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Birmingham Medical Negligence Solicitors

By Max White. Last Updated on 28th February 2022. Welcome to our guide on medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham. We are a nationwide legal advisory service.  We can provide you with medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham compensation claims.

Call us today on 0800 073 8804 to speak to one of our friendly advisors, and see if you have a valid claim. If they think you have one, they can also put you through to our No Win No Fee solicitors for Birmingham who can help you with your case.Medical Negligence Solicitors in Birmingham

Why would someone need a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence? Medical negligence means that a patient receives unsatisfactory care from a medical professional. This can come in the form of a medical mistake, incorrect treatment or misdiagnosis. As a result of this accident, the patient is injured or experiences the worsening of an existing medical condition.

If you have experienced medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence then you are entitled to make a medical negligence claim. This is where you sue the medical organisation involved for compensation. Wherever you are based, you can find the right medical negligence compensation solicitors to handle your case through Legal Expert.

To claim compensation for medical negligence, you the Claimant must be able to prove that you were injured or your medical condition worsened as a result of negligence on the part of your medical provider, AKA the Defendant.

There are three steps you must complete.

  1. Firstly, prove that you were owed a duty of care by the defendant (i.e. that you were their patient)
  2. Secondly, that this duty of care was breached by the defendant by negligent actions
  3. Lastly, that this negligent action caused you to suffer an avoidable accident that caused an injury or illness, or worsened an existing condition.

In certain circumstances, you can also make medical negligence claims in the UK on behalf of your next of kin, if they are now deceased or mentally incapable of acting on their own behalf.

There is also a medical negligence claims time limit. With the exception of certain circumstances, the medical negligence claims time limit is three years from the date of the accident or from the Claimant realises they have been harmed. Therefore if you suffered a clinical injury in a hospital such as Birmingham City Hospital, we recommend that you don’t delay and contact a solicitor as soon as possible, to start making your claim.

How to choose the Best Medical Negligence Solicitors For Birmingham to handle your case

There are plenty of excellent medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham across the country specialising in medical negligence. But how do you choose the solicitors to deal with your particular circumstances? Some people talk to family and friends who have been through a similar ordeal, to see if they would recommend the medical negligence compensation solicitors for Birmingham or others they used.

Others consult reviews online, to try to get some impartial feedback. However, a trusted legal advisory service like Legal Expert can help you greatly in this area. We treat all our clients on a case-by-case basis and can provide you with a specialist solicitor that has the best qualifications and experience to handle your case.

Do I Need to use a Medical Negligence Solicitor Near Me?

Some people incorrectly assume that you need to use medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham if that is where the injury took place. The fact of the matter is that you can use lawyers from anywhere in Great Britain. They don’t need to be local to you.

The reputation of the medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham is more important than whether or not they are physically based in the area.

What Medical Negligence Claims Does Our Birmingham Medical Negligence Team Handle?

If you suffered an injury due to medical negligence, then medical negligence compensation solicitors for Birmingham can help you claim the compensation that you are entitled to. You can call Legal Expert today and an advisor will be able to speak to you and assess whether or not you have a valid medical negligence claim.

Medical Negligence Claims Statistics For Birmingham

Below are medical negligence statistics covering the period 2019/20 for institutions in the Birmingham area. The table shows the number of incidents and claims received by hospitals and hospital trusts.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Recieved 2019/20Number of Incident 2019/20Total Amount Paid from claims
Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust5*£511,835
Birmingham Community Healthcare140£464,775
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust14660£33,202,091

As you can see, in 2019/20, in the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, there were 146 reported claims made with 60 incidents.

Here are just a few medical negligence examples, to give you an idea of what sort of awards hospitals in these trusts have paid out to claimants.

Statistics For Medical Negligence Claims Against The NHS

The NHS keeps track of all of the claims made against them over the course of the year. The latest annual report shows that they had outgoings of over £2,209 million. This amount is all related to medical negligence claims made against them.

These could be made due to GP negligence, hospital negligence, or even negligence at the hands of a dentist.

However, these claims are not limited to just the Birmingham area. The figures in the graph below relate to all of Great Britain.

The figures also do not include claims made against private healthcare facilities.

Medical negligence solicitors Birmingham statistics graph

Medical negligence solicitors Birmingham statistics graph

Making Claims With Medical Negligence Solicitors For Birmingham

If you were subjected to medical negligence, which left you with lasting injuries, or the worsening of an existing medical condition, you could be entitled to compensation.

Experienced medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham could handle your case if you’ve been negatively impacted by substandard treatment at the hands of a healthcare professional or institution. They can help you regardless of where you’re from. The below medical negligence examples will show you the kind of incidents that could result in you receiving compensation.

They may not be based in your area but will be able to keep in contact with you through your case.

GP Negligence Claims In Birmingham

If you experienced medical negligence in a GP surgery (such as the University Medical Practice in Birmingham) or elsewhere and were injured as a result, the solicitors we can provide you with are able to help you claim compensation.

Hospital Negligence Claims

Were you a victim of medical negligence in an NHS hospital, such as Birmingham City Hospital, or a private hospital, such as BMI The Priory Birmingham? Did it result in a significant injury or worsening of an existing ailment?

Then we can connect you to our medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham who can help you with your claim.

Nursing Home and Care Home Negligence Claims

Nursing homes and care homes house and care for particularly vulnerable people, such as the elderly, terminally ill, disabled and mentally incapacitated. If you experienced medical malpractice that was negligent in a care home or nursing home which caused lasting injuries, then you can claim compensation.

