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How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Shoulder Injury?

By Mary Hightown. Last Updated 5th August 2022. Welcome to our guide on shoulder injury claims. In this guide, we cover how you could claim shoulder injury compensation. Shoulder injuries happen for a large number of reasons. For instance, they could be caused by a workplace accident, a road traffic collision, or a seemingly unremarkable trip or fall. In any event, your shoulder could become damaged. Such injuries can damage a rotator cuff, fracture a bone, leave you with a frozen shoulder, or otherwise harm you. Furthermore, these injuries can cause long-term pain and trauma.

Many victims of shoulder injuries do not seek compensation. They might not understand that they could receive an injury payout if a negligent third party is to blame. For example, if you were to trip or fall in the street due to a broken kerbstone, you may damage your shoulder in the process. As a result, you could have grounds to claim against the responsible party, which could be private landowners, business owners, or the city council.

It’s not always possible to predict a shoulder injury’s devastating effects, primarily when a negligent third party causes it. Occasionally, the victim can be left incapable of work. Not only does this harm their future earning potential, but it can be a primary cause of lingering psychological issues. A shoulder injury could also cause various implications, ranging from physical trauma, psychological damages, and even financial loss. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your long-term future is protected against the effects of serious injury.

This guide aims to help you understand how to deal with the aftermath of severe damage to your shoulder. And it covers how you could file any shoulder injury claims. If you have any more questions or would like to start your shoulder injury compensation claim today, please call 0800 073 8804 to speak to a member of our team.

On another note, please be aware that personal injury claims have 3-year limitation periods within which you must make your claim.

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A Guide to Shoulder Injury Compensation Claims

Shoulder Injury Compensation

Shoulder Injury Compensation

This guide shall outline the most critical factors you need to consider when assessing a potential shoulder injury claim. We will also outline what shoulder claim amounts could be awarded to victims of third-party negligence and how a personal injury solicitor could assist you when claiming shoulder injury compensation.

If you have been the victim of an accident resulting in a shoulder injury that wasn’t your fault, we’ll provide you with impartial advice regarding the claims process. However, if you have any additional questions regarding the content within this guide or even your personal case, please reach out and speak to one of our advisers.

Our team would be more than happy to speak with you about shoulder injury claims; just get in touch with us today for free legal advice.

How much could I receive in shoulder injury compensation?

For a minor shoulder injury, a successful claim could see you receiving around £2,300. But for a severe shoulder injury, a successful claim could bring you £45,070 in compensation.

What Can I Claim for If I Have Sustained A Shoulder Injury In An Accident?

We receive a lot of questions regarding the claims process. Most commonly, we hear questions from claimants regarding shoulder injury compensation. Compensation for shoulder injury claims can include (but is not limited to) the following types of damages both:

  • General damages – A claim for general damages will compensate you for the actual injuries you have suffered and the agony and discomfort you have experienced or will continue to endure. Compared to other damages, naming an exact figure can be difficult. We will reach the eventual amount thanks to a combination of expert opinion, tangible evidence, and examples of how the injury has impacted your day-to-day life. A doctor might evaluate pain, suffering, disfigurement, psychological trauma, a reduction in the quality of life, or social factors which can stem from an injury.
  • Special Damages – You will be able to seek compensation for special damages. Fundamentally, special damages will be made up of any ‘out-of-pocket expenses. These are costs you have suffered due to the accident and can be easily calculated based on the following: a loss of wages, unexpected medical bills, ruined clothes, travelling expenses, etc. Typically, the special damages claim will be less difficult to calculate as you will have concrete evidence (such as receipts, invoices, and bills).
  • Medical expenses – Medical expenses can be compensated if they are sustained due to your accident. For example, if you have injured a shoulder, seeing a specialist could incur charges and form part of the compensation for shoulder injury requiring surgery costs. It can also include prescription charges and treatment costs. If you are considering a claim, remember to keep track of all the costs you might incur. Receipts and other proofs can be very useful in establishing a settlement total.
  • Travelling expenses – Much like medical expenses, travel expenses are easy to track and can form a small but essential part of any remuneration package. If you have been forced to travel to a doctor’s office, for instance, then you might be due compensation for this trip. Keeping tickets, receipts, and a detailed itinerary can be very useful.

If you’re interested in knowing more about No Win No Fee shoulder injury claims, our next section will be useful to you.

