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King’s Lynn Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Medical negligence, also called clinical negligence, is when a medical professional or institute, such as a clinic or hospital, is in breach of the duty of care it owes its patient and in turn causes that patient harm. Examples of medical negligence that could have happened to those residents of the Kings Lynn area could be, late diagnosis of an illness, misdiagnosis of an illness or disease, or failure to prescribe the correct medication.

Kings Lynn medical negligence solicitors

Kings Lynn medical negligence solicitors

Medical negligence claims are made by those victims who have suffered harm or illness due to the failings of medical providers, NHS or private facilities. If you have suffered physical and/or psychological harm as a result of what you see as a breach in the duty of care owed to you by a medical professional, clinic, hospital or other health institution, you may have a claim for medical negligence.

If you have suffered due to medical negligence and you are a resident of the Kings Lynn area it is not compulsory that you use a personal injury solicitor based in this area. It is more important to find such a solicitor with specific expertise that will help in your case rather that their geographical link.

In this guide, we take a look at what medical negligence compensation claims consist of and how to go about finding medical negligence solicitors that covers the King’s Lynn area as well as why phoning 0800 073 8804 to speak to trained operators from Legal Expert could be a wise decision.

How To Choose The Right Specialist Solicitor For Your Medical Negligence Claim

If you have suffered injury or psychological trauma as the result of a medical procedure, and you think this breached the duty of care owed to you, you may want to find out more about claiming medical negligence compensation.

For this, you may need a personal injury lawyer who specialises in medical negligence claims like yours. Finding the right legal team can feel daunting when you first start the process, so just how do you find the right personal injury lawyer?

  • Ask trusted friends and family – if you know someone who has made a personal injury compensation claim, ask them about how they went about finding the right lawyer for them. People are often more than happy to share their experiences, as well as recommendations.
  • Online reviews – reviews are also a good way of getting a feel of how well personal injury solicitors offer their services to their clients. You will want to know how they charge for their fees, how well they kept their clients updated and their success rate too. As well as reviews and testimonials on the solicitor’s website, why not see if there are reviews on independent review sites too.
  • Ask experts like us – Legal Expert are an established company who work with clients like yourself to make personal injury compensation claims, providing specialist medical negligence solicitors that cover the UK. We work with a panel of experienced solicitors, many of whom have the skills and experience needed to take on a case like yours, and do so on a genuine no win, no fee basis.
  • Talk to solicitors directly – when you contact Legal Expert, we can help you access the information you need to make a medical negligence compensation claim. You can also request a call back so you can speak with medical negligence solicitors covering King’s Lynn, which is a great way of assessing the likely success of your claim.

Better still, when you call us at Legal Expert, there is no obligation to continue with a claim. That means you get free legal information you need to make the right decision for you, without feeling obligated to continue to make a claim or pay for the advice that you receive.

Do I Have To Use Local Solicitors?

Many people assume that because they live, work or their accident was in a certain location that they must make their claim using a solicitor from that area. For example, if you suffered medical negligence at a King’s Lynn hospital or clinic, it is easy to understand why you would think you you may need to use a King’s Lynn based medical negligence solicitor but this is not always the case.

However, the truth is you need to work with a solicitor who has the specialist knowledge and experience of making compensation claims relating to clinical negligence – and that means looking beyond the town and county borders for the right legal expert.

However although you may use a solicitor from another area such as Legal Expert, they will always provide a medical assessment within your surrounding area for your convenience. This is important at a time when you are recuperating from your injuries and experience. Using local medical experts means travel time is reduced, as well as the stress. Here is an example of just some of the experts in the area who are part of our medical expert panel.

Expert NameAddress of ExpertTownExpert’s Postcode
Sola OsinderoSt Augustine’s Centre
Columbia Way
Kings LynnPE30 2LB
Rajeev T JahagirdarNatural Therapy Centre
The Granneries
Nelson Street
Kings LynnPE30 5DY
Mallika Sahebagouda BiradarNatural Therapy Centre
The Granneries
Nelson Street
Kings LynnPE30 5DY
Ramangowd GanadinniNatural Therapy Centre
The Granneries
Nelson Street
Kings LynnPE30 5DY
Mamtha Balendra KumarNatural Therapy Centre
The Granneries
Nelson Street
Kings LynnPE30 5DY
Richard FotiadisStuart House
35 Goodwins Road
King's LynnPE30 5QX

Reviewed And Rated Solicitors Are Key For Your Medical Negligence Case

Choosing the right solicitor is important, something we place great emphasis on when you come to us here at Legal Expert. It is important to check out solicitors reviews and how they are rated when choosing the right solicitor for your case.

