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Redditch Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee Claims Guide

By Stephen Taylor. Last Updated 21st December 2021. Have you experienced pain or suffering as a result of the way in which you were treated by a medical or healthcare professional in either the NHS or through a private healthcare provider? If so the experienced medical negligence team at Legal Expert can help you. Are you looking for medical negligence solicitors for Redditch personal injury claims? Our medical negligence team can provide you with a solicitor who can assist claimants in this area. Whilst they may not be based here, they will be able to provide expert care to people living in Redditch.

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Redditch Medical Negligence Solicitors

Once you have sought any supplementary medical care that you need, your next step should be to get the compensation that you are entitled to. Our medical negligence team is able to offer claimants an initial consultation early on after you have discovered your injury or illness to assess whether or not you have a claim which will be successful. This will also allow us to start your claim early whilst the details of how it happened are still fresh in your mind. Also, your injury or illness can be assessed by an independent medical expert.

If the defendant admits their liability early in this case, then we may be able to secure you an interim payment from your final settlement. This can help with any medical costs or other expenses you have to meet as a result of the negligence you experienced.

Medical Negligence Solicitors In Redditch

To make a successful medical negligence claim the solicitor which we can provide you with will need to show three things. Firstly, that you were owed a duty of care by the defendant. In other words, that you were under their medical care. Secondly, that the defendant breached this duty of care in some way. Finally, that this breach or negligent action was the cause of your subsequent injury or illness.

In our guide to making a claim in Redditch below, we take a brief look at some of the most common types of medical negligence. We’ll also give you some tips on how to find the best solicitor for your claim.

Choosing The Best Medical Negligence Solicitor

Choosing the solicitor most suitable for your claim is the most important part of the overall claims process. Assuming you choose to hire one to support your case.

Other steps are important in the process. However, getting the right legal team behind you will ensure that you are represented in the best possible way throughout your claim.

The best solicitors will be able to negotiate on your behalf and secure you the highest possible award settlement for your injuries. Here are answers to two of the most common types of questions people have when they’re thinking of hiring a solicitor.

Do You Need To Use Solicitors In Your Area?

This is a question which people often ask when they are considering using a solicitor. The simplest answer is no, you do not need to use a solicitor in your local area. Therefore, you can certainly start a personal injury claim in Redditch with medical negligence solicitors based outside the area.

We can provide you with the best solicitor for your claims needs ensuring that you have the best help possible. That applies regardless of location. The only part of a claim which needs to be carried out in your area or in a face-to-face setting is the medical examination you need. This can be organised close to you. In certain cases, we may be able to organise a home visit for you.

What To Consider When Reading Solicitor Reviews

Different solicitors and legal firms will have their own approach to providing services and interacting with a client. Some may be more formal whilst others may be causal and friendly. It is of course invaluable to work with a solicitor who has the necessary experience. It is also, however, important that you use a solicitor who approaches things in a way that makes you comfortable.

Solicitor reviews are a good way to learn more about a solicitor’s individual approach to claimants. You can also learn about their track record and ability to help people such as yourself. Reading reviews of different solicitors covering your area can be a great way to find out more. However, they are not a substitute for contacting a service such as Legal Expert. We can take the time to understand your claim and provide you with the right solicitor for your needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can support a claim in Redditch with medical negligence solicitors.

Claims Our Redditch Medical Negligence Team Can Conduct

Compensation for medical negligence can be claimed for in a very broad range of different circumstances. The effects can range from relatively mild to extremely severe, life-changing and even terminal. As such the solicitors we provide are experienced in every area of medical negligence litigation.

Below we look at some of the most common forms of medical negligence claims which we handle. If the circumstances of your individual case differ from these don’t worry. The list is not exhaustive and there are many other different causes and effects of clinical or medical negligence.

Medical Negligence Birth Injuries

For prospective parents, the birth of their child is usually a stressful and emotional time. As such you need to be able to trust the medical team taking care of the childbirth. It’s imperative that they deliver the best possible level of care.

If the hospital’s standards do slip then medical negligence birth injuries can sadly happen. The effects of this on the mother or child can sometimes be devastating and can lead to many different types of injury or illness to either or both parties. We can provide you with a solicitor who is experienced in successfully conducting birth injury claims cases.

Cancer Medical Negligence Cases

If you suspect that you have cancer, it’s imperative that diagnosis and treatment is started as early as possible. This is so that you can have the best chance of recovery. Unfortunately for some, a doctor, oncologist or surgeon may make a mistake when analysing cancer symptoms. They may not be correctly diagnosed or diagnosed as early as they could have been. In some cases, such mistakes may make your cancer much harder to treat. It could already have become terminal before your diagnosis is confirmed.