No Win No Fee Shoulder Injury Compensation Claims

Taking advantage of our ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement reduces the injured party’s financial burden. If you consider talking to a solicitor about a potential claim, upfront payments can be incredibly off-putting. Our arrangement solves this. We push hard to win your case, delivering the compensation you rightly deserve. As our fees are charged only in a successful case, you do not need to worry about the financial burden of making a claim. Additionally, you can be sure that we will fight even more challenging to help you win.

Our expertise in all legal matters cuts down on the difficulties and removes the legal jargon. Indeed, we can evaluate your potential shoulder injury claims and help you understand the situation. It’s a fantastic arrangement for those worried about their future, curious about their rights, or who want to be assured that they won’t lose money.

What’s more, you can trust that our approach is regulated and safe. We adhere to what is known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is how the law governs agreements such as our ‘No Win No Fee’ deal. Not only does it provide legal protection for clients, but it regulates the amount we can charge. For instance, we’re prevented – by law – from charging more than 25% of the final compensation fee.

This is the absolute maximum we are permitted to assess in this respect and helps you ensure that you will take home at least 75% of the final shoulder injury compensation awarded. What’s more, individual cases are often charged at a much lower rate. Without making any payments upfront, you can find out more about our ‘No Win No Fee’ approach today.

We’re often asked, “what kinds of accident might lead to shoulder injury claims?”. If this is a question, you’ve found yourself asking, then read on to find out more.

For What Reason Can I Claim Compensation for a Shoulder Injury?

Shoulder injuries are among the most common types of accidents. In many cases, shoulder accidents can be an unexpected turn of events. However, if a negligent third party causes an accident, then the injured party could have grounds to make a claim. Many accidents that cause shoulder injuries can occur in numerous ways. So what are the reasons why you might seek to claim shoulder injury compensation?

  • Negligence of a third party – if the accident that caused a shoulder injury was the fault of somebody else, either directly or indirectly, you could have valid grounds to make a compensation claim. For instance, if you were to trip over a broken pavement that is the local council’s responsibility, you could seriously injure yourself. In return, you could have grounds to claim against the council for failing to adhere to their duty of care.
  • Employer negligence – if the accident that caused the shoulder injury occurred at work, your employer may be liable to pay damages if they are at fault. Health and Safety at work regulations are in place to ensure that the workforce is kept safe in their working environment. If your employer has failed to comply with this legislation, then they could be held accountable, and you would have a valid reason to make a claim.
  • Medical negligence – if your shoulder injury has been caused by a hospital, doctor or other medical practitioners, then you may be able to claim compensation for the mistake they have made. Medical professionals are expected to cause no harm to patients, and if they do through an error, they are liable for damages.

The examples above are some of the basic reasons why a shoulder injury compensation claim could have potential. However, please note that there are endless causes that could ultimately cause a shoulder injury.

The section below will build upon this information to show how different types of shoulder injuries can happen and who would be liable to pay out in shoulder injury claims. If you are ready to begin your claim, why not give us a call using the number at the top of the page.

What Can Cause a Shoulder Injury?

Shoulder injuries can happen in almost any situation. However, in our experience, there are three primary circumstances in which accidents typically result in damages to the victims’ shoulder. In these situations, making shoulder injury claims could not only be beneficial for you but could help others avoid the same fate. But what are the most common causes of shoulder injuries?

Shoulder Injury Treatment

  • Physiotherapy – A good course of treatment will be of immense benefit to your shoulder injury. Ideally, physiotherapy should take place as soon as possible after the damage has been diagnosed. Unfortunately, the waiting times for cases that are not considered emergencies can be extremely lengthy, especially in a public health system. To prevent an injury from worsening, it might be recommended that you opt for private treatment. However, this can be costly. Though private treatment can be expensive, these costs can eventually form part of your settlement. Furthermore, interim payments could be arranged to sponsor treatment before the claim is finally settled. A personal injury claim can help to guarantee your access to the best and most necessary medical treatment and physiotherapy as soon as possible.
  • Rehabilitation – Similar to physiotherapy, rehabilitation can be an essential part of any recovery program. If you have needed private assistance in this respect, then a successful claim could help you win back the cost of visiting a rehabilitation clinic.

Our next sections will look in greater detail at the different kinds of accident that might lead you to claim shoulder injury compensation.

