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A Guide To Using An Accident Claims Management Service To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury

By Stephen Frost. Last Updated 27th July 2021. Welcome to our guide to using an accident claims management service to claim compensation for a personal injury. If you have been the unfortunate victim of an accident that has resulted in a personal injury, then you have several options if you wish to claim compensation. You can attempt to do it yourself, you can contact a solicitor to assist you with the claim, or you can use a claims management service to handle everything on your behalf. This guide discusses the last of these options.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the accident claim management service that we offer, please contact us on 0800 073 8804 to arrange a free legal consultation to discuss your claim.

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  1. A guide to accident claims management.
  2. What is accident claims management?
  3. The benefits of using an accident claims management service.
  4. Is it safe to use an accident claims management service?
  5. The most common accidents an accident claims management service can help with.
  6. What kinds of compensation can an accident claims management service help me claim?
  7. Can an accident claims management service help me claim for an accident at work?
  8. I had an accident in a public place can an accident claims management service help me claim compensation?
  9. What to do if you have sustained a personal injury in an accident.
  10. How much compensation can an accident claims management service get for me?
  11. Does the UK government regulate accident claims management providers?
  12. How to start a compensation claim for a personal injury using an accident claims management service.
  13. We can organise free local specialist physiotherapy.
  14. Get a replacement vehicle after a car accident.
  15. No Win No Fee accident claims management service.
  16. Why you should use us as your accident claims management service.
  17. Call us for free advice and to start a claim.
  18. Accident claims management FAQ

A Guide to Accident Claims Management

There is a reason why there are plenty of fault and non-fault accident management companies in operation. These firms offer the easiest way for the victim of an accident that has resulted in a personal injury to claim compensation and offer the highest success rates.

Accident claims management

This guide will take a look at what exactly these types of management companies are, what they can do to help people claim compensation, and what the benefits of using such a service are.

It will also discuss what victims of an accident should do before contacting a claim management company, and how to start a compensation claim.

The safety of using a claims management company is also discussed within this guide. The different types of accidents which could lead you to contact a claims management company are also examined. This guide also looks at certain types of support our legal experts could potentially provide while you’re making your claim, such as specialist physiotherapy or a replacement vehicle following a car accident.

Furthermore, it covers just what types of compensation can usually be claimed, and how much a person is likely to receive as a compensation payout. Finally, it will introduce our own No Win No Fee service, and explain how our conditional fee agreement works.

What Is Accident Claims Management?

It is a term used to describe a set of processes, that combine to provide an end-to-end solution for claiming compensation against a third-party following an accident that they were wholly, or partially, the cause of.

A firm which offers an accident claim management service will take care of every aspect of the compensation claim lifecycle. From gathering evidence such as medical reports and witness statements, pursuing the compensation claim against the third-party, providing legal representation and attending court on behalf of the claimant if necessary.

The Benefits of Using an Accident Claims Management Service

Using the services of a specialist management firm offers some clear benefits over either pursuing a compensation claim following an accident causing a personal injury yourself, or employing the services of a generic solicitor. A generic solicitor doesn’t offer the same expertise that a specialist personal injury solicitor such as ours do. The main benefits can be summed up as:

  • Simplified claims process – indeed, the process of making a compensation claim could not be more streamlined, as you simply provide your claims service with all the details of your claim, and they do the rest.
  • Single point of contact – your claims service is the only party you need to communicate with across the entire lifecycle of your compensation claim.
  • Access to expertise – because an accident claims service specialises in procuring compensation settlements for people who have been the victims of an accident resulting in a personal injury, they know the playing field. This experience and knowledge help to ensure that you have the best chance of making a claim possible.
  • Unified costs – as you will not be paying separate solicitors fees and other legal costs. In many cases, a claims service will take on a compensation claim under a conditional fee agreement.

These are some of the main benefits of using an accident claims service to pursue a compensation settlement on your behalf. Compared to other options, such as using an accident claim management company vs insurance company to chase a settlement, it is much more efficient.

Is It Safe to Use an Accident Claims Management Service?

Yes, using a reputable management firm is a very safe way to make a compensation claim following an accident that has resulted in personal injury. Claims handlers offering this service must comply with all the laws and legislation that govern any company working in the legal sector.

