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£50,000 Compensation For A Knee Injury At Work Claim

Worker receives £50,000 for a knee injury at work claim

Whilst working on scaffolding, a client who was a window glazer sustained a serious knee injury after a scaffold board gave way from underneath him when stepping off of a ladder causing him to fall to the ground from the first-floor level. The client was transported to the hospital by ambulance where he had to undergo surgery for his knee injury. Due to this, the client was not able to return to work for 4 months. After returning to work, he was limited to light duties as a result of his injuries.

Shortly after the incident, a claim was brought against the client’s employer, as well as against the company who was contracted by his employer to build the scaffolding. Initially, both defendants denied the client’s claim. However, after an extensive investigation led by the legal team, both defendants agreed to accept 50% of the liability for this claim.

Furthermore, the legal team instructed a plastic surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, and a psychiatrist, to present reports that detailed the extent of the injuries suffered by the client. As a result of this investigation, the team were able to obtain interim payments throughout the duration of the claim. In conclusion, they were able to negotiate a settlement of £46,000 for the client.

Accidents at work causing knee injury- What are the statistics?

Workplace accident statistics

Every year, thousands of workers, through no fault of their own find themselves involved in a work related injury. These injuries range from minor cuts and bruises, to serious, or in some cases fatal injuries. According to the HSE, there were over 600,000 non-fatal work related injuries throughout Great Britain in 2016 alone. How many of these work related accidents involving knee injury is unclear, but the majority of non-fatal accidents reported involve trip and fall, and falling from heights, both of which are known to result in a knee injury at work claim.

In the case of our client, our team of qualified and experienced accident at work solicitors were able to prove that our client, through no fault of his own, fell from a height causing serious injury to his knee. As a result he was able to claim lost wages, and pain and suffering as a result of his knee injury. The average compensation payout for knee injury varies from client to client. No two claims are the same. The amount awarded to the client pursuing a knee injury at work claim depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Extent of the injury
  • The amount of wages lost
  • Pain and suffering (both physical and emotional)

While we cannot guarantee how much you will receive for your knee injury at work claim, we can guarantee that we will work diligently to ensure that you get the amount that you deserve.

Claiming for a knee injury at work- What’s involved?

If you find yourself injured at work due to someone else’s negligence you more than likely are in a position to make a knee injury at work claim. In some cases, the negligent party may be your employer. This should not prevent you from claiming an injury. Employers understand that even in the safest of environments mistakes can be made resulting in injury to their employees. This is why they have insurance, to allow them a means to compensate their employees if an injury occurs as a result of the employer’s negligence.

You should not anticipate any hostility or mistreatment from your employer as a result of you making a claim. In fact, government legislation demands that people who are claiming against their employers be treated the same any other employee. If you have made a knee injury at work claim against your employer and are experiencing mistreatment of any kind, it is imperative that you contact one of our legal experts right away.

Making a claim against an employer is slightly different than making a knee injury at work claim against a company or individual that you do not work for, it can often be a long and detailed process that requires a lot of focused attention. Luckily our team of legal experts are here 7 days a week to help guide you through this process, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

My accident wasn’t reported by my employer- Can I claim?

Your employer is obligated by law to report any and all injuries that happen at the workplace, regardless of their severity. Unfortunately not all employers report every work accident that occurs. Failure to report a workplace accident by an employer is usually just an honest mistake, often due to either a misplaced accident report, or just forgetfulness. Other times it may be an attempt to brush the incident under the rug to avoid a claim or involvement from health and safety officials. This is why it is so important that you inform management of your injury as soon after the incident as possible, so it can be logged and reported by them.

But what if your employer does not report your injury, are you able to make a knee injury at work claim? The answer is yes. Once you have reported your injury to your employer it is their responsibility to make a report detailing the accident and injury that occurred as a result. If your employer fails to do this, it by no means safeguards them against accident at work claims , in fact it may look very badly on them when a claim for the accident is filed.

No Win No Fee injury at work claims- What’s involved?

Our team of knowledgeable legal experts are on hand 7 days a week to answer any and all of your workplace injury related questions. Our no win no fee guarantee ensures that regardless of the outcome of your case you will not have to pay anything out. A fee will only be collected from your award if your case is won. This offers you a risk free option towards getting the compensation that you are entitled to.

Call Legal Experts For Free Advice on Accident Work Claims

If you have received a knee injury whilst at work, or any other workplace related injury, we would love to speak with you. Call us today for free legal advice from one of our legal experts at 0800 073 8804. Our team is here for you 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm. Or contact us via our online chat.

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