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Redbridge Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

If you are in Redbridge and are considering making a medical negligence claim it is essential that you understand what medical negligence actually is. In a nutshell, it is when a medical professional caused you harm, injury or pain but could’ve prevented that from happening if they’d acted differently.

Medical negligence solicitor Redbridge

Medical negligence solicitor Redbridge

Claims against doctors (or health authorities) can be very complex pieces of legal work and it is essential that you have the right medical negligence solicitor to make your claim for an injury sustained in the UK.

Types of negligence that can occur, and can lead to compensation payments, include:

  • A condition that wasn’t diagnosed.
  • A condition that was mis-diagnosed.
  • An illness that was diagnosed late which led to a worsening condition.
  • Harm caused during surgery.
  • Incorrect dosage or wrong medicines being prescribed.
  • Incorrect levels of anaesthetic which led to pain during an operation.

These, and many other situations, can lead to compensation claims against a dentist, doctor, nurse, carer and any other medical practitioner who has a duty of care towards you as a patient.

There are cases where a medical professional has no option but to give you a treatment which has painful side effects which probably wouldn’t make for a successful compensation claim as they were treating you with the only option available to them and the pain was unavoidable.

For all other cases, where the medical professional could’ve prevented your illness, injury or condition from happening a claim could be possible and lead to compensation to aid your recovery and to compensate you for the pain.

Legal Expert are specialists in medical negligence claims and offer a no win no fee service for all cases we take on.

This guide looks at how to make a claim for medical or clinical negligence, the common types of injuries and gives advice on how to choose the best solicitor to help make your claim for you.

It is vitally important that you receive correct and sound legal advice when considering a claim so please get in contact if you have any further queries which aren’t answered here or browse our site for more information.

How To Select The Right Solicitor For Your Claim

When considering who is the best medical negligence solicitor to help make your claim it can be quite a daunting process with lots of information to sift through, but we believe that if you take the following steps your decision will become easier:

  • Check that the potential solicitor specialises only in medical negligence and personal injury law. We believe that someone with experience and specialist skills is required when making what can become a very complex case. A good clinical negligence solicitor will know how to put the evidence together to support your claim, will already have the best and most credible medical experts ready for advice and will know what’s needed (and what isn’t) to make a competent and thorough, evidence-based, claim.
  • We recommend that you look for a solicitor that will allow you to make a medical negligence claim using a no win no fee agreement. It shows that the solicitor believes your case has a good chance of winning and removes the stress from the claims process, unlike cases where you have to pay up front and by the hour.
  • Check with the solicitor that they have taken on, and won, similar cases to yours and find out, if possible, what levels of compensation were awarded to their clients.
  • Read reviews of the solicitor from previous clients (which we cover in a bit more detail further into this article).

Legal Expert can meet all of the criteria above and have specialised in personal injury and medical negligence claims for many years. We’ll take cases on using a no win no fee service and ensure that the solicitor provided is experienced in the type of claim you are looking to make.

Should I Select A Solicitor In My Area?

Often clients suggest that they need to pick a medical negligence solicitor in the Redbridge area when making a claim for an injury, but this is not always the case.

Where a solicitor is based is really not that important anymore thanks to modern technology and any experienced medical negligence solicitor in the UK could make a claim for medical negligence in the Redbridge area. Most correspondence is via email and telephone and the odd letter via the postal service, so the location of their office does not matter.

That said, at Legal Expert we ensure that when you need to attend a medical assessment, treatment or physiotherapy that it is done locally as we work with specialists all over the country to make sure that our clients don’t have to travel too far.

The list below shows the specialists that we use locally for Redbridge based medical negligence claims:

Colin MarksRoding Lane SouthRedbridgeIG4 5PZ
Mohammed Alaudding301B New North RoadIlfordIG6 3DX
Vivek KhaneWoodfordIG8 9NY
Shams Tabraiz713 Eastern Avenue, Newbury ParkIlfordIG2 7RH

Should I Read Reviews Of Solicitors?

A review of a solicitor can be a great starting point when trying to choose the best medical negligence solicitor to take on your claim. It is often quite easy to get a quick feel for the success and level of happiness of previous clients by scanning the reviews on independent review site as well as on the solicitor’s own web pages.

We’d recommend that it’d be a good idea for you to leave your own solicitor review once your case is finalised to help other new clients to see how well your case went.

Common Medical Negligence Claims That Legal Expert Conduct

There are many types of medical negligence that can lead to compensation claims and Legal Expert are able to help with any of them. The following sections are a sample of the more common claims that we deal with. These are not just medical negligence claims in the Redbridge area but from across the whole of Great Britain:

Medical Negligence – Claims For Cancer Negligence

Cancer based medical negligence can be one of the hardest types of negligence to deal with because the consequences can be catastrophic and life-changing for the claimant and their family.

