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Hastings Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

On this page, you will find a guide to finding a high quality team of personal injury solicitors covering Hastings to process an injury claim for you. Within it, you should find plenty of invaluable information and advice. Enough to learn about why you are eligible to make a claim, who you can claim against, and how to move your claim forward.

Hastings personal injury solicitorsHastings personal injury solicitors

Hastings personal injury solicitors

Once you have finished reading this guide, if you still have a number of unanswered questions, you can call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804. One of our team will be happy to go over your claim with you, explain the service we offer, and answer any questions you might have.

How Personal Injury Solicitors And Lawyers Could Help You

If you have a valid personal injury case, a good solicitor will be able to process a claim for you. Using a legal firm to do this is vital, as they have the experience needed to give you the best chance of your claim being successful. Your solicitor will help you to:

  • Prepare for making your claim, consolidating facts and evidence.
  • Advise you on the legal entity that you should pursue for compensation
  • Tell you what types of damages you should claim for.
  • Handle the negotiations with the defendant’s legal team.
  • Attempt to negotiate an out of court settlement that meets your expectations.
  • Represent you in a legal capacity of your claim goes to court.

In the UK, you are empowered to tackle all of these tasks yourself. However, it simply makes sense to use a professionally trained solicitor to action your claim. You will have a much greater chance of winning your claim. Legal Expert can hand your claim for you, and we can defer our fees until after the claim has been successful. Call us on the number at the end of this guide to find out more.

Could I Claim Compensation When Hurt In An Accident Which Was Not My Fault?

In general terms, any time you come to harm through the actions of a third party, a personal injury lawyer should be able to process a compensation claim for you. This is also true if you were partially to blame for the event that caused you harm. You will still claim against any third parties involved, but at a lower percentage of liability, which your solicitor will negotiate with the defendant’s legal team for you. When we talk about “harm”, we mean:

  • Physical injuries that were caused by an accident.
  • Psychological damage that was caused by a traumatic event.
  • Diseases and illnesses that were caused by the claimant being exposed to a health hazard.

Deciding who is liable in your claim is one of the first steps. Any legal entity can be pursued for compensation, such as:

  • Your landlord.
  • The local council.
  • Your GP.
  • Your employer.
  • A member of your family.
  • The local hospital.
  • Another driver.
  • A restaurant or retail store.

Any distinct legal entity from the UK Government downwards, could be liable to pay you compensation. If you need to know who night be liable in your own claim, speak to one of the Legal Expert team on the number at the end of this page today.

Five Reasons To Use A Personal Injury Lawyer

Having the best personal injury lawyer possible handling your case, is vital in ensuring that you have the best chance of your claim being successful. There are some very compelling reasons for choosing the right legal firm, such as:

  • The more experienced your legal team is at processing your type of claim, the better chance they will have of winning your claim.
  • The more skilled that your solicitor is in negotiating with the defendant’s legal team, the more chance you will have of receiving the most compensation possible.
  • If your solicitor has excellent negotiation skills, your claim is far more likely to be settled out of court.
  • If your claim does go to court, having an expert legal team at your side can mean the difference between losing your claim, and being awarded a compensation settlement by the judge.
  • A good solicitor will be able to advise you on how best to prepare for your claim, to give yourself the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

Legal Expert is a specialist accident and injury claim solicitor. We focus entirely on helping claimants the get the compensation they are entitled to across a wide range of personal injury claims. Call us on the number at the bottom of this guide so that we can start helping you today.

Why Solicitor Reviews Are Useful

As you have probably gathered by now, find a good legal team is not a simple task. It will take some effort the track down the best legal firm for your claim. A way to reduce the effort involved in this, is to check websites that have personal injury solicitor reviews. These reviews can be used as a basis to create a list of personal injury solicitors covering Hastings that might be suitable. When reading reviews, compare the following facts:

  • How old is the review?
  • Does the review cover a claim that is similar enough to your own?
  • Was the review positive, and did the reviewer list the good and bad of dealing with the legal firm?
  • What percentage did the legal firm charge as their fee?
  • Did the solicitor offer a fee structure that was dependant on them being successful in winning the claim?

Facts such as these will help you to make a sensible and informed choice. If you really don’t have the time to go through what could be a long, iterative process, Legal Expert can help. Speak to one of our team on the number at the bottom of this page. They will go over your claim with you, discuss your legal options, and then offer you a simple and effective solution for having your claim processed.

Can I Use A Solicitor Based In A Different Area?

Many people think that there is some legal obligation that means they would have to use law firms in Hastings to process their claim. This is not the case though, you can use any legal team you wish, the location has no bearing.

Knowing that you can use any solicitor, from anywhere across the UK to process your claim, you now need to make a decision. Which is more important to you, using a local firm that is simple to contact, or a specialist accident and injury solicitor that would potentially, be better at processing your claim?

Legal Expert offers our accident and injury claims service at a national level, to people all across the UK and this includes Hastings. Speak to one of our team today on the number at the end of the page, and we will explain how we can help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to. We can also book you a checkup with our medical expert to fully assess your injuries. They are;

Mirella Radici
7-11 Carlisle Parade
TN34 1JG

Laura Sanchez Pallares
455 Old London Road
TN35 5BH

What Injury Or Accident Could I Make A Compensation Claim For?

Legal Expert is a personal injury solicitors  which Hastings residents can trust to handle any type of accident or injury claim. We have a proven track record of securing major compensation payments across a wide range of complex claim types. We can handle every claim, from a simple rear shunt accident causing a mild case of whiplash, to fatal accidents at work.

