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How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Supermarket Accident Claim?

By Michael Patrick. Last Updated 17th February 2021. Welcome to our guide to making supermarket accident claims. If you have unfortunately been injured at the supermarket due to third party negligence, then you may consider pursuing a supermarket accident claim. If that is the case, you must take the right steps to make sure your case is as strong as possible and is dealt with by experienced professionals.

Supermarket Accident Claims

Supermarket Accident Claims

As part of the service we provide, we strictly to take on all cases on a No Win No Fee basis, which we shall go into greater detail later in this guide. We specialise in providing you with answers to questions such as – how much compensation for slipping on a wet floor? Could I claim with a personal solicitor? And what are the common causes of supermarket accidents? Should you choose us to handle your case, then you know you are in good hands. Our top priority is to ensure you receive the very best outcome for your pain and suffering you’ve endured due to a supermarket or any retail-based store’s negligence.

If you’d like free legal advice on making supermarket accident claims or to proceed with your case, our personal injury advisers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. To reach them, you can:

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A Guide to Supermarket Compensation Claims

Supermarkets, more specifically, their owners and operators are bound by law to ensure both their members of staff and employees have a safe experience. There is a duty of care and health and safety practice that must be carried out to ensure supermarkets are up to code, such as:

  • Risk assessments
  • Routine inspections.
  • A high standard of housekeeping.
  • Supply all members of staff with training.

However, despite the rules and measures that have been set in place, there are cases where accidents can occur. For instance, mistakes being made by supermarkets could be a direct implication of understaffing their business or insufficient training. Therefore, if health and safety measures have been neglected, they could cause an accident. For example,  a slip, trip and fall is a very common accident that could be caused if a supermarket has poor housekeeping standards.

We can make things easier for the injured party when pursuing supermarket accident claims by assisting them with the legal process, and representation for injured in supermarket compensation claims. We will always act in your best interest, and we will always aim to get you the most compensation we can, without risking your claim in the slightest.

Should I Make a Compensation Claim or Not?

In short, the simple answer to the question above is yes. If you have suffered due to a third party’s negligence, why should you suffer and not hold the party accountable?

Supermarkets in the UK have mostly been bought out by large corporate companies that operate outside the UK. As a result, this allows them to manipulate many UK laws, for example, tax legislation. However, the one area they cannot influence is their legal duties and responsibilities to health and safety.

Supermarkets cannot hide from UK legislation for health and safety, protecting you, the consumer/employee. Therefore, if a supermarket’s negligent actions were to cause you harm, we can help you press a successful claim for damages if you have endured.

Supermarket Accident Statistics

Before we progress further into the guide, we wanted to provide you with statistics that could be extremely beneficial to those who intend on pursuing a supermarket claim.

As we previously mentioned, slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of supermarket accidents to both members of staff and customers. While many consider slips, trips and falls to be a minor accident, in many cases, accidents of this nature can often contribute to much larger incidents, such as falls from heights.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has previously outlined 3 of the most common causes of a slip, trip and fall, which includes:

  • Pathways – businesses such as supermarkets must ensure all walkways are suitable, put in the right place, available for use, and are made with relevant material.
  • Design and maintenance – Supermarkets have an obligation to ensure their environment is designed effectively with level stairs, consistent risers, nosings are highlighted where necessary, have handrails available and take into account environmental factors (such as lighting).
  • Housekeeping – Without a strict housekeeping regime, supermarkets could become hazardous. For instance, if staff are not properly trained, spillage could go unnoticed or improperly cleaned. In return, this could lead to an accident.

So if you’ve been injured in any of the ways described above and want to learn more about supermarket accident claims, please get in touch today for free legal advice.

What Can I Claim If There Has Been an Accident or Injury Sustained at a Supermarket?

Surprisingly, Supermarkets are among the most common places where accidents or other damaging incidents occur, involving the public. These busy, usually understaffed establishments hide a myriad of ways to combat and prevent harm. However, when negligence ensues, there are various ways in which an innocent individual could be harmed.

Therefore, if you are injured and intend on making a supermarket claim, please note that every case takes into account the varying and unique factors at hand. Each case will be different, but in almost every instance, the types of damages below will be applicable:

Types of Damages

  • General damages in supermarkets – in this set of circumstances, we are speaking about the physical injury. The struggling and pain induced by using the injury after being involved in an incident at your local supermarket. And in extremely unpleasant cases, where you have long-lasting suffering that is psychological, this will be covered in common damages because of the accident.
  • Special damages in supermarkets – this area of injuries is paid to you the grocery store’s patron where you, unfortunately, suffered an accident. It covers any hardship that is a monetary loss by you, which is a common by-product of a severe accident. For example, if the victim has a job or employment of any kind, they cannot carry out due to the supermarket’s accident.
  • Don’t forget your travel expenses – this relates to any out of pocket expenses encountered due to having to make journeys due to the accident. This could be everything from having to pay for a taxi home from the hospital, to having to take the bus for outpatient treatment every week. It will even include travel costs if you must attend court due to the case.
  • Medical charges – any fees that had been accumulated owing to having to have the damage treated, and additionally, any treatment that is long-term and ongoing. We can further include long-term care costs and also psychiatric care in this section.