A shoulder injury from an accident at work 

Understandably, we spend a great deal of time in our respective workplaces. As such, employers are bound by law to provide us with safe working environments. Legislation such as health and safety regulations provides employers with rules and guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries. These are physical – such as guardrails and warning signs – but they can often be education-related in training and performance reviews. When an employer fails to adhere to these guidelines, they often bear responsibility when something goes wrong.

If an accident occurs in a workplace, a business might be responsible for failing to implement a proper health and safety regime. If you suffer an injury in such an environment, you could be due to a workers’ compensation shoulder injury settlement. Examples of such incidents and injuries can include machinery and equipment which has not been correctly stored or maintained, slippery or wet floors that are not signposted, cracked tiles, and many other situations.

Not only are accidents a cause of shoulder injuries, but repeated physical activity such as lifting heavy loads can be damaging. Sitting at a desk with incorrect posture can also affect your shoulder. Your employer could be duty-bound to provide training, advice, and protection to prevent injury in the circumstances such as these. Otherwise, they could be faced with shoulder injury claims.

Workplace Accident Statistics

We previously mentioned, a workplace accident caused by negligence could ultimately comprise your health and well-being. In return, you could endure countless traumas, such as injury to your shoulder, which may leave you eligible to claim shoulder injury compensation.

Within this section of the guide, we wanted to take a moment to provide you with some relevant statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regarding workplace accidents.

  • 1.6 million employees who unfortunately suffered from a work-related illness.
  • 111 workers were fatally injured at their place of work.
  • 38.8 million working days were lost due to a workplace injury or work-related illness.
  • An estimated £16.billion in expenses resulted from workplace injuries or ill health due to lacklustre working conditions.

As the graph below shows, most workplace accidents in 2019/20 were to upper limb locations. These injuries also made up the majority of injuries that resulted in the absence of 7 days or more and the most specified injuries.

shoulder injury claims statistics graph

shoulder injury claims statistics graph

Please note that the statistics provided above are not automatically about negligence.

For more information on shoulder injury claims following accidents on the road, please read on or contact us today.

A shoulder injury from a road traffic accident 

Accidents involving automobiles or traffic can be just as frequent as those in the workplace. For example, it is likely to suffer a rotator cuff injury from a car accident. Given the intensity and forces of such collisions, damage to the shoulder (and other body areas) is regularly reported. As well as the bones of the shoulder, it’s also possible to damage the nerves, muscles and tendons, and brachial plexus. Accordingly, we have a lot of experience dealing with winning shoulder injury compensation after a car accident.

Road Traffic Accident Statistics

As we previously mentioned, a road traffic accident can often lead to a shoulder injury. For that reason, we have taken the time to include some relevant statistics provided by the Department for Transport (DfT).

The Department for Transport provides annual statistics reports which show the impact of road-related accidents per vehicle type. In the DfT’s 2020 annual report, findings included the following:

  • A total of 115,584 casualties occurred in reported road traffic accidents in 2020. 1,460 of these casualties were fatal, 22,069 suffered serious injuries and 92,055 experienced slight injuries.
  • By far the most common type of road user involved in reported road traffic accidents were car occupants. As many as 64,255 of the reported road casualties in 2020 were car occupants.
  • 16,294 of the reported road casualties were pedal cyclists.
  • 14,750 of the reported road casualties were pedestrians.
  • 13,604 of the reported road casualties were motor cyclists.
  • 4,154 of the reported road casualties were goods vehicle occupants.
  • 1,506 of the reported road casualties were bus and coach occupants.

A Shoulder injury from an accident in a public place 

Health and safety regulations do not just apply to the workplace or the road. In public places, the owner or the occupier has a responsibility to help you avoid accidents. The local council, for instance, should help ensure that the pathways and pavements are not dangerous. If, for example, a cracked paving slab causes a person to trip and injure their shoulder, that person might be due shoulder injury compensation from the council.

In addition to the government, the owners and operators of public places such as shops and supermarkets have a similar responsibility level. This does not just cover the shop floor but can extend to the car park and other public spaces operated by the business. Spillages, pathway defects, loose tiles, and many other issues can result in an injury that could lead to a successful claim.

An important aspect of shoulder injury claims is assessing the severity of the injury and its impact on your everyday life. For more details on this, please read on to our next section.

