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Jarrow Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Have you experienced medical negligence at the hands of a GP or dentist, or whilst under the care of a hospital or other medical facility in the Jarrow area? If so, you could be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence compensation. You could use a solicitor in the Jarrow area or a nationwide specialist medical negligence firm such as Legal Expert covering the Jarrow area to assist you in getting the compensation for the injuries sustained.

Jarrow medical negligence solicitors

Jarrow medical negligence solicitors

Before we look at some of the ways in which Legal Expert can help you, from offering a no win no fee service, to getting you an examination by a medical expert close to you, and the types of claim which we can process, we will look at what clinical or medical negligence is.

Clinical or medical negligence is a term which is commonly used to refer to circumstances in which a healthcare or medical practitioner (such as a nurse, dentist, paramedic or doctor) has caused you harm which could have been avoided. This harm could have been caused by the party responsible being negligent through an action, or even through an inaction. If the harm which you suffered could otherwise have been avoided, then you could be owed damages for that harm.

As the result of medical negligence can be very serious harm sustained by a victim, the amount of compensation paid out in no win no fee clinical negligence claims can in some large cases be worth hundreds of thousands or even into millions of pounds. If after reviewing your claim with you we feel you do have a valid personal injury case, we could help you at no financial risk on your part.

For more information contact us on the number below and please read the remainder of our guide to learn more about medical negligence cases.

How To Find A Specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Whether for a personal injury claim, or for any other type of legal action it may be important  that you find the solicitor who is best qualified to carry out the legal action you need them to. Whilst claimants often think that they should use a ‘solicitor in my area’, to handle their personal injury case. This is not the case. Here are some simple things to consider when deciding which personal injury solicitor may handle your case.

  1. Ask the solicitor if they have conducted a similar case within the past twelve months. How was that case resolved and did they secure a good outcome for the claimant.
  2. Next, look at how their fees work. Can they offer to handle your claim as a no win no fee clinical negligence claim.
  3. Lastly, look at what other services they can offer you. Could they organise for you to be seen by a doctor in your area to reassess your injuries.

At Legal Expert we are transparent with our fee structure and for the people who we assist, we can do so through no win no fee services. We find one of our local medical experts to carry out a medical exam for you, regardless of where you are across Great Britain.

Does The Location Of Your Solicitor Matter?

There are some questions which our team are frequently asked. One of these is “do I need to use a solicitor in my area?” Even just a few years ago it may have been more advisable to work with solicitors or lawyers who are based closer to you. Today this does not have to be the case, and whilst we are not located in Jarrow or the surrounding area, we can help you as easily, quickly, and efficiently as if we were just across the street.

Whilst there may be Jarrow medical negligence solicitors who could handle your claim, limiting your search to just this area means you may not get the person best qualified to handle your claim. There may be a personal injury lawyer or solicitor who is located elsewhere who is better equipped to handle your particular case. If you do choose to work with Legal Expert, we can keep you updated on your claim by phone, post, or email. In many cases you will need to have a medical exam to provide evidence for your case. The doctors we partner with in your area include the following;

Rizwan Shafiq
Sunderland Regus Office,
4 Admiral Way,
Doxford International Business Park

Ian Watson
Millfield Medical Centre
63-83 Hylton Road

These are examples of the doctors we work with. You may be seen by a different medical professional.

Are Reviews Helpful When Choosing A Solicitor?

A very common way of finding any professional service is to look at reviews, and when finding a personal injury solicitor to handle your medical negligence case it is just as good an idea to do so. Today it is very easy to find impartial reviews of services such as a medical negligence solicitor. You can often find reviews both online and offline. When you do look at reviews, try to find ones which are relatively recent and have dealt with cases similar in nature to your own. When you look at solicitor reviews in the UK, also look at the general services which they can provide to you, and how they provide these services. One of the most important things to check is whether or not they can offer to take on your case through a no win no fee agreement.

Clinical Negligence And Malpractice Claims Our Team Can Handle

From claims for malpractice in the administration of cancer treatments to injuries to mothers or babies during pregnancy and childbirth, or dental negligence claims for damages, we can help people in a plethora of different circumstances.

