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A Guide To Hairdressing Compensation Claims

By Cat Way. Last Updated 12th April 2024. A trip to the hairdresser is usually a routine process. A regular feature of many people’s lives, a haircut in a salon, barber’s, or another venue might seem inconsequential.

However, accidents can potentially happen while receiving a haircut in one of these venues. If you have been injured or harmed during an appointment, then enquiring with a legal professional about making a hairdresser injury claim could prove beneficial.

In many situations, hair damage claims can be the best way to repair the damage stemming from an accident. This could be financial, medical, personal, or psychological. In this guide, we will examine the various hairdressing compensation claims that have resulted from cases of hair salon negligence and more.

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The Criteria For Hairdressing Compensation Claims

As part of the hairdressing compensation claims process, you’ll need to make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements before suing a hair salon.

Typically, when making a personal injury claim, you’ll need to prove the following:

  • You were owed a duty of care by your hairdresser,
  • Your hairdresser breached this duty of care,
  • You were injured as a result.

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, any party in charge of a premises has a duty of care to ensure that visitors are reasonably safe during their visit. This duty may be extended to hairdressers. Therefore, if you are injured as a result of the hairdresser’s negligence, you may have grounds for a valid claim.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to make your claim within the limitation period, otherwise your claim might be statute-barred. You usually have three years from the date of the accident to take action, however, there are exceptions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our advisors. They can confirm if you meet the eligibility criteria and can also discuss the personal injury claim time limits and what exceptions might apply to your case.

How Long Do I Have To Sue A Hairdresser?

When making a civil claim against a hairdresser, it’s important to keep the time limit in mind. The personal injury claims time limit is three years as set out by the Limitation Act 1980. This means that you must begin your claim within three years of sustaining your injuries.

However, there are some exceptions to this time limit. For example, you cannot sue a hairdresser yourself if you are a minor. Because of this, the time limit is suspended until you turn 18, when it begins and runs until you turn 21. However, a litigation friend can start a claim on your behalf while the time limit is frozen.

Similarly, the time limit is indefinitely suspended for those who lack the mental capacity to claim for themselves. In this case, their claim can be made by a litigation friend. If they regain the capacity needed to make a claim and one has not already been made for them, then the time limit begins on the date of their recovery.

If you would like to find out if you can sue a hairdresser, contact our team of advisors today.

Long Dark Hair Receiving Hair Dye With A Brush In A Salon.

Suing A Hair Salon – What Evidence Do I Need?

If you make a hairdresser compensation claim, you will be asked to provide evidence. Evidence can benefit your claim in a number of ways, as it can help prove that your hairdresser is liable for your injuries, and can also showcase the extent of the harm suffered and demonstrate how this harm has affected your life.

Some examples of evidence that you could use to support a claim against a hairdresser could include:

  • Photographs: Pictures of your injuries can help demonstrate their severity.
  • Medical records: Your medical records may be able to provide insight on the treatment your injuries require and how it will affect your life.
  • Witness contact details: Taking the contact details of witnesses allows their statements to be taken at a later date.

If you choose to work with a solicitor, they can help you gather evidence to further strengthen your hairdresser compensation claim. To find out if you could be eligible to work with one of our solicitors, or to learn more about collecting evidence, contact our team today.

Examples Of Hairdressing Injuries You Can Claim For

The thought of accidents taking place during a hairdresser’s appointment might seem strange to some. But the myriad ways in which you can suffer an injury during such an appointment might enlighten you to the various legal cases which we pursue. These can include:

  • Allergic Reactions: due to the various chemicals used during some hair procedures, clients can have allergic reactions to various different products.
  • Poor or Insufficient Training: training and education in the various hair-related disciplines are important. With complex equipment, various chemicals, and many sharp objects, properly trained hairdressers are expected to know how to avoid injuring their clients.
  • Slippery Floors: floors and surfaces will need to be kept clean throughout the day. Spillages and even the cleaning itself can lead to people slipping and falling on the property. If this slippery area is not correctly signposted, then there may be a case for negligence.
  • Contaminated or Unsanitary Instruments: the equipment used during appointments should be clean. If unsanitary or contaminated equipment is used, it might pass on an infection. If this is the case, then the client might be due compensation.
  • Chemical Burns and Cuts: the chemicals used by the hairdresser may lead to burns, either of your hair or your skin. In addition, cuts from blades, scissors, and other sharp objects are also common. Such injuries can vary in severity.
  • Hair Damage or Losses: it is possible for a client’s hair to get damaged through the use of the wrong products or incorrect use of the right products. Hairdressing compensation claims can also be made for hair damage or losses caused by the negligence of your hairstylist.

There are many ways in which you might have been harmed during a hairdressing appointment. If any of the above injuries were suffered by you (or any other type of injury), then a compensation claim might be necessary.

Payouts In Hairdressing Compensation Claims

If you make a successful claim for a hairdressing injury, your payout could consist of two parts. These are general damages for the physical pain and mental suffering caused by the harm you suffered and special damages for the financial losses this injury has caused you.

To help calculate general damages, those responsible for assigning value to your hairdressing compensation claim may refer to the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). The JCG lists various types of injuries, including hair damage, alongside guideline compensation amounts for each.

In our table below, we’ve listed figures that could be relevant for hairdressing compensation claims from the 16th edition of the JCG. We’ve also included a figure in the top row that shows you how much compensation could be awarded for multiple very severe injuries plus special damages. This figure is not from the JCG. As all claims for hairdressing injuries are different, the table is only provided as guidance.

Injury TypeSeverityCompensation BracketDescription
Multiple Injuries Plus Special DamagesSevereUp to £200,000+Multiple severe injuries, alongside substantial financial losses such as medical expenses and lost earnings.
Facial DisfigurementVery Severe Scarring£36,340 to £118,790Very disfiguring cosmetic effects with severe psychiatric reaction.
Less Severe Scarring£21,920 to £59,090Substantial disfigurement, with a psychological reaction that is significant.
Significant Scarring£11,120 to £36,720The worst effects in this bracket can be mitigated by cosmetic surgery.
Less Significant Scarring£4,820 to £16,770One scar, or a number of small scars.
Damage To HairHair falling out£8,960 to £13,450Damaged hair as a result of defective treatment such as waving or tinting resulting in burned or brittle hair, dermatitis or burning of the scalp or hair loss.
Less Serious£4,820 to £8,960Less serious instances of the symptoms described above.

As stated above, if your claim is successful, you could be reimbursed for the financial losses caused by the hairdressing injury. Your settlement could include compensation for:

  • Wigs or hair transplant surgery.
  • Specialist oils and creams for scars.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Therapy.
  • Specialist makeup.

To recover your financial losses, you should save proof of your costs. For example, you could save receipts and invoices.

If you have any questions about hairdressing compensation claims, please speak with one of our team members. In addition to free advice, one of our advisors can potentially connect you with one of our expert solicitors.

Make A Hairdresser Compensation Claim With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

If you are eligible to sue a hairdresser for your injuries, you may benefit from having legal support throughout the claiming process.

Our personal injury solicitors could help you if you have a valid claim. Additionally, they may offer to represent you and your claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). With this particular No Win No Fee agreement in place, you will not need to pay your solicitor for their work prior to the claim starting. Furthermore, there will be nothing to pay while the claim progresses or if it ends unsuccessfully for their services.

Should your claim be a success, a success fee will be paid to your solicitor. This fee is taken from the compensation you are awarded as a small and legally limited percentage.

To see whether you could work with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors, you can contact our advisors. They can also help answer any questions you may have about hairdressing compensation claims:

  • Call our advisors on 0800 073 8804
  • Ask our team a question using the live chat pop-up.
  • Or complete our ‘claim online’ form to receive a callback.

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Learn More About Hairdressing Compensation Claims

You’re welcome to contact our advisors online or by phone if you still have any questions about hairdresser injury claims.

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