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Before you start searching for solicitors in Farnborough to represent you in a medical negligence claim, you should read the contents of this page. It will help to inform you so that you can make a more informed choice when choosing between solicitor quotes.

Medical negligence solicitor FarnboroughWe could define the meaning of medical or clinical negligence to be a situation where a medical professional responsible for the health of a patient, has caused them harm due to error, oversight of lack of care. Medical negligence cases range in severity from fairly minor such as a person being given the wrong medication, to extremely serious, such as mistakes made during a surgical procedure resulting in the death of the patient. For every case of medical negligence, the following three facts must be true to make a compensation claim:

  • The medical professional who caused the situation will have had a clear duty to safeguard the health of the patient.
  • The medical professional will have failed to meet this duty of care in a way that had a negative impact on the health of the patient.
  • The failure to meet the duty was avoidable in some way.

If the medical negligence you have suffered from fulfils all of the three requirements above, then contact Legal Expert now.

We offer a nationwide claims service to residents of Farnborough. We have a three-decade-long track record of winning difficult medical negligence cases, and we always aim to win our clients the maximum compensation possible.

How Do You Choose the Right Law Firm for Your Claim?

If you want to make sure you choose a good legal firm, then there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. Firstly, does the solicitor have a proven track record of winning similar clinical negligence cases? Secondly, how does their fee structure work? Will you need to pay anything to begin your claim? Finally, will they arrange for additional local services such as getting a local medical opinion to support your claim?

A much simpler way to find a good solicitor without doing all the hard work yourself is to use the national claims service that Legal Expert operates in the Farnborough area.

If you would prefer to find your own solicitor, you will find a couple of tips below.

Do I Have to Use a Local Solicitor?

There is no advantage at all in using a local legal team in Farnborough. You can use Skype, email and web chat to keep in touch with your solicitor no matter where they happened to be located.

Legal Expert has solicitors that cover Farnborough, and we can arrange a home visit if you wish.

Should I Use a Solicitor Review Site?

If you can find some online reviews of any solicitors you are considering that have been published on a solicitor review site, these will provide a great starting point. Don’t rely on them to be entirely accurate. You should check the truth of the reviews by asking your friends and family whether they have used the specific legal firm, and does their experience match the review?

Asking Legal Expert for help is an easier option. Out legal team covers the Farnborough area and we can connect you with the best solicitor for your claim.

Claims Our Farnborough Medical Negligence Team Are Able to Conduct

If you decide that using a local solicitor is not for you, using a claims service such as the one we offer is a good alternative. Legal Expert has successfully claimed compensation for clients in a wide range of clinical negligence cases.

To answer the question, what is a what is a clinical negligence solicitor? it is easiest to give some real-world examples. We have detailed some of the types of cases we have handled below, to give provide some examples. This is not a complete list, contact us for more info if your case doesn’t fit within any of these outlines.

Hospital Negligence Lawyers

If you have suffered through clinical negligence in a local hospital, then you will need to find hospital negligence lawyers to make a claim. Legal Expert can assist you in this. Hospital negligence comes in many forms, from simple lack of care leading to a physical accident to fatal cases of surgical error during an operation. Regardless of how severe your case is, we will aim to gain you the most compensation possible.

Dental Negligence

Dental negligence is quite common. Most usually the problem of negligence occurs during a dental procedure, with the dentist making a mistake which causes an injury to the patient. These injuries will often have a cosmetic aspect, and your lawyer will need to claim for both physical pain and suffering, as well as psychological damage.

Legal Expert can help residents of Farnborough make a No Win No Fee dental negligence claim against their dentist.

GP or Doctor Negligence

Legal Expert has plenty of experience in claiming compensation for instances of GP or doctor negligence. These can be some of the most difficult medical negligence cases to prove liability in. As the first person you contact when you develop a health problem when a GP makes a mistake it can have serious consequences. For example, if your GP misdiagnosis a severe medical condition, and instead treats you for a much less serious one, your health will be impacted negatively.

Negligent Cancer Treatment

Advanced cases of cancer require the patient to receive treatment quickly if they are going to have the best chance of making a recovery. If some type of cancer negligence, such as a misdiagnosis leads to negligent cancer treatment being given, the patient’s life can be put at risk.

Legal Expert can help the dependants of cancer negligence victims claim the maximum amount of compensation possible. Call us today to find out how to begin your claim.

Suing a Nursing Home for Negligence

As a resident in a nursing home, you are legally entitled to expect a certain level of care. When this level slips, it can result in a resident of the home coming to harm. For example, they could be injured in an accident due to not being supervised, or they could develop a serious medical condition which the care staff fails to notice.

Legal Expert operates a national claims service which is available to citizens of Farnborough, to help them claim compensation for nursing home negligence, either as the victim, or a family member.

Medical Negligence at Birth

Birth injury negligence is fairly uncommon. When it does occur, a claim can be made due to either the baby, mother or both being harmed during the birthing process.

Some medical conditions such as cerebral palsy can be directly linked to negligence at the time of birth, providing a valid reason to make a compensation claim. Accidents during childbirth can have life-changing ramifications for both the mother and the child.

Legal Expert can help families in Farnborough begin claiming for any childbirth negligence that has occurred.

Medical Negligence Claims Against King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Below you will find a table that details how the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust NHS compensation budget is spent. It shows the number of cases and the total in damages paid. Data is published in this guide from the NHS.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received
Number of Incidents
Payments Made
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust14*19,082,426

Making A No Win, No Fee Medical Negligence Claim

If you are ready to begin your medical negligence claim, you should consider using our No Win No Fee national claims service. This is a financially risk-free way for residents Farnborough to make a claim. We don’t charge any fees at all until you actually receive a compensation payment.

Start Your Claim Today

When you are ready to begin claiming for clinical negligence, you should call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804. We will explain our national No Win No Fee claims service and take the details of your claim before offering some free legal advice on what to do next. For most people, we will offer to take on their claim under our No Win No Fee scheme.

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