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How To Claim On Behalf Of Someone Else – Advice On Claiming Compensation

Can You Claim Compensation On Behalf Of Someone Else?

When a loved or a close friend has been injured as a result of an accident which was not your fault, your priority should always be to make sure that they get the care and attention that they deserve and require. This may mean getting them urgent and long-term medical care as well as seeking justice for their accident. After this, if they are not able to do so themselves, you may wish to claim compensation on behalf of someone else who can not do so.

At Legal Expert we understand that if a friend or loved one has been injured you will want to do everything you can for them, from getting them the care they need, to seeking justice, and even financial restitution. If they can not claim themselves, our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you claim compensation for somebody else.

Start your compensation claim by calling our team today on 0800 073 8804. You can also contact us using the channels at the bottom of this article. To learn more about claiming on someone else’s behalf, read the rest of out guide below.

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A Guide To How To Claim For Someone Else

claim compensation on behalf of someone else Most people are aware that in the event of suffering an injury which was not their fault, that they can make a personal injury claim. However, people may not be aware that they can claim compensation on behalf of someone else if they are unable to do so due to age, incapacity, or even death. You can claim compensation on behalf of someone else if they have sustained injuries which have affected their mental faculties, or if they already had a condition affecting their ability to make decisions. You can also make a claim if the loved one suffered a fatal injury. You could make a personal injury claim on behalf of their estate to cover costs of a funeral or similar expenses.

Claim Compensation On Behalf Of A Child

If a child, especially a very young one or even a newborn, is injured as a result of an accident it can be very distressing to the parents. Watching your child, or a child you have responsibility for, suffer can be an extremely hard thing for a parent to see. This can be even worse when these injuries were caused by a doctor or healthcare professional. If this does happen, you may find that you want to claim compensation on behalf of a child. Contact Legal Expert today to find out the best ways to go about claiming compensation for a child who has suffered an injury.

You can find out more information about how to claim compensation on behalf of a child and what happens to children’s compensation in our guide to child accident claims.

What Is A Litigation Friend And What Role Do They Play?

When you take legal action on behalf of someone else you could be designated as a litigation friend. A litigation friend is someone who, whilst not legally qualified, can help to represent the interests of the claimant when they can not do so. In order to act as a litigation friend you will need to be authorised by the courts. Typically a litigation could be used where the person who needs to make the claim under the age of 18 and is too young to represent themselves, or a person who has a mental disability which impairs their ability to understand or to make fully informed decisions.

You can find out more information about what a litigation friend and and the duties they must dispense at this Government website.

Claiming On Someone Else’s Behalf If They Have A Pre-Existing Condition

One circumstance in which you may need to claim for someone else could be where there is a pre-existing medical or mental health condition which precludes their ability to make decisions or which prevents them being able to fully understand what is happening. Under the 2005 Mental Capacity Act, you can help someone who is too vulnerable to make their own claim. Some of the conditions under which you could claim compensation for somebody else include; dementia, alzheimers, learning disabilities such as autism, and those who have had a stroke. You can also assist people with mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder or clinical depression. People who have suffered a serious brain injury could also require help making a claim.

Contact us today to find out more about who and when you can claim compensation on behalf of someone else.

Suing On Behalf Of A Deceased Person Or Their Estate

Some of the most difficult circumstances to deal with are when you need to claim on behalf of someone else if they have passed away due to the accident and their injuries. Suing on behalf of a deceased person can be traumatic and our team will do everything they can to make the process easier. Whilst it is not easy to go over the circumstances of their accident or injury, we will need to discuss how their injury occurred.

Immediately after a family member or close friend has passed away due to a fatal accident, suing on behalf of a deceased person or suing on behalf of an estate might not be the first thing that you think of. However, doing so can help to ease the financial pressures which you and other members of the family could be facing due to the death.

What Can I Claim For Someone Else?

There are many different ways in which a personal injury claim on behalf of someone else can be used to help get them and you back on your feet. When you claim compensation on behalf of someone else, it can be used to support them in their life. Examples of what you can claim compensation for might include claims for adaptations to their home or vehicle, or it could be used to purchase assistive equipment such as a wheelchair, prosthetic limb, or anything which can help them return to a degree of normality. When you claim on behalf of family members, you can also seek compensation for medical treatment not available for free through the NHS. This could be for for physiotherapy or medical costs. Most people will also have faced some degree of loss of earnings or income. If you have had to take time off to look after your loved one, you may also find that you can claim for any lost income you have had as well. The personal injury solicitor we will provide you with will work hard to get you the maximum level of compensation possible.

Calculating Compensation On Behalf Of Someone Else

Whether claiming on someone else’s behalf, suing on behalf of an estate, or even making a claim on your own behalf, the amount of compensation you will receive for our injuries is dependant on the nature of your injuries, as well as the effect this has had on the claimants life, and what the likely future impact will be. Whilst these amounts are for different injuries remember, different people (and especially children) will deal with the consequences of an injury in different ways. Before making your claim, the personal injury solicitor we can provide will also take into account the impact this has had on your life.

In the table below we have included information on how much different types of injury which you may wish to make a personal injury claim for could be awarded.

Injury or illness type & severitySettlementNotes
Serious hand injuries£25,430 - £54,280Loss of more than half the function in the hand.
Loss of a hand£84,310 - £96,150Loss of one of your hands.
Loss of both hands£123,310 - £176,660Loss of two hands.
Serious damage to both hands£49,010 - £74,150Total loss of ability to lose both hands.
Less severe arm fractures£16,830 - £34,340Upper arm fractures.
More serious arm fractures£34,340 - £52,490Several fractures to the arm bones.
Below the elbow amputation£84,310 - £96,150Below the elbow amputation.
Above the elbow amputation£96,150 - £114,810Above the elbow amputation of the arm.
Severe foot injuries£36,800 - £61,410Permant damage and possibly permanent pain. May include multiple fractures or breaks in the foot.
Loss of a foot£73,620 - £96,150Complete loss of a single foot.
Loss of both feet£148,540 - £176,660Complete loss of both of your feet.
Moderate injury to the back£10,970 - £34,000Soft tissue injury, such as damage to the connective tissues or the muscles.

No Win No Fee Claims On Someone Else’s Behalf

We are happy to offer our customers a no win, no fee agreement under which we can carry out a your compensation claim or which we can use to help you claim on behalf of family members. These types of agreements are designed to protect claimants from the potentially large costs of hiring a solicitor on an hourly basis. If the personal injury lawyer we provide you with is not able to secure you a compensation settlement, we won’t charge you a thing. In the event that your case is successfully concluded, you will already have agreed the final fee with your solicitor as part of your no win, no fee agreement. This means that you will never have any surprises or face a large bill you can not pay.

Why Use Our Services When Making A Claim?

If you contact Legal Expert to answer questions such as “can I claim compensation for a family member?” or “what is the personal injury claims time limit?”you will not be under any obligation to make your claim with us. We are specialists in helping people who have suffered an injury as a result of an accident which was not their fault. We treat each and every claimant as an individual and each case with the case and attention it deserves.

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