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How To Claim As A Passenger In A Car Accident? How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Marianne Fairchild. Last Updated 16th March 2022. Welcome to our guide on passenger car accident claims. Injuries suffered while riding in a car as a passenger can be very serious. If you are injured as a passenger in a car accident then you could be eligible to claim compensation.

This guide is based on road traffic accident claims. However, we cover many other areas also. In almost all scenarios the passenger is a blameless victim and can either make a claim from the driver’s insurance or a third party depending on who is at fault for their injury. To make a passenger car accident claim call us today at Legal Expert.

Passenger car accident claims for injuries can be straightforward as in most cases a third party is usually at fault for the accident. Often, the passenger has little control over the accident. A passenger car accident claim may be due to the fact you have suffered mental or physical injuries or even both.

If you would like to receive advice straight away please do not hesitate to call our team on 0800 073 8804 or fill out the online form on our website. Alternatively, speak to us using the live chat window in the bottom right corner.

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A Guide To Passenger Accident Claims

Passenger Car Accident Claims

Passenger Car Accident Claims Guide

If you are looking to make passenger car accident claims, you can call us for a free no-obligation consultation in regards to accident claims advice. We can offer advice on the claims process and potentially evaluate your claim for free. If we find your case looks strong, we could potentially connect you with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors to support your personal injury compensation claim straight away.

Regardless of whether you are looking to make a passenger whiplash claim a taxi passenger accident claim or similarly bus passenger accident claim for an injury suffered, we can help. In the process we aim to answer the following questions;

  1. Can I receive a car accident claim payout?
  2. Does car insurance cover passengers?
  3. Can you claim for anxiety after a car accident?
  4. I was a passenger in a car accident who do I sue?

Who Is Responsible For Injuries To A Passenger In A Car Accident?

Given the lack of influence or control a passenger likely has in any given situation, the fault usually falls on a third party. In many cases, the following parties might be responsible:

  • The Driver of the vehicle causing the accident – The person driving the vehicle may have been acting recklessly or not paying due care and attention. This could be either the driver of the vehicle the passenger is riding in or the driver of another vehicle.
  • The Road – The conditions of the road can have an impact on road traffic accidents, whether it is a pothole or faulty street lighting.
  • The Vehicle Manufacturer – If the vehicle had manufactural faults.
  • Cyclists or Pedestrian at Fault – If a cyclist or pedestrian acts with negligence, they could be responsible for causing passenger injuries.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. For a victim to claim passenger injury compensation it must be proven that a third party was at fault for the accident therefore liable for any suffering caused.

Claiming As A Passenger Who Sustained An Injury In A Car Accident

“How much money can a passenger in a car accident get in the UK?” is a common question proposed to our advisors. If you are claiming as an injured passenger in a car accident you may be wondering where you start. You may also be wondering who is at fault for your accident.

In many situations, passenger car accident claims will be paid by an insurance provider. If for example, the driver is considered to be at fault, then their insurance could be the party who pays the final compensation total. In many cases, the passenger might be considered to have been something of an innocent bystander, unable to influence the course of events. It is not usually left up to the passenger to prove liability – that is usually done by those in control of the vehicles.

Claiming As A Passenger Who Sustained An Injury In A Public Transport Accident

Not all accidents involve a car, however. In some situations, you might have been involved in an accident involving public transport. For example, an injury suffered when riding on a bus that has been involved in an accident could lead you to file a bus passenger accident claim. This is not to say that the accident will have been the bus driver’s fault as we have mentioned previously other third parties could be liable for passenger accident claims. This can also include taxis, cabs, ferries, and many other forms of transportation which are open to the public.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident As A Passenger?

For anyone involved in a car accident, the most pressing issue is to seek medical attention. When injured as a passenger and as a driver, it is vital to seek medical attention as a priority. In most circumstances, passengers are not required to provide evidence of fault. If you are considering passenger car accident claims, then it’s advisable to follow these steps:

  • Police are not always called to the scene of an accident but if they are, ask for a police reference number.
  • Try to obtain evidence regarding the scene of the accident. This might involve taking photographs of the area, as well as the vehicles involved and the damage inflicted upon them. In addition, photos of your injuries can help demonstrate their severity after they have begun to heal.
  • Try to document everything. This can include the date and time of the accident, details such as the weather, or your itinerary up to that point in the day, as well as anything you believe might be relevant to the case.
  • Gather together the contact details of anyone who might have been a witness to the accident. This can include fellow passengers, other road users, or even pedestrians. Taking their contact details can prove to be useful when mounting a claim.