In the following sections we look in brief detail at some of the more common types of claims which medical negligence solicitors covering Jarrow might see. This list is neither exhaustive nor extensive, so if the circumstances which led to your injury are not listed we could still help you.

Cancer Negligence Claims

Whether in the private sector or in the NHS, doctors and medics always strive to provide their patients with the best possible medical care. But, this does not mean that on occasions accident don’t happen and harmful mistakes which could have been avoided are made. If things have gone wrong whilst you were undergoing treatment for your cancer, you could be able to make a cancer negligence claim.

As cancer is a very serious disease with serious and even potentially fatal consequences, when things go wrong it can be distressing for you and those around you. You could be left feeling upset and angry, all of which can be taken into account as part of the pain and suffering experienced in your claim. There are are however things which you can do to take action if let down by your hospital or doctor. As well as claiming damages for both the harm you experienced, you can also claim for any expenses you have had to meet as a direct result. In addition to making a cancer negligence claim, you can also make a complaint to the healthcare provider directly so that action is taken to ensure those circumstances do not happen again to another patient.

Learn more about one aspect of cancer negligence claims, misdiagnosis, in this guide.

Birth Trauma And Injury Negligence Claims

Your children are the most important things in your life, and their birth is one of the most important events. If during your pregnancy, or the birth itself either party are injured or involved in a medical accident which could have been avoided, the effects can last through the rest of that person’s life, and may even be devastating to them. The effect of the injury may extend past the baby or mother and also affect the rest of their family as well. If you as an individual or a family have been through trauma or injury caused by medical negligence during pregnancy or delivery of a child, please contact our team.

This type of injury can be caused by errors and mistakes made at any point during your pregnancy or the birthing process. A routine procedure may not have been carried out correctly early on, leading to complications later down the line. Doctors may not have adequately monitored the pregnancy, causing illness or other harm.

Whilst it is rare for people to be harmed by a private hospital or doctor, or one working in the NHS, sometimes these things do happen, our team could help you to make a claim for the physical, mental, or even the financial impact that this has had on you. In our guide to making a birth injury claim, you can see examples of how much compensation people can be awarded for different types of injury.

General Practice Negligence Claims

Your family doctor and the other healthcare professionals who work at your local GP Surgery are often the first port of call when you feel ill or have a minor injury. As the gateway to healthcare services (whether in the private sector, or in the National Health Service), we need these staff to quickly and correctly identify any medical issues that we may have. Your GP will have been trained to spot the earliest signs of many common forms of illness and how to refer people to specialists in a particular field, or for more accurate testing than they can provide. In general, people can expect to have extremely high standards of overall medical care across Great Britain. But on occasion, mistakes and errors which could have been avoided are made.

If they fail in this duty to spot what may be wrong with you, you could end up being harmed in a variety of different ways. The effect of errors by a GP could lead to physical harm, or it could lead to psychological or mental health harm. In such cases, you could have the grounds to claim for damages against the GP Surgery as a whole, or against the health authority. The claim will be made against the responsible party. In out more detailed guide to negligence by a General Practice doctor, you can find out more about the causes and effects of this.

Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Nursing homes and care homes, whether for temporary respite, or for permanent residence, have a duty of care to the people who they are there to look after. They have an obligation to keep people safe, to make sure that they are not harmed in any way, and that they are comfortable. For numerous people up and down the country, this has not been the case and vulnerable people have been harmed in many ways. If people who are vulnerable are neglected they can be hurt or harmed more easily. In these instances, either the person using the care home, or their family (or others responsible for them) can claim compensation.

There are a variety of different ways in which residents of a care home could come to harm. Some of the types of injury or illness which could happen most frequently and which we have helped people to claim compensation for are;

  • The development of bed sores and pressure sores across the body,
  • Dehydration or malnutrition,
  • Injury caused by falls due to a general lack of being supervised,
  • Not ensuring people have taken their medicine, or that they are taking the right medicine for their conditions.

