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Medical Negligence Claims in Cumbernauld

Medical negligence solicitor CumbernauldWhen it comes to medical negligence, many people don’t understand what the meaning of clinical negligence is. For clarification, the fact that a medical professional has a responsibility or ‘duty to care’ for you to a certain standard means that if they do not do so, they could be held liable for worsening of injuries or illness or new injuries or illness you suffer as a result. It is important you remember that it is not only physical effects that can occur from negligence but also emotional or mental effects.

There are a wide variety of people or entities that could be found at fault for negligence, including

  • GPs/Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Dentists
  • Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Other clinical professionals

In a case of medical negligence, solicitors in Cumbernauld, just like across the country need to be able to offer proof that negligent behaviour contributed to, or was to blame for any suffering you have endured. The solicitor you choose therefore is important, as proving this requires deep knowledge of medical negligence claims and not all solicitors in Cumbernauld have this.

How Do I Find The Best Solicitors Near Me?

A question we often hear is ‘Who is the best solicitor near me?’ To be clear, it does not matter where in the UK your solicitor is based, now that modern technology allows us the ease of communication it does. However, choosing the first one that comes up in a search engine would not always be the best course of action either. Comparisons between success rates, similar cases to yours dealt with, as well as costs and how they claim them will make a difference to your case, so are worth considering.

Is it important to use a local law firm?

Frankly, no. Whilst you may know a local law firm that has dealt with other legal needs of yours, you do not necessarily have to use them for something as complex as your medical negligence claim. Solicitors in Cumbernauld may or may be the most experienced to deal with your case, but if not, you can look all across the UK for the right one for you. Here at Legal Expert, we have a medical negligence team that covers the Cumbernauld area and we will be happy to talk to you concerning your claim.

Is it important to read a review of the solicitor?

A review of a solicitor may tell you some things about the solicitor you are looking to take on your case, but it may not tell you everything. Some reviews can be a little misleading. For example, if a client had unrealistic expectations and their compensation payout did not live up to them even though the solicitor had explained why, they might feel negative so post a negative comment. Similarly, someone who does not understand the law may be delighted with a payout even though it is at the lower end of the payout bracket they could have sought. Here at Legal Expert, we not only are able to furnish you with more information than is contained in reviews, allowing you to be fully informed prior to making this important decision.

What type of claim does our Cumbernauld Medical Negligence Team Conduct?

There is a vast array of different types of claim when it comes to clinical or medical negligence, and Legal Expert can help with almost any type you can imagine. For reference, the most common clinical or medical negligence claims are listed below, but there are others we can take on too so why not call us if yours does not appear here.

Reporting a Hospital for Negligence

When it comes to reporting a hospital for negligence, few people know the proper procedure, and few want to leave it as just a complaint, particularly if it has meant they have suffered financially, mentally and/or physically due to negligence. We can help deal with claims concerning:

  • Misdiagnoses of injuries and/or illnesses
  • Incorrect dosage of medicines dispensed
  • Incorrect dosage of medicines prescribed
  • Drug interactions that should have been avoided
  • Transfusion of blood/products problems
  • Misreading of scans or x-rays leading to missed diagnoses

This is, of course, not a complete list. With many things that go on in hospitals, there are many other areas where things can go wrong. If you have had issues due to any purported negligence that has happened in a hospital, then it is likely you will have a claim.

Claim with our Dental Negligence Team

Going to the dentist is not everyone’s favourite thing to do but we do so to improve or maintain our oral health. However, when a dentist is negligent in their treatment of us, it could lead to all sorts of issues including:

  • Tooth loss due to an incorrect extraction of a tooth
  • Misdiagnosis of decay
  • Missed infections
  • Injuries due to failed extraction due to negligence
  • Injuries due to improper handling of equipment

Our dental negligence team can help with this and so much more. Why not call us to talk about what has happened to you so we can advise you on how we can help.

GP or Doctor Negligence

Legal Expert can assist with claims against GPs and doctors too. Whether you have been the victim of a poorly performed minor procedure that has gone wrong, or have had a late or missed diagnosis that has led to an illness or injury being exacerbated, call our team who can help you to begin a claim for compensation.

Cancer Medical Negligence Claims

Whether it is breast cancer negligence cases or bowel cancer misdiagnosis, Legal Expert has experience in helping sufferers of this frightening disease claim compensation when medical negligence professionals have let them down and we can do the same for you too. Cancer can spread quickly, and if there are opportunities for the cancer to be caught but it does not happen, and the fault lies with the medical professionals charged with your care, then we can help provide solicitors that can fight for the compensation you deserve, allowing you to concentrate on fighting this disease. If it is a loved one who has been let down, and they have since passed away, the dependents left behind may be able to claim on their behalf to cover funeral expenses and any financial burden as well as trauma they have suffered as a direct result. It may not bring back a loved one, but it will ensure that the ones left behind will not have to go through the grieving process under any excess financial burden.

Care Home Negligence Solicitors

Negligence treatment in a care home can cover a multitude of different actions/inactions. Whether your loved one’s primary care needs have not been met, they have not been properly supervised and have been injured, or their medical needs such as assistance with taking medicines have not been met, then care home negligence solicitors can get involved to fight for compensation that will not only help to ease the burden of the illness/injury suffered but usually will also spark an investigation that could stop the same things happening to others. Legal Expert can help with cases relating to care home negligence in Cumbernauld as well as across the country.

Childbirth Negligence Solicitors

Childbirth negligence solicitors must consider a wide variety of different factors when pursuing a case for medical negligence. Whilst there is a certain risk associated with childbirth, we rely on the medical professionals around us to provide us with the relevant standard of care to reduce these risks, and when they do not, the results can be traumatic and devastating to both mother and child. Things such as missed opportunities to spot Pre-eclampsia, or lack of oxygen to the baby, incorrect handling of shoulder dystocia or breech births as well as surgical negligence for caesareans can lead to Cerebral Palsy, mental trauma, broken bones, tearing and even, in the most extreme circumstances can prove fatal for mother or child.

Medical Negligence Claims against Lanarkshire Primary Care NHS Trust

NHS compensation cases are not as rare as you might think, and they happen all over the country. Here, we provide an illustration of NHS claims and incidents reported in 2015/16 across the UK as Scottish figures are not available. We also deal with private practice claims but the figures for private hospitals are not readily available for us to publish here.

The TrustThe ClaimsThe PayoutsThe Incidents
Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (The)8510714214.781713
Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust16211682054.2410
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust10914866001.8813

Find the Best No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitors covering Cumbernauld

When it comes to finding the best no win no fee medical negligence lawyer in your area, you are not, as previously stated, restricted to using one in the locality. Solicitors work all over the country without payment upfront, and it is important to understand that for this sort of arrangement, there will be no bill for you to be saddled with if your medical claim is not deemed worthy of compensation. Legal Expert can help provide you with solicitors covering your area that work to these agreements and are clear and transparent about how they work. Feel free to call us to discuss.

Next Steps

Whether you have more pressing questions you’d like answered about claiming, or feel ready to go ahead with claiming, our team is available on 0800 073 8804 for you to talk to. Otherwise, you can email or complete the contact form. We can help with the process in order to make it as stress-less as possible, so why not get in touch?

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