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How To Make A Personal Injury Claim For A Accident In The Street? – No Win No Fee Compensation How Much?

Have you been injured because of an accident in the street which you were not liable for? Then you could be entitled to make an accident in the street claim for thousands of pounds in a compensation settlement. What do we mean by an accident in the street? This could be a street tripping accident which happened because of a broken paving slab, a slip and fall accident which happened because of ice on the pavement, or an accident resulting from a public highway being blocked. Under what circumstances can you claim compensation for an accident in the street? A common misconception is that you can’t claim compensation for pavement and street accidents, or accidents that happen in shop car parks, because they are just random occurrences that are nobody’s fault. This is just not true. Most pavements and streets are managed by your borough council, whilst outdoor shopping centres and shop car parks are privately managed spaces. Therefore, if you were injured due to an accident inn which you did not have liability on the pavement or street which was caused by negligence on the part of the management of that space then you could be claim pavement compensation. Clients often ask us questions such as “how much they could claim for their injuries?” Amounts of pavement accident compensation or street accident compensation which are awarded will differ. Factors which will affect this include the severity of your injuries, but many of customers receive a settlement in the region of several thousand pounds or more. If you call Legal Expert today, to speak to one of our informed personal injury claims advisors, we could let you know how much your claim could be worth.

If you have been injured by an accident in the street, Legal Expert would love to speak to you to see if we can help you claim compensation. Take advantage of our free and no obligation consultation. Call us today to speak to us about what has happened to you and our team will let you know whether or not you do have legitimate legal grounds on which to claim compensation. If we think we can win your pavement accident claim, we will then be able to also provide you with an estimate of how much compensation your claim against the council for personal injury, or claim against the management of a privately owned outdoor space, could be worth. Finally we will provide you with an excellent personal injury claims solicitor, to represent you in your case, who will be able to get started with your accident in the street claim right away. Call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804, to begin your personal injury claim today.

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A Guide To Accident In The Street Claims

In this guide to accident in the street claims, we will cover the following subjects. What an accident in the street is and the sort of injuries they can cause, under what circumstances can you make a street tripping accident pavement claim, or any other pavement accident claims and we will also take you through the process of claiming compensation for a council compensation claim or claim against a private management company. We will also look at what sort of accidents can be caused by an accident on the street or the pavement and how much compensation you could potentially claim for these injuries.

Remember, Legal Expert offers a free personal injury claims consultation to anyone looking to claim compensation for injuries caused by roads or pavements. Call us today, to see if you have legitimate grounds to claim street or pavement accident compensation. If you do, we can provide you a personal injury lawyer, who will start working on your council compensation payouts today. It could be the best call you’ve made in a while.

What Is An Accident In The Street?

What do we mean when we talk about an accident in the street? We are talking about an accident caused to a pedestrian, by damage or negligence on the part of the council or private landowner responsible for managing the pavement or road where they were injured. For example, these injuries could include slip and fall accidents caused by loose or broken paving slabs, potholes, slipping on ice if the pavement has not been gritted, or slipping on rubbish that has been left on the street. Injuries that can result from a pavement, car park or street tripping accident can include sprains, strains, fractured bones or broken bones.

Who Is Liable If I Have An Accident In The Street?

Who is responsible for an accident in the street? Most pavements are managed by the local council, so for example, if you trip on a broken paving slab which the council neglected to fix and break your knee cap, the council could be held liable for your injuries. Similarly, if a supermarket car park has a pothole which the management have neglected to fix, causing you to suffer a slip, trip and fall accident, then you could claim compensation from the for your injuries. In short, if an organisation manages an outdoor space they have a duty of care towards the people who use it, so they are responsible for ensuring that it is a safe and hygienic environment. If they neglect their duty of care, for example not fixing a health and safety hazard such as pavement disrepair, they could be held legally liable for any injuries that are caused by the hazard.

Although some injuries are minor, other injuries caused by uneven pavement repair or a street tripping accident can be serious such as strains, sprains or broken bones. If you have suffered an injury due to an accident in the street which was serious enough to warrant you having to take three days off work, or the equivalent, then you could be entitled to make an accident in the street claim for compensation. Call Legal Expert today, to see if you are entitled to claim.

Can Retailers Be Held Liable For Your Accident In The Street?