Assessing the Severity of a Shoulder Injury

Assessing a shoulder injury is difficult. There are three main parts of the shoulder area, including the shoulder blade itself and the bones in the joint. Also, there are your rotator cuffs, your brachial plexus, and the ligaments and tendons. All of these can be damaged in an accident, allowing you to claim shoulder injury compensation.

Shoulder injury

Shoulder injury

Symptoms can range from shoulder pain or pain in the upper arm to numbness to a tingling sensation in your fingertips. Without expert help, it can be incredibly tough to diagnose the severity of an injury or provide an estimation of the potential settlement you could receive for a torn rotator cuff. This is especially true of long-term conditions caused by an injury. While the joint might seem fine currently, this is not to say that the injury has left no lasting damage.

This is why finding the right doctor can make such a difference and can help you assess whether your shoulder injury claims are legitimate. We can help you arrange for a local medical examination if you need one, helping evidence how severe your injuries are and even how they’ve impacted your daily life. This is all-inclusive in the process of making a shoulder injury compensation claim.

What to do if You Need to Claim Compensation for a Shoulder Injury?

You can take several steps to significantly improve your chances of a successful injury claim after a shoulder injury. After an accident, you must receive medical treatment. This might be a cold compress, and it might require a first aid kit or a trip to the doctor or even the emergency room. Your health and safety should be paramount. Once this is guaranteed, you can begin to think about your claim for shoulder compensation payouts.

Having photographs of the environment in which you were injured, as well as photos of the injury itself, can be hugely helpful in establishing your claim. Witness testimony can help as well, so getting the contact details of anyone present should be considered. While doing this, be sure to keep the receipts and details of any costs incurred, such as train tickets or parking tickets. Once you feel you are in the right state of mind, you should talk to a solicitor. They will advise you as to whether you have a case and what to do going forward.

Our next section of this shoulder injury compensation guide will detail the values of various shoulder injury claims. If you’d like to know more, please continue reading.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Calculator

One of the most common questions we receive is from people wanting to know just how much compensation they will receive, especially for permanent shoulder damage. However, providing a written estimation of shoulder injury claim value is difficult. Thankfully, our experience gives us a great deal of insight. We’ve put together the table below using compensation case studies and our own experiences to provide you with an idea of the shoulder impingement compensation amount that could result from your case.

Shoulder InjurySevereInjuries such as severe brachial plexus damage, causing full immobility of the shoulder.£14,600 to £36,500
Shoulder InjurySeriousMedium-term injuries such as serious shoulder dislocation, causing full immobility of shoulder.£9,700 to £14,600
Shoulder InjuryModerateShort-term injuries such as a frozen shoulder injury.£6,000 to £9,700
Shoulder InjuryMinorSuch as a minor fracture of the clavicle, that still leaves the shoulder free to move.Up to £6,000

What else can shoulder injury compensation payouts include?

Shoulder injury compensation payouts in the UK can be comprised of more than one figure. For instance, the figures in the table above are some examples taken from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). The JCG is a publication that legal professionals use as part of the process of valuing a general damages payment. General damages are awarded in accordance with how much you have suffered physically and/or psychologically as a result of your injury.

Another potential area of your shoulder injury claim could include special damages. This is when you could be reimbursed for various costs, losses, and expenditures that have taken place as a result of the accident that also caused your injury. Below, we have included a few examples:

  • Travel costs – For instance, you may be unable to drive during your recovery period. Therefore, it could be that you need to make use of public transport or taxis.
  • Medical expenses – Prescription painkillers, for example.
  • Loss of earnings – Your capacity to work, and therefore earn, may be affected by your injury. This could result in a reduced or non-existent income whilst you recover.
  • Other expenses – You may have paid for certain events such as holidays or a concert that your injury prevents you from attending.

For more information on the potential value of your compensation for a shoulder injury, get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Us as Your Claim Service?

Our goal is to ensure that anyone who suffers a shoulder injury due to an accident can receive the legal advice and representation they require regardless of their financial status. Thanks to our years of experience, we know the intricacies of compensation claims. We understand how tricky such claims can be and how taxing they can become. Providing clients with a dedicated, friendly means of winning compensation means that we are the ideal law firm for you. From car accidents to worker’s compensation shoulder injury settlements, we have a broad-ranging expert knowledge that can help you unlock the case.

