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How Do I Sue A Barber Or Hairdresser For Cutting Me? – Injury Claims Guide – How Much Compensation?

How Do I Sue A Barber Or Hairdresser For Cutting Me?

By Cat Soong. Last Updated 10th June 2022. In this guide, we’ll help answer the question “how do I sue a hairdresser?”.

How do I sue a hairdresser?

How do I sue a hairdresser?

Have you been harmed on a visit to the barbers? Do you need to find out if you can sue a barber for cutting you? If so, in this guide we look at how barbers could cause you injury and answer the question “can you sue a barber for cutting you?”

In recent years there has been a growing trend for male grooming, facial hair care and hairstyling. This has seen a growth in the number of barbershops opening across the country.

A trip to the barbershop should be a pleasurable experience that leaves you feeling better about your appearance, not being injured. Hairdressing and barbering can include risks for customers if the barber is not properly trained or has not properly addressed or managed risks. Unfortunately, barbershop accidents may be more common than thought and don’t just include people being left with a bad haircut.

They may include people suffering barbershop injuries such as cuts and lacerations, barbershop infections contracted through unhygienic tools piercing a customer’s skin or being cut by a razor at a barber shop during a wet shave.

In this guide, we shall look at how to make a hairdressing compensation claim. If you have been affected by the circumstances discussed in this guide, contact Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804. Or, talk to us about your claim online.

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A Guide To Suing A Barber For Cutting You

"how do I sue a hairdresser?"

“how do I sue a hairdresser?”

Welcome to our guide on “how do I sue a hairdresser?”.

We shall look at what barbershop cut injuries (and possible infections caused by them) are, how they could be caused or contracted and the circumstances in which you could claim compensation from the barber or hairdresser in question. Whilst most incidents may only involve minor forms of injury, such as small cuts caused by a barber rushing a haircut with scissors or clippers, more serious cuts and lacerations could occur.

Remember, a visit to the barbers should not end in being cut by a barber due to their negligence, nor the need to make a personal injury claim against the barbers in question. Suffering an injury to your scalp, face or other parts of your head (such as your ears) may be distressing. If you have been cut by your barbershop please get in contact with our team.

What Is A Barbershop Injury?

If you’re wondering “how do I sue a hairdresser?”, it’ll help to take a look at what types of injuries could be sustained in these types of incidents.

There are lots of different ways in which a barbershop could cause a customer an injury if they act in a negligent way. For the purposes of this guide, we are looking at how someone could be cut by a barber or be cut by a razor at a barbershop, what injuries and infections may result from this, and answer the question “can you sue a barber for cutting you”.

Barbers should be fully trained in how to use any equipment necessary to complete your haircut, beard trim or wet shave, such as using scissors, electric clippers and cut-throat razors if necessary. If a barber is asked to use equipment they are unfamiliar with or have not been trained to use and you are injured, you could make a negligence claim. If a hairdresser acts in this way they may be said to have been negligent and have failed to meet the duty of care that they have to you as a customer, namely ensuring your safety.

Cuts And Lacerations During Haircuts

One of the main reasons that people ask “how do I sue a hairdresser?” is after sustaining an injury while getting a haircut through no fault of their own.

If your barber causes you an injury by cutting your scalp, face or other parts of your body with an implement such as scissors you may have a viable personal injury claim and be able to sue a barber for the harm caused. Injuries may be relatively minor or could be more serious depending on the severity of the accident and the equipment which was used in a negligent fashion.

Cuts and lacerations may happen because the equipment being used by a barber has not been properly maintained. Scissors or razors which are blunt could cause injury even if the barber in question is not acting negligently whilst cutting your hair. Electric razors and clippers which are not correctly maintained could also cause injury, even if they are correctly handled.

A barber could still be found to be negligent in such circumstances because they have a duty to ensure their equipment is safe to use.

Of course, cuts to the head, scalp or even ears could happen if the barber is improperly or negligently using scissors. Deep cuts or lacerations which could be painful and leave a permanent scar or injury could happen if a barber is not paying due care and attention.

Remember, if you have been cut by clippers at a barber, have had your ear cut by a hairdresser or suffered another injury, you could sue a barber for cutting you.