Even if you never thought to do any of the above you could still make a passenger claim call our advisors today for more information.

How To Begin A Passenger Injury Claim

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a solicitor pursue your passenger accident compensation claim we highly recommend using one. For the simple reason that they have the knowledge and expertise to be able to achieve a successful outcome. Ensuring you receive the right amount of compensation for your passenger car accident claim.

If you choose a No Win No Fee personal injury car accident solicitor there are no upfront fees to pay. You do not need to pay your solicitor their legal fees if your case does not succeed.

You can rely on our passenger car accident claims solicitors as they have the capabilities and required experience to ensure your receive maximum damages possible for your injuries. Call us today at Legal Expert and see how we can help you.

Can I Claim Against Foreign Drivers?

It is possible to claim against a foreign driver if they are at fault for a road traffic accident. Those who drive nationally may be required to have a Green Card which ensures they have the right insurance in place. It also allows a victim of a car accident to claim compensation when involved in an accident with a foreign driver. Thanks to this, victims of accidents can seek compensation from insurance companies from another country in a relatively straightforward manner.

Our personal injury solicitors are able to deal with passenger car accident claims involving foreign vehicles. If you need more information do not hesitate to call us.

Can My Passenger Sue Me?

If you are the faulting driver in which one or all of your passengers have suffered injuries they could claim compensation via your insurance provider. The passengers would make an accident insurance claim so that they could receive compensation not only for the suffering caused but any financial losses or costs they faced due to the accident.

Passenger Car Accident Claims

Passenger Car Accident Claims Guide

If for any reason you were not insured, the passenger may be able to make their claim through the Motors Insurers Bureau (MIB), they deal with untraceable or uninsured drivers. To learn more, call our advisors who can speak with you any time of the day or night. We also have our own guide on how to make a MIB claim.

What Can Be Claimed For After A Car Accident As A Passenger?

As an injured passenger in a car accident, there are a number of costs and expenses which you may have encountered. When discussing compensation amounts for passenger car accident claims, you might unaware of the full extent of the damages you can pursue. Whether it is a bus passenger accident claim, a taxi passenger accident claim, road traffic accident passenger claims, or whiplash compensation claims, there are two types of damages that you could potentially claim.

General damages – These compensate for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries and also any loss of function or normality you have experienced because of your injuries.

For an accurate assessment of general damages, you will need to attend an independent medical appointment. A medical professional will assess the severity and future implications of your injuries, which will be key evidence for your claim.

If you hire a solicitor, they can help you organise this appointment closer to you, reducing the money and time you spend on travel.

Special damages – are awarded to cover any expenses the claimant had incurred due to their injuries, as a result, it can cover losses also. They can include;

  • Care claim – this can involve the fees you may have spent on hiring a nurse to help you around the house and other care-related costs.
  • Loss of earnings – if you had to take time away from work to recover then you could be entitled to claim any losses back. Those who are no longer able to work could be entitled to claim future loss of earnings also.
  • Travel Expenses – these could include bus, taxi or even train fare to hospital appointments. Travel expenses can also include the cost of petrol to medical appointments, as a result, you could claim these back.
  • Medical Expenses – this can include your visits to a private healthcare facility, medication, or any medical equipment (crutches, wheelchair, etc.) required after the accident.

If you need any further advice with regards to general and special damages in road traffic accident compensation claims please do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

What Is The Average Whiplash Compensation Amount For A Passenger Car Accident Claim?

It is impossible to give an average payout for a passenger car accident claim as every single claim is different. No two claims are identical therefore an average amount is not representative. Although people may experience similar injuries such as whiplash they can deal with these injuries completely different. Their circumstances can be far from similar. All individual factors will play a crucial role in passenger injury compensation.