It all starts with a phone call. If you have read through this guide and believe that you may have injured your shoulder in a similar situation, then you can call us for a chat. We can offer you advice for an array of questions regarding shoulder injury claims, such as “What is the average settlement for a torn rotator cuff?”, “How much can I get for a shoulder injury?” or even “How much is a torn rotator cuff worth?”

From there, we can arrange a more in-depth phone consultation, assuming you didn’t have the time on the first call. Unlike other law firms, we do not charge any upfront costs. We’ll be entirely honest with you right from the first conversation. If we believe you have a case and we believe we can help, we’ll tell you exactly that. Our sincerity and outstanding customer service have lead to a litany of satisfied clients and successful cases.

Thanks to our ‘No Win No Fee’ approach, there’s never been a better time to enquire. If you believe you have a genuine case, then you have very little to lose. Unless we’re successful in arguing your case and winning you shoulder injury compensation, you don’t have to pay a penny.

Call for Free Advice and to Start a Claim

If you have recently been the victim of an accident and have suffered a shoulder injury, claiming compensation might be the next logical step. As the law firm best suited to handling your shoulder injury claims, we are ready and waiting to take your call. Thanks to our ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement, there’s no cost involved finding out whether you could be due compensation. Whatever your injury, we’re ready to take your call. Ring today and discover what we can do to help you receive shoulder injury compensation.

Helpful Links

Shoulder injury claims- FAQs

How much is a rotator cuff injury worth?

The amount of compensation you’re likely to receive for a rotator cuff injury will depend on various factors. To find out more about how much your claim might be worth, get in touch with our team today.

Does a rotator cuff injury heal on its own?

An injured rotator cuff can heal without intervention. But more serious injuries may need steroid injections or even surgery to recover fully.

How long does it take to heal a shoulder injury?

This depends on what kind of injury you’ve sustained and how severe it is. For instance, a slight tear to the rotator cuff or a soft tissue injury may heal within a few weeks, whereas a more serious rotator cuff injury or a brachial plexus injury may restrict mobility in your shoulder for a period of years.

What can I claim for in a shoulder injury?

As well as the damages that you’ll receive for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of your accident, you can also receive special damages which will compensate you for things like medical expenses, care costs and loss of earnings.

What kinds of accident might result in a shoulder injury?

There are several ways you might damage your shoulder due to someone else’s negligence. You could be involved in a slip, trip or fall at work or in public, or your shoulder may be damaged in a car accident. Speak to our team today to see if your accident might be the basis for a claim.

Are shoulder injuries permanent?

There are many shoulder injuries from which people can make a full recovery. But some shoulder injuries may leave the injured person with permanent effects after the accident.

I’ve had a shoulder injury at work- what are my rights?

If you’ve damaged your shoulder at work because of your employer’s negligence, you’re entitled to make a personal injury claim. Your employer can’t let you go because you’ve decided to make a claim; this constitutes unfair dismissal.

What happens if a shoulder injury goes untreated?

If the proper medical attention isn’t sought after a shoulder injury, it can cause a restriction in the range of motion in the long term. As well as ensuring that you get the treatment you need, seeking medical attention after an accident can strengthen your claim.

What is the average payout for a shoulder injury after a car accident in the UK?

Following a car accident, legal professionals will take many factors into consideration when calculating your potential settlement amount. This is true for all personal injury claims, including shoulder injuries.

For instance, a permanently damaging injury is likely to be worth more than a minor injury that heals completely over a period of weeks or months. Additionally, the impact that the injury has on the claimant’s everyday life may factor into the value of a claim.

Special damages need to be considered as well. To illustrate, the injured party may have been a professional athlete. If the injury stops them from working or competing, then this could limit or remove their ability to earn money. As such, they could claim back the loss of earnings under special damages.

In short, every claim is unique. Therefore, the value of a claim is something that is addressed on a case-by-case basis.

How do they calculate shoulder injury compensation payouts?

A lump sum payment for a shoulder injury may include general damages and special damages. A lot of consideration goes into the calculation. The severity is one of the factors considered for general damages. For instance, a rotator cuff injury settlement amount may differ from the amount awarded for lacerations.

You may want to use a shoulder injury compensation calculator for an estimate of your payout. However, this may not take special damages into account – this addresses any financial loss. We recommend getting in touch with us for an accurate evaluation of your claim.

Thank you for reading our guide on shoulder injury claims. We hope you’ve learned a lot about how to claim shoulder injury compensation.

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