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Sexuality Data Breach Compensation Claims

This guide will explain how to make a personal data breach claim for a sexuality data breach. If an organisation breached personal data concerning your sexual orientation or sex life, you might feel that they violated your privacy. Moreover, the data breach may have caused problems in your personal life or made you vulnerable to discrimination.

Sexuality data breach

Sexuality data breach guide

Do you get compensation for a data breach?

If an organisation has breached your personal data, you may be eligible to claim compensation. You’d need to be able to show that you suffered financial loss or psychiatric injury because of the breach.

You’d also need to show that the organisation that was collecting, holding or processing your personal data caused the data breach through wrongful conduct. For example, they may have provided substandard cybersecurity, leading to a cyber attack in which your personal information was accessed.

If you have a favourable claim, Legal Expert can provide you with an experienced data breach solicitor. Our solicitors work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. So, to see if you can begin your claim, contact us using the details below:

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  1. What Is A Sexuality Data Breach?
  2. What Is Special Category Data?
  3. When Can Organisations Process Special Category Data?
  4. Examples Of Sexuality Data Breaches
  5. Calculating Settlements For Sexuality Data Breaches
  6. Discuss How To Claim For A Data Breach

What Is A Sexuality Data Breach?

A sexuality data breach is a data breach that exposes sensitive information about a person’s sexual orientation or data concerning their sex life.

Personal data is information that identifies a person, such as your name or email address. Organisations sometimes collect personal data for operational or commercial purposes.

A data breach is a security incident that causes the unlawful or accidental alteration, loss, disclosure, destruction of or access to personal data. For example, an employer data breach can happen if the employer shares an employee’s personal data without a lawful reason.

Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018, organisations should safeguard the personal data they collect. The organisation should invest in staff training and security measures to protect the data.

Please contact us today if you’re able to claim compensation for a data breach that exposed information about your sexuality.

What Is Special Category Data?

The UK GDPR considers data concerning one’s sexual orientation or sex life as special category data. Therefore, the data is sensitive and requires additional protection.

Examples of special category data include:

  • Data concerning sex life
  • Data concerning sexual orientation
  • Genetic data and biometric data (for ID purposes)
  • Data concerning one’s health

Is gender considered sensitive personal data under the UK GDPR?

Gender and gender identity aren’t considered sensitive data under the UK GDPR. However, if an organisation exposed personal information regarding your sex, gender or gender identity, you may still be eligible to claim compensation.

When Can Organisations Process Special Category Data?

The UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 recognise that special category data is sensitive. Therefore there are rules for processing special category data. For example, an organisation can only process special category data if there are any of the following exceptions:

  1. The person has given explicit consent
  2. Employment, social protection and  social security (if authorised by law)
  3. Vital interests (to protect someone’s life)
  4. Bodies that are not-for-profit
  5. Made public by the data subject
  6. Judicial acts or legal claims
  7. Reasons of substantial public interest (with a basis in law)
  8. Social care or health (with a basis in law)
  9. Public health (with a basis in law)
  10. Research, archiving and statistics (with a basis in law)

Examples Of Sexuality Data Breaches

A sexuality data breach can happen because of human error. On the other hand, an organisation may have neglected to train their staff in proper data management.

Examples of unintentional data breaches include:

  • An employer may unlawfully disclose an employee’s sexual orientation without a lawful basis. For example, a secretary may send a fax that contains the personal data to the wrong person
  • A counselling service may commit a BCC data breach. For example, they may send a mass email to LGBTQ+ people who use their services and enter the email addresses into the Cc field, not the Bcc field. Therefore, all recipients would be able to see each other’s email addresses, so the service shared personal information about their client’s sexuality without a lawful basis.

However, sexuality data breaches can also happen if a malicious actor intentionally reveals special category information.

Examples of intentional data breaches include:

  • Hackers could hack into a company’s database and steal the client’s sexualily information. The hackers may use the stolen information to blackmail individuals.
  • A case of insider threat could occur when a person within an organisation intentionally leaks personal information.

The ICO Fines Transgender Charity

In 2021 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined Mermaids (a transgender charity) for failing to keep the personal information of its users secure. The ICO is an independent body that enforces data protection laws.

The charity sent the ICO a data breach report. It found that an internal email group had insufficient security, causing around 780 pages of emails that were confidential to be viewable online for almost 3 years. 550 people’s personal data, including email addresses and names, was searchable online during this time. Some people’s sexual orientation was also exposed.

Calculating Settlements For Sexuality Data Breaches

If you claim compensation for a sexuality data breach, you can receive up to two heads of claim. Firstly you can receive material damages, compensating for any financial losses incurred by the data breach.

Secondly, you can receive non-material damages. Non-material damages compensate you for any psychological injuries you experienced. If data concerning your sexual orientation is publicly exposed, you may experience stress due to a data breach. Moreover, the trauma of having your privacy violated or experiencing subsequent discrimination may have caused psychiatric injuries. Injuries you could claim for include depression or anxiety.

How Much Is The Average Compensation For A Breach Of The Data Protection Act 2018, In The UK?

You can use the table below to understand how much compensation you could claim for a sensitive data breach. The table includes non-material damages you can claim, but material damages are excluded from the table. However, the final payment you receive may differ from the compensation amounts in this table. Please get in touch with us today, and we can advise you on what your compensation payout might be.

SeverityCategory Of InjuryDamagesAbout The Injury
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderSevere£59,860 to £100,670The person will have suffered a reactive psychiatric disorder which was diagnosed following a traumatic event.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderModerately Severe£23,150 to £59,860Whilst the person will have problems for the foreseeable future, they do have a better prognosis than the category above.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderModerate£8,180 to £23,150An almost full recovery should be made and any lasting symptoms are not grossly disabling.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderLess Severe£3,950 to £8,180A full recovery should be made in one to two years.
Psychological DamageSevere£54,830 to £115,730Damages could account for how much this person's ability to cope with education, work, social life or relationships have been impacted.
Psychological DamageModerately Severe£19,070 to £54,830They have a better outlook than the person above, though all aspects of their life will also be affected.
Psychological DamageModerate£5,860 to £19,070A good level of recovery should have been made by the time of trial.
Psychological DamageLess Severe£1,540 to £5,860Damages account for what symptoms you suffered as well as how serious these were.

We used guidelines from the Judicial College to create the compensation payments in the table above. Importantly, data breach solicitors may use this information to help them determine what a data breach claim is worth.

Discuss How To Claim For A Data Breach

You may be able to use the services of a solicitor under a No Win No Fee agreement. A No Win No Fee claim means that you won’t pay a solicitor’s fee before the claim or while the claim is ongoing. Instead, you are charged a success fee if the claim wins.

What Are The Benefits Of No Win No Fee Claims?

  • The success fee is deducted from your data breach compensation payment only after it comes through. What’s more, it’s capped by law.
  • You only pay the success fee if you win your claim. Therefore you are taking on less risk with your finances when funding the services of a solicitor this way.

Please reach out to us today to see if you can begin your No Win No Fee claim for a sexuality data breach. An advisor will be happy to discuss whether or not you can claim compensation.

Get in touch:

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  • Use our online claims form to start
  • Or ask us a question directly, using the chat widget

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Thank you for reading our guide to sexuality data breaches.

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