wage then this should cover it.
Anticipated Wage/s LossFrom £10,000 up to £400,000This covers any time you might be expected to off work after the claim has been settled.
Clavicle fracture From £3,000 up to £9,300Is the damage temporary or permanent? What is the level of the disability? To what extent is it fractures? Are there residual symptoms? These questions will form the basis of the payment.
Forearm fracture - SimpleFrom £5,000 up to £14,600
Fracture of the Wrist – MinorFrom £2,675 up to £3,600Really minor displacement or no displacement.
Leg injury/ies Severe From £21,100 up to £103,250Injuries are falling short of amputation but are severe. Severe crush injury or multiple fractures can also be in this bracket.
Less severe injury/ies to the legAmounts up to £29,800Lower amounts are for injury/es that can be recovered from within the space of a few months. The higher end of the bracket includes fractures from which a complete recovery may not be possible.
Minor injury/ies From £1,050 up to £1,860Recovery of claimant within three months
Minor injury/iesFrom £525 up to £1,050Recovery of claimant within 28 days
Minor injury/iesA few hundred pounds - £525Recovery of claimant within seven days

More examples of slip and trip payouts

You may be wanting more examples of slip and trip payouts that you could receive following a successful claim. If you’re able to show that the doormat accident injury was caused by third-party negligence, there are two aspects you could claim for. General damages relate to the direct distress and pain caused by the injury. Special damages relate to the losses you’ve suffered financially due to the injuries you sustained in a doormat accident.

Special damages you may be able to claim includes:
• Travel expenses
• Loss of future earnings
• Loss of earnings
• Private healthcare costs for treatment unavailable on the NHS
• Amendments required for your home

To receive compensation for costs like this through a doormat injury claim, you would need to prove that your injury has led to these expenses. Furthermore, you would need evidence to show the losses you have suffered financially.

However, please bear in mind that you would only receive special damages if you have evidence to prove the losses incurred, such as receipts and payslips.

For more information on the compensation you could get for a doormat slip claim, please get in touch with our team.

No Win No Fee doormat slip trip claims

It is entirely possible to conduct No Win No Fee doormat slip trip claims when you contact Legal Expert.

A No Win No Fee agreement means:

  • No upfront fees
  • No fees to pay while your claim is ongoing

It also means you won’t pay a success fee to your solicitor if the claim fails. However, if the claim succeeds, you will pay the legally capped success fee from your compensation. Your solicitor will provide further details on this beforehand though.

Why Should You Choose Our No Win No Fee Doormat Slip Trip Claims Service?

As a claims service that really cares, we are a company that loves to listen. We don’t feel that the claims process should cause you more stress. Furthermore, we have a lot of expert knowledge and experience in helping people similar to yours. And we take the time to respond to any queries you may have. We can provide a solicitor with experience in pursuing claims just like yours anywhere in the UK. And we offer more details on the solicitor’s service than you might find online by searching by yourself.

Talk to us about making your claim

Speaking to the team here at Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 is just one of how you can get in touch with us. We are also available to email you if you contact us at Should you wish us to contact you, there is a form available for you to complete.

You don’t have to be ready to claim to contact us. If you are worried about claiming against an employer, or you’d like us to furnish you with more information on how to claim without paying a penny in advance, or if your compensation for tripping on a doormat case was not to be successful, want to hear about a case study or RIDDOR. We can help answer your queries quickly and efficiently.

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Slips Advice and Information from HSE

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Compensation For Tripping On A Doormat FAQs

Can I claim for tripping on the pavement?

You can do so, though you need photographic evidence to prove that the pavement is unsafe. You also need to prove that you sustained injuries as a result of someone breaching the duty of care they owed you.

Can you claim compensation from the council?

In some circumstances, you may be able to claim compensation from the council, though you must have strong evidence to prove that the council acted negligently.

What is a potential trip hazard?

Examples of a potential trip hazard might include clutter, tools laying across a floor and a lack of visibility due to poor lighting.

Should I accept the first offer of compensation?

You don’t have to accept the first offer you receive. Instead, if you have a solicitor representing your claim, they could discuss the potential of making a counteroffer and ensuring you get a suitable compensation amount relevant to your claim.

Can A Doormat Be A Trip Hazard?

In some instances, a doormat could be a trip hazard. For example, the doormat may curl up at the sides meaning it’s not flat on the floor. As a result, someone could trip over and injure themselves.

Also, some doormats may not have anything in place to stop them from sliding about. In these instances, the mat could cause someone to strain their knee after slipping on an unsecured doormat.

I Tripped Over A Loose Doormat, Could I Claim Compensation?

It may be possible for you to claim if you tripped over a loose doormat if your claim meets the relevant criteria of negligence. For example:

  • Someone must have owed you a duty of care
  • Someone must have breached the duty of care they owed you
  • You must have sustained physical or psychological harm as a result of the breach.

An example might include when you sustain a broken ankle after your employer fails to take reasonable steps to prevent you from sustaining harm as per the duty of care they owe you under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Alternatively, the person in control of a public space may have failed to uphold the duty of care they owe you as detailed in the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. As a result, you may break your wrist after you tripped over a doormat.

For more information on whether you’re eligible to make a slip, trip or fall claim, please call our team on the number above.

What Could I Receive In Compensation For A Slip, Trip And Fall Claim?

When you make a successful slip, trip or fall claim, you may be awarded compensation for your injuries, both physical and psychological. The severity of your injuries will be taken into consideration and it may also be considered whether your quality of life has been made worse by the injuries you sustained.

You could also receive compensation for any financial losses that were incurred as a result of your injuries. However, you must provide documentation that proves the losses you incurred. For instance, you could keep a record of receipts and payslips to provide in support of your claim.

As you can see, each settlement awarded following a successful slip, trip and fall claim will vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Thank you for reading our guide about claiming compensation for tripping on a doormat.

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