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£5000 Compensation For Salon Hairdresser Bleach Burn Claim

“The hairdresser burnt my scalp with bleach!” Hairdressing Client Receives Compensation After Successful Salon Hairdresser Bleach Burn Claim

What happened?

Ms B visited a hairdressing salon for what she thought was a routine bleaching procedure to be done on her hair. The hairdressing salon had a young and inexperienced apprentice worker on site who was asked to mix the bleaching solution to be used on Miss B’s hair.

Almost immediately after the beach was applied to her scalp, Miss B began suffering from a burning sensation so intense that it caused her eyes to water.

Ms B brought this to the attention of the hairdresser and began pleading for the hairdresser to take the bleach off of her head. The hairdresser ignored this request, and instead, left the bleaching mixture on Ms B’s head causing her to experience fierce pain throughout her scalp. As a result, Ms B suffered serious burns throughout her scalp, as well as damage to her hair.

Upon refusal from the hairdresser’s insurance company to provide monetary compensation for hair damage, and burns to her scalp, Ms B’s solicitors sprung into action by obtaining valuable expert testimony from both a Dermatologist and an Emergency Medicine Doctor that proved Ms B’s salon hairdresser bleach burn claim. This resulted in a negotiated settlement of close to £5000.

Bleach Burns in Hairdressers- How Common Are They?

Bleach damage hair claims are unfortunately, very common. In fact, there are several common injuries that are sustained at hairdressers on a regular basis. This ranges from damage to hair, cuts, burns, and even slip and fall injuries. What is particularly disturbing about these facts, is that most of the time, injuries that occur whilst at the hairdresser are 100% avoidable, which is why many lead to a salon hairdresser bleach burn claim.

More often than not, these injuries are sustained as a result of either improper training (such as failure to conduct pre-treatment skin patch tests, or ensuring that work areas are kept clean, dry, and clutter free). Or contaminated chemicals (such as expired products, or products that have not been properly stored).

In the incident involving Ms B she was able to claim that due to the apprentice and hair dressers negligence, she suffered pain and suffering as a result of the burns on her scalp, as well her bleached hair breaking off. This led to the settlement of her salon hairdresser bleach burn claim.

Claiming against the salon – What’s involved?

Seeking compensation for hair damage against a salon will begin with a simple phone call to our team, who will listen to what has happened to you, take some details and see if there may be a possibility for a salon hairdresser bleach burn claim. While you may be worried about putting the salon out of business, you should not fear making a salon hairdresser bleach burn claim, as they are likely to be covered by public liability insurance – something almost every business of this type has taken out.

Can I Claim Against a Mobile hairdresser?

If you have sustained an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence you are entitled to make a claim. This is also true with a mobile hairdresser. For example, you had a mobile hairdresser visit your home for a colour treatment and haircut. Either of these services if not carried out carefully by the hairdresser can result in a wide range of injury including but not limited to, chemical burn (from improperly mixed or contaminated hair product), cuts and puncture wounds (caused from improper use of scissors or hair tools). Depending on the severity of the injuries, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for this claim.

Do You Need a Solicitor?

The most common question that our legal experts receive is “Do I need a solicitor?”. The answer to this question relies on a variety of factors, but we would always advocate taking the advice of someone who is experienced in this type of action. Serious injuries leading to a salon hairdresser bleach burn claim should be handled by an experienced personal injury solicitor in order to ensure that you are recompensed for the pain, inconvenience and any suffering you have been through. Serious injuries can include:

  • second or third degree burns
  • scarring
  • loss of vision (due to chemical burn or scissor puncture)
  • head injuries

These types of injuries require a much larger compensation amount than that of minor ones. The more compensation that you are entitled to the more complex the salon hairdresser bleach burn claim is likely to be. An experienced personal injury solicitor will be prepared for this complex situation, and will have the experience and knowledge needed to overcome it. Luckily, our team of legal experts have years of experience in dealing with many different types of salon claim, whether a salon hairdresser bleach burn claim or something else that has happened at the salon.

No Win No Fee salon hairdresser bleach burn claims- What’s involved?

If you’ve suffered from an injury that occurred due to the negligence of a hairdresser at a salon, you can have all of your legal questions pertaining to this situation answered by one of our legal experts for free.Also, our no win no fee guarantee means that we only get paid if you get paid! So regardless of the outcome of your claim, there will be absolutely no out of pocket cost to you.

Have You Experienced a Similar Injury? Call Today for Free Expert Legal Advice

If you have suffered from a salon hairdresser related injury, and have questions regarding suing a hairdresser or if you’re looking for information related to hairdresser compensation claims, we encourage you to reach out to one of our experienced and knowledgeable legal experts at 0800 073 8804. One of our legal experts will be willing and able to answer any of your legal questions, as well as direct you to the best solicitor possible to handle your claim.

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