There are some types of claims we assist our clients with much more often than others. We have covered these common claim types in their own sections below. If you don’t find your own accident or injury discussed in one of the sections, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you, we can. Call us on the number at the end of the page, and one of our team will tell you how.

Industrial Disease Claims

If you become sick because your employer has exposed you to some kind of health hazard, then a valid reason to make a claim should exist. Your employer has to provide you with a healthy place to work; this is a legal obligation that cannot be ignored. If they fail to do so, and you develop an illness or disease, you can claim.

The time limit for making an industrial disease claim is three years. This means that you can also claim against previous employers who exposed you to a health risk that has only now resulted in your developing a medical condition.

Legal Expert is highly experienced in processing claims for workplace illness. Call us on the number below to get started on a claim today. You can also check out this guide:

A guide to claiming for an industrial disease

Medical Negligence Claims

Hastings injury statistics

Hastings injury statistics

Take a look at the graph above. It shows figures for the number of young people admitted to hospital in this town. Every one of these people could have become the victim of clinical negligence while they were at the hospital.

A valid case of medical malpractice would:

  1. Involve a medical professional with a duty of care to towards the patient who was harmed, and
  2. A failure in duty of care was the reason the patient came to harm, and c
  3. The medical professional could have avoided failing in their duty of care in some way.

Some good medical negligence advice would be, if the statement above seems to fit with your own situation, call Legal Expert on the number at the bottom of this page. We can get your claim started as soon as possible. You can also check out our guide here:

A guide to clinical negligence claims

Slip, Trip, And Fall Injury Claims

These are very common accidents that Legal Expert helps people claim for. They can happen in so many ways, and for so many reasons, such as:

  • Tripping over stock that has been left on the floor in a shop.
  • Slipping on a wet floor at a public swimming pool.
  • Falling down due to a pothole in the street.
  • Slipping on food that has been dropped on the floor in a fast food restaurant.

There is a myriad of ways a slip, trip or fall can happen. No matter how you were injured, Legal Expert ca likely help you to claim. Call us on the number at the bottom of this guide to begin your claim today. You can also take a look at this specific guide:

A guide to claiming for slipping on a wet floor

Serious Injury Claims

These claims often result in the largest compensation payments of all. More so than fatal accident claims in many cases. The settlement is intended to compensate the claimant for the rest of their lives. Due to suffering a life-changing injury such as:

  • Amputation of an arm or a leg.
  • Partial or complete paralysis.
  • Loss of cognitive function due to brain damage.
  • Damage or loss of an internal organ.
  • Inability to function due to psychological damage.

All of these medical conditions will have a serious negative effect on the life of the claimant. Legal Expert can help you to claim the maximum compensation possible for serious injuries. Call us on the number at the end of the page to find out how.

Hastings Accident At Work Claims

Your employer is required by law, to provide you with a safe working environment at all times. They must comply with all of the Health & Safety regulations related to their industry, as well as generic legislation such as the Occupiers Liability Act. If they fail to comply fully, and this lapse leads to an injury to one of their staff, they would be liable to pay compensation.

Legal Expert has plenty of experience in processing workplace accident claims, and we are sure that we can help you to get the compensation you are eligible for. Call us on the number at the bottom of this page to proceed with a claim today.

How Many Workplace Accidents Happen In Hastings?

The table below covers workplace accidents in Hasting from 2012 to 2014:

Not known81510
Electrical accident001
Machinery accident413
Fire related accident110
Chemical accident111
Falling accident1448
Animal accident020
Lifting accident383125
Slip, trip or fall accident383629
Struck (by unknown)421
Struck (by vehicle)200
Struck (by object)1075

Road Traffic Accident Claims In Hastings

Legal Expert is a team of experienced road traffic accident claims solicitors. These are the most common of all types of claims we assist our clients with. We have successfully won compensation for everything from minor cases of whiplash, through to fatal vehicle accidents.

If you would like to learn how Legal Expert can help with your road traffic accident claim, then please call us on the number at the end of the guide. When you do, one of our team will be happy to go over the details of your accident, and then help to get your claim started right away for you.

Reported Fatalities And Casualties From Road Traffic Accidents In East Sussex

The table below shows a breakdown of the types of road traffic accidents in Hastings from 2014 to 2017:


What Are No Win No Fee Claims?

Legal Expert can handle your claim, as your No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors. When you take advantage of our national claims service, the financial risk of making a claim is removed. This is a very simple and effective way to have your claim processed. Call the number below and speak to one of our team for more information.

How Can I Make A No Win No Fee Claim For My Injuries?

The fee structure that our No Win No Fee claims service is based on, works like this: We don’t charge anything when we take your claim on, and we don’t charge anything during the time we are processing your claim. If we fail in making your claim and you don’t receive compensation, then you pay nothing. When we are successful, we take our fee automatically from the money received for you, and then give you the rest.

Where Can I Find More Information Before Starting My Claim?

If you want to check out some more resources before you engage a personal injury solicitor to process your claim, that’s fine. Some good websites include those published by the NHS, Health & Safety Executive and also the UK Government. You can also read more guides on this site, such as:

A guide to claiming for professional negligence

A guide to claiming for a back injury

Speak To Us Today

If, now that you have read this guide, you are ready to make your personal injury claim, then please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 now. One of our team is ready and waiting to go over the circumstances of your claim with you, and then offer you some free legal advice on what you should do next.

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