Have you been affected by medical negligence related to cancer diagnosis or treatment? Our team is on hand to help you get any compensation you are entitled to.

Medical Negligence Cases In Hospital

Medical negligence cases can possibly be made against either private or NHS hospitals when there is evidence to support such a claim. You should have confidence that doctors and other staff in a hospital you’re attending will look after you. However, standards can unfortunately sometimes slip within hospitals. This can lead to patients attending to suffer injuries or illnesses. Existing conditions may also be aggravated.

With sufficient evidence, claims may potentially be made against NHS hospitals for a variety of issues. Examples include negligence during surgery, pressure sores or contracting a hospital infection. One example of the latter is known as MRSA. Hospital negligence claims range from mild to severe and can involve all manner of circumstances.

Dental Negligence Cases

Dental negligence claims can deal with a very wide range of different causes, consequences, and circumstances centred around dental negligence. They can be made for things such as negligence in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, dental assistance negligence, damage to your nerves and cases of negligent oral cancer treatment as well as periodontal negligence and a wide range of other circumstances leading to you being harmed.

You can make a claim for dental negligence if you have suffered any form of negligence or harm as a result of the way in which your dentistry was provided. Your claim can include physical injuries as well as compensation for the cost of additional treatment or any related loss of income.

GP Negligence Cases

GP negligence cases deal with circumstances in which a GP or other staff at a GP surgery have provided negligent treatment to a patient under their care. Your local GP surgery and the staff (such as doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners) will often be the first place you access health care in the UK if you have a minor injury or need an illness diagnosing and treating. As a patient, you need to be able to trust that they provide you with the best possible care and treatment.

GP negligence cases could include you not being referred for further or correct treatment and testing or care being provided in a way that has a negative effect on you. This negligence could have serious consequences, such as a serious condition not being diagnosed in time or correctly. If you have experienced negligence in a GP surgery, contact us today.

Nursing Home Negligence Cases

Whether you are or have been a patient or resident in a nursing home or care home, or are a relative or person responsible for someone who is, you have an expectation of the highest level of care being provided to them. You need to be able to put your trust in the staff at the facility as well as the body responsible for the overall care at the facility.

Sadly, nursing home negligence statistics in the UK show that each year thousands of people are affected by negligence or abuse in care and nursing homes across the UK. Nursing negligence claims are brought against the body running the facility or the individual responsible for the negligence. The medical negligence solicitors for Redditch we can provide will always treat your claim with the care and attention that you deserve.

Statistics For Medical Negligence Claims Against NHS Worcester Acute Hospitals

Medical negligence claims are always made against the person or body with ultimate responsibility for your treatment, i.e. where the duty of care lays. If you have been injured in an NHS hospital in Redditch, the body responsible will be the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Therefore, medical negligence claims made towards those facilities will be brought against this particular Trust. Data published by NHS Resolution reveals the number of claims made against the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and their total value in the 2019/20 period.

Information revealed through the data includes the following:

  • Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust received 93 medical negligence claims during the 2019/20 period.
  • In the same period, the Trust spent a total of £21,040,376 towards resolving claims made against it.
  • Among all the money the Trust spent on resolving claims, £15,678,321 was given to claimants to cover their damages. The Trust also spent £1,227,673 on its own legal fees.

Redditch No Win No Fee Solicitors For Negligence Claims

No Win No Fee solicitors help claimants under what is called a conditional fee agreement. This allows claimants to make a compensation claim without the worry of having to make upfront payments or facing a large legal bill at the end of a case.

As the claimant, you won’t be exposed to any financial risks as you will only ever have to pay the solicitors fees if the claim is successful. If the case is, your legal fees can then be deducted from the overall settlement, meaning you don’t have to worry about paying legal fees before you have your settlement.

If your claim is not awarded a settlement (in the event of a ‘no win’) you won’t have to pay anything. Neither your solicitor nor the defendant will ask for any costs with all the risk assumed by them. During your initial consultation, we will assess whether or not you have a valid claim and if we think you have a case. If we do, we could be able to offer to provide you with an experienced No Win No Fee solicitor.

How To Proceed

Are you ready to start your compensation claim, or do you need further advice about making a claim, or to find out whether or not you have a valid claim and how much you could be owed? If so, our expert clinical negligence awards team is on hand to talk to you. Before you use one of our medical negligence solicitors for Redditch claims, we will make sure that you have all the information you need to confidently make your claim.

Contact us today using the number above or send us an email with the details of your case and circumstances of your injury to You can also start your claim using our online claims form. However, you contact us, contact Legal Expert today to get the compensation you deserve.

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Thank you for reading our guide on making a claim in Redditch with medical negligence solicitors.

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