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Kirkby Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

If you have been involved in an incident of medical negligence, you may be wondering whether you are entitled to compensation. This guide can help those looking for a medical negligence solicitor that covers the area of Kirkby in order to file a case for compensation.  You would be shocked by how many people in the UK have missed out on compensation when they would have been entitled to it, simply because they did not know they could make a claim. We do not want this to happen to you, which is why we have put this guide together.

Kirkby medical negligence solicitors

Kirkby medical negligence solicitors

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about medical negligence. This includes information on working with medical negligence solicitors covering Kirkby. You will not only discover how to find medical negligence solicitors covering Kirkby for your case but we will also discover the different types of clinical negligence claims they handle. But first, you need to determine whether or not you have a strong case for compensation.


To determine whether you are entitled to compensation, there are three key aspects you need to look at, as you will discover below.

  • Responsibility – First and foremost, you need to determine who is to blame for the accident you were involved in. In most cases, this will either be the medical professional that was caring for you, for example, your GP or dentist, or it will be the healthcare organisation as a whole, for instance, the NHS hospital or private medical centre you were being treated at. You certainly cannot make a claim if you are to blame for your illness or injury because you have not followed your doctor’s advice, for instance.
  • Medical attention – when making a claim your solicitor will have you attend a specialist doctor who will review your condition and report on your prognosis, this will be used to determine what damages should be awarded. It will be the doctors report that may determine how far the negligence has caused ill effects.
  • Date of the accident – If you are to make a claim, the accident must have occurred within the last three years. This is the time limit on all personal injury cases. Three years may make you feel like you have all of the time in the world, but it is imperative to note that during this period court proceedings must be issued. Not only this but you will find the process a lot easier the sooner you make a claim. Of course, there are some exceptions to the time limit rule, so please do not hesitate to give us a call for more information.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding whether you have the basis for making a clinical negligence claim. With that in mind, continue reading to discover more about finding a solicitor to work with, the different types of medical negligence cases we handle, the service we provide when you ring 0800 073 8804, and much more.

How To Find An Expert Clinical Negligence Solicitor For Your Case

There is a lot to consider when choosing a solicitor for medical negligence for your specific case. We have put together a collection of tips that should help you to choose the best expert clinical negligence solicitor for your case…

  • You should always go for a solicitor that is based in the UK. Make sure they are registered in the UK as well.
  • Establishing effective channels of communication is imperative. Be sure that the solicitor is easy to get in touch with.
  • Look for someone with a considerable degree of experience. You can’t afford to take a risk when it comes to something as imperative as securing compensation.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is vital to have a full understanding of the claim process and what is entailed.
  • Look for solicitors that offer free legal advice.
  • It is always advisable to go for a solicitor that is happy to work to a No Win, No Fee payment agreement. This means that you will only pay legal fees if your case is a success and, therefore, the monetary risk is diminished by a significant degree. You are also much more likely to benefit from a quality service, as the solicitor is impacted by the outcome of your case.
  • Make sure the solicitor is certified and that their activities are regulated.
  • Take the time to read reviews that have been left by previous customers, as you will be able to get a good understanding as to whether the solicitor has a good reputation in the industry or not.

Does A Solicitors Location Matter?

A lot of people assume they have no other option but to work with medical negligence solicitors in Kirkby. In fact, this could not be further from the truth and you don’t have to use a Kirkby medical negligence solicitors firm at all if you do not wish to.  You can work with any solicitor in the UK, no matter whether they are based. This is because personal injury cases today are handled via telephone and email, meaning there is no need for you to meet your lawyer face-to-face. This gives you the ability to choose a legal professional based on his or her credentials, rather than being forced to select based on location.

In the table below, you can find the details of medical experts in Kirk

by that could be used to carry out a medical examination.

Name of the ExpertAddress for the ExpertCity and Postcode
Kirsty HollinworthCampanile Hotel Liverpool
Chaloner Street, Queens Dock
Liverpool, L3 4AJ
Ayaz AbbasiNorton StreetLiverpool, L3 8LR
Mohammed SafdarNorton StreetLiverpool, L3 8LR
Andrew Hubbert41 Woolfall Heath Avenue
Liverpool, L36 3TH
Ayaz AbbasiNorton StreetLiverpool, L8 8LR
Mohammed SafdarNorton StLiverpool, L3 8LR

Does It Help To Read Reviews Of Solicitors And Lawyers?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’ – it certainly helps to read solicitors review websites. Make sure you read comments on independent review websites so that you can be certain of their authenticity. Despite this, though, there really is no substitute for speaking to a legal professional over the phone. This will give you a real feel as to whether this is someone you can work with or not.

Clinical Negligence And Malpractice Claims Legal Expert Can Conduct

Here at Legal Expert, we have worked on many private hospital and NHS medical negligence claims over the years. We can help you to get the compensation you deserve. In the section below, we are going to provide a brief overview of some of the most common medical negligence cases. If you cannot find your type of case below, do not panic – you can still claim. This is merely a handful of different claim types.

