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Medical Negligence Solicitors For Leicester – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Medical Negligence Solicitors Leicester

Medical Negligence Solicitors Leicester

Welcome to our guide on medical negligence solicitors for Leicester. Have you been a victim of medical negligence in Leicester, or elsewhere? If you think you might have a valid claim, get in contact with us now. We work with some of the best clinical negligence solicitors for Leicester in the country and may be able to help you win a medical negligence compensation claim.

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Once we’ve spoken with you and found out more regarding the circumstances of your specific claim, we will be able to help much better. If we think you could have an eligible claim then we could connect you with one of our expert medical negligence solicitors for Leicester. So, get in touch with us today.

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  1. Medical Negligence Solicitors For Leicester
  2. How To Find The Best Clinical Negligence Solicitors In Leicester
  3. How Much Could My Claim Be Worth?
  4. Time Limits For Medical Negligence Claims
  5. Top Tips For Proving an Accident Claim In Leicester
  6. Medical Negligence Statistics For The NHS
  7. No Win No Fee Solicitors Leicester
  8. How To Make Clinical And Medical Negligence Claims
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Medical Negligence Solicitors For Leicester

What is medical negligence? Medical negligence is an avoidable accident, which was caused by a medical professional or organisation acting negligently towards a patient. It can be a medical mistake, surgical mistake, misdiagnosis or administering incorrect treatment.

If the accident causes an injury, illness or worsens an existing medical condition, and the victim is entitled to claim compensation. If you think the above applies to you, then you could be owed hundreds or even thousands of pounds in compensation. Trust the medical claims lawyers Legal expert partner with to handle your case for you and win you the compensation that you deserve.

To claim compensation for medical negligence, you must be able to prove three things. Firstly that the defendant owed you a duty of care (i.e. that you were their patient). Second of all that the defendant performed negligent actions that breached their duty of care and thirdly that this an avoidable accident was caused by this negligent action, which worsened an existing condition or caused you an injury or illness. The medical compensation lawyers we work with can help you collect the necessary information to prove that this was the case.

One more thing is that there is usually a 3-year time limit to claim compensation for medical negligence, from the moment you had your accident or realised that you had been affected by it. So if you are thinking about going down this route, we advise that you contact a specialist medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible to start making your claim.

How To Find The Best Clinical Negligence Solicitors In Leicester

It is important to find the best legal team to represent you, in a medical negligence case. Rather than approach individual solicitor’s firms, you may wish to use a trusted legal advisor like Legal Expert.

We work with the best solicitors across the country, winning cases for victims of medical negligence cases like you. We can also provide you with experienced clinical negligence solicitors for the Leicester area. Call Legal Expert today to discuss your case today.

Find Reviews Of Medical Negligence Solicitors For Leicester

If you are looking for clinical negligence solicitors after an accident or injury, you may wish to consult online reviews of different solicitors in your area and across the country, to get some unbiased feedback from other claimants. Other people research solicitors to help them make clinical and medical negligence claims, by speaking to friends or family members who have been through a similar experience.

Another option, if you want to save time and benefit from a trusted professional opinion is to use a legal advisory service like Legal Expert. We have the knowledge and insight to provide you with an expert claims team who specialises in your type of case and won’t back down until you have received the amount of compensation you deserve.

Do I Need To Use Medical Negligence Solicitors In Leicester?

You do not need to enlist the services of a law firm local to you. You can use medical negligence solicitors for Leicester claims from anywhere in the country. There are things more important than where a lawyer is physically based.

Almost every step of a claim can now be handled remotely. But, if you want a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer then we can arrange this.

In short, you don’t need to use medical negligence solicitors in Leicester just because that’s where you experienced medical negligence. Don’t let that limit your choices.

What Clinical & Medical Negligence Claims do Legal Expert Handle?

At Legal Expert, the solicitors that we work with handle any type of clinical and medical negligence claim, as long as there is a valid case. They will handle cases in the realm of NHS medical negligence and private healthcare medical negligence as well. Here are some clinical negligence examples of the cases our solicitors work on.

If you suffered medical negligence at your local GP’s office, also known as a doctor’s surgery, which left you unwell, injured or worsened a medical condition that you already suffered from, then you could have a valid medical negligence claim.

Hospital Negligence Claims

If you suffered from NHS medical negligence in a publicly funded hospital (such as the Leicester Royal Infirmary) or clinical negligence in a private hospital, then don’t be afraid to contact a clinical negligence solicitor, to see if you can claim compensation.

Dental Negligence Claims

Did you suffer from clinical negligence in a dental practice? If the incident led to your health being affected in a negative manner then you could be entitled to compensation.

This is true whether or not your condition has developed as a result of negligence or it had made an existing one worse.

Nursing Home or Care Home Negligence Claims

Have you suffered an avoidable injury through medical negligence in a care or nursing home? Perhaps abuse or neglect was involved? If this is the case a specialist solicitor could help you make a clinical and medical negligence claim on behalf of you, or your loved one.

Leicester Birth Injury due to Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Birth injuries can be very serious, resulting in lifelong injuries or disabilities for the infant, and sometimes result in the death of the mother or child. What is a birth injury? A birth injury is an injury caused during childbirth. Some of them are unavoidable accidents, but sadly a birth injury can be caused due to negligence on the part of the hospital, or medical staff.

A doctor failing to notice distress in the infant or using the wrong tools during the birth process are both examples of this. If you have been harmed due to medical negligence we can help you find solicitors for medical negligence who can help you claim compensation for your ordeal.

Cancer Negligence Compensation

Have you suffered from cancer? Were you misdiagnosed, or did you receive treatment too late? With cancer, the earlier disease is caught, the more likely the patient is to recover. So, early and correct diagnosis is essential.

If you have suffered a cancer misdiagnosis or a late diagnosis due to medical negligence, then you could make a medical negligence claim for compensation. We may be able to provide you with the right cancer clinical negligence solicitor to represent you.

How Much Could My Claim Be Worth?

The compensation that you receive can be made up of more than one figure. The amount that’s awarded to account for the impact your injuries have had on your quality of life is known as general damages. Both physical and psychological injuries can be considered eligible for general damages. That is, if they have been caused by negligence.

This figure is calculated by legal professionals using your medical evidence and consulting the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). We have included some entries relevant to medical negligence from the JCG in the table below. This way, you can see how certain injuries have been valued in past cases.

However, it’s important to remember that these figures are only guidelines. The value of your general damages payment may not necessarily be the same as what is listed in the JCG.

Injury Description Amount
Psychiatric damage Severe – The issues will be significant and affect all aspects of the claimant’s life. £54,830 to £115,730
Psychiatric damage Less severe – The period of time you were affected by your disability will be taken into account, as well as other factors. £1,540 to £5,860
Chest (c) Both chest and lung/s suffer damage that causes some continuous disability. £12,590 to £17,960
Female reproductive system (f) When the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy is delayed, but with no effect on fertility. £3,390 to
Kidney (a) Both kidneys either lost or seriously and permanently damaged. £169,400 to £210,400
Kidney (c) Whilst one kidney is lost, the other is undamaged. £30,770 to £44,880
Spleen (a) Lost spleen, along with the ongoing risk of internal infection because of a damaged immune system. £20,800 to £26,290
Arm Amputation – (a) Both arms lost. £240,790 to £300,000
Teeth (i) Several front teeth lost or seriously damaged. £8,730 to £11,410
Face Scarring – (a) Very severe cosmetic and psychological effect. £29,780 to £97,330

As well as general damages, you may also be eligible to claim special damages. This is when you can be reimbursed for the financial impact caused by your injuries. You will need to be able to prove that the losses and/or expenditures actually took place. As such, receipts and similar documentation will need to be gathered.

Here are some examples of what would be considered for special damages:

Medical bills – The cost of prescriptions or private healthcare, if required.

Loss of earnings – If your injuries have prevented you from working, then the wages you’ve been unable to earn may be paid back to you via special damages.

Travel costs – For example, if your ability to drive has been compromised by your injuries and you therefore need to pay for alternative means of travel.

Get in touch for more information on special damages.

Time Limits For Medical Negligence Claims

As a general rule, you have 3 years to begin the process of making a medical negligence claim. This time limit is stated in the Limitation Act 1980.  However, this window of time does have some exceptions.

To illustrate, the 3 years will often begin from the date that you are injured. However, in many cases of medical negligence, your injuries will not almost be immediately detectable. Because of this, there exists an alternative start date of your time limit. It’s known as your “date of knowledge”.

As suggested by the name, the date of knowledge refers to the date that you become aware of your injuries. A good example of this could be the date you are diagnosed with a condition you were previously told you didn’t have.

Medical reports are a good way of proving that your date of knowledge is valid.

Child Injury Claims

If the person who has been injured due to medical negligence is under the age of 18, they cannot make their own claim. It can however be made by an adult on their behalf. There would be no limit on this until the injured party turned 18. Then, they would have 3 years like everyone else.

Should an adult make a claim on behalf of a child then they must be approved by the court. This means that they must prove they have the child’s best interests at heart. Someone like a parent or legal guardian is often a suitable person for this role. But, family friends or legal representatives are also acceptable.

The person making the claim for the child is known legally as a litigation friend.

If the claim is successful, the compensation is not awarded to the adult. It’s placed in a bank account that the child can access once they turn 18. Withdrawals can be made before this date, but only with the permission of the court. The withdrawal must be to the direct benefit of the child who was injured.

Claims On Behalf Of Those With A Reduced Mental Capacity

Some injuries or illnesses will leave the claimant in a state where they cannot make a claim themselves. For example, they could have sustained a head injury and/or slipped into a coma. They could also suffer from psychiatric damage and are similarly unable to make a claim on their own behalf.

In these scenarios, the 3-year time limit is also suspended and a litigation friend can make a claim for them.

If and when their mental capacity returns, the time limit will begin.

Top Tips For Proving an Accident Claim In Leicester

You need to establish that your injuries were caused by negligence. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim. Because of this, it’s important to gather as much evidence as possible. If you require legal help, our No Win No Fee solicitors for Leicester can assist you with this process.

Here are some good examples of the kind of evidence you could acquire:

Medical records – These official documents contain vital information regarding the treatment of your injuries. Additionally, they state how severe your injuries were, and how they may continue to affect you.

Witness statements – For example, if you had a friend or a loved one with you when the instance of medical negligence took place. You can ask for their contact details so they can later write and submit their account of the events.

Our personal injury lawyers for Leicester are here and waiting to assist you, should you need them. Our advisors can also help you with other kinds of claims for Leicester. Our personal injury solicitors are well versed in other areas of law, too.

Medical Negligence Statistics For The NHS

Each year, the NHS issues an annual report that contains details of medical negligence claims made against them. The latest report from 2020/21 shows us that over that period, there was a combined total of £2,209 million in NHS expenditures associated with medical negligence claims.

The graph below shows how these figures were broken down. These sums are relevant to the entire country, not just to Leicester. Private healthcare claims are also not included. This doesn’t mean if you’ve been injured due to medical negligence whilst receiving private healthcare that you can’t make a claim. You can.

Medical negligence solicitors Leicester statistics graph

Medical negligence solicitors Leicester statistics graph

No Win No Fee Solicitors Leicester

You may think that you can only use lawyers in Leicester to help you make a personal injury claim. However, not all the best solicitors may be in Leicester. You might find that there are better solicitors suited to your case elsewhere. Our panel of solicitors are able to help you no matter where you are based in the UK.

Furthermore, you might benefit from working with them under an arrangement known as a No Win No Fee. Our solicitors for Leicester claims may be able to offer you this type of agreement.

The benefits of a No Win No Fee agreement generally include:

Get in touch to find out if you are eligible to work with us. Our consultations are free of charge.

How To Make Clinical And Medical Negligence Claims

If you were involved in an accident due to medical negligence, which left you injured, ill or worsened an existing medical condition that you already suffer from, you could be owed several thousand pounds in compensation. Legal Expert is a trusted legal advisor, who works with the best solicitors covering your part of the country. We can provide you with a solicitor, who has the right expertise to handle your case, depending on the circumstances of your injury.

Call us, Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 to speak to an understanding advisor, they will assess whether or not you have a legitimate case and you will be provided with an experienced solicitor. Do not delay, you could be owed several thousand pounds in compensation so enquire now.

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