Under certain circumstances, a retailer can be held responsible for an accident in the street, car park, pavement or pedestrianised area, if they are responsible for managing this space. Retail spaces are often managed by a retailer, who rent the premises from a private landlord. The terms of lease agreement will usually dictate who is responsible for the maintenance of the outdoor space. If you are injured in the street run by a retailer, your personal injury lawyer will be able to decipher whether you should claim pavement compensation from the retailer or the land owner. Some roads are also defined as “private roads”, meaning that the council has no responsibility to maintain them. In this case, the homes and businesses operating on the road is responsible for their maintenance and upholding health and safety accidents.

Who Is Liable If A Business Has Blocked A Public Highway?

Usually a council is responsible for an accident in the street. However, if a business blocks a public highway, they could be held liable for any accidents which are caused by the obstruction and have to pay pavement accident compensation. For example a business can display a sign, menu or goods outside their premises on the pavement, blocking the way of pedestrians. Unfortunately, there have been times when on pavement displays have caused accidents, for example The Guide Dogs for the Blind association recently reported that obstructions on the street caused by blockages were causing accidents involving blind or partially sighted people and their support animals. As well as causing slips, trips and falls, blocks on the pavement placed by businesses can also cause road traffic accidents involving more vulnerable pavement users, as people pushing prams and buggies or wheelchair and mobility scooter users may have to go onto the road to avoid the blockage, leaving them more vulnerable to oncoming traffic. If you have been injured in an accident, due to a business blocking the street, call Legal Expert today to see if you are entitled to claim pavement compensation .

What Causes Accidents In The Street?

As we have already established, your local council, a private landowner or commercial tenant is usually responsible for maintaining an outdoor area such as a pavement or pedestrianised area. They have a legal duty of care towards pedestrians using these spaces which means that they are responsible for keeping the space in good working order, conducting regular risk assessments to identify possible health and safety hazards and applying control measures to remove these hazards.

What health and safety hazards can cause accidents in the street, or pavement accidents?

  • Paving stones, curb stones, and manhole covers which are broken, wobbling or incorrectly laid. The pavement trip hazard height can make a difference to how serious the slip, trip and fall injuries may be.
  • Pavement subsidence and potholes.
  • Protruding cables or pipes sticking out of a pavement or public footpath.
  • An object that blocks a pavement or public footpath, which could lead to accidents.

There are also further health and safety hazards that can cause street tripping accidents. Some examples of these are:

  • Spillages on the floors of car parks, which were not cleaned up or sign posted.
  • Uneven surfaces, such as loose decorative tiling.
  • Snow and ice, including block ice which has not been gritted.
  • Lack of warning signs or barriers, warning the public about adverse weather conditions.

If the management of an outdoor space neglects to repair the hazard and it causes an accident, they could be held legally liable for any injuries caused. Similarly, if there is a hazard and the council neglects to provide effective warning signs and barriers then they can also be held responsible for any injuries caused as a result. If you have been injured by any of the hazards above, or because of other disrepair on the pavement or street then call Legal Expert today to see if you are entitled to make an accident in the street claim for compensation.

What Should I Do If I Am Hurt In An Accident In The Streets?

If you are hurt because of an accident in the streets, you may be able to claim compensation. To claim compensation for injuries caused by roads or pavements, your solicitor will need to provide evidence of your injuries and that they were caused by a hazard on the pavement or road. You can take the following steps to collect evidence to support your claim. If you are seriously injured and have to go to hospital immediately, a friend or family member can collect this evidence on your behalf.

What steps can you take to collect evidence to support your pavement accident claim?

  • Take photographs of the trip hazard which caused your street tripping accident. You can lay down a 50 pence piece to demonstrate the pavement trip hazard height or size. Include a date stamp where possible.
  • If there are any witnesses to your street tripping accident, speak to them to take down their names and contact details. They may be required to give evidence at a later date.
    Report your accident to the council or private landowner that manages the area where you were injured. Ensure that they have recorded the accident accurately.
  • If there is CCTV evidence available, ask for the recordings from the party that owns the tapes.
  • If you experience any expenses related to your injuries such as medical expenses or transport to the hospital, then you could be entitled to claim these back as expenses so keep your receipts. Your receipts could also serve as evidence to support your pavement accident claim.

If you have experienced an accident in the street and believe that you are owed pavement compensation or a council compensation payouts, call Legal Expert today to enquire about making an accident in the street claim.