A claim for compensation regarding cancer negligence could be made because:

  • The cancer wasn’t diagnosed at all
  • There was misdiagnosis
  • Treatment was delayed
  • The wrong medicines were prescribed
  • The wrong dosage of treatment was used

There are many other reasons why a claim could be made, these are just a sample. If you believe your cancer treatment involved some level of negligence then please let our team know and we’ll assess your claim with you.

Medical Negligence – Claims For Childbirth Injuries

There are two types of medical negligence claims caused during childbirth:

  • Injuries to the baby
  • Injuries to the mother

The doctor, midwife and care team responsible for the delivery of a baby all have a duty of care towards both the mother and baby, and if either become ill or injured because a member of the delivery team made a mistake then compensation can be claimed.

As with other claims against hospitals, it can be a complex process to make a claim simply because of the number of staff involved and so it’s best to have a specialist medical negligence solicitor on your side. Legal Expert are able to provide solicitors who’ve dealt with similar cases in the past.

It is worth noting that just because a patient, or their baby, are injured does not automatically mean that there is a case of medical negligence. There are deliveries with difficult complications that can cause the medical teams to have to work differently to ensure the safety of the mother and the delivery of the baby. A medical claims board will always consider if the team involved acted in the same way as others would when making a decision for childbirth injury claims.

Medical Negligence – Claims For GP Negligence

GP surgeries are under a lot of pressure in some areas of the UK to see as many patients as possible each day and this can lead to problems with the quality of assessments offered.

It is a shame, but negligence does happen when GPs make mistakes and if that’s happened to you then you could make a claim against the practice or NHS authority in the area.

Types of medical negligence by GPs include:

  • Late or no diagnosis of a condition despite presenting with symptoms.
  • Mis-diagnosis of a condition
  • Delayed or late treatment causing a condition to worsen
  • Incorrect prescriptions

These are just sample of the types of claims that are made. In general, if a doctor breaches their duty of care towards a patient which then leads to an illness, injury or a condition to worsen then the patient could claim compensation.

Medical Negligence – Claims For Care Home Negligence

Care homes are the place where patients should be cared for and treated well when they are unable to care for themselves so it is only right that patients or their loved ones should make a compensation claim for any injuries sustained while staying at a care or nursing home.

Common claims in the care home industry include falls, pressure sores, dehydration symptoms, incorrect medication and even abuse.

If you believe that you’ve been treated incorrectly, and it led to an injury or illness while in a care home then please let Legal Expert discuss the matter further with you.

We have a more detailed guide about nursing home negligence claims here.

Medical Negligence – Claims For Dental Negligence

Negligence in a dental practice can take a number of forms but essentially, if the dentist, nurse or hygienist could’ve prevented your accident from happening by acting or doing something differently then you could make a claim for dental negligence damages.

Types of claims following treatment by a dentist can include:

  • Damage to the mouth or teeth.
  • Mis-diagnosis or no diagnosis of any condition (including oral cancer).
  • Complications while under anaesthetic
  • Nerve injuries
  • Infections

These, and any other injuries, can all lead to a dental negligence claim which Legal Expert can help with.

Medical Negligence – Claims For Hospital Negligence

Medical negligence within a hospital as an outpatient or while staying at one can be tricky to claim for as there are numerous professionals who care for you while there. Legal Expert are specialists at dealing with complex cases and can prepare a case with full supporting evidence to back up your claims.

It could be argued that the NHS is overstretched and dealing with so many patients that accidents are inevitable, but if these accidents could have been prevented and you are injured while in hospital then you have the right to claim for compensation.

Claims can include falls, injuries sustained during an operation, viruses contracted while in the hospital (such as MRSA) and even items left inside the body following an operation.

Instances Of Medical Negligence In Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group Hospitals

The following table shows the claims and amounts of compensation awarded for medical negligence against the Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital Trust:

NHS Trust2016 Claims2016 Incidents2016 Payments
Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust907£13,203,078

Legal Expert can help you to claim for medical negligence for injuries sustained in any of the hospitals in the Redbridge area so please get in touch if you think you have a reason to claim.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims

The great thing about no win no fee clinical negligence claims is that at no point do you have to send any money to the solicitor. When you begin a claim with Legal Expert there are no fees, if we don’t get you any compensation then there are no fees and if we are successful then we retain our agreed percentage of your compensation and send the rest directly to you.

This makes claims stress free and you don’t need to find the money prior to making a claim which could otherwise be a big barrier to making a negligence claim.

Talk To Our Team Today

Now that you’ve read our guide about medical negligence and how to choose a solicitor that can help with claims in the Redbridge area, we hope you’re happy to use Legal Expert to begin your claim. If that’s the case, then you can contact us in any of these ways:

  • Telephone: 0800 073 8804 free.
  • Email: Send a message with a brief outline of your claim to
  • Live Chat: Our specialist claims team are available 7 days a week to chat online.
  • Online Form: Begin a claim online by using our easy form.

Useful Resources And Medical Services In Redbridge

Here are some useful articles from our web site as well as the contact details for local health centres, hospitals and dental practices:

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