  • Communication – an essential component of a successful case is when there is clear communication between the claimant (you) and the solicitor and their team. How well do other clients say that the personal injury solicitor stayed in touch? Did they feel well-informed throughout the claims process about their case and its progress?
  • Experience – personal injury compensation is a wide field but is also one that is considered complex. Some cases, like medical negligence claims, can be complicated. In some cases, they can take years to resolve. You need to be confident that the medical negligence solicitor that covers King’s Lynn has the experience to understand the complexity of your case.
  • Commitment – some personal injury claims take a matter of months to resolve, whilst others can take years. What do people say about the commitment of the solicitor in question? Did they fully commit to the case?
  • Success – there are no guarantees of success but you need to have a clear understanding at the start of the process about the likely outcome of your claim. Do other clients feel that the solicitor was clear with them about the likelihood of success of their claim?
  • No win, no fee – finally, we come to the thorny issue of costs and fees. At Legal Expert, the personal injury solicitors we provide offer their services on a genuine no win, no fee basis. That means, if your claim is not successful, you are not left with a large bill as there is nothing to pay. But not all solicitors offer the same fee structure so it is important to check.

It is important that as well as having all the skills, qualifications and experience that the solicitor you choose to work with also ‘feels right’ for you. Can you see yourself working with this medical negligence expert solicitor for the months ahead?

Claims Our Expert Medical Negligence Team Conducts

Medical negligence is a broad, umbrella term that can be used to describe a range of claims. At Legal Expert, we work with clients making many different kinds of compensation claims;

We want readers to know that Legal Expert can help with a wide range of medical negligence claims. Some of these are illustrated in the subsections below, however this is not the whole list.

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Cosmetic surgery is a growing industry in the UK. Surgical interventions and treatments are used by many people to correct issues, such a rhinoplasty (surgical changes to the nose) to face lift, hair transplants and more. The large majority of these procedures are successful but there are times when they can go wrong. If this happens and duty of care has been breached, you could make a claim for cosmetic surgery medical negligence.

Birth Injury Claims

When births are complicated, injury to the mother and baby can result, very often this can happen in cases where hospital and maternity wards are very short staffed and staff are over worked.

The results of an injury at birth can lead to a range of complex physical and emotional needs, with compensation being tool for getting the help many families need. Injuries and birth claims can take time to resolve as they can be complex and difficult. For making such a claim, you need to be confident you have the right medical negligence solicitor working on your case.

Misdiagnosis Medical Negligence Claims

The human stories behind some of these claims are devastating. Symptoms of chronic and fatal diseases were misread, with the correct diagnosis only coming to light at a point where it may have been too late for the patient. As a bereaved next of kin, you may be considering making a claim for misdiagnosis.

When making a misdiagnosis compensation claim, for example, you may be claiming for total misdiagnosis after your symptoms were mistaken for something completely different, resulting in a delay in getting the right treatment it is vital that you have the right solicitor representing you.

Again, these claims are complex, but also deeply personal. You need to have the confidence and peace of mind that your compensation claim is in the right hands.

Cancer Misdiagnosis And Negligence Claims

Every year in the UK, around 360,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. As medical technologies improve, detection rates improve and as our understanding of this terrible disease improves, so too do the range and effectiveness of treatment.

Unfortunately, there are patients who learn of their diagnosis too late – known as complete misdiagnosis – or some patients may have their treatment delayed because a medical professional failed to interpret the results and tests correctly.

If this has happened to you, you may be able to claim compensation for cancer misdiagnosis and negligence.

Negligence And Trauma During Childbirth

We don’t like to think of it happening, but midwife negligence can and does happen. The consequences can be life-changing. From caring full time for the traumatic physical and intellectual injuries caused to the child to the mother recovering from traumatic injuries, negligence and trauma during childbirth are compensation claims we can help with. You are assured of the best service throughout the claiming process, from a medical negligence solicitor who has experience of the complexities of such a case, to the support offered by the team at Legal Expert.

General Practice (GP) Medical Negligence

In a recent survey, 92% said they were happy with their GP and the experience they have had and the care offered. In the main, we trust our GP implicitly to do their best by us every time we see them. There are, however, a small number of cases in which a patient doesn’t receive the care that they should.

