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Medical Negligence Solicitors in Horsham, West Sussex

If you have suffered medical negligence at a GP surgery, dental practice or hospital in Horsham, you might be looking for medical negligence solicitors in Horsham, West Sussex to help you claim the compensation that you deserve. At Legal Expert we have a dedicated medical negligence team who can assist people in making a claim. Our team can organise medical reports and ensure you take the steps necessary to get the compensation you are owed.

Before youclinical negligence solicitors in Horsham, West Sussex decide to work with clinical negligence solicitors in Horsham, West Sussex for your compensation claim for medical negligence that you have sustained in this area, you should read out guide to making a claim in this area. In our guide below, we have included advice on hot to select the right solicitor and legal team to work with. We will also look at what the definition of clinical or medical negligence is, some of the circumstances which may lead to it,and some of the most common forms of it.

Every case of medical negligence that our teams have successfully worked on include three things. These are, that the medical professional who was treating you and responsible for causing you harm clearly owed you a duty of care. Secondly, that they failed to meet this expected level of care, namely that they did not safeguard your health. Thirdly, that this failure was avoidable in some way.

Clinical negligence happens when a medical or healthcare professional causes harm to their patient instead of providing the expected care. This could be through an oversight, accident or mistake, among other causes. Some of the most common forms of medical negligence can include the following:

  • Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a serious condition (such as cases of negligence and cancer).
  • Surgical errors or other accidents and infection which happen during surgery.
  • Poor administration of your treatment as well as providing the wrong treatment for your condition.
  • Anything leading to an avoidable delay in your treatment and which leads to a negative impact on your health.
  • Prescribing you the wrong medicine or other treatment regimes.
  • Injury being caused or other accidents due to a lack of supervision in the patients care.

At Legal Expert, we operate across the country offering potential claimants in the Horsham area our services. Our medical negligence team who covers this area can organise your claim, from gathering evidence, to notifying the defendant and even organising home visits if needed.

Legal Expert and the solicitors we work with have a great history of helping people to make successful claims in a wide variety of medical negligence claims. Some of the solicitors we work with have as much as thirty years of experience in helping claimants.

How To Find The Best Solicitor

Whilst all solicitors are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) they are not created the same, and they do not all offer the same level of service. The Solicitors Regulation Authority will ensure that the solicitors work to a certain standard, complying with all industry rules.

So, before you choose a medical negligence lawyer, solicitor or legal firm to start making a claim on your behalf, you need to ensure that the solicitor or firm have the necessary experience and are able to win your claim for you. To make the claim competently, the solicitor will need to show that they have previously won a case similar to yours in the past, that they are able to organise things such as your medical examination in your area. They need to be able to collect this information to serve as evidence. The solicitor should also be able to offer you a no win, no fee contract.

Using a service such as Legal Expert makes it easier for you to find the right solicitors covering your area. We can find the best solicitors and offer no win, no fee services to help making funding a clinical negligence claim easier.

Is It Important Where My Solicitor Is Located?

It should not make any difference to the outcome of your claim where your solicitor is based. Today any competent solicitor will be able to be keep in contact with you using a variety of different communication channels. As most claims will not need you to meet the solicitor face-to-face, you can keep in touch in other ways. If you do need a home visit for any reason, it may be possible for our team to organise this.

Reading Solicitor Reviews Can Be Helpful

If you can find a website with honest and helpful solicitor reviews covering your area, it can be a good place for you to get some further background information on their services and how they have helped people in the past. Whilst this can be useful, talking to a service such as Legal Expert can help you to make a more informed choice with greater information about how we are able to help you.

Claims Our Medical Negligence Team Conducts

At Legal Expert, we have a team which can help you find the right solicitors covering your area, such as medical negligence solicitors in Horsham, West Sussex. Whilst not based in the town itself, our team can still help in a variety of different ways. The circumstances listed below represent just some of the claims we can help with.

Claims For Negligence And Cancer

Cases of medical negligence and cancer are some of the most serious we help people with. The more advanced cancer is, the faster a patient needs to be diagnosed correctly and prescribed the right course of treatment and medication. Any delay to your treatment, such as misdiagnosis, could have devastating or even lethal consequences. If you have suffered due to negligent cancer care, or have lost a loved one due to suffering negligent treatment, you could be able to claim for compensation. We work with solicitors across the country to help get you the maximum compensation settlement.

Birth Medical Negligence Cases

Alongside cancer, birth medical negligence cases are some of the most serious claims we help people with. Birth negligence can have very serious consequences for baby or mother and some cases can be extremely tragic. The mother could suffer an injury such as a broken pelvis or damage to the muscles around this area. She may also suffer internal or external bruising and cuts. The child may suffer more serious injuries. In the worst cases, the child may suffer brain damage due to lack of oxygen during childbirth. If you have experienced any adverse effects of negligent treatment during childbirth, contact our team today.

Claim For GP Medical Negligence

Whether for a minor injury or for the early stages of an illness, we always need to be able to trust that our GP and team at their surgery will be able to help us competently. GP medical negligence can have serious and lasting consequences for your health. The GP should always provide you with the right diagnosis, treatment or recommendation for further testing. When this fails, you may find that you suffer adverse effects and need to refer to an NHS compensation payouts guide.

Claims For Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes legally owe their residents a duty of care and are bound to ensure people receive the highest level of care, whilst also meeting any specific patient needs. However, sometimes the level of care can slip. This could be caused by staff being overworked, the facility being underfunded or not being given the right level of training. Common ways in which a resident of a nursing home can be harmed could be the patient not being supervised correctly, the staff not seeing that a person has not been given their medication or that they have developed a medical condition.

At Legal Expert, we can help to make claims on behalf of both a resident or their family in claims such as nursing home negligence falls.

Claims For Dental Negligence

Legal Expert works with some of the best dental negligence solicitors from across the country. Accidents and avoidable errors can happen in a wide range of different dental procedures. Whilst many may in fact be trivial in the consequences they lead to, others can severely harm the patient affected. The claimant could be left disfigured, suffer visible injuries or left with permanent scarring. We understand that whilst you need to be compensated for the physical injury itself, you could also be suffering from psychological injuries.

Claims For Hospital Negligence

There are lots of different reasons for why you may need to sue a hospital. Some of the most common of these are surgical errors and other accidents, delays to critical treatment, accidents which have happened due to insufficient care, and care which has been administered wrongly. If you need to make a medical malpractice against a hospital claim, or claim medical negligence by an ambulance, talk to Legal Expert today.

Statistics For Medical Negligence Claims Against Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

In the table below, we have included information on the number of incidences of medical negligence as well as claims which have been made against Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. The table also includes the value of compensation paid out during this period, 2015/ 16. Data is taken from the NHS Litigation Authority.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Recieved 2015/ 16Number of Incident 2015/ 16Payments Made
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust43142,419,068
Sussex Community NHS Trust9*167,439
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust8*193,488

How No Win No Fee Negligence Lawyers

Legal Expert are able to offer our clients what is commonly known as a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. This type of contract means that as a claimant, you won’t be required or need to make any type of upfront payments towards your legal costs. It also means that you will not have to pay a single penny and won’t be charged anything if your claim is not successful.

You will only need to pay any legal fees due if you are awarded a compensation settlement. A no win no fee agreement means that you won’t face any financial risk. CFA agreements mean that you don’t have to worry about making a claim.

What Happens Next

When you are ready to make your compensation claim and get the award settlement you deserve, call our team on 0800 073 8804. You can also email us on Our medical negligence team will be able to offer you legal advice on what to do next and how to make a successful claim.

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