You can also claim clinical negligence compensation on behalf of your next of kin who is now deceased or does not have the mental capacity to claim for themselves if they experienced mistreatment in a nursing home.

Dental Negligence Claims

Have you experienced medical negligence whilst undergoing cosmetic or medical dentistry? Whether it was a private or NHS dental practice, let us provide you with a clinical negligence solicitor that can win your claim for you.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Have you suffered, or are you suffering from cancer? If during the process, you experienced a cancer misdiagnosis, this can be a devastating experience. With cancer, every second counts. The earlier you are diagnosed with cancer, the quicker you can get it treated. This could give you a greater chance of making a recovery. In some cases, it can mean the difference between life and death.

If you have experienced a cancer misdiagnosis and can prove it worsened your condition, you can make a clinical negligence claim. If your next of kin died of cancer and their treatment was delayed because of a cancer misdiagnosis, you could also claim on their behalf. Wherever you are based, the solicitors we can provide can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Birth Injury Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Have you experienced medical negligence during childbirth? If this malpractice resulted in injuries to the child, or the mother, then you will probably be able to make a medical negligence compensation claim. Some common childbirth injuries include the breaking of bones, hypoxia (where the infant is deprived of oxygen) and the transmission of infections.

Other injuries can affect the mother. If you, your child or a deceased next of kin suffered birth injuries as the result of medical negligence, at the hands of the doctor, midwife or nurse, then we can help you. Legal Expert can help you find the right medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham to manage your case and help you claim the malpractice compensation that you are entitled to.

How Much Could My Claim Be Worth?

Some medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham may tell you that they can value your claim straight away. This is not the case. Every claim is different. Because of this, your final settlement cannot be accurately calculated without more information.

In this section, we will show you how compensation is calculated. However, we won’t be able to give you one figure that will be accurate to all circumstances. The figures mentioned are guidelines. Your claim could be worth less or more than the amounts stated here.

General Damages

This portion of your compensation accounts for your physical and psychological injuries. This means that it isn’t just injuries such as broken bones that you can be compensated for, but also mental injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Legal professionals will address a publication called the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) whilst calculating how much an injury is worth. These guidelines are made up of a list of injuries the relevant compensation brackets reflecting how much each injury could be worth. Alongside each entry is a range of figures that states roughly how much you could be awarded for an injury.

The severity of the injury and how long it takes to recover are just two of the factors that can affect the value of your general damages payment. Our No Win No Fee solicitors for Birmingham will be honest and upfront about the amount of compensation you could receive.

Below, we have included some figures from the JCG in the form of a table. Here, you’ll be able to see the potential value of certain injuries that can be caused by medical negligence. This is not a complete compendium of injuries that can be claimed for. So, don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your ailment listed below. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t appear in the JCG.

Post-traumatic stress disorder(c) The injured party will have largely recovered, with any lasting symptoms not being grossly disabling£7,680 to £21,730
Chest(h) When pre-existing chest issues are aggravated, but they are resolved within just a few months£2,070 to £5,000
Female reproductive system(e) Where a sterilisation procedure has failed, and an unwanted pregnancy occurs as a result. However, there will be no serious psychological impactIn the region of £9,570
Female reproductive system(f) When there is a delay in the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy but without fertility being effected£3,180 to £19,170
Arm(b) Loss of one arm - (ii) Amputation above the elbow£102,890 to £122,860
Mental anguishWhen you expect your life to end or for your lifespan to be reduced£4,380

Special Damages

There are other sums that can be included in your final settlement amount. Along with being compensated for your injuries, you can also be compensated for any financial loss that has taken place as a direct result.

However, you must have evidence that these losses took place, or will take place. Without proof, you’re very unlikely to be able to claim these costs back.

Here are some examples of what can be claimed back under special damages:

  • Medical expenses – you may need to pay for prescriptions or other things like walking aids. Alternatively, you may have required specialist healthcare that wasn’t available for free on the NHS.
  • Travel costs – your injuries may have affected your ability to drive, or you may need to travel to appointments. Taxis and public transport may be necessary.
  • Loss of earnings – if you miss time at work due to your injuries, you could miss out on wages. What you would have earned over this time can also be reclaimed.
  • Adaptations to your home – for example, you may need ramps installed if your injuries require the use of a wheelchair.

For more information on special damages, get in touch with us today.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors For Birmingham

At Legal Expert, we understand that suffering injuries, or having your medical condition made worse by medical malpractice can be a stressful and even highly traumatic experience. You may also experience a loss of income and additional medical expenses as a result of your injury. We understand you may not want to take on the extra financial risk and added the stress of having to pay an upfront fee for your case.

Therefore we work with medical negligence solicitors for Birmingham that offer a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA). This is more commonly known as a No Win No Fee service, which essentially means that you will only pay your solicitor’s legal fee if you win the case. For many, this is a less stressful and risky way of making a medical negligence claim. Call us today, to inquire about making a No Win No Fee medical negligence claim.

How to make a Clinical Negligence Claim

We are Legal Expert.

We are a trusted legal advisory service that can connect you with specialised No Win No Fee solicitors. Some of these solicitors have over 30 years of experience and can help you receive compensation if you’ve suffered from clinical negligence.

To see if you have a legitimate case and could claim compensation, call us to start your medical negligence claim.

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If you have further questions about using medical negligence solicitors for the Birmingham area, contact us today for free legal advice.

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