If you feel negligence by a GP contributed to your illness or injury you may have a General Practice (GP) medical negligence claim. You can use our online chat facility to find out more.

Nursing And Care Home Negligence

Nursing homes and residential care homes provide people with the care they need when living at home is no longer an option. These facilities have a strict set of care guidelines that they must follow to ensure that each and every resident is safe.

Unfortunately, there are times when these high standards of care are not upheld. The result can be injury, the worsening of ill health or, in some tragic cases, death. If you believe you have a claim for nursing or care home negligence, as well as reading our comprehensive guide, you can call us to discuss. If your relative has suffered as a result of negligence, it may be possible to claim on their behalf.

Dental Negligence And Malpractice

Just like our GP, we rely on our dentist and their dental team to provide us with a standard of care and practice that ensures no harm comes to use during a dental procedure. But it is possible for negligence to play a part in poor services and treatment, as well as misdiagnosis.

It may be possible to make a dental negligence and malpractice claim, but as with all other medical negligence claims, you need to be confident you have the right medical negligence solicitor working on your case.

Hospital Medical Negligence And Malpractice

Negligence is a serious issue within the health profession. Whilst most cases are not intentional nor deliberate, they may result in injury, either physical and/or psychological, which will have an impact on the person affected. A hospital negligence and malpractice claim could be the catalyst to making changes that puts a stop to something of this kind happening again. Hospital negligence claims can be made against NHS hospitals including those in the King’s Lynn area, including the NHS Foundation Trust and against private medical hospitals.

It will need to be proven (as part of your claim) that you were owed a duty of care and that this was breached, resulting in you being injured or that your health was affected.

Figures For Medical Negligence Claims Against The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust

The NHS Litigation Authority is the body that handles negligence claims on behalf of NHS organisation, trust and independent sector providers in England. Established in 1995, it is a not for profit organisation run at arm’s length from the Department of Health.

Each year, they publish figures relating to the types and number of compensation claims made against NHS bodies in England. The table below shows payments for claims made against The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn Trust during 2015/16.

In some cases, “incidents” are not escalated to a compensation claim also in some cases, where the organisation believes that people could be identified from the information given, the information is not made public. Some areas are covered by more than one health trust and so their compensation tally may be a lot higher. This table covers the largest hospital in King’s Lynn, The Queen Elizabeth, which offers acute services to the communities of West Norfolk, South Lincolnshire and East Cambridgeshire.

King’s Lynn (Queens Hospital)20*£1,715,019

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence And Malpractice Claims

Taking the first steps of making a clinical and malpractice compensation claim can feel daunting. and there is one question that concerns every client – how will you meet the costs and fees of your specialist malpractice and medical negligence solicitor? The no win, no fee agreement levels the playing field, allowing everyone access to potentially make a personal injury compensation claim.

In practice, it means you only pay your solicitor if they win the case, meaning you won’t be left with a legal bill if you lose your case. But as with all agreements and services, what one solicitor offers is different to another, so always check the small print of any no win, no fee agreement. In particular, you will need to know how much of your compensation settlement you will pay your medical negligence solicitor. It may be possible to take out an insurance policy at an affordable premium which covers the cost of any legal bills and fees. Ask your solicitor about this or ask our team when you call us. At Legal Expert we offer all our clients a no win no fee agreement meaning they are at no financial risk, no upfront costs and nothing to pay if we are not successful.

Speak To Our Team Today

Every claim for medical negligence is different. At Legal Expert, we don’t forget that behind every case is a deeply personal story. Understanding your case is vital, and we ensure that you get the right information on how to make a claim, as well as information specifically tailored to your claim for medical negligence.

With this in mind, now is the time to call to speak to one of our advisors. They will listen to your story and will give you the information that you need, without obligation, about the options open to you. We are open seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. As well as calling us on 0800 073 8804, you can use the live web chat facility too.

Ready to start your claim? Why not use our claim online facility and start your medical negligence compensation claim today?

Helpful Resources And Local Healthcare Services

We have a whole wealth of information on our website for anyone thinking of making a compensation claim for personal injury, including expert guides relating to medical or clinical negligence claims.

Hospital infection compensation claims – Infection claims compensation information.

Cerebral palsy claims – You can also claim for compensation from cerebral palsy if it were caused by negligence.

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Gayton Road
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Tel: 01553 613613

Private hospital
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Gayton Road
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Tel: 01553 769770

Southgate & The Wootton Surgeries
Southgate Medical Centre
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