Accident In The Street Claims Case Study

In this street tripping accident case study, we are going to look at the case of Mrs O, an elderly woman in her eighties. Mrs O was travelling down a footpath leading to a Church in her hometown, when she tripped on a raised piece of concrete. She fell, injuring her head and face. Upon being taken to hospital, Mrs O was diagnosed with a fractured cheek bone. As a result she would suffer a permanent loss of feeling in that area. She also suffered a mild concussion and severe bruising to her knee and shoulder.

Mrs O hired a personal injury solicitor to help her make her accident in the street claim. A full investigation found the church had neglected their duty of care towards the churchgoers and other people using the premises by failing to recognise the uneven pavement repair and pavement trip hazard height on the pathway. As a result, Mrs O’s solicitor made a successful pavement accident claim on her behalf for several thousands of pounds. If you have suffered an injury due to uneven pavement repair or any other sort of negligent upkeep of the pavement or uneven pavement repair, you could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in pavement accident compensation. How much compensation for a fall? Your claim could be worth tens of thousands of pounds, so call Legal Expert today to see how much your pavement claim could be worth.

What Can I Claim In An Accident In The Street Claim?

If you are awarded a council compensation payout, or compensation from a private landowner for an accident on the street or pavement, your compensation package will be awarded in two parts, general damages and special damages. General damages will compensate you for the “pain, suffering and loss of amenity” that you have suffered as a result of your injuries. This is usually the largest part of your compensation payout. On top of this you will also receive special damages, which serve to compensate you for any expenses you experienced because of your slip and fall injuries. This could include compensation for medical expenses, travel expenses such as a taxi to the hospital or alternative transport if you were no longer able to drive or a payout for any loss of income you suffered as a result of your accident. If you suffered a more serious accident you can also claim for the cost of any mobility equipment you may now need, at home care, or retraining for a new career if you are now physically unable to do your job. Call Legal Expert today, to see how much compensation your accident in the street claim could be worth.

Accident In The Street Claims Personal Injury Claims Calculator

If you are looking into the possibility of making an accident in the street compensation claim, you can use our personal injury claims calculator to estimate how much compensation you could receive in general damages. Please be aware, this calculator does not estimate how much you could be awarded in special damages, so your pavement compensation payout could be higher.

Type of injuryCompensationComments
Moderate head injury£12,210 – £174,620Might include the loss of sensation in your limbs. Could also alter personlity or overall functioning. Less dependene on assistance than other more serious forms of head injury.
Minor head injury£1,760 – £10,180Head injuries from which you can recovery quickly.
Moderate eye injury£7,270 – £31,320Loss of sight in one of your eyes, or partial sight loss in both eyes.
Minor eye injury£1,760 – £6,960Minor eye injury which causes interferance with your sight.
Severe back injuries£30,910 – £128,320Serious injury, may lead to nerve damage or even paralysis. Might cause long-term and indeed severe pain . Might also include impaired movement.
Moderate back injuries£9,970 – £30,910Less serious or less severe forms of disability. Such injuries might include a fracture, or harm to the soft tissues.
Severe or serious shoulder injury£11,200 – £42,000Injury with some lasting degree of loss of feeling. Most serious cases could include shoulder paralysis.
Moderate shoulder injuries£6,900 – £11,200Simpler breaks and fractures or damage to the soft tissues.
Severe elbow injuries£31,220 – £43,710Seriously elbow injury which causes a disability.
Serious knee injuries£45,700 – £84,300Serious injury to the knee joint. Risk of future deterioriation.

For a personalised estimate of how much your street accident compensation payout could be worth, which is likely to be more accurate, call Legal Expert today.

No Win No Fee Accident In The Street Claims

If you have been injured because of an accident in the street, involving uneven pavement repair or another hazard, you could make a no win no fee claim. This means that in the unlikely instance that you do not win your council compensation claim or pavement accident claim, you will not have to pay your solicitor a penny, so there is no chance of becoming out of pocket. You also don’t have to pay an upfront fee, making no win no fee claims more affordable. Call Legal Expert today to enquire about making a no win no fee claim for pavement accident compensation.

Why Make Your Street Accident Claim With Us?

Legal Expert are a well respected personal injury solicitors firm. Our personal injury lawyers have an excellent track record of winning pavement accident claims and council compensation payouts for clients who have been injured in accidents in the street. Our solicitors will always fight to get you the maximum amount of pavement compensation that you are owed, and may have over three decades of experience working in the legal profession, so you can trust that you will be provided with the best solicitor to handle your personal injury claim.

Fill out our online claims form, or call us today to get started. We’re looking forward to speaking to you.

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