If you or someone else has been harmed whilst in a care home or a nursing home, you can find out how much you could be entitled to claim in our specialist guide.

Dental Negligence Claims

Most people do not like making visits to the dentist. However, doing so is necessary for good dental hygiene and health. If you have a problem in any way with an individual tooth, your teeth, or any other aspect of your oral health, your local dentist will be your first port of call for treatment. You need to be able to trust that your dentist is competent and that they are providing you with the right care when you need it. Dental injuries and harm which we have assisted people to seek compensation for, have been

  • Damage to the nerves in the jaw, mouth, or the rest of the face.
  • Not carrying out the right treatment when choosing between extraction or a root canal.
  • Not diagnosing and/ or providing treatment for gum disease.
  • Damage to your jaw or the rest of your mouth during treatment.
  • Not correctly administering anaesthetic.

At Legal Expert our personal injury lawyers have a lot of experience in handling this type of claim correctly and helping people to get the settlements to which they are entitled to. In our guide to claims for negligence caused by a dentist you can see examples of how much compensation in terms of damages for different injuries can be awarded.

Hospital Negligence Claims

Hospitals provide care across the broad, they are there for every type of illness or injury possible. The vast majority of the people treated will receive the utmost level of service. But for a few, this won’t be the case. Some of the most frequent types of issues which are raised by the people to who we provide assistance are claims for;

  • Infections acquired in a hospital, including MRSA, MSSA, and CD.
  • Delays to testing, surgery, or other holdups in treatment.
  • Pressure and ‘bed’ sores.
  • Failing to diagnose an illness and start treatment.
  • General negligence on the part of hospital staff.
  • Wrongful amputations.
  • Wrong site surgery or other surgical errors.
  • Negligence in an Accident & Emergency department
  • Negligence by paramedics or ambulance staff.
  • Not monitoring levels of fluids, dehydration, or inadequate nutrition.

Whilst these represent the types of negligence which personal injury lawyers and solicitors may most often assist claimants with, there are still numerous other circumstances which can arise, such as errors in administration. If you are unsure of what happened to you was negligence and whether it could allow you to seek damages, get in contact with our team today.

Figures Showing Claims Against South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust

Taking figures from the National Health Service Litigation Authority (the NHSLA) we have created the table below. This has been included so that you can see the volume of compensation claims which were lodged against the South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, which operates the locally serving Pennine Acute Hospital. Figures are for the number of claims made, the total number of incidents in a year, and the amount of compensation paid out.

Healthcare Service ProviderClaims Received in 2015/ 2016Total Number Of Negligent IncidentsValue Of Claims Paid
South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust43444,770,467

The amount paid out may not be to those who made a claim in that year due to the time it may take to make a claim.

No Win No Fee Clinical And Medical Negligence Solicitors

In most cases we can help people to claim compensation via a no win no fee agreement. This is an agreement which is made between a personal injury solicitor and the person making a claim. Under this agreement, you will not need to pay any costs when your claim is started. If you case is lost, there is nothing at all to pay.

    • If you are successful, the fees you pay will be fixed at a percent of the compensation awarded. This percentage will have been agreed between you and the lawyer at the start of the case. This stops there being any surprises financially speaking.
    • The bulk of claims which we handle are handled through this type of claim. However it may be the case that we are not able to offer you this type of service. In this instance, we can discuss any other options open to you.
    • This type of contract helps to eliminate any risk to you when making a claim. It means that you can get justice for your sickness or your injuries.

Call Our Team Today

To start your claim you just need to get in touch with our team. You can contact us via email, phone, or through the contact forms on our site. These are as follows;

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Additional Helpful Guides And Healthcare Services For Jarrow

In this guide we have recommended several other guides on our website where you can find additional information on different forms of medical negligence claims. We also recommend that you read these guides;

Cosmetic Surgery Claims
If cosmetic procedures or surgeries do go wrong they can have effects which may be devastating physically or psychologically.

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Botox does not always have to be provided by a medical professional. As such, errors and mistakes can be much more common.

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