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Have you suffered harm through some form of medical negligence? If you have, then you are going to need to find a good solicitor in Paignton to make a compensation claim on your behalf. On this page, you will find useful information that will help you do so. We will also introduce the Legal Expert national claims service, which could be the best option for residents of Paignton to make a compensation claim for clinical negligence.

Clinical or medical negligence is a term used to describe the situation leading up to a patient being harmed whilst under the care of a medical professional. Clinical negligence can take many forms, from simply being prescribed the wrong medication, to a patient being killed on the operating table due to an anaesthetic accident. Medical negligence can cause physical injuries and medical conditions, as well as induce psychological problems due to stress and trauma.

Medical negligence solicitor PaigntonIf you need to claim compensation for clinical negligence, then you will need to find the best legal form possible. The better your solicitor the greater chance you have of winning your claim, and the higher the amount of damages you receive will be.

Legal Expert operates a nationwide claims service that residents of Paignton can rely on to handle their clinical negligence claim in a professional and effective manner. We have over three decades of experience in claiming compensation in complex and challenging medical negligence cases. We can arrange for a home visit from a member of our legal team covering Paignton if you would like to know more.

Advice for Claimants Who Have Suffered Medical Negligence That Happened in Paignton

When you need to find a good legal firm to make a compensation claim for medical negligence that happened in your area, then the single biggest consideration is whether the solicitor has enough experience in winning similar cases. Further considerations include whether you can afford the legal fees and whether they can help you arrange any local services you need during your case, such as an impartial medical examination.

A much easier way to locate the best legal team for your case in Paignton is to allow Legal Expert to offer you some free legal advice, and connect you with the best solicitor for your case. If you would rather do some research yourself first, the tips below will help with this.

Should I Use a Local Lawyer?

There is no advantage in using a local lawyer for making a clinical negligence claim. Modern consumer technologies such as email, VOIP and web chat enable you to speak to your legal team no matter where they are located.

If you would prefer to deal face to face, Legal Expert can arrange for one of our legal team covering the Paignton area to visit you.

Should I Read Solicitors in Paignton Reviews

If you need to come up with a shortlist of possible solicitors in Paignton, review sites are a good starting point. You will be able to evaluate local legal firms and their suitability for making NHS medical negligence claims. Once you have made a shortlist, you can double check your facts by speaking to friends and family to find out if they have used any of the legal firms on your list, and what their experience was like.

Claims Legal Expert Can Conduct For Paignton Residents

In order to have the best chance of winning your clinical negligence claim, and in receiving the most compensation possible, you are going to need an experienced and competent legal firm the make the claim on your behalf. Legal Expert believes that our national claims service is the best option for residents of Paignton to use, due to our proven track record in securing damages in a wide range of clinical negligence cases.

We have outlined some of the most common types of negligence cases we take on below. If none of these outlines fit with your specific case, then get in touch with us so we can talk through your claim and find out how best we can assist you.

Hospital Negligence

There are many ways that medical negligence can happen in a hospital. A person might receive the wrong treatment, be prescribed the wrong medication, misdiagnosed or even injured during an operation. However, hospital negligence cases can be hard to pursue. A large organisation such as the NHS has plenty of legal punch, and the medical professional involved will not want a black mark on their reputation. Therefore, Legal Expert approaches hospital negligence cases expecting a challenge. We do everything we can to win your case for you.

Dental Negligence

The most common type of medical negligence which dental negligence lawyers will pursue compensation for involves some kind of accident or mistake during dental surgery. This could lead to a cosmetic injury to the face, jaw or teeth. This means that a compensation claim will need to include damages for the physical injury and also the mental harm caused by the trauma of living with a cosmetic injury for even a short time. Legal Expert is well experienced in claiming this kind of compensation and can help you win your case against a dentist.

GP or Doctor Negligence

We all like to think that we can trust our Doctor. The first person we see when we are feeling under the weather is our GP. When a GP makes a mistake, it can have serious consequences. Imagine what would happen if your GP diagnosed your stomach cramp, nausea and abdominal pain as an upset stomach, when in fact it is Crohn’s disease, a much more serious condition with similar symptoms?

Legal Expert can arrange for you to receive a local, impartial medical examination, and the results of this can be submitted as evidence in a GP negligence case.

Instances of Cancer Negligence

Patients with advanced cases of cancer require treatment quickly in order to have the greatest chance of surviving the illness. When a doctor makes a mistake and misdiagnoses the type of cancer the patient is suffering from, this can lead to a lethal delay in receiving the correct treatment and can be a reason to make cancer medical negligence claims.

If you have lost a loved one due to some form of cancer negligence, then we recommend you use the Legal Expert cancer medical negligence claims to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Negligence in a Nursing Home

As a resident of a nursing or care home, you are supposed to be provided with a specific, legally defined level of care. Unfortunately, nursing homes are often understaffed, with employees lacking the training they need to deal with emergency situations. Nursing home negligence can be something as simple as allowing a resident to take a fall when they were supposed to be supervised and assisted. In more extreme cases of nursing home negligence, death can be the outcome.

If one of your elderly relatives has suffered harm due to negligence in a nursing home Legal Expert can help you claim compensation on their behalf.

Medical Negligence at Birth

Instances of clinical negligence at birth are fortunately quite rare in the UK. But when they do occur, they can have tragic consequences on the life of the mother and the baby. The mother may suffer serious injuries such as a broken pelvis of torn pelvis floor muscles. The baby can suffer even more serious harm, such as broken bones due to birth trauma and permeant disabilities such as cerebral palsy due to brain damage during birth.

If your family is going through the horrific situation of dealing with serious childbirth negligence causing harm to the baby or mother, the last thing you will want to be doing is dealing with a legal firm. Here at Legal Expert we will take on your childbirth negligence claim and do everything we can to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Medical Negligence Claims Made Against Torbay And South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Below you will find a table that details medical negligence cases and payments for the Torbay And South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and any other NHS trusts operating in the Paignton area. The information is taken from NHS Resolution (formerly the NHSLA) and covers the 2015/16 period.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received
Number of Incidents
Payments Made
South Devon and Torbay Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group000

No Win, No Fee Negligence Solicitors Covering Paignton

Legal Expert can help to connect you with a team of No Win No Fee negligence solicitors covering the Paignton area. Under a no win no fee agreement you don’t pay anything to begin your claim and no ongoing costs, and if we lose your case you don’t pay for anything at all. When we secure a compensation payment for you, we will ask you to pay our fee.

What Should I Do Next?

Are you ready to begin a compensation claim for medical negligence? If you are, then call Legal Expert now on Legal Expert – 0800 073 8804. We will explain how our No Win No Fee national claims service works and offer you some free legal advice on what to do next.

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