Cuts And Lacerations Caused By Negligent Wet Shaves

You could be cut by a barber’s razor during a wet shave if a barber acts in a negligent way. They may have wielded the razor (or other implements in a negative fashion) or they may have failed to ensure that the razor was safe to use, ie. was the razor properly sharpened and smooth? If using clippers at any point in the shaving process, was the equipment safe to use.

Wet shaves are applied to the face and neck and so the areas which could be harmed if cut by a barber’s razor may well be very visible. If your barber cut you with a razor and you were left with a scar on the face, the amount of compensation you could be owed for this disfigurement may depend on several factors. Those who are younger may be awarded more compensation than those who are older and men and women may be awarded differing levels of compensation for similar injuries.

If you are suing your hairdresser or barber because of a facial scar, please see this facial scar claims guide. In the meantime, please read on to learn more about “how do I sue a hairdresser?”.

Hairdresser And Barber Shop Infections

In addition to cuts and lacerations themselves, you could also sue a barber for cutting you where an infection also results. Because a barber may carry out wet shaves as well as cutting your hair or trimming your beard, their implements and premises must be kept hygienic. The same equipment is used for multiple customers each day and should be sterilised or cleaned (as appropriate) between customers to prevent the transmission of bacteria or infections.

The most common sources of barbershop infections may be transmitted through clippers, razors and scissors. These tools must be properly sterilised or cleaned to prevent the transmission of biological materials including bodily fluids such as blood. Because a barber may see many customers each day, they must ensure that they keep up with hygiene.

Exposure to unsanitary barber shop equipment could lead to the transmission of bloodborne illnesses such as hepatitis B & C as well as HIV. If the claimants’ skin is broken, those illnesses, as well as other viruses or bacteria, could be transmitted.

For more information, please read on to learn more about “how do I sue a hairdresser?”.

What Responsibility Does A Barber Have To Their Clients?

When you visit a barbershop for a haircut, beard trim or other services the barber is responsible for ensuring your health and safety. They have a duty of care to make sure that you are not harmed due to their negligence. If they have not upheld this duty of care, you could have the basis for a personal injury claim and be able to sue a barber.

In practice, this means that the barber providing a service to you must be properly trained, have the appropriate equipment and follow guidelines in using such equipment. If a barber has cut corners and you are injured they may be at fault and you could claim damages for your barbershop injuries.

What Legislation Is In Place To Protect Barbershop Customers?

If you’re wondering “how do I sue a hairdresser?”, it’ll help to take a look at the relevant legislation in place.

As well as industry guidelines and a responsibility to the health and safety of customers, hairdressers and barbers are regulated through the Hairdressers (Registration) Act 1964. Other articles of legislation that may be relevant to barbershop health and safety include the C.O.S.H.H act 1989 and the Provision and Use Of Work Equipment 1992. I

It is extremely important that barbershops are kept clean and hygienic. It is also similarly important that staff also maintain a good degree of personal hygiene so that infections are not transmitted, especially if the customers’ skin is broken in an accidental injury.

The legislation also ensures that anyone providing a service owes you a duty of care to make sure that you are not injured during the provision of or by that service. If they fail to meet that duty of care, for example, if your hairdresser cut your ear causing a serious injury, you could sue your barber for cutting you.

Barbershop And Hairdresser Injury Claims Calculator For 2022

A variety of accidents can happen due to negligence in a barber’s shop or salon. For example, you could have suffered an infection from a haircut if the scissors cut your skin, or an injury from a straight razor accident due to the negligence of a barber or hairdresser. In these cases, you may wish to make a claim for compensation.

There is no definitive average or set payout you could receive should your claim succeed; this is because compensation is calculated by considering all the unique factors and circumstances surrounding each claim, like the severity of your injury, and the effects it will have on your daily life.

However, you can still get a broad view of what you might be able to receive in the case of a successful claim. You can do this by checking the 2022 edition of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), a publication that often helps legal professionals calculate compensation amounts by providing guideline brackets for general damages. The table below illustrates some of these figures.

