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Folkestone Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee

By Meg McGonagall. Last updated 26th November 2021. In this guide, you will find information on choosing the best medical negligence solicitors for the Folkestone area. A solicitor with experience handling clinical negligence claims could help with cases of misdiagnosis, never events and much more.

Medical negligence solicitors Folkestone

Our guide could help you understand your rights if you have suffered further or avoidable harm due to a trained medical professional failing to give you the correct standard of care.

For instance, we’ll explore the compensation you could receive and the evidence you may need to provide in support of your claim.

Most importantly, we’ll look at your options for seeking legal representation, including that of a No Win No Fee agreement.

This option could help you avoid the costs often associated with hiring a solicitor. For more information, continue reading our guide.

Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below:

  • Telephone number 0800 073 8804
  • Use the contact form to send your enquiry
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  1. How Do I Know If I Experienced Clinical Or Medical Negligence?
  2. Do I Need To Provide Medical Evidence?
  3. Help To Find The Right Clinical Negligence Solicitor For Folkestone
  4. What Claims Do Our Folkestone Medical Negligence Team Carry Out?
  5. NHS Clinical Negligence Statistics
  6. No Win No Fee Solicitors For The Folkestone Area
  7. How To Start Your Claim With A Medical Negligence Solicitor For Folkestone
  8. Helpful Links

How Do I Know If I Experienced Clinical Or Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence happens when a healthcare professional has caused someone to suffer further or avoidable harm due to failing to provide the correct level of care. This could mean that your:

  • Doctor didn’t diagnose your illness correctly
  • Dentist treated the incorrect tooth
  • Surgeon made an error during surgery

Either way, as long as you have evidence that you received a substandard level of care that caused you further or avoidable harm, you may be able to seek compensation.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about finding the best medical negligence solicitors for the Folkestone area. In addition, we’ll look at the different types of claims our solicitors could handle.

Do I Need To Provide Medical Evidence?

Medical evidence is vital when pursuing a clinical negligence claim. If you choose to seek legal representation, a solicitor could help you obtain the correct evidence. However, it could include medical records in the form of:

  • Patient notes from previous appointments in the doctor or hospital
  • Treatment plans
  • Letters from the doctor or hospital
  • Prescriptions
  • Referral letters

Additionally, it could be beneficial to keep a diary of any symptoms to show the progression of your injury or illness.

Furthermore, you may be asked to attend a medical assessment that will be completed independently. The purpose of the assessment is to produce a report outlining the current state of your injuries or illness. Also, it can be used to show how severely the injury has affected your quality of life.

Any evidence you provide could help to highlight whether you received the correct level of care. In addition, it could show if reasonable steps were taken to prevent you from suffering further or avoidable harm.

For more information on how medical negligence solicitors for Folkestone could help you build a strong claim, call on the number above.

Could I Claim Against A Private Medical Facility?

If you have evidence that you’ve experienced medical negligence, a claim could be made, no matter whether it happened in an NHS or private or independent medical facility.

Either way, it may be beneficial to have a legal representative working on your case. An experienced medical negligence solicitor could help you take the steps you need to get the compensation you deserve.

How Do NHS Negligence Claims Work?

NHS Resolution may be involved in claims against the NHS as they act as a representative on behalf of the organisation. They aim to ensure those involved are supported and that any compensation paid is done so fairly.

Additionally, they aim to learn from any mistakes so improvements can be made to prevent them from happening again.

However, you must gather evidence to support your claim for medical negligence experienced when receiving care in an NHS facility.

For more information on working with an expert medical negligence solicitor, get in touch with our team on the number above.

Help To Find The Right Clinical Negligence Solicitor For Folkestone

When looking for a solicitor, there are several different factors you may wish to take into account. This includes their experience and how they’ve worked with claimants in the past.

For that reason, you should not simply look for the cheapest or first solicitor you can find.

Will You Need A Solicitor In Your Area?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the only option they have is choosing medical negligence solicitors in Folkestone.

However, this is not the case in today’s modern world. Many communication methods are available to you, including video calls, telephone calls, emailing, and instant messenger.

For that reason, you do not need to visit your solicitor, and so you can choose based on factors such as experience instead of being restricted to location.

Folkestone Medical Negligence Solicitor Reviews

Reviews are another important factor to look out for when trying to find the best solicitor for you. Firstly, you could ask your family and friends for recommendations.

Alternatively, you can look online for feedback. When you do this, you should make sure to check out comments on independent review platforms, as you can be certain of their authenticity.

Another option you could consider is working with our solicitors, who all have experience handling medical negligence claims. For more information, see the reviews on our page or contact our team.

What Claims Do Our Folkestone Medical Negligence Team Carry Out?

When it comes to clinical negligence, our team has the experience of handling various types of cases. For instance:

Please find out more about some other medical negligence compensation claims we handle below.

