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Medical Negligence Solicitors In Ealing

By Daniel Porter. Last updated on 25th November 2021. Welcome to our guide on medical negligence solicitors for Ealing. If you have been involved in an incident of medical negligence that happened in Ealing or the surrounding area, which resulted in you becoming ill or injured. Maybe it worsened an existing medical condition. 

In any case, you could still be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation. Medical negligence compensation claimants can potentially claim tens of thousands of pounds for the injuries they incurred, and any costs associated with their injury, such as loss of income if their injury left them unable to work for a period of time, or claim back the cost of any medical expenses. If you think you have a legitimate case for claiming medical negligence compensation, call Legal Expert today.

Who are we? We are a trusted personal injury solicitors firm that specialises in winning medical negligence compensation claims for our clients. Call the clinical negligence team at Legal Expert today to take advantage of our free legal consultation that we offer to potential compensation Claimants in your area. We will let you know if your claim is legitimate, estimate how large a settlement you could be awarded and provide you with an expert medical negligence solicitor who covers the Ealing area to proceed with your claim.

Call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 to receive your free legal consultation. If we think you have a legitimate case for claiming compensation we will proceed with your case there and then.

What Is Medical Negligence?

solicitors in EalingFirst of all, let’s define what medical negligence, or clinical negligence or medical malpractice as it may also be known, actually is. Medical negligence is when a medical professional causes an avoidable accident that harms a patient, by acting negligently, or through negligent inaction. If the avoidable accident harms the patient, injuring them, making them ill, or worsening a condition or disability that they already suffer from, the patient is entitled to make a claim for medical negligence compensation. The process of claiming compensation for medical negligence is the same if you’re claiming NHS compensation or private healthcare compensation.

We will provide you with a solicitor who will be responsible for representing you in your medical negligence claim and providing evidence of the medical negligence which took place. If you are filing a medical negligence claim you must hire a medical negligence solicitor to represent your claim and gather the evidence needed to win your case.

The solicitor will be responsible for proceeding with the claim, contacting the healthcare provider that manages the practice where you were injured, the Defendant, to discuss the NHS compensation or private healthcare claim that you, the Claimant, are making. If the defendant admits their liability early on as the case proceeds, your medical negligence claim may only take a few months to be finalised. If the defendant refuses to admit liability, your claim may have to be settled in court and will be a more drawn-out process. Please be aware that in England and Wales, you only have 3 years from the time that the medical negligence took place, to begin your compensation claim.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Solicitor

If you are looking to hire a medical negligence solicitor, we recommend that you take some time to research the best firm to trust with your NHS compensation, or private healthcare compensation claim. Choosing the best solicitor to manage your case, can make a big difference to whether or not you win the claim and are awarded as much compensation as you are entitled to.

You can look for information online, or alternatively call Legal Expert’s clinical negligence team. We offer a free legal consultation to all potential clients in Ealing or elsewhere, and will happily provide you with the best solicitors to manage your claim and advise you on which steps to take next.

Solicitor Reviews For Ealing

If you are looking for a medical negligence solicitor who covers the Ealing area, it pays to research which one you should go with by reading solicitor reviews in Ealing online. Try searching for solicitor reviews by typing some search terms like these into Google, such as “free legal advice in Ealing” or “the medical negligence solicitors, Borough of Ealing”. Try comparing and contrasting a wide range of reviews that different solicitor’s firms have received, to get an idea of which solicitor may be the best to represent you in your medical negligence claim.

Do I Need To Use A Solicitor Near Me

Clients often ask our clinical negligence team “Do I need to use a solicitor based near me?” the answer is no. At Legal Expert, our objective is to prioritise providing you with the best medical negligence solicitor to handle your claim. To do this, we will look at the payment options they offer, the level of service they provide, whether or not they specialise in injuries in your area and their track record for winning cases.

This means that you may be provided with a solicitor based elsewhere in the country to handle your claim. When this happens some clients worry about communication, but they needn’t. These days, digital communications technology like Skype and email mean that it’s easy to be in regular contact with your clinical negligence solicitor throughout your claim.

Claims Our Ealing Clinical Negligence Team Can Handle

If you want to claim compensation for medical negligence that happened to you, trust Legal Expert’s clinical negligence team to handle your case. No matter what sort of clinical negligence you have experienced we can help.

