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Medical negligence solicitor RochdaleThere are several ways that a medical negligence claim could be described. Generally, it is used in relation to any situation or circumstance where the medical professional or facility has not succeeded in the required duty of care – and when presented in a legal situation, it may be determined that the medical professional, or facility, were negligent in that duty of care. If negligence is proven, then the victim of the medical negligence may have a strong medical negligence case that could award them compensation.

The amount of compensation awarded to the victim depends on a few factors including, but not limited to;

  • The severity of the injury sustained,
  • The amount of financial loss involved (such as lost wages and medical expenses)
  • Pain as well as suffering

Patients who have been a victim of medical negligence that happened in Rochdale will need to get in contact with medical negligence solicitors Rochdale to begin their claim as soon after the medical negligence occurred as possible. In this guide we will be discussing medical negligence, as well as the best course of action to take should you need to file a medical negligence claim.

Finding the Best, No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitor in Your Area

When it comes to the medical negligence claim you’re making, you want to be sure that you don’t simply choose the first solicitors in Rochdale that you come across. Connecting with an experienced and knowledgeable medical negligence team is vital in ensuring that your medical negligence claim has the best possible outcome. With so many solicitors in Rochdale to choose from, it can be a timely and frustrating process to find a solicitor in Rochdale who can best represent you. You may not have the time, or patience, needed to spend hours searching the internet for local solicitors, and reading through countless Rochdale solicitor reviews.

This is where contacting one of our knowledgeable legal professionals can save you not only time, but headaches as well. Our team of legal experts are adept at answering all of your medical negligence claims questions, and direct you to several highly skilled medical negligence solicitors in Rochdale who can help you to get the compensation that you deserve for your medical negligence claim.

What to Look for When Checking Reviews

The internet is literally flooded with solicitor reviews. This can make knowing what to look for extremely difficult, it can often be hard to determine which reviews are even legitimate. There are however a few things that you can look for when checking solicitor in Rochdale reviews that can make this process much easier. The first thing to check is the solicitors overall rating, if it is more than 75% negative, then it is usually safe to assume that this particular solicitor has fallen short on getting his or her clients the best possible compensation for their claim. It is also best to check out reviews on review sites that are not affiliated with the solicitor that you are researching, while many solicitor websites will have a section where client reviews are shared, it is more than likely that they will only being sharing reviews from clients who have had positive experiences with them.

Should I Use a Local Legal Firm?

In the age of the internet, we have the luxury of obtaining legal services from anywhere in the country regardless of where we live. Our team of legal experts can refer our clients to medical negligence solicitors in Rochdale, as well as several areas throughout the country. So regardless of where you are, or where your medical negligence occurred in the UK, we can connect you with an experienced, and competent, solicitor located near you.

What Claims Do Legal Expert Conduct in Rochdale?

Our team of legal experts have helped countless clients conduct a wide range of claims relating to medical negligence that happened in Rochdale, and across the UK, including; cancer negligence, GP negligence, dental negligence, hospital negligence, birth injury negligence, and more. If you think that you may have a claim for medical negligence of any kind, you need to contact one of our legal professionals right away, so we may begin your claim.

GP Negligence Claims

GP negligence claims can include misdiagnosis, failure to properly diagnose or treat the patient, failure to refer the patient to a specialist, failure to review patient test results in an acceptable amount of time, prescribing incorrect medication or prescribing medication that interferes with the patient’s current medication, improper or unprofessional monitoring of a medical condition, and more. Our legal professionals have helped our clients with all of the aforementioned GP negligence related claims, as well as many other instances of GP negligence. Most of which have resulted in compensation being paid to our clients.

Dental Negligence Claims

A dental negligence complaint can include any type of injury related to a dentist’s, or dental offices, negligence. This can include; infection due to improper sterilisation, incorrect or unnecessary tooth extraction, oral or facial scarring, damage to sinus, and damage to teeth. Our team of legal experts have helped clients receive compensation for a wide range of dental negligence related injuries.

Cancer Negligence Complaints

A cancer negligence claim can include; misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of a cancer that has led to prolonged and/or unnecessary suffering, or death. In order to make a cancer negligence claim, you will first need to obtain copies of your medical records, these will be obtained by your medical negligence solicitor, and will be included in your cancer negligence claim. If you believe that you have suffered from cancer negligence, one of our legal experts are available 7 days a week to help you get started on your claim as soon as you make contact with us.

Hospital Negligence Complaints

Determining when a hospital is negligent can be challenging if you do not have the right legal team to assist you. Hospital negligence can include anything from faulty or unsanitary equipment, to untrained or incompetent staff. Our team of legal experts have handled many hospital negligence claims in Rochdale and throughout the UK.

Birth Injury Negligence Claims

A birth injury claim can involve any type of injury to either the infant, or mother, at any point during pregnancy, or after the birth. This can involve any instance where a doctor has misdiagnosed, or improperly treated any birth/pregnancy related issues that may have arisen. Common birth injury claims include, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, infant death, and injury to mother.

The experienced legal professionals at Legal Expert can walk you through the entire birth injury claims process, as well as get you in touch with a medical negligence solicitor who covers birth injury claims in your area. If you have been a victim of birth injury negligence it is very likely that you will be entitled to compensation for damages. Contact one of our legal experts today to learn how to get started.

Nursing Home Negligence Complaints

Nursing home negligence complaints have become an increasingly common negligence claim in the UK. The most common nursing home negligence complaint is elder neglect, which can include a variety of medical issues such as; bed sores, malnutrition, infection caused by improper medical care, and death. Our legal experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in nursing home negligence related claims and have helped many of our clients receive compensation for both injuries, and death, related to nursing home negligence.

Claims Made Against Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust In 2015/16

Our medical negligence table can provide you with a general insight into medical negligence compensation guidelines, as well as how many medical negligence claims have occurred in Pennine hospitals, and throughout the UK. While these figures are only associated with NHS hospitals, it is more than likely that our team of legal professionals will be able to assist you in a claim against private hospitals as well.

Trust InvolvedNumber – IncidentsNumber - ClaimsPayout Amounts
Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust 717414,676,880
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust081,045,973

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Team

One of our legal experts from our medical negligence team will be able to direct you to a medical negligence solicitor in your area who works under a no win, no fee, agreement. This means that you do not pay your solicitor unless your claim results in compensation. Working under a no win, no fee, agreement will erase the burden of having to worry about coming up with out of pocket costs related to your claim before compensation is received.

How to Proceed

If you have suffered from any type injury as a result of medical negligence, it is crucial that you get started on the claims process right away. Our team of legal professionals specialize in helping victims of medical negligence receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for their claim. Call one of our legal professionals today at 0800 073 8804 or you can send us an email for more information on how we can help you to get the compensation that you’re entitled to for your medical negligence claim.

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