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Bexhill Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Are you considering reaching out to Bexhill solicitors with a view to engaging them as your legal representative in a medical negligence claims case? If so, then read on, as on this page you will find plenty of advice on how to choose the best legal team for your claims case.

Medical or clinical negligence are terms that are used to describe a specific set of events that lead to a patient being harmed in some way by a medical professional that had a duty to take care of the patient’s health at all costs.

Medical negligence can take many forms, the most common of which are:

  • Accidents that happen during a surgical procedure which injure the patient.
  • The improper or incorrect treatment being given which harms the patient.
  • Misdiagnosis of a medical condition which leads to a harmful delay in administering the correct treatment.
  • Prescription of the wrong type of medication that has a negative effect on the patient’s health such as an allergic reaction.
  • Allowing the patient to become the victim of an accident, such as a slip, trip or fall, due to insufficient care being given.

These are just a handful of the ways that medical negligence can occur.

Every medical negligence case has three things in common, and these are:

  1. The medical professional who was guilty of the medical negligence had the responsibility to safeguard the patients’ health.
  2. In failing to meet this responsibility the actions of the medical professional were harmful to the patient.
  3. The failure of meeting responsibility for the patients’ health could have been avoided in some way.

If your situation exhibits all three of these facts, then you will likely have a valid reason to claim compensation for clinical negligence.

Before you decide to use solicitors in Bexhill, please take a moment to consider our proposition, the national claims server that Legal Expert operates. We have a proven track record of winning difficult clinical negligence cases that goes back more than 30-years. We believe that we offer the Bexhill residents the best chance they have of receiving the maximum amount of compensation possible.

What to Consider When Selecting Solicitors

The single most important consideration when seeking a good legal firm to make a medical negligence compensation claim on your behalf is that the legal team has the capability to take on and win the case successfully.

Clinical negligence cases can be challenging, no healthcare service of medical professional wants to be found guilty of negligence. Therefore, the legal firm you choose must be capable of taking on large organisations such as the NHS.

Legal Expert is a good option for finding the best solicitor to represent you in a negligence claim. We have also given some tips below for people who would rather shop around.

Reviews of Bexhill Solicitors

Medical negligence solicitor BexhillA good place to start when evaluating solicitors is to search online for any reviews that have been published about them. These independent reviews can often provide some good information, although it is important to remember, they might not be entirely truthful.

You can always ask friends and family for their opinion on any solicitor you are considering. This is easy to do using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Will I Have to Use a Solicitor in My Area?

There really is no advantage at all in engaging a local solicitor on Bexhill. No matter where your legal team is located, you can easily keep in touch with them via email, SMS, Skype or any other modern communication channel.

Legal Expert can arrange for a local visit to your home in Bexhill if you would like to discuss your case face to face with one of our team.

What Claims Can Our Clinical Negligence Team Handle?

When it comes to choosing between no win no fee negligence solicitors, it is important to note that the most important factor, is whether the clinical negligence team has experience in similar negligence cases to your own.

Legal Expert has a track record of winning the maximum compensation possible for our clients across a wide range of medical negligence cases. Some of the types of negligence cases we manage regularly are detailed below. However, this is not a full list, so if your case doesn’t seem to fit any of these, give us a call so we can go over the specifics of your claim.

Hospital Negligence

Cases of hospital negligence can take many forms. Any time a patient is harmed in some way, for example:

  • Incurring an injury in a surgical accident.
  • Being harmed due to incorrectly administered anaesthetic.
  • Receiving the wrong treatment for a medical condition.
  • Coming to harm due to some form of a physical accident caused by inadequate care provisioning.

Legal Expert has tackled many hospital negligence cases in the past. Our national claims service is the ideal way to begin a hospital negligence claim.

Dental Negligence

The two most common types of dental negligence are accidents during dental surgery, and incorrectly administered general anaesthetic. Both of these examples of dental negligence will present the victim with a valid reason to claim dental negligence damages.

Legal Expert understands that when it comes to dental injuries, there can often be some form of cosmetic damage, such as facial scarring. In these cases we claim not just for the physical injury itself, but also the stress and trauma of living with a cosmetic injury as well.

GP Negligence

Legal Expert has plenty of experience in claiming compensation for GP negligence. These can be some of the toughest medical negligence cases we work on. As the first person you speak to when you develop a problem with your health when a GP makes a mistake it can have serious repercussions. For example, if your GP misdiagnosis a serious medical condition, and instead treats you for a much more minor one, the real medical condition will go untreated and potentially become far worse.

Cancer Negligence

Cancer negligence is a serious form of clinical negligence. Cancer victims require treatment as rapidly as possible to have the best chance of recovery. Anything that leads to a delay in receiving this treatment, such as misdiagnosis of the type of cancer the patient is suffering from can make the difference between life and death. In the most extreme cancer medical negligence cases, Legal Expert will have to claim on behalf of the dependants of the patient, as the negligence will have directly lead to the death of the victim.

Nursing Home Compensation

All residents of a nursing or care home should receive a specific level of care, laid out in UK legislation for healthcare providers. When care home fails to meet this level of care, if for example, they fail to notice the onset of a serious medical condition or fail to arrange medical treatment for a resident in due time, then a reason to claim compensation could exist.

If you have a loved one who has suffered due to negligence whilst resident in a care of nursing home, then Legal Expert can help you make a compensation claim. These are one of the most common types of claims we handle, and we have a great success rate with them.

Birth Injury Negligence

The birthing process can cause serious injuries to the mother, baby or both if mistakes are made. Birthing trauma can lead to the baby suffering broken bones. More serious conditions such as cerebral palsy can be caused by the oxygen supply to the baby being restricted for even just a short time. The mother might receive injuries such a damage to her pelvic floor muscles, or even a fracture of the pelvis.

If your family has been the victim of birth injury clinical negligence, then Legal Expert can help you begin the claims process. We understand the trauma you are going through and will do everything possible to make the process of claiming for childbirth negligence as stress-free as possible.

Clinical Negligence Claims in Bexhill

The table below gives data on the amount of hospital negligence compensation, as well as other types of negligence compensation paid by NHS trusts that operate in the Bexhill area. It shows the number of claims made and the total paid in damages.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received
Number of Incidents
Payments Made
East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust8*647,818

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Solicitors

Before you engage a local solicitor to represent you in a claims case for medical negligence that happened in Bexhill, you should call Legal Expert to discuss our No Win No Fee national claims service.

When we take on a negligence case under a No Win No Fee agreement, then you don’t need to pay us anything until we actually win you a compensation settlement. You have nothing to lose, as this removes all financial risk in making the claim.

Contact Legal Expert Today

Before you engage solicitors in Bexhill, talk to use here at Legal Expert for some free legal advice. Give us a call on Legal Expert – 0800 073 8804 and we will spend a few minutes capturing all of the information about your claim. Once we know enough about your situation, we will offer you some advice on what we think you should do next. In most cases, this will be to use our No Win No Fee claims service to make a compensation claim for medical negligence on your behalf.

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