Medical Negligence Against A Hospital

This refers to any negligence that has occurred in a hospital environment, no matter whether it was an NHS or private hospital.

Hospital negligence cases might include:

  • A doctor failing to make you aware of the particular risks of a treatment. For instance, a surgeon may need to inform you of the risk of blood clots before you consent to surgery.
  • Mistakes made during an operation or procedure, such as the surgeon leaving surgical pads in the patient when closing up.
  • A nurse giving you the incorrect dosage of medication.
  • Illnesses that have been contracted due to poor hygiene and sanitation in the hospital.

Please get in touch to see whether our medical negligence solicitors for Folkestone could help.

Cosmetic Negligence Claims

Cosmetic treatment could be something you choose to undergo or something necessary to treat an injury.

However, no matter whether you elect to have cosmetic surgery or not, you’re still entitled to the medical professional giving you the correct level of care.

Failing to do so could result in further harm, such as severe scarring resulting from an infection caused by poor post-operative care.

Medical Negligence Against A Doctor

When someone is not feeling well, they tend to visit their doctor or GP. The doctor is responsible for carrying out the necessary checks and tests to diagnose and treat you correctly.

For instance, if they are unsure of what is causing your symptoms, they may be required to investigate further by ordering different tests. This could include blood tests or referring you to a specialist.

If they fail to do so and your illness develops further, causing you avoidable harm, we may be able to advise if you could make a GP negligence claim.

Nursing Home Negligence

It can be difficult and frustrating when you put your loved one in the care of someone else, only for them to experience mistreatment.

For example, if a nurse fails to give them the correct medication leading to them sustaining harm that could have been avoided.

If someone you love has suffered while at a care home, get in touch with an advisor to see if our team of medical negligence solicitors for Folkestone could help.

Medical Negligence During Childbirth

A claim could be made for a birth injury both mother and child may have sustained due to medical negligence during labour. In addition, this includes physical and psychological injuries.

For instance, your midwife may have failed to monitor your baby’s oxygen levels leading to minor brain damage.

Alternatively, you may have shown signs of preeclampsia that the doctor failed to spot, leading to seizures caused by eclampsia.

NHS Clinical Negligence Statistics

According to NHS Resolution’s Annual Report Statistics, there were 12,629 claims notified in 2020/2021. The report recorded the nature of the claims notified by the medical speciality.

For that reason, we have created a graph highlighting the most common claims notified by speciality in 2020/2021. The figures are provided by NHS Resolution in the statistics report. 
medical negligence solicitors Folkestone

CP/BD= Cerebral Palsy and Brain Damage

As you can see, the majority of claims notified were for Orthopaedic surgery negligence. However, it’s important to note that negligence is yet to be demonstrated in claims that are notified.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For The Folkestone Area

Our team of medical negligence solicitors for Folkestone could represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

Under this arrangement, you won’t be asked to pay solicitor fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim. However, you will be required to pay a legally capped success fee which is taken as a percentage of your overall settlement figure.

The fee will be deducted from your compensation once the claim has settled. However, you will be made aware of how it works before you agree to start your claim with the solicitor.

Most importantly, the agreement allows you to avoid upfront costs normally required for a solicitor to start work on your claim. Also, any additional costs that may incur while your claim is ongoing, such as fees required to obtain medical evidence.

See below for how you could work with one of our solicitors.

How To Start Your Claim With A Medical Negligence Solicitor For Folkestone

If you would like to discuss your medical negligence claim further, get in touch with our team of advisors.

They can offer free legal advice and answer any questions you may have. Additionally, if you’re ready to start your claim, they could appoint a solicitor to work on your case if they feel it has a chance of succeeding.

However, there are no obligations to continue with our service. Instead, our team could provide further clarification on anything of which you may be unsure.

So, why not get in touch using the details below:

  • Telephone number 0800 073 8804
  • Use the contact form to send your enquiry
  • Use the live chat feature below to access instant advice

Helpful Links

For more information on making an NHS negligence claim, see our guide.

See our guide on seeking laser eye surgery compensation.

Visit our guide on wrong-site surgical negligence claims.

If you wish to raise a concern about your doctor, see the General Medical Council.

See the General Dental Council for information on the standard of care you should expect.

Links to the local hospital, GP and dentist in Folkestone

NHS hospital

Royal Victoria Hospital


CT19 5BN

Contact number: 01303 850202

Private hospital

Spencer Private Hospitals

Arundel Unit

William Harvey Hospital

Kennington Road



TN24 0LZ

Contact number: 01233 616 201


Sandgate Road Surgery

180 Sandgate Road



CT20 2HN

Contact number: 01303 851241


Bupa Dental Care Folkestone

16 Shorncliffe Road



CT20 2SF

Contact number: 0845 602 9335

We hope you found our guide on finding the best team of medical negligence solicitors for Folkestone helpful. However, if you have any questions, please get in touch on the number above.

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