Claims For Cancer Negligence Cases

There is no denying that cancer medical negligence claims can be very distressing because the consequences can often be severe and sometimes fatal. This is because cancer negligence often relates to the likes of misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, and the incorrect treatment being given. This leads to cancer spreading because it is not dealt with properly. In a lot of cases, this means the cancer develops to a later stage and the individual has to undergo much more intensive treatment. In other cases, it can be fatal. If you or someone you love has been the victim of cancer negligence, whether in Kirkby or elsewhere in the UK, contact us today for more information.

Claims For Childbirth Injury Cases

We can also help you to claim for clinical negligence at birth. Again, we can launch these claims for you no matter whether this incident has occurred in Kirkby or somewhere else in the United Kingdom. If your midwife or any other medical professional has not spotted signs of distress during birth or they have not acted in the correct manner, and you or your baby has been injured as a consequence, there is a very high chance you are going to be entitled to compensation.

Claims For GP Negligence Cases

We can also launch claims against your GP. When it comes to seeking any sort of treatment because you are not feeling very well, your GP is the first person you turn to. Therefore, they play a very critical role. If they do not diagnose something properly or they overlook symptoms altogether, there is a high chance your condition could become worse. if this has happened, you can most certainly make a claim.

Claims For Nursing Home Injury Cases

In recent years, there have sadly been numerous cases of nursing home negligence whereby staff have mistreated and abused their patients. This can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with. We can ensure you and your loved ones get the payout you deserve. We also have experience with nursing home negligence death claims, as well as launching claims for the likes of infections caused due to poor hygiene standards and the wrong medication being administered. Again, we can launch these claims for you no matter whether this incident has occurred in Kirkby or somewhere else in the United Kingdom.

Claims For Dental Negligence Cases

Here at Legal Expert, we also have a team of experience dental negligence lawyers who will be more than happy to help you get the payout you deserve if you have been the victim of dental malpractice or negligence. There are many different types of illnesses and injuries that can occur if a dentist has been negligent. Perhaps he or she has pulled the wrong tooth out? Maybe you have experienced damage to your teeth and mouth because a certain procedure was not carried out correctly? No matter the scenario, contact us for more information and we can start the claims process.

Claims For Hospital Negligence Cases

Finally, we can also assist with hospital negligence cases. Again, we can launch these claims for you no matter whether this incident has occurred in Kirkby or somewhere else in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, we can also assist no matter whether you are going to be making a claim against an NHS hospital or a private hospital. We have a wealth of experience with both. You may be wondering whether you have the basis for a claim, the truth is that there are so many different examples of hospital negligence. This includes cases whereby mistakes have been made during surgery, as well as incidents whereby you have fallen ill because of poor hygiene in the hospital, other examples range from late diagnosis to the wrong treatment being given, to blood samples being mixed up.

Figures For Claims Made The Against Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In the table below, you can get an insight into the claims that have been made against the NHS Trust in the local area. You can see the number of claims that have been made, as well as the total sum of money that has been paid out. Please note, though, that this table merely relates to NHS claims. There are currently no statistics available for claims made against private hospitals and health centres in the area.

TrustClaims Received 2015/ 16Number of Incident 2015/ 16Payments Made
Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust103*£3,787,774

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims In Kirkby

If you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own, you are probably feeling upset and stressed. While we cannot make the pain go away, one thing we can do is ensure you get the compensation you deserve to help you through the recovery process. Read on to discover one of the best options available to claimants, ensuring you have the best chance of securing compensation while also reducing the cost of a personal injury solicitor.

What we are referring to is, of course, a No Win, No Fee solicitor. Using No Win No Fee solicitor can help to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. For those who are unaware, No Win, No Fee negligence solicitors are professionals who work to a payment structure where a percentage is charged only if the case is successful. This then results in many other benefits, as you will discover below:

  • No time wasting – One thing you can be sure of is that a No Win, No Fee solicitor will never waste your time. If they think that you do not have a good chance of getting compensation, they will be upfront with you. After all, they have nothing to gain by taking on any old case, as the pay they receive is performance related.
  • No large upfront payment – When it comes to solicitors that charge by the hour, a lot of people are put off from the very beginning because the cost of a consultation is so large. This puts a hurdle in the way straight away, and it is something that a lot of people can’t afford to get over. You do not need to worry about this when going for a No Win, No Fee service.
  • Financial protection – You are also offered a significant degree of monetary protection. When you go down the traditional route, there is the potential for financial repercussions if your case is not a success, as you could find yourself spending lots of money on legal fees and getting no compensation in return. Is this something you could really afford? Luckily, you don’t have to take this risk with a No Win, No Fee solicitor.
  • Better quality service – This structure most often leads to a better service. This is because the solicitor is going to be accountable for the service they provide, as their pay is related to their performance. With a traditional solicitor, they receive the same amount irrespective of the outcome, and thus you cannot be sure they will be putting the effort in.

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Talk to Legal Expert for more information about making a medical negligence claim today. No matter whether you are ready to start the claims process or you are simply looking to get some questions answered, we are here to help. You can reach us on 0800 073 8804.

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Links to the local hospital, GP and dentist in Kirkby

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Lower Lane
L9 7AL
Tel: 0151 525 5980

Private hospital
Spire Liverpool Hospital
57 Greenbank Road
Liverpool L18 1HQ

Towerhill Surgery
Ebony Way
Merseyside L33 1XT
Tel: 0151 244 4001

Ebony Way
Tower Hill
L33 1XT
Tel: 0151 546 3178

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