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Serious Injury Compensation Claims – How Much Can I Get?

By Stephen Taylor. Last Updated 12th January 2021. Welcome to our guide on serious injury compensation claims.

Accidents are unexpected. When they result in a serious injury, they can have a considerable impact on your life. Serious injuries, also known as catastrophic injuries, can be devastating. For most people, figuring out the next step after an accident causing serious damage can be stressful and confusing.

Serious Injury Compensation

Serious Injury Compensation

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, and have suffered a serious injury as a result, you may consider making a claim. If that is the case, then we will be able to help you through the serious injury claims process.

We’ve put together this guide which will explain the options you have available. If you have suffered a serious injury, then you may be due compensation. With the aid of this guide, you can determine whether you may have a claim or not, and receive a rough idea of how much you might be entitled to in damages. You can also call us on 0800 073 8804. Alternatively, read on to find out more.

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What is a Serious Injury Claim?

Before we look at serious injury claims, let’s look at what a serious injury can be defined as.

A serious injury would be an injury that has been incurred with an associated risk of death, severe physical pain, lengthy unconsciousness, disfigurement, loss of limb, organ or mental ability. Put simply, any injury which is serious enough to have a long-term impact on the quality of life of the victim.

In order to make a claim for a serious injury, you have to be able to establish negligence. This means that someone else has to owe you a duty of care, and cause your injuries by breaching this duty.

Our advisors are on hand to help if you would like to know if you are eligible to make a claim. Contact our team today for a free evaluation.

Examples Of Serious Injuries

A serious injury is often a direct result of an accident, such as a slip and trip or car accident. In return, a serious injury can contribute to various complications and damage to your health and well-being, which may last some time or have permanent effects.

Serious injuries can cover a wide range of injuries and subsequent effects. Some serious injuries we’ve dealt with in the past include amputations, injuries involving paralysis, brain damage and bones that are fractured in multiple places, leading to permanent disability.

Serious Brain Injury Claim

A serious brain injury usually has severe and long-term consequences for the victim. This can include a reduction in mental capacity. Therefore, if such an injury occurs due to negligence from another party, a very substantial amount of compensation could potentially be claimed by the victim (or on the victim’s behalf).

Serious Back Injury Claim

A serious back injury can be caused by a range of different accidents, such as work accidents or road traffic accidents. Such an injury can lead to long-term or even permanent restrictions to a person’s mobility and subsequently can impact their quality of life.

What Evidence Do You Need To Prove Serious Injury Claims?

Evidence is an important part of serious injury compensation claims. The right evidence can help support your claim by illustrating who is liable for your injuries, how they occurred, and their severity.

For example, this could include:

  • Medical records: A copy of your medical records could detail your injuries and their severity and may provide more information on the treatment you need.
  • CCTV footage: CCTV footage of the accident that led to your injuries could be used as evidence.
  • Photographs: Pictures of both your visible injuries and the accident site can both be beneficial to your claim.
  • Witness contact details: Taking the contact details of any witnesses means that their statements can be taken at a later date.

One of the benefits of working with serious injury claim solicitors is that they can help you gather evidence for your claim. To find out if you could be eligible to work with one of our solicitors, or to learn more about serious injury claims, contact our team today.

What Can A Serious Injury Payout Include?

In the wake of an accident, serious injury compensation payment aims to:

  • Compensate victims and their loved ones for any damage
  • Recover any out of pocket expense spared e.g. medical bills
  • Cover any future treatment or rehabilitation costs
  • Account for any lost earnings or future loss of earnings
  • Cover any home adaptation costs e.g. stairlifts
  • Cover professional care costs or compensate gracious care
  • Compensate victims for any hindrance to their quality of life

This list is not exhaustive but if you’d like to seek compensation for any of the above damages, you could do so by making a claim with our help. For a free consultation, please get in touch today or continue reading to learn more.

Examples Of Serious Injury Claim Payouts

Although giving actual hard numbers for the amount of compensation you could receive for a serious injury is outside the scope of this serious injury guide, we have provided some rule-of-thumb figures for serious injury claims below. These are based on the amount of compensation we have historically seen awarded to serious injury victims:


Injury Severity Amount
Head Injury Very Severe £282,010 to £403,990
Head Injury Moderate £150,110 to £219,070
Head Injury Less Severe £15,320 to £43,060
Back Injury Severe In the region of £148,330
Back Injury Moderate Up to £2,300
Back Injury Minor £24,990 to £38,490
Neck Injury Severe In the region of £148,330
Neck Injury Moderate £24,990 to £38,490
Neck Injury Minor £4,350 to £7,890
Shoulder Injury Severe £19,200 to £48,030


These payouts are produced here for guidance only. Once we have learnt all of the facts of your injury, we will be able to give a more accurate prediction of the amount of compensation you could be entitled to.

Special Damages In Serious Injury Claims

There are two types of damages which you may be able to claim for through a serious injury compensation claim. They are known as general damages and special damages. General damages pertains to all the physical aspects of the serious injury.

All damages related to financial loss or out of pocket expenses you’ve incurred are known as special damages. It is usually only possible to claim for any special damages if you are eligible to claim for general damages. Examples of special damages which may be potentially claimed for can include the cost of ongoing care, loss of earnings and travel expenses.

No Win No Fee Agreements And Serious Injury Claims

People with limited financial resources may find themselves in a dilemma if they wish to get legal help making a claim following an accident. This is because legal representation can be extremely expensive, and if a claim is unsuccessful, the client is often still required to cover their solicitor’s fees.

Serious injury claims involve life-changing injuries that the claimant is entitled to compensation for. Serious injuries could include a spinal injury impacting mobility, a severe head injury impacting brain function, a traumatic limb injury resulting in amputation and even fatalities.

As mentioned above, if you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to make serious injury claims. Given the gravity of these types of injuries, getting the compensation you deserve for them can be of the utmost importance.

Therefore, if you’d like help navigating the claims process from our panel of personal injury solicitors on a No Win No Fee basis, please get in touch today to receive your free initial consultation. Our panel has more than 30 years of experience successfully winning their clients the serious compensation they deserve and can handle your case on your behalf while you focus on your recovery.

Specialist legal representatives such as spinal injury solicitors and brain injury solicitors are expensive. We offer a way to receive the very best legal help possible, without paying anything across the lifetime of your compensation claim. We only take a fee if we win your case for you.

Get Free Advice On Serious Injury Claims

If you have recently been the victim of an accident that has resulted in a serious injury, you need professional legal help to pursue serious injury claims. We are on hand to offer just this type of service. You can use the contact form on this website, the live chat function or call us on 0800 073 8804.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can discuss your legal needs with you, and begin the process of claiming the compensation you deserve for your serious injury.

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