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Halifax Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

By Stephen Adams. Last Updated 29th September 2021. If you have suffered an injury in Halifax or in fact anywhere within the UK, then you may be considering whether you should make a claim with the help of Halifax personal injury solicitors. You may however be reluctant because despite all the advertising; perhaps you really can’t believe that No Win No Fee means just that! If you ask Legal Expert the question ‘is No Win No Fee really free?’, we can indeed reassure you that the answer is yes. We can provide No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors who will not charge any upfront fees for fighting a personal injury case on your behalf.

Halifax personal injury solicitors

Halifax personal injury solicitors

So how do No Win No Fee solicitors’ work? Legal Expert, on 0800 073 8804 will explain to you that any legal fees for their services will only become payable should your case be won and deducted as a percentage from the compensation you are awarded by the Court. If your case is lost – there is nothing to pay but if you get paid then we get paid and so we do our very best to win each and every claim!

So who is Legal Expert? We provide personal injury compensation solicitors that cover your area who will be happy to discuss any potential No Win No Fee claim you may be considering. This could include such claims as clinical negligence, medical malpractice, or a car crash claim but we cover all other personal claims such as work related injuries or sickness and slips, trips or falls in a public place where you were not at fault.

How our specialist Halifax personal injury solicitors and lawyers can help you ­

Legal Expert will tell you in the first instance whether you are eligible to make a personal injury claim and if so – will be happy to fight this claim on your behalf. We are experienced in providing professional legal representation to win clients the maximum financial compensation they deserve. Legal Expert understand that the decision to make an injury claim can feel like yet another stress after what has already been a difficult and often life changing time but we aim to make every claim as stress free as possible.

Legal Expert can provide the best personal injury lawyer for you and your claim. We have personal injury solicitor reviews online that you are welcome to read but the quickest and easiest way to get the ball rolling is to simply pick up the phone because nothing beats talking directly to one of our experienced team members. You can then relax knowing that we have the job in hand and are fighting your legal battles for you. So the first step is to contact Legal Expert and look forward to the time when you are financially recompensed and can focus on getting back to living the life you deserve.

It does not matter whether you live in Halifax or another location in the UK because Legal Expert offers their services to everyone nationwide and so it is good to know that you do not have to choose specifically located Halifax personal injury solicitors whose service standards may not match our own. Instead, you are free to choose a Legal Expert personal injury solicitor from our nationwide panel to represent you throughout your own claim whether this is a No Win No Fee car crash claim (we are experienced road traffic accident claims solicitors), or medical malpractice claim etc.

It could be that you are still at the stage of seeking advice and we can help you with this too. Perhaps you are looking for medical negligence advice because you feel you have an eligible claim for medical malpractice? Legal Expert are a No Win No Fee compensation specialist and will not only advise you but can then provide a personal injury lawyer from our panel of No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors should you choose to instruct us to fight your claim.

Considerable legislation already exists to support people like you and help them claim compensation but in order to do this as efficiently as possible, it is important to choose the best personal injury lawyer to represent you as the legal field can be complicated. A successful claim is often the result of experienced negotiation where a claim does not even reach court but is settled between the parties involved. Personal injury solicitors and lawyers based all across the country can provide this experienced negotiation, making it all round an easier process.

Legal Expert has years of experience providing personal injury compensation solicitors. As explained earlier we provide not just road traffic accident claims solicitors but can advise on other personal injuries no matter what the circumstances including work related injury and sickness and clinical negligence etc.

Your solicitor however will advise you to make a claim as quickly as possible because there is a 3 year time frame from medical diagnosis of your personal injury/sickness in which to make a claim. This means that some clients will be able to claim for injury or illness that took place years ago as long as the actual diagnosis has taken place within the last 3 years. If you are still suffering the effects of a workplace accident or industrial disease and have been diagnosed within the last 3 years, then please do contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Can I claim compensation for my accident or injuries?

To win your personal injury case a personal injury solicitor will have to determine:

  • You were owed a duty of care by the Defendant who is the person/organisation you are claiming against
  • This duty of care was breached by the Defendant
  • This breach caused your personal injury or sickness

Your personal injury lawyer needs to begin collating evidence to support your claim as soon as possible.

Five reasons why you need to use a personal injury solicitor

Need to know why using a personal injury solicitor is the best option? Here are just 5 reasons you might need one:

1. It’s hard to go it alone without legal expertise

2. You can use solicitors without putting any money upfront

3. They can help win you more compensation than you’d get on your own

4. They have experience in how these cases are played out and know what your claim should be worth

5. They’ll take the stress of claiming away

As winning a compensation claim can be a lengthy process, it is important that you and your solicitor are on the same page in order to have a clear end aim in sight. This should include an accurate estimate of your compensation claim settlement. If you search online you will find compensation calculators that will offer to estimate this compensation figure for you but there is no alternative to speaking directly to a No Win No Fee compensation specialist who has the experience to consider all the deciding factors of your personal claim in order to provide a realistic estimate of the monetary figure you can expect to achieve.

Halifax personal injury solicitors supplied via Legal Expert will also be able to provide you with this figure. At present, the law can award two types of damages; for the injury itself and for damage based on other variables such as expenses which may include time taken off work, medical bills as well as other factors such as future work prospects etc.

Rating solicitors and lawyers online by reading reviews

As mentioned earlier; clients can search for personal injury solicitor reviews online or gain recommendations for speaking to family and friends. However, you could simply pick up the phone and contact Legal Expert. We are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) so you instantly know that you are in safe, professional hands throughout every step of the claim process.

When discussing if ‘No Win No Fee‘ really is free, many clients do not give enough thought to the fees that become payable should your case be won simply because it is a percentage of the compensation and not coming out of their own pocket. However, there can be a BIG difference in the final monetary figure you receive precisely because of the different fees charged by different solicitors. Legal Expert’s provided lawyers operate a transparent fee structure – a practice supported by the SRA.

Am I restricted to using solicitors in my area?

We live in the modern age of the internet, phone, email etc as well as secure legal postal services. This means that you don’t have to choose a local solicitor but can choose a Legal Expert solicitor to fight your claim.

If you use Legal Expert’s provided lawyers then the only stage of your claim that would have to be carried out near you is the medical examination. However, this is no problem as our firm works with medical experts across the whole of the UK and so an appointment will be arranged with a local expert for your convenience.

What is considered to be a personal injury you can claim for?

Any injury or illness inflicted on you because of someone’s negligent or dangerous action or inaction can lead to a claim. This can include:

Industrial disease claims

The workplace is a much safer place than it was in times gone by but no matter the health and safety procedures in place; accidents will always happen and work-related sicknesses occur. You can still claim for injuries and industrial disease suffered years ago as long as the diagnosis has been made within the last 3 years. We commonly process claims related to such industrial diseases as Carpal Tunnel (hand-arm vibration), respiratory and skin conditions, and occupation related cancers and damage to sight or hearing.

Please contact Legal Expert regarding any Industrial disease claim you have to receive expert advice.

Medical negligence claims

We expect the medical field to provide treatment that makes us better but unfortunately increasing numbers of people are seeking medical negligence advice because a duty of care has been breached. This breach may be due to a misdiagnosis or surgical error and can include clinical negligence such as a duty of care breached in a non GP/medical setting such as a dentist’s office etc.

Slip, trip, and fall injury claims

It may be that your personal injury is due to a slip or fall that has taken place at work, on work premises or in a public place. The diagnosis of any injuries will need to have been made within the last 3 years for you to make a claim.

Please contact Legal Expert for advice regarding your eligibility to make a claim to receive the compensation you deserve.

Serious injury claims solicitors

We often worry about becoming ill but, unfortunately, it is more likely that we will face an accident resulting in serious injuries that can alter our lives in ways that we never expected.

Legal Expert can offer a wise and professional hand throughout the shock of adapting to life after suffering serious injuries when making a claim for compensation. Not only can a successful monetary award offer closure, but it can also help to financially secure your future for yourself and your loved ones.

Halifax accident at work claims

If you have suffered a workplace accident that has resulted in injury; whether minor or severe, please contact Legal Expert for professional advice.

Road traffic accident claims in Halifax

Halifax is no exception to road traffic accidents that leave innocent victims with perhaps even life changing injuries that can impact on quality of life both in the present and for a long time into the future.

Legal Expert believes in claiming the maximum compensation for clients so please do contact us in the first instance if you have suffered a road traffic accident in Halifax or in any other town in the UK. Whatever the circumstances – our expert legal team will be happy to advise you on your eligibility and the process of making a winning claim.

Reported casualties from road traffic accidents in Calderdale

How often do accidents on the road cause casualties within Halifax? For insight into this question, we can look to certain statistics which are published regularly by the Department for Transport (DfT). The organisation keeps track of how often road accidents (of different levels of severity) are reported in different parts of the UK, including the borough of Calderdale, where Halifax is based.

Looking at a 2019 annual report by the DfT, we can see the following regarding road casualties in Calderdale:

  • There were 76 killed or seriously injured (KSI) road casualties reported in the borough during 2019.
  • The 2019 figure was more compared to the number of KSI road casualties reported in the area in 2018 and 2017 (67 and 63 respectively).
  • On a more positive note, the 2019 total is less compared to each annual figure reported between 2009 and 2016.

What are No Win No Fee agreements?

Is No Win No Fee really free? How does it really work? Legal Expert will confirm that the service really is free to you! Any fees payable will only be taken from the compensation awarded to a successful claim.

Legal Expert provide solicitors that work on a transparent fee structure meaning that you will know what percentage of your fee will be payable BEFORE your claim is won and this will be detailed in your agreement.

How do I take advantage of your No Win No Fee service?

Please ring Legal Expert and talk to one of our team who will be able to advise you on any aspect of the question of how do No Win No Fee solicitors work? Remember that time is of the essence as all claims must be made within a 3 year window of diagnosis and NOT when the injury or disease took place. This means that even if you suffered your injury/industrial disease years ago – you could still be eligible to make a claim!

Where can I find out more about personal injury claims?

Whether you are seeking further information on a claim or have made the decision to instruct us to legally represent your eligible claim please visit the Legal Expert website or telephone to speak directly to one of our team. We can answer any question you may have which will help you to make the important decision of beginning your claim or take the first legal step of actually making your claim through the legal process to win the compensation you deserve!

Speak to us today

Talk to Legal Expert today! You can ring 0800 073 8804 to speak to one of our team or request a call back at your convenience.

Helpful guides and local contact information

As well as contacting Halifax personal injury solicitors you may wish to also contact the following in the event of suffering a personal injury:

West Yorkshire Police
Richmond Cl,
Tel: 101


Calderdale Royal Hospital
West Yorkshire

Been hit by a foreign driver? – If a driver from abroad has hit you, you can still claim accident compensation.

Accidents on the streets – Likewise, if you’ve suffered due to a pavement injury, you can claim.

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