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Car Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, Start your claim here.

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Accident At Work

If you've had an accident at work, find out if you can claim compensation for your injury.

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Whiplash Claims

Have you suffered from a whiplash injury start your compensation claim today.

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Slip Trip Or Fall Accident

Have you been injured following a slip or trip in a public place, Find out if you can claim.

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Medical Negligence Claims

Have you been injured as a result of poor care either from a GP or hospital.

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Cycling Accident Claims

Cyling accidents can be particularly nasty because cycles are so vulnerable.

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Bus Accident Claims

Was you a passenger on the bus? or was your vehicle hit by a bus? claim today.

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Taxi Accident Claims

Have you been involved in a Taxi accident? was you a passenger? claim today

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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly nasty because bikes are so vulnerable.

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Welcome to, the UK’s #1 resource for expert free legal advice on personal injury claims

Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive and trustworthy free legal advice for the UK on a wide range of legal matters. We’re No Win No Fee solicitors who strive to achieve justice for our clients. We specialise in accident claims and have helped thousands of clients secure compensation for road traffic accidents, workplace injuries, public liability claims, data breach compensation claims, medical negligence and much more.

And if you want help with a claim, our No Win No Fee solicitors are on hand to help.

What Areas of Free Legal Advice Do We Cover?

Whether you’re searching for legal advice on issues such as personal injury, clinical negligence, employment law, data breach law an accident at work claims.

no win no fee solici

No Win No Fee solicitors

If you want to know anything about personal injury claims such as how the claims process works, how much your claim might be worth, how does No Win No Fee work then you’ll be able to find that information right here on Legal Expert.

Have you been mis-sold PPI and want to know how you can get your money back? Our financial law section has free legal advice for the UK specifically covering PPI claims. Whatever you want to know about claiming back mis-sold PPI you won’t be disappointed.

Ask Our No Win No Fee Solicitors For Free Legal Advice in the UK

If for any reason you can’t find the free legal advice you’re looking for here at Legal Expert then please give us a call, we’d be happy to hear from you. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all calls are free within the United Kingdom. We have a team of experts who live, breathe and sleep law and love to have their knowledge tested by answering your legal questions.

Waiting for an important call or haven’t got a phone to hand? Not a problem. Just shoot us an email or use the chat feature. We promise not to keep you hanging around waiting for a reply, we answer all legal questions as soon as possible as we understand how important a prompt answer can be.

When choosing Legal Expert remember that our No Win No Fee solicitors not only have very high customer service ratings but also are very helpful at answering legal questions and can let your know your legal rights after you have had a personal injury. Also can guide you with many other legal services we offer. We can also advise on changes in the law, including the personal injury law changes in May 2021.

Check Out Our No Win No Fee Solicitors Reviews

We believe reviews are very important in giving potential clients an idea of what to expect from our service. And we’re extremely proud of the positive reviews we’ve been given.

You can read all reviews of our No Win No Fee solicitors left by our past clients here. And below we’ve included a few of our favourites:

“Highly responsive, clear process & associated time frames. I felt confident in their legal experience throughout. Service like this is a comfort to those who need it at what could possibly be a difficult time.” Tom

“My claim was dealt with the utmost of professionalism and empathy at a very stressful time.” Deborah

Why Is Our Advice Free?

Providing comprehensive free legal advice in the UK makes us here at Legal Expert very happy. But what’s the catch?

We hope that by providing all of our legal advice on for free that our visitors may like to consider using our professional legal services should you need actual legal representation either now or in the future.

Our team of No Win No Fee solicitors have many years of experience in their specialist legal fields, and while it’s true they’re not always available to answer questions immediately due to having legal cases and claims to take care of, our expert advisors are always available to answer any legal advice questions.

How to get free legal advice for the UK from

There are a number of ways we provide free legal advice for the UK. We can help you over the phone, via our online form, or by using our live chat service.

We also have free tools you can use such as our compensation calculator which will provide you with an assessment of your eligibility to claim and the amount of compensation you could be entitled to.

We Offer Free Legal Advice Online Chat For Personal Injury

Online chat is becoming more popular. Many people around the UK feel more private and confident when getting free legal advice through an online live chat. This service is very convenient and some people like to remain anonymous this was.

Please check out our online chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. After a quick chat with our claims team, they’ll tell you if and how our No Win No Fee solicitors can help you.

We offer Free Legal Advice Over The Phone For Personal Injury Claims

A good phone conversation with our legal advisers is great for connecting us to help people decide what to do, many people prefer a good phone conversation to work out the best way to solve their legal problems. Many clients have said our phone service is a free legal advice hotline to their friends and family when they have recommended our services.

Our No Win No Fee Solicitors Are Here To Help You

no win no fee accident claims

No Win No Fee Accident Claims

We provide free legal advice within the UK because we believe in access to justice. According to the latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive, about 693,000 people suffered an injury at work in 2019/20.

On British roads, around 115,584 people suffered some kind of injury in 2020, according to statistics from the Department for Transport. 23,529 of these casualties were categorised as either killed or seriously injured (KSI).

Other findings from the Department for Transport’s annual report include the following:

  • Among all the road casualties recorded during the year, specifically 1,460 were reported road deaths.
  • 22,069 of the road casualties in 2020 were considered serious, while 92,055 were categorised as causing slight injuries.
  • The amount of road casualties killed or seriously injured in 2020 represented a 22% decrease when compared to the total recorded the year before.
  • Compared to the year before, the total number of road casualties of all severities recorded in 2020 represented a decrease of 25%.
  • By far the most common type of road user to become a casualty in 2020 was car occupants. These accounted for 64,255 of all the road casualties recorded this year. The second most common were pedal cyclists (16,294) followed by pedestrians (14,750) and motorcyclists (13,604).
  • The level of road traffic recorded on UK roads throughout 2020 represented a 21% decrease compared to 2019. As mentioned by the Department for Transport in its report, traffic levels in the UK during 2020 will have been affected by national lockdowns which occurred during certain periods of the year.

Many of us suffer harm through no fault of our own. It’s therefore only right that we have the opportunity to seek compensation to try and restore us to the position we were in before the accident.

When it comes to accident claims, we can support you with this through a No Win No Fee agreement. Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, No Win No Fee means just as it suggests—if your claim does not succeed, you will not have to pay us any fees.

There are also no fees required upfront or while the claim is ongoing. The only time a fee is payable is if your claim is a success. And even then we only take a small, legally capped percentage from your compensation award, giving you peace of mind and the ability to pursue the justice you deserve.

So get in touch with our No Win No Fee solicitors today to get the free legal advice and support you need.

Finding No Win No Fee Solicitors

It may be our natural instinct to visit our local high street solicitors, or search on Google for ‘No Win No Fee solicitors near me’, but in this day and age, there really isn’t a need to work with a lawyer near to where you live.

The reality is, technology has changed the legal industry for the better. Nowadays, you can work with a solicitor based on the other side of the country and it won’t impact how your case progresses.

With communication done via email, phone and smart devices, you now have the ability to choose the best No Win No Fee solicitors in the UK.

And with our decades of experience and successful track record, we feel we can deliver you the service you deserve. So why not give us a call today to have a chat about your case? There’s absolutely no obligation on your part to proceed with a claim. And we can help you with all manner of claims, from accidents at work to road traffic accidents.

No Win No Fee Solicitors FAQ

In this section, we’ve included the answers to some questions we’re frequently asked.

How much do solicitors charge for no win no fee?

Most solicitors charge their clients 25% of the compensation awarded in a successful claim. This is called a success fee and is capped by law.

How long do no win no fee claims take?

If liability is admitted, no win no fee claims can take 6 to 12 months to resolve. If liability is disputed or if time is needed to conduct investigations or wait for injuries to heal, the claim could take longer.

Should you accept the first compensation offer?

It’s generally not advised that you accept the first compensation offer, especially if that has come before you have been examined by a medical professional as part of your claim. You should always consult your lawyer on any offer received.

Remember, Legal Expert is here to help if you’ve been injured through no fault of your own.

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