Whiplash Reform Programme

For road traffic accidents that occurred prior to 21st May 2021 worth up to £5,000, you can now make a claim through the Whiplash Reform Programme, which is an online claim portal. This streamlines the process, but you will still need to present evidence of your injuries and carry out other actions to prove your claim and who was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries.

Despite the name of the programme, it’s not only whiplash claims that they process. All road traffic claims up to the value of £5,000 can be addressed this way. It’s worth getting in touch with us to see if your claim could be worth more than £5,000. It doesn’t matter if you were injured as a passenger, or as a driver. We could still help you be awarded the compensation that you deserve.

Passenger Car Accident Claims Statistics

If you’re injured as a passenger due to the negligence of another road user, you’re entitled to the same level of compensation as the driver of the car you’re in. This includes both slight and severe injuries. In this section, we will focus on the slight injuries recorded to the police as listed in the 2020 annual report from the Department of Transport.

In 2020, there were 92,054.58 slight injuries reported to the police. There were also 22,069 serious injuries reported as a result of road traffic accidents, and even 1,460 fatalities.

Whilst these stats do not state whether the injuries were sustained by the driver or the passenger, it still demonstrates how often these kinds of injuries can occur.

What Types Of Injuries Do Passengers Sustain In Car Accidents?

Cars move with such speed and velocity that accidents on the road can inflict almost any injury. As such, the range of compensation claims we have seen has included everything from broken fingers to amputations. Below we have described some common passenger car accident injuries. You might have a claim if you have suffered any of the following:

  • Hip Fracturebreaking the pelvis or hip can lead to a loss of mobility and can seriously affect your ability to work.
  • Spinal Injuries – among the most serious injuries, those affecting the spine can take the longest to heal. Spinal cord injuries can be life-changing.
  • Neck Injuries – whiplash is typical of a neck injury.
  • Face Injuries – bruising, scarring, and broken bones in your face can lead not only to pain but to a loss of professional reputation.
  • Whiplash – for whiplash diagnosis please see the NHS website.
  • Burns – whether caused by chemicals or fires, burns can affect the entire body and can be among the most painful injuries with the longest recovery times.
  • Head injuries – head injuries such as concussions are not uncommon in car accidents and can lead to dizziness, nausea, and discombobulation for extended periods of time.

It would be impossible to mention all injuries therefore for any further advice please call our team. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week to discuss any passenger car accident claims. You can ask as many questions as you like in the free consultation we offer.

How Much Compensation Will I Get In My Passenger Car Accident Claim?

General and special damages can potentially both cover what will be awarded for a passenger car accident payout. In this section, we are going to look at general damages. General damages cover the pain and suffering someone may experience in a road traffic accident as a result of someone else’s negligence. General damages can also take into consideration how much compensation for anxiety after a car accident is awarded.

How Much Money Can A Passenger In A Car Accident In The UK Get?

Below, you can see a table showing payouts for passenger car accident claims. The table below covers various compensation brackets which could be awarded for certain injuries The figures are courtesy of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG).

The figure awarded for your injuries is referred to as general damages. The JCG publication establishes guideline bracket amounts for certain injuries. Please only use the table as guidance as it does not include special damages and therefore could not provide a complete picture. This is a guide rather than a specific compensation calculator.

Injury SustainedSeverity of the InjuryCompensation
Shoulder InjuryModerate£7,410 to £11,980
Shoulder InjurySerious£11,980 to £18,020
Shoulder InjurySevere£18,020 to £45,070
Spinal Injury (Paralysis)Quadriplegic£304,630 to £379,100
Spinal Injury (Paralysis)Paraplegic£205,580 to £266,740
Neck InjuryModerate£7,410 to £36,120
Neck InjurySevereUp to £139,210
Loss of Both ArmsN/A£225,960 to £281,520
Arm InjurySevere Injuries£90,250 to £122,860
Back InjuryModerateUp to £36,390
Jaw InjuryN/A£6,060 to £42,730
Cheekbone Injury N/A£2,180 to £14,810
Damaged Teeth Loss of or serious damage to several front teeth£8,200 to £10,710
Leg Injury Simple Fractures to Tibia or FibulaUp to £11,110
Leg InjurySevere Leg InjuriesUp to £127,530
Brain Injury Very Severe Brain Damage£264,650 to £379,100
Brain Injury Less Severe Brain Damage£14,380 to £40,410