This includes making sure that you are offered the best advice at all times, safeguarding your private information, and doing their best to limit your exposure to risks, both legal and financial. The best accident management company will always be willing to provide you with fully documented proof that they are 100% compliant with all trading requirements.

The Most Common Accidents an Accident Claims Management Service Can Help With

There is a very wide range of accidents that can result in a person needing to use an accident claim management service to claim compensation on their behalf. However, some types of accidents are far more common than others, and these include:

  • Road traffic accidents it is no surprise that there are companies that solely deal with road traffic accidents. This is the most common of all accidents that occur in the UK each year. So car crash claims management is big business.
  • Slip, trip or fall accidents the second most common type of accident in the UK every year. Slip, trips and falls can happen for many reasons, in a wide range of locations. From walking along the street to navigating marked pathways through a manufacturing environment.
  • Work-related accidents accidents at work are a common occurrence, especially in industrial and manufacturing fields. Using a claims service to pursue compensation against your employer simply makes sense, as this is a complex process.

These are some of the common types of accidents that an accident claim management service can assist with. Whatever the cause of your accident, please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page, so we can help you begin to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

What Kinds of Compensation Can an Accident Claims Management Service Help Me Claim?

Any claim for compensation that an accident claim management company makes on your behalf, will comprise of one or several types of damages. The most typical of these damages are detailed below:

  • General damages – under general damages we include all the physical aspects of the personal injury. General damages will cover the initial pain and suffering, as well as ongoing discomfort as the injury heals. It also covers long-term negative health effects of the injury, such as loss of movement of a limb until the injury has fully healed, and any mental anguish the injury has caused the victim.
  • Special damages – under special damages we include all the non-physical aspects of the injury. This means things like financial loss either direct or indirect. It will also include a provision for compensation to be paid due to an expected change in future earning potential. Also, under general damages will come compensation for extraordinary reasons, such as missing the wedding of a child or having to cancel a pre-booked holiday. Typical items that would be put under the general damages category include:
    • Medical costs to cover both the initial treatment of the injury and also ongoing therapy.
    • Travel costs to cover all out of pocket travel expenses that relate to either having the injury treated or the compensation claim itself, such as visiting a solicitor or attending court.
    • Care provisioning if you need help taking care of yourself at home, or have to spend some time in a care facility, the costs can be claimed back.

These are the most common types of damages that a claims management service will attempt to claim for you. There are others, so please contact us using the info at the bottom of this page to find out if any further types of damages would apply in your case.

Can an Accident Claims Management Service Help Me Claim for an Accident at Work?

Accidents at work are commonplace, yet one of the most difficult compensation claims to make. No company wants to be found guilty of negligence and have to pay an employee a significant compensation award.

However, every company is required by law, to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its workforce. Certain industries, such as construction, health care and transport have additional legislation that they must comply with that has been set by the Health & Safety Executive.

If the company then fails to fulfil its legal requirements, and this results in an accident that sees an employee sustain a personal injury, then a viable reason to claim compensation will exist.

As the graph below shows, there’s been a general downward trend of self-reported workplace accidents in the last decade, but in recent years the rate has broadly flattened. Although this data from HSE isn’t directly related to accidents caused by negligence, it gives us an idea of how common workplace accidents are.

Accident claims management statistics graph

If we were to ask the question, how do accident claim management companies work? With regards to claiming compensation against an employer, we could answer that the claims service will take all of the details of your accident, and discern whether a route to successful procurement of a compensation payout exists. If so, they would advise you on how to best achieve this result.

I Had an Accident in a Public Place Can an Accident Claims Management Service Help Me Claim Compensation?

Yes, any good personal injury claims management firm will have plenty of experience in successfully claiming compensation for people who have had an accident in a public place.

The way the claim is pursued will depend upon what type of public place the accident took place in. Was it a company operated public place? Such as a supermarket car park? If so, then the claim will be made against the supermarket operator. Was it a slip, trip or fall due to a badly maintained public footpath? If so, the local council may be at fault, and a claim would be made against them for compensation for the personal injury.

For more information on the steps to take when you’ve been injured in an accident, and how a claims management service could help, please read on.

