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£3,900 Compensation For A Soft Tissue Shoulder Injury

The specialist personal injury solicitors who work with Legal Expert can help you to make a successful soft tissue injury compensation claim. We are one of the UK’s leading resources for personal injury and compensation claim information, advice and resources. We have a range of guides on different types of injuries, as well as how to make a successful compensation claim. We also have a great selection of different personal injury case studies which show how specialist solicitors have helped people get the compensation they are entitled to after an accident. We work with a panel of specialist solicitors around the nation who are experienced at helping people to claim for the compensation that they deserve.

soft tissue injuryIn this case study, we are looking at a claimant who suffered a soft tissue injury shoulder, back as well as their leg after an accident whilst disembarking an airplane. Solicitors working on behalf of the claimant were able to secure a total of £3,900 in compensation. They were successfully able to demonstrate that the claimant was not given sufficient assistance in disembarking the aircraft, despite the claimant requesting this prior to disembarking. Initially the defendant was reticent to respond to the solicitors actions, but eventually they were able to secure a settlement which the claimant was happy with.

Legal Expert work with a panel of solicitors from across the UK who specialise in helping people recover damages after an injury which was not their fault. They have experience in similar cases of a soft tissue injury. Read below to find out more about how solicitors we able to help this claimant, and well as the circumstances of the injury suffered.

The Soft Tissue Injury Claim

The claimant sustained their soft tissue injury in the shoulder whilst flying back from a holiday outside the UK. The claimant had difficulty embarking and disembarking the aircraft and had requested assistance in doing so in advance. When the aircraft landed she was not provided the necessary assistance when disembarking from the plane. As such the claimant found it difficult to do so and stumbled part-way down the mobile stairway. This caused the claimant to jar and strain her shoulder, as well as muscles in her back and leg. The claimant sustained a soft tissue injury in the shoulder, back and leg.

A soft tissue injury is one in which the soft tissues of the body are in some way injured. Soft tissues include the tendons and ligaments, muscles as well as the tissues which support the joints. A soft tissue shoulder injury involves any of the muscles or connective tissues around the shoulder. They can often happen due to a person falling or slipping with an outstretched arm or whilst holding onto something. The symptoms of a shoulder soft tissue injury may include general pain, heat and bruising or tenderness in the affected area,as well as some loss of function and stiffness.

Your soft tissue injury shoulder healing time will depend upon the severity of soft tissue injury, and how much of your shoulder is affected. By following soft tissue injury shoulder exercises and NHS recommendations then a basic level of recovery could take around a month and a half. However, it should be noted that different people will recovery at different rates. Can soft tissue damage be permanent? Your soft tissue injury shoulder healing time will depend on how serious your initial injury was and whether or not you have any pre-existing injuries or other symptoms. The question of how long does it take for a soft tissue injury to heal varies considerably and could range from weeks to months.

You can find information on soft tissue injury shoulder exercises to help your recovery, as well as other types of soft tissue injuries with this soft tissue shoulder injury NHS guide.

The Case And Establishing Liability

The first step solicitors took in the soft tissue injury claim was to write a letter to the company the claimant had booked their holiday through. They were identifies as the defendant. In the letter, solicitors highlighted the circumstances which led to the claimants accident. It also notified the defendant that they intended to make a compensation claim. At this time the defendant requested further information about the circumstances of the accident, injury and compensation claim. At the same time, the solicitors made sure that they had clear and specific evidence that the claimant had booked and requested assistance when she disembarked the plane. As well as talking to the claimant, the solicitors requested that the defendant supply evidence of any assistance that they had provided to the claimant, as the solicitors were still waiting for this information. They also requested any information on the levels of assistance which could be on offer.

Next the solicitors organised a comprehensive medical examination of the claimant from an orthopaedic surgeon. This was to establish the full extent of the claimant’s soft tissue shoulder injury. This also helped to estimate how much pain she may expect in the future, as well as how long it would take to recover.

Solicitors also collected evidence of financial losses and costs that the claimant had incurred because of the injury. The claimant provided a comprehensive statement as to how the soft tissue injury had affected her. This included information on the medication that she had to take on a daily basis to relieve her soft tissue injury symptoms. This medication was needed for over a year. Finally, the solicitors also collected witness statements which showed the deterioration in the claimants health as a result of the injuries.

The Admission of Responsibility

The defendant and their representatives were initially reticent to speak to the claimants solicitors and it took repeated effort before the defendants solicitors were able to discuss the case. After some effort by the claimants solicitors, the defendant did admit their responsibility for the injuries suffered. At the same time, the claimants solicitors also received the supporting medical evidence showing that the injuries had aggravated an existing medical condition, accelerating it.

Soft Tissue Compensation Amounts

After collecting all of the evidence needed to support the claimants case, solicitors acting on behalf of the claimant contacted the defendant to discuss the options for a settlement. The average compensation for a soft tissue injury in the shoulder can range up to £6,600. However, soft tissue injury compensation amounts will vary depending on their nature and severity.

Solicitors for the claimant made a settlement offer to the defendant which they felt would be adequate to settle the case. This offer encouraged the defendants solicitors to contact the claimants and discuss the settlement. An offer of £3,900 was made to settle the case. Based on their previous experience in these types of settlements and cases, the claimants solicitors and claimant accepted the offer. The claimant was satisfied with this compensation amount.

No Win No Fee Solicitors

At Legal Expert we are able to offer clients a comprehensive no win, no fee legal service. No win no fee contracts, known as contingency or conditional fee agreements are a special type of contract between the client and solicitor. The contract will detail what services the claimant will receive from the solicitor and what they should expect to pay in return.

No win no fee contracts mean that a specialist solicitor will take your case on without asking the claimant for any up-front fees or any other charges whilst they work on your case. The main benefit to the claimant of working with a no win no fee solicitor is that the CFA removes any financial risks. If the solicitor you are working with is not able to recover any compensation for the client, the client will not have to pay anything. No win no fee solicitors were created as a way to make sure that no matter what a person’s financial situation is, that person still has access to adequate legal services. This means that if you have been injured as a result of an accident which was not your fault, you should still have access to making a damages claim. If your case is not successful, no fees are charged and there is not small print either. If you have had an accident which was not your fault as part of your holiday, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. Contact us today.

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