No Win No Fee Passenger Injury Claims

To conclude, let’s discuss No Win No Fee solicitors for passenger car accident claims. We can potentially offer No Win No Fee solicitors to anyone who has strong grounds to start a personal injury claim. We see this as a way to afford anyone, regardless of their financial standing, the opportunity to be able to pursue a compensation claim with a specialist solicitor. Until your case is successful, you won’t have to pay anything. We take our fee from the final compensation amount.

No Win No Fee or a Conditional Fee Agreement is when a solicitor agrees to start work without upfront payment. The payment is conditional on winning the case. Solicitors will receive a percentage of the compensation if the case is successful. The percentage that can be taken by your solicitor will be capped by law. This leaves the bulk of compensation in your hands. Call us and ask more about our No Win No Fee basis for claims.

Why Choose Us?

Our solicitors pride themselves on their high success rate, client satisfaction, and integrity. In addition, they ensure the claims process is as simple and as trouble-free as possible, allowing you to focus on recovering from the injury while they do the hard work.

As well as this, we can offer the following benefits:

  • Highly qualified representatives in every necessary field.
  • Representatives who all have years of experience in the legal trade.
  • A free, no-obligation consultancy session to discuss your claim.
  • Arrange an appointment for you to visit a local doctor and ensure you’re correctly diagnosed.
  • To conclude, our solicitors offer a No Win No Fee arrangement for any claim they take on.

Passenger car accident claims, taxi passenger accident claims, bus passenger accident claims need not be difficult. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.

Call For Free Advice And To Start A Claim

If you would like to know more about passenger compensation or passenger car accident claims, passenger payouts our advisors are here to help. When you are ready to file your claim, you can reach out to us to get your claim started. To do this, either call 0800 073 8804 or fill out the online form on our website. You could be speaking to one of our representatives in no time at all.

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Passenger Car Accident Claims FAQs

What do you do if you are a passenger in a car accident?

If you weren’t at fault, we advise that you begin collecting evidence for a potential compensation claim against those responsible while seeking legal advice.

Could a passenger be liable for a car accident?

Usually, this is not the case. But it could impact their own attempts to receive compensation from the crash.

Could my passenger claim for whiplash?

Any traveller who suffers whiplash from a road accident that wasn’t their fault could make a claim for compensation.

Are passengers covered by car insurance?

It tends to be that the insurance company representing the person who caused the crash will cover other passengers involved.

Do insurance companies automatically pay for pain and suffering?

This is indeed the case, but only if there is substantial evidence on the victim’s behalf as proof.

How are medical bills paid after a car accident?

The person who has caused the accident is officially responsible for covering the victim’s medical bills, should a settlement be reached successfully.

Is a driver responsible for their passengers?

The driver is always responsible for maintaining the safety of their passengers as per the rules of local authorities. Passengers who are hurt could even claim against the owner of the vehicle if they feel their safety has been breached.

How does car insurance work when you’re not at fault?

You could still make a claim with your insurance company, provided that it covers scenarios relating to your specific car accident.

What are my rights as a passenger in a car accident?

If you were in a car accident as a passenger, you could potentially claim against the faulting party for your injuries. This could be another motorist, but you could also claim against who was driving you if they acted negligently and it led to you sustaining an injury.

Can you claim for whiplash as a passenger?

You should know that you can claim through the Whiplash Reform Programme if you are the driver or passenger of a vehicle and over the age of 18.

Does the driver’s car insurance cover personal injury claims?

When a car accident claim is successful, the negligent party does not pay the compensation out of their own pocket. Instead, the compensation will be covered by their car insurance company. If the driver is uninsured, or untraceable, it may still be possible to claim compensation through the MIB.

Other Useful Compensation Guides

Thank you for reading our guide about passenger car accident claims.

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