Nature Of InjuryComments On This InjurySettlement
Damage To The Hair (A)Damage caused by defective waving, tinting or similar treatments. The scalp may be affected by burning or eczema or hair may become brittle or fall out.£7,340 to £11,020
Damage To The Hair (B)Less serious damage to the hair or the scalp than above, though the symptoms or effects may present in a similar way.£3,950 to £7,340
Facial Disfigurement - Very Severe ScarringAffecting a claimant between teenage years and early thirties. Cosmetic disfigurement and severe psychological reaction.£29,780 to £97,330
Facial Disfigurement - Less Severe ScarringThe level of disfigurement is still substantial and there is still a serious psychological reaction.£17,960 to £48,420
Facial Disfigurement - Significant ScarringPlastic surgery can reduce some of the effects, though there will be some cosmetic disability and psychological reaction.£9,110 to £30,090
Facial Disfigurement - Less Significant ScarringThere may be several small scars or a single scar which could be camouflaged.£3,950 to £13,740
Facial Disfigurement - Trivial ScarringAny effects will only be minor.£1,710 to £3,530
Complete Loss of Sight in One EyeComplete loss of sight in one eye. There may also be some associated scarring.£54,830 to £65,710
Minor Eye InjuriesThe injury may cause some temporary pain and interfere with vision.£3,950 to £8,730

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team of expert advisors. They can offer free legal advice surrounding your infection from barber clippers claim, as well as a free estimate of what your claim might be worth.

More Examples of Barber Compensation Amounts

As well as general damages, there are other sums that you could be eligible to receive in compensation. For example, if someone sues a barber, they may be doing so because they sustained an injury as a result of negligence. The injury they sustained may have caused them to take time off work while recovering. To illustrate, the claimant may have experienced a severe cut on the neck due to a straight razor accident or something similar.

As a result of the cut, the person may have been unable to return to work as a model due to the nature of their job. If this is the case, then they could receive a payment that covers their loss of earnings over this period. This is just one example of what’s known as special damages. In other words, special damages can reimburse you for losses or expenses that have been caused by your injuries.

Other examples can include:

Medical billsThis could include prescription costs for medication.

Travel costs For example, if you need to travel by taxi or public transport because your ability to drive has been affected by your injury.

Other expenses –  This could include things like holidays or other excursions that were paid for before the accident, but you are now unable to make use of because of your injury.

If a barber has cut you with clippers and you have more questions about whether you’re eligible to seek compensation get in touch with our advisors today.

How Does The Claims Process Work?

If you intend to sue your hairdresser for cutting you, there are two elements to making a personal injury claim. Firstly, there are the steps which you, as a claimant, should take. Secondly, there is the overall claims process which a personal injury solicitor can guide you through. Don’t worry if you have not yet taken these steps, simply contact one of our personal injury solicitors and they can also guide you through the claims process.

Steps To Take If Cut By A Barbershop

If you’re wondering “how do I sue a hairdresser?”, here are some simple steps you could take.

  • Firstly, make sure that you seek any medical care which is necessary. Visit a doctor, hospital or call the emergency services if needed. Write down when and where you sought medical treatment and also ask for a copy of any medical reports.
  • If you are able to, take a photo of both the injury you suffered and the cause of it. Take photos of the surrounding area if appropriate.
  • Finally, get in contact with an experienced personal injury solicitor who could help you to sue a hairdresser or barber. Your solicitor could help you to navigate the personal injury claims process.

Cut Throat Razor Accidents

If a barber has cut you with a razor, the injuries you could sustain may not be limited to your head. Some barbers also offer services that include shaving and grooming facial hair. One technique is with a cutthroat razor.

If the barber is not sufficiently trained with tools such as this, then the chance of them inflicting an injury on you may be increased. Additionally, a manager and/or owner who allows a member of staff to use a cutthroat razor knowing that they lack the proper training could be found guilty of negligent behaviour.

It is the legal responsibility of the employer to make sure that all their staff receive adequate training. Therefore, the risk of injury can be kept as low as reasonably possible.

The Personal Injury Claims Process

The basic process of suing a hairdresser or barber for cutting you involves you first getting in contact with a personal injury lawyer or solicitor. We could answer your question “can you sue a barber for cutting you” and tell you if you could sue a hairdresser and even look at how much compensation you could claim.

If we could help you, we will then contact the barber in question and outline the basis of your claim. If expert medical evidence is needed, it could be organised for you to undergo a medical examination. This matter will then be dealt with between our team and solicitors acting on behalf of the barber. In a small number of cases, your claim may need to go to court. However, this is not likely to be the case.