Whether you wish to claim for hospital negligence compensation, dental negligence awards, prostate cancer negligence, cancer misdiagnosis negligence, birth negligence compensation or compensation for the negligence that happened at a nursing home, or any other type of medical negligence, don’t delay in contacting Legal Expert as soon as you can, for your free legal consultation and to begin your claim.

Birth Injury Negligence Compensation

Medical negligence that happens in the delivery room can be very serious. It can cause injuries to the mother and child. In some more extreme cases, it can leave the child with a lasting medical condition, or a serious disability like cerebral palsy. If you have experienced medical negligence during childbirth at a hospital in Ealing, which harmed you or your child, then please call Legal Expert today for your free legal consultation. If you have a legitimate claim, we’ll proceed with your case as soon as possible.

Cancer Medical Negligence

Have you suffered because of an incident of breast cancer negligence, skin cancer negligence, prostate cancer negligence or another form of cancer negligence? Have you experienced a cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis which delayed you from getting the life-saving treatment you need?

If you have been harmed due to cancer-related medical negligence which happened you can claim compensation for prostate cancer negligence, or any type of cancer negligence. Your claim could be worth tens of thousands of pounds so contact Legal Expert to talk to our medical negligence team today about your case.

Hospital Negligence Compensation

You can claim hospital negligence compensation for hospital medical negligence that happened in Ealing, or the surrounding area. Whether you have experienced medical negligence in a private hospital and wish to claim private hospital negligence compensation, or NHS hospital negligence and wish to claim NHS compensation, speak to Legal Expert today. We can provide you with a clinical negligence solicitor with a great track record of winning cases like yours.

Dental Negligence

Have you been involved in an incident of dental negligence in the London Borough of Ealing, or the wider West London area? If the negligent actions of your dentist, dental nurse, oral hygienist or your orthodontist harmed you in any way, you may be liable to claim a dental negligence award. This dental negligence award could be worth tens of thousands of pounds, so call Legal Expert today to speak to one of our friendly advisors about making your dental negligence claim.

GP Negligence Compensation

We rely on our family GP to be the first point of call if something goes wrong with our health. Unfortunately sometimes our GP’s let us down and can act negligently, which can worsen the medical condition we went to them about, cause us to become ill or injured. If you have become injured due to medical malpractice at a GP’s surgery, you may be able to claim a large settlement in medical negligence compensation. Call us today to take advantage of our free consultation and see how much you could claim.

Nursing And Care Home Negligence

Have you, or an elderly or vulnerable next of kin relative suffered clinical negligence or abuse in a care home or nursing home in Ealing or elsewhere? You could be owed tens of thousands of pounds in compensation, or you could claim on behalf of your next of kin if they are now deceased or mentally incapacitated (for example, suffering from dementia).

Call Legal Expert to receive your free legal advice on care and nursing home negligence today and if you have a valid claim, we will proceed with your case. Please be aware there is a nursing home negligence statute of limitations of three years in England, which means that you have to begin your claim within three years of the medical negligence incident taking place.

Medical Negligence Claims Made Against The NHS

The NHS have a number of claims made against them each year. Their annual report for 2020/21 shows that they spent £2,209 million on medical negligence claims and associated fees. You can see how this amount is broken down in the graph below.

Remember, these figures only relate to claims made against the NHS. No private healthcare claims are included here. They also relate to the entire country, not just Ealing.

Medical negligence solicitors Ealing statistics graph

Medical negligence solicitors Ealing statistics graph

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Negligence

You can hire a No Win No Fee solicitor for negligence that happened in Ealing, the wider London area or elsewhere in the country. What is a No Win No Fee medical negligence claim? It is a claim with no upfront fee to pay, where you will only pay your solicitor’s fee if your medical negligence claim is successful.

For many Claimants hiring a No Win No Fee solicitor for negligence is the more affordable, less stressful payment option. What’s more, there’s no compromise on the quality of service that you will receive. Call Legal Expert today to speak with an advisor from our clinical negligence team about hiring a No Win No fee medical negligence solicitor.

Contact Legal Expert Today To Make Your Claim

Whatever sort of medical negligence you have been involved in, that happened in Ealing, a top medical negligence solicitor covering your area from Legal Expert can win your claim for you. You could be entitled to tens of thousands of pounds in compensation so call us today for your free consultation or use our online claims form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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