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Peterborough Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Thousands of people receive medical care every day in Peterborough from hospitals, medical professionals, clinics and GP surgeries and by and large are treated and cared for successfully with no lasting consequences. However there are occasions when mistakes are made whether by accident or through incompetence and these can have life-changing consequences for the patient involved.

Medical negligence solicitors PeterboroughMedical negligence arises when substandard or inadequate or ineffective care is given by a healthcare professional, whether a doctor, nurse, GP, consultant or whatever. If you feel that, following an illness, accident or injury, that your condition has become worse or was caused in the first place by substandard care, this can constitute medical negligence.

In a medical negligence case the affected party has the right to claim compensation from the organisation that provided the care or treatment and this applies whether that organisation is the NHS, as the largest supplier of health care, or whether it is a private hospital, clinic or other care provider. You can also, as next-of-kin, launch a claim on behalf of someone who has died due to medical negligence or who can’t take action for themselves due to incapacity.

If you think that you may have a compensation claim for medical negligence you will need to find the best specialist solicitors who cover Peterborough, which is something that Legal Expert can help with, for advice on how to proceed. To win a medical negligence claim you must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • That you as the claimant were owed a duty of care by the defendant (the health care professional)
  • That the defendant breached their duty of care by acting negligently or in an irresponsible manner
  • That this breach in the duty of care caused your illness or injury, or caused the illness or injury to become worse
  • That your injury or illness became worse specifically because of the actions of the health care professional involved and not because of the injury or illness itself.
  • Your solicitor needs to demonstrate without doubt through the production of your medical records that your condition was aggravated due to medical or clinical negligence.

Please be aware that medical negligence claims have a statutory time limit of three years although this can be extended in exceptional circumstances. For further information about this please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

How to Find the Best Medical Negligence Solicitors

Proving a clinical negligence claim without doubt can be time-consuming and complex. You need to know how to get hold of your medical records, test results and X-ray results plus detailed statements from the health care professionals involved in your care. If you are ill or injured you may be struggling with the consequences of this and with day to day living. The last thing you need is to be dealing with remote medical bodies that don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart.

Some medical negligence solicitors in Peterborough have years of experience in handling these types of claims and they know exactly what documents need to be submitted. They also have access to independent medical experts who can help to provide the necessary expertise to help you in your claim for compensation. Through experience gained over many years a solicitor is more likely to win a case and get you the maximum amount of compensation which is owed to you. Legal Expert can provide you with a solicitor who can cover claims in the Peterborough area and who will build up a good rapport and working relationship with you – essential when you are going to be sharing very personal information with them.

Research Reviews of Medical Negligence Solicitors in Peterborough

To find information about making clinical negligence claims in Peterborough or elsewhere it is tempting to look up online reviews or even to speak to friends and family members who have had experience of medical care or legal medical negligence claims. This can often be a useful method of finding and assessing information. However, the Peterborough medical negligence team at Legal Expert can help you with all the information you need.

Do I Need to Use Medical Negligence Solicitors In Peterborough?

No. With access to email, telephone and Skype services there are no communication boundaries which means you can keep in touch with your solicitor wherever they are in the country.

What are the Different Types of Medical Negligence Cases?

If you feel that the care you received from a medical professional was inadequate or negligent which resulted in, or worsened, your illness or injury you could be entitled to claim compensation. Legal Expert have solicitors who cover a wide range of medical negligence claim types in Peterborough as illustrated below.

TrustNumber of ClaimsNumber of IncidentsPayments made by the trust
Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust35*7,728,471.37
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust5*1,089,552.3

Hospital Negligence Solicitors Peterborough

Things can and do sometimes go wrong in hospitals and a hospital clinical negligence claim could arise from:

  • An accident during a surgical procedure
  • Wrong removal or amputation of organs or limbs
  • Infection contracted during a hospital stay
  • Wrong or late diagnosis leading to wrongful or delayed treatment
  • Administration of the wrong medication or failure to prescribe medication at all
  • Failure to warn you about any risks involved in your treatment or surgical procedure

We cover all types of claims in Peterborough hospitals whether private or NHS including the Peterborough City Hospital and the Fitzwilliam Hospital.

Dental Negligence Solicitors

If your medical or cosmetic dental treatment was negligent or inadequate we can help clients in the Peterborough and surrounding areas and across the country. Types of negligent dental care can include:

  • Wrongful extraction of teeth
  • Incorrect fitting or failure of dental implants
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Inadequate root canal treatment
  • Substandard dental work

GP Negligence Compensation

Clinical negligence claims against GPs are something we can help you with in Peterborough, the surrounding areas and across the UK. Types of claims could include:

  • Late or misdiagnosis leading to delayed treatment or wrongful treatment
  • Substandard treatment leading to the onset or worsening of illness

Care Home Negligence Claims

With the huge increase in the numbers of care homes and nursing homes across the country there are inevitably those that are inadequate or substandard and this can lead to negligence claims against them. If you or a vulnerable elderly next of kin has experienced neglect, mistreatment or abuse of any kind our team can provide you with a solicitor to help you in a claim for compensation.

Negligent Treatment of Cancer

If cancer is caught early it can often be successfully treated but when there is a misdiagnosis or a late diagnosis this can delay vital treatment and the result can be that treatment is needed for longer than is necessary. In the worst cases a late or wrong diagnosis can be fatal. If you were affected by a wrong or late diagnosis you can launch a claim for compensation. If your next of kin has died because of a misdiagnosis you can make a compensation claim on their behalf.

Medical Negligence during Childbirth

Injuries inflicted in the course of childbirth can affect either the mother or the baby, and sometimes both. These can include:

  • The baby is denied adequate oxygen and this leads to hypoxia and then cerebral palsy
  • The baby suffers bone fractures due to mishandling
  • Staff fail to intervene when mother or baby is becoming distressed
  • Infection can be transmitted to the baby during birth

Negligence in childbirth cases can be the fault of a doctor, nurse or midwife.

Medical Negligence Compensation against the NHS

The table below illustrates the most recently recorded number of claims made against NHS hospitals in the Peterborough area.

No Win No Fee Peterborough Solicitors

When you engage one of our experienced solicitors you may be offered Conditional Fee Agreements, which are sometimes referred to as a No Win No Fee services. What this means is that your costs will be covered and you pay your legal fees only if your claim is successful. A No Win No Fee agreement is the best way to remove the financial risk and barriers to claiming that can often deter people from claiming what is rightfully theirs.

Talk to Legal Expert Today

Legal Expert are a trusted legal advisory service who can provide you with a solicitor in Peterborough or in the surrounding areas, or across the country, to assist your claim and gain the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to. Be assured that we will be with you throughout the duration of your claim to give you all the help you need.

If you believe you have a claim for medical negligence please call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 and speak to one of our helpful team.

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Data On Claims Made Against NHS Trusts

At this NHS site you can find relevant data such as that presented in the table above.

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