To discover what else you can include within supermarket accident claims, please get in touch with our team.

No Win No Fee Supermarket Compensation Claims

Many big supermarket chains have had significant payouts to customers, and staff members alike due to accidents cause by negligence. Thankfully, our panel of personal injury solicitors are well versed in handling cases of this nature, which means we could help you make a successful compensation claim if a third party’s negligence caused your injury.

One of our trained advisers will be happy to talk to you and confirm if you have a valid no-fee supermarket accident claim. We shall explain how the supermarket accident compensation claims process works. We will offer some indication of how long it will take to conclude your claim, depending on your case’s facts and the type of injury you have sustained. Our initial consultation is free, and we won’t pressure you to take legal action if you do not wish too.

In legal terms, a No Win No Fee agreement is known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Essentially, an arrangement of this nature is a form of legal representation that offers people with limited finances a way to gain access to the legal services they require. There are no start-up costs under an agreement of this nature, and there are no hidden fees to cover.

All solicitors are duty-bound, by virtue of the regulations they work under, to explain all the pertinent information relating to the work they will carry out on your behalf.

For What Reason Can I Claim Compensation Against a Supermarket?

Supermarket owners are required by law to ensure that their premises are free from hazards and that visitors are not placed at risk of being injured.  The supermarket premises must be routinely inspected for potential risks of injury. All reasonable efforts should be made to reduce any risks to supermarket staff or shoppers to a compliant level with required health and safety standards.

When a supermarket manager or staff member does not fulfil all their responsibilities, to maintain an environment that is safe for shoppers and employees, it is considered a breach of the duty of care and constitutes negligence. A claim for supermarket accident injury compensation will be possible should a known member of staff or visitor to the store sustain an injury as a result that is a direct result of such negligence.

To find out more about the reasons behind making supermarket accident claims, get in touch with our personal injury advisers on the number at the top of this page.

What to Do If You Need to Claim Compensation Against a Supermarket?

If you have been the victim of an accident or another form of an incident that has caused you loss while at the supermarket, you need to take some steps to make sure you have the best chance of making a successful compensation claim. Following these simple steps below will ensure that you have all of the critical facts we will need to sue the supermarket for damages on your behalf.

  • Firstly, document everything, and take photographs if you can. Get the facts of the accident down on paper while they are fresh in your mind.
  • Find out if there are any witnesses to the accident. Get the contact details for these witnesses, and you may need their testimony later.
  • Ask any doctor or medical staff you have to consult with for their contact information, once again you might need this information to claim a later stage.
  • Make sure that the supermarket knows that an accident has occurred. Most will have an incident form you will need to fill in.

How to Make a Supermarket Compensation Claim?

Supermarket Injury Claims

Supermarket Injury Claims

There’s much that goes into supermarket accident claims, and the steps you can take in the aftermath can help boost your chances of success.

First, you must establish that your accident occurred because the supermarket was at fault. Once you have confirmed that liability for your accident rests with the supermarket in question, you must provide evidence to prove what injuries you sustained as a result of the accident, plus any documents, if any, in support of your financial claim.

Firstly, you need to consider if the accident was the supermarket’s fault. For example, due you slip on a wet floor due to poor signage. Or, did an object falling due to inadequate training During our first free consultation, we will determine the supermarket’s liability in question and measure the extent of your injuries.

Secondly, we will then take all the information and facts about your claim that you can recall, along with a medical opinion if needed. We will need to acquire medical records of the injuries you sustained as evidence in some cases. And of course, you must explain how it happened, and where it happened. We can then start to help you with our No Win No Fee service, and assist you through every step of the process.

Compensation Claim Amounts for Supermarket Incidents?

Below are some of the most common types of injuries that are caused by supermarket accidents. The Judicial College Guidelines has provided the information within the table below. The table emphasises how the kind of accident you experience, the injuries you endure, the injury severity, and long-term complications can profoundly impact your case.

When it comes to claiming other damages such as loss of earnings, the compensation amount will always be driven by the facts of each individually unique case. It is, therefore, impossible to indicate what is true of the amount you might claim, but the general amounts below are close:

Toe injury (moderate to severe) £4,450 - £42,140Loss of a single toe, to several
Foot Injury (slight)£5,220 - £11,300 Minor injury healed in the short-term
Foot Injury (moderate)£18,750 - £51,450 Serious damage to one or both feet in the long-term
Foot Injury (severe) £62,000 - £151,450 Loss of either one of both feet
Achilles (slight to severe)£5,375 - £30,500Damage to the Achilles resulting in short to long-term pain and discomfort
Ankle Injury (slight to severe) £10,400 - £55,600Short to mid-term damage to the ankle with loss of mobility
Knee Injury (slight) £4,400 - £18,500Minor damage to the knee, causing short-term discomfort and lack of mobility
Knee Injury (moderate) £19,700 - £33,500Major damage to the knee that causes loss of mobility and ongoing pain
Knee Injury (severe)£39,650 - £72,950Unhealable damage to one or both knees
Leg Injury (slight) £1,650 - £18,200Minor damage to one of both legs, fractures and sprains
Leg Injury (moderate)£21,750 - £104,100Mid-term damage to one or both legs causing loss of mobility and pain
Leg Injury (severe) £75,450 - £214,850Loss of either one or both legs entirely
Finger Injury (slight to severe)£415 - £66,500From minor damage to fingers, to loss of one or more digits
Injured Wrist extreme – (slight)£2,999 - £40,999From minor damage to wrist, to complete loss of function
Hand Injury (slight)£650 - £21,000Soft tissue damage and minor fractures and sprains
Hand Injury (moderate)£21,750 - £45,600Mid-term healable damage causing pain and discomfort
Hand Injury (severe)£44,250 - £149,900Complete loss of either on or both hands
Elbow Injury (slight)£2,955 - £10,000Minor sprains and fractures causing short-term discomfort
Elbow Injury (moderate)£12,000 - £22,550More serious injuries causing loss of function of the elbow for the medium-term
Elbow Injury (severe)£28,350 - £41,000Function of the elbow lost entirely
Arm Injury (minor)£5,000 - £29,900Soft tissue damage and minor fractures and sprains
Arm Injury (moderate)£29,000 - £97,000Loss of function of both or one arm, or ongoing long-term pain as result of the injury
Arm Injury (severe) £72,950 - £250,700Amputation of one or both arms as result of the injury
Shoulder Injury (minor)£4,000 - £6,357Soft tissue damage and minor fractures and sprains
Shoulder Injury (moderate)£6,472 - £10,000Reduced motor function in the mid-term
Shoulder Injury (severe)£10,000 - £35,500Restricted movement on the long-term
Neck Injury (minor)£2,000 - £ 5,999Soft tissue damage and minor fractures and sprains
Neck Injury (moderate)£28,999 - £41,750Reduced motor function in the mid-term
Neck Injury (severe)£40,800 - £120, 000Restricted movement on the long-term and ongoing pain
Back Injury (minor)£375 -£9,500Soft tissue damage and minor fractures and sprains
Back Injury (moderate) £31,000 - £8,500Injury that causes loss of mobility and reduced use of back on the mid-term
Back Injury (severe)£29,500 - £119,999Loss of motor function or paralysis as result of the injury
Eye Injury (minor) £1,999 - £7,999Temporary vision impediment as result of the injury
Eye Injury (moderate)£6,999 - £47,899Temporary vision impediment as result of the injury
Eye Injury (moderate)£6,999 - £47,899Vision in one or both eyes impaired seriously
Eye Injury (severe)£79,999 - £202,855Loss of sight in both eyes, or one eye and loss that is partial of in the other as result of the injury
Ear Injury (minor)£5,000 - £35,999Hearing impediment as result of the injury
Ear Injury (moderate)£21, 500 - £32,999Deafness in one ear as result of the injury
Ear Injury (severe)£67,999 - £110,000Total loss of hearing as result of the injury
Face Injury (minor) £2,100 - £13,999Scarring until fully healed in the mid to long-term but not permanent as a result of the injury
Face Injury (moderate)£11,999 - £25,999Breaks and fractures to cheeks, jaw or nose as well as ongoing pain as result of the injury
Face Injury (severe)£15,750 - £71,450Permanent scarring as result of the injury
Head Injury (minor)£1,999 - £8,999Damage to the head that did not result in brain damage as a result of the injury
Head Injury (moderate)£11,999 - £205,000Injuries that result in impaired mental ability, change in personality of loss of motor function
Head Injury (severe)£214,999 - £315,450Injuries that leave the victim in an unresponsive and in a vegetative state due to severe brain damage

If you’d like more specific advice on compensation awards in supermarket accident claims, please get in touch with our team. Once they learn more about your case they can provide more concrete advice.

Why Choose Us as Your Claim Service?

We have years of experience handling supermarket claims, and we have an excellent reputation that we have nurtured from our clients and customers. We aim to make your life as easy as possible, while we get you the best deal we can.

All of our team, and our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors, always provide honest, experienced and well-informed advice regarding your case. We will guide you through the supermarket compensation claim process in a friendly manner. We understand that being involved in a supermarket accident can be extremely unpleasant.

On a No Win No Fee basis, you will speak with one of our specialist personal injury solicitors, who will act on your behalf if you have been injured due to a supermarket’s negligence. Our panel of injury lawyers is leading specialist solicitors in dealing with supermarket accident compensation claims.

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You’ve reached the last section of our guide to supermarket accident claims.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your rights to make a claim. We will endeavour to take a good look at your claim and proceed the best way possible for you.

One specialist personal injury lawyers will act for you on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that your solicitor shall not charge you if your supermarket compensation claim is unsuccessful.

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