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Walsall Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Have you been a victim of clinical negligence in Walsall, or the West Midlands? You could be entitled to claim tens of thousands of pounds in medical negligence compensation. Trust Legal Expert to match you to the right clinical and medical negligence specialist in Wilsall to win your medical negligence compensation claim. Get in contact with us today, we will assess whether or not you have a valid claim, estimate how much compensation you could be awarded and have a solicitor specialised in medical negligence claims assigned to your case. Call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 for your free legal consultation.

This guide has been created for people searching for clinical negligence solicitors serving the Walsall area, West Midlands. If you live elsewhere in the country then Legal Expert can provide you with a solicitor elsewhere.

What is medical negligence? Medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence, is defined as a medical malpractice or substandard care towards a patient from a medical practitioner or institution. This malpractice could be a medical accident, late diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or issuing of the wrong treatment. It results in the patient becoming ill, injured, or the worsening of a medical condition they already suffer from. If you have been through a similar incident then you may be legally entitled to claim tens of thousands of pounds in medical negligence compensation.

To make a medical negligence claim, your medical and clinical negligence solicitor will help you put together a case which proves the following:

  • That the Defendant owed you, the Claimant a duty of care, (i.e. that you had a patient-doctor relationship)
  • That the Defendant’s negligent actions, or inactions, breached this duty of care
  • That the Claimant suffered an avoidable accident, which caused the Claimant an injury or illness, or worsened an existing condition, which was caused by the negligent action or inaction of the Defendant.

solicitors in WalsallSome common questions we are often asked by defendants making a medical negligence claim (no matter the location) include “can I claim medical negligence compensation on behalf of a relative?” The answer is that you can legally make a clinical negligence claim on behalf of your next of kin under special circumstances. This means if they are mentally incapacitated and therefore unable to claim on their own behalf, or now deceased. Another common question is “what is the time limit for making a medical negligence claim?” The answer is that most clinical negligence claims in the UK, have a three-year time limit from the time that the medical negligence incident occurred or the Claimant discovered that they had been injured. There are certain exceptions to this rule.

How to Find The Right Medical Compensation Lawyer

Finding the right clinical negligence solicitors covering Walsall or the West Midlands to represent you in your medical negligence claim can make all the difference to whether or not your claim is successful and how much compensation you can receive.

Read Online Reviews of Medical Negligence Solicitors in Your Area

It can take a lot of research to find the right clinical and medical negligence specialist legal solicitor who aid in Walsall based claims with the skills and expertise to represent you in your medical negligence case. Many people consult online reviews to find the right medical compensation lawyer in their area to represent their claim. Others seek trusted recommendations from family members or friends who have had a similar experience.

Or you can trust an advisory service like Legal Expert to provide you with a solicitor who can help with claims in your area. We review the predicament of every client on a case-by-case basis and will match you to the best clinical negligence solicitors in Luton to handle your case.

Do I