From contacting a personal injury lawyer to successfully suing a hairdresser or barber could take between a few months and more than a year. For more information on “how do I sue a hairdresser?”, please continue reading.

Why May I Be Asked To See A Trichologist?

A common part of the personal injury claims process is to see an appropriate doctor. This is so that your injuries are properly treated and so that we can obtain a medical report. This report may be used as an evidentiary basis for your claim. In cases where you intend to sue a barber for cutting you, you may be asked to see a trichologist.

A Trichologist is someone who specialises in scalps and hair. If your scalp has been affected by a cut or laceration, they may be able to ascertain how much damage has been done and provide a medical report on this damage.

No Win No Fee Claims Against Barbers For Cutting You

Are you wondering “how do I sue a hairdresser” with limited funds?

At Legal Expert, we have a team of specialist No Win No Fee solicitors who could help you to claim compensation for a variety of different barbershop injuries, such as if a barber cut you. If after reviewing your case, we think that we could help you, it is very likely that we could do so through a no win no fee agreement.

This is a way to make a personal injury claim if injured by a hairdresser or barber without needing to make any initial or upfront payment for the solicitors’ services. For many people, this is the prefered way to make a personal injury claim as it does not place a large financial burden on them at what may already be a difficult time.

When you contact us to discuss how you have been injured, such as by a hairdresser or cut by clippers at a barbers we will not advise you to make a claim with our solicitors unless we think you have a good chance of successfully doing so.

No Win No Fee agreements mean that you can sue a barber for cutting you, without having to take on a big financial risk. Remember, there are personal injury claims time limits which are applicable to all claims, so please contact us as soon as possible.

“How do I sue a hairdresser?” And other FAQs

Can you sue a barber if they cut you?

Yes, it is possible. However, you will need to be able to prove that any injuries you sustained were the result of the barber’s negligence.

As per the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, a duty of care is owed to members of the public. If the person in control of a public space fails to uphold their duty of care and you sustained harm as a result, they may have been negligent. For instance, a barber may have been watching television while cutting your hair leading them to cut you.

If you’re partially to blame for the injuries you sustained, you could still claim. However, the payout you receive will be reduced depending on how at fault you are for the injuries you sustained.

If you are entirely to blame for how you were injured, then you will not be able to claim compensation. Call us to find out if your barber was negligent.

Can you sue for a bad haircut?

Although you wouldn’t be able to make a claim if your haircut didn’t quite turn out the way you’d wanted, you could do if your hairdresser failed to uphold their duty of care in some way.

How can I determine whether my hairdresser is liable for negligence?

Typically, there is a 3-step criterion for negligence:

  • Your hairdresser owed you a duty of care
  • They failed to uphold this duty
  • You suffered as a result of this failure

How long do I have to make a claim?

Typically, you have a 3 year time limit to make a personal injury claim.

Can I claim on behalf of someone else?

Yes, providing they can’t claim for themselves. For example, if your child suffers a hairdressing injury through no fault of their own but they’re unable to claim as they haven’t reached their 18th birthday yet, you could act as a litigation friend in pursuing a claim.

How can I benefit from a No Win No Fee agreement?

If a lawyer handles your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, you will only have to pay them if they win your compensation for you.

Do I need a lawyer to make a claim?

It’s not a legal requirement but could help your claim’s chances of yielding the maximum compensation you dserve.

Where can I find a lawyer?

Legal Expert can provide you with a claims service, no matter where you’re based or how much you have in the bank. We have a panel of personal injury lawyers with more than 30 years of experience handling claims that could begin working with you today on a No Win No Fee basis.

How can I contact Legal Expert?

Please take a look at the section below for information on how to get in touch.

Talk To Legal Expert About Your Barbershop Injury

If you have been cut by a barber and wish to learn more on “how do I sue a hairdresser?”, please get in contact with Legal Expert. To find out the best way to make a personal injury claim, you can call us on 0800 073 8804, or you could fill in the form on the right-hand side of this page to request a call back from our team.

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In addition to the information that we have already provided in this article, you may also find these related guides from across our site to be useful if you have been injured whilst at a barber, hairdresser or other beauty salons.

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Thanks for reading our guide on “how do I sue a hairdresser?”.

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