What to Do If You Have Sustained a Personal Injury in an Accident

Of course, many people, especially if they have sustained a very serious injury, will not be thinking of a compensation claim at the time it occurs. However, it is important to understand that the success of a compensation claim for a personal injury, is driven by the quality of the evidence which supports the claim. With this in mind, here are some examples of things you could do to improve your accident claim management company’s chances of making a successful compensation claim for you following an accident:

  • Take down details – of everyone involved in the accident, and also specific information such as licence plate numbers if you are involved in a road traffic accident.
  • Get witness contact details – you may need to call upon them further on down the line.
  • Take photographs – of anything pertaining to your injury using your smartphone.
  • Get the injury treated – by a professional medical practitioner in a hospital or clinic so that it is officially documented.
  • Make sure the accident has been recorded – in either the company accident book for an accident at work, as an accident report if it happens in a public place such as a supermarket.

These are just a few logical steps you can take to make your chances of winning compensation better and to make the task of claiming compensation easier for your claims management service.

How Much Compensation Can an Accident Claims Management Service Get for Me?

Although each compensation claim will be different, the figures below give general guidelines of how much to expect as a pay-out for a range of injuries:

Foot Scaling from Minor to Very SevereUp to £189,110Includes foot injuries from simple soft tissue injuries to loss of use or full amputation of both feet.
Leg Scaling from Minor to Full Amputation of Both LegsUp to £264,250Includes leg injuries from simple soft tissue injuries to loss of use or full amputation of both legs.
Hand Scaling from Minor to Very SevereUp to £189,110Includes hand injuries from simple soft tissue injuries to one or more fingers, to loss of user or full amputation of both hands.
Arm Scaling from Minor to Very SevereUp to £281,520Includes arm injuries from simple soft tissue injuries to one or more parts of the arm, shoulder, or wrist, to loss of use or full amputation of both arms.
Back Scaling from Minor to SevereUp to £151,070Includes back injuries from short-term sprains of the back muscles, through to long-term loss of function due to severe back injuries such as a broken back or severed spinal cord.
Brain Scaling from Minor to Very SevereUp to £379,100Includes head or brain injuries from short-term concussion through to major brain damage resulting the loss of quality of life for the victim.
Neck Scaling from Minor to SevereUp to £139,210Includes neck injuries from minor short-term cases of whiplash to serious breaks of the neck vertebra of the neck.
ParalysisQuadriplegicUp to £379,100Full paralysis following an accident.
ParalysisParaplegicUp to £266,740Partial paralysis following an accident.
Psychiatric DamageSevereUp to £108,620Long-term psychological effects caused by an accident.
Psychiatric DamageModerately severeUp to £51,460Mid to long-term psychological effects caused by an accident.
Psychiatric DamageModerateUp to £17,900Short to medium-term psychological effects caused by an accident.
Psychiatric DamageMinorUp to £5,500Short-term psychological effects caused by an accident.
Psychiatric DamagePTSDUp to £94,470PTSD caused by an accident.

The figures included in the table are based on compensation brackets provided by the latest Judicial College guidelines. These brackets are based on payouts given for different types of injuries in certain real life cases. Solicitors involved in your potential claim may use these brackets to calculate the value of your injuries.

The above figures do not include special damages, only general damages. We would need to know the details of your specific case to give you an indication of how much compensation you might receive for special damages.

Does the UK Government Regulate Accident Claims Management Providers?

Yes, all claims management firms must comply with guidelines laid out by the Claims Management Regulator personal injury claims managed by the firm must comply with all current legislation.

Furthermore, the claims management service will need to comply with top-level legislation that every company has to adhere to, such as Data Protection and Privacy.

How to Start a Compensation Claim for a Personal Injury Using an Accident Claims Management Service

Beginning a claim for compensation following an accident that has caused a personal injury using our claims management service is easy.

All you need to do is contact us, and then we will arrange a short fact-finding session to capture all of the details of your claim.

Once this is done, we will offer you some advice on how to proceed with your claim. In most cases, we will offer our No Win No Fee accident claims service as a solution to your problems.

We Can Organise Free Local Specialist Physiotherapy

If you need ongoing treatment to help with your recovery, then we can provide free local physiotherapy as part of our accident claim management service. Any costs incurred are rolled into your claim, so you don’t pay a thing.

We can also set up a free local medical examination if we need a full medical report to support your compensation claim.

Get a Replacement Vehicle after a Car Accident

If you are involved in a road traffic accident which resulted in your vehicle being damaged so badly that it is no longer roadworthy, then we can help.

We can assist you in sourcing a replacement vehicle for you to use until yours has either been repaired or replaced. You will need to contact us to discuss this service, as the availability of a replacement vehicle will depend on many factors.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Management Service

Finding the cash to begin the legal process of claiming compensation for a personal injury following an accident is an expensive proposition. Especially if you have suffered a loss of earnings due to the accident.

Fortunately, we have another option available for you. We can offer you our No Win No Fee accident claims service. There are no initial costs and no ongoing legal fees. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to pay until your claim has been resolved. If the resolution is unsuccessful, you can walk away without paying anything. If the resolution is successful, you will then be asked to pay our legal fees from the compensation you are awarded.

Why You Should Use Us as Your Accident Claims Management Service

Not all personal injury claims management companies are equal. There are good ones and bad ones. We believe we are one of the good ones, in fact, one of the best, and our long list of happy customers would tend to support this claim.

We will always try and get you the most compensation we can, but in the same breath, we won’t ever do anything that could potentially ruin your chances of receiving a compensation pay-out.

We keep every client updated on the status of their claim at all times, and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Call Us for Free Advice and to Start a Claim

Have you recently suffered a personal injury due to an accident, and feel you have a valid reason to claim compensation?

If you have, contact us on 0800 073 8804 and arrange a free legal consultation to discuss your claim. We will let you know if we think you have a valid cause to make a claim and whether we believe you could successfully sue the party that caused the accident. If you would rather not call us directly, you can use the chat feature of this web page, or email us so that we can contact you back.

Useful Links

Claims Management Regulator

A detailed explanation of the legislation that every accident claims management company must adhere to. Published by the UK Government.

Compensation after an accident or injury

A UK Government resource, which makes a comparison between using a solicitor and an accident claim management firm to claim compensation for a personal injury.

Car Accident Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

If you have had a car accident as a driver or passenger find out how much compensation you can claim today.

Accident Claims Management FAQ

To conclude our guide to using a personal injury claims management service to claim compensation for an accident, we’ll address some FAQs.

What do accident management companies do?

Claims management companies handle the initial stages of making a compensation claim after an accident. They connect you to the solicitors they work closely with and ensure they deliver the service promised.

What is the first step in processing a claim?

By contacting our team of specialist advisors today, you can take your first step towards making a claim by getting a free consultation. If you have grounds for a claim, our advisors can put you in touch with our panel of personal injury lawyers to handle the rest of the claims process on your behalf.

How much is pain and suffering worth in a car accident?

It’s hard to put a value on pain and suffering without knowing the details of your claim. Get in touch with our team today and we can see how much you could be owed after speaking with you about your case.

How can I prove my pain and suffering?

We’ll arrange a medical examination for you so the extent of your injuries can be ascertained. However, it’s always advised to seek medical attention yourself first so you get the care you need and your injuries are recorded.

How are damages calculated?

General damages will be based on your physical injuries. Special damages will cover financial losses, and you should keep any bills, receipts or invoices as evidence.

Should I use an accident management company?

The decision on whether to use an accident claim management company is entirely your own. But if you’d like the peace of mind offered by knowing that professionals are handling every aspect of your claim, it may be a good option for you.

Should I choose an accident management company near me?

It’s not necessary to choose an accident management company in your area. It’s much more important that you trust the company handling your claim to do the best they can.

Should you tell your insurance company about an accident?

Yes. Even if you choose not to go through your insurer to make a claim, you should make them aware if you’ve been in an accident.

Do I have to pay a claims management company?

If a claims management company connects you with a solicitor that supports your case, then any legal fees you need to pay will be given to the solicitor. The exact payment requirements for the solicitor supporting your claim will depend on the terms and conditions of your agreement with the solicitor. If you sign a No Win No Fee agreement with a solicitor, then a small percentage of your compensation is normally taken by your solicitor as payment following a successful claim. The percentage which the solicitor can take is capped by law.

Can an insurance company refuse to pay you?

If you are making a compensation claim against a defendant being represented by an insurance company (during, for instance, a car accident claim), then that insurer may refuse to pay you if they believe the defendant is not liable. If you’re being supported by a solicitor, then they may be able to come to agree a settlement with the defendant and their insurer. Any payment offered by the defendant’s insurer will need to be accepted by you before it is finalised.

Thank you for reading our guide to using an accident claims management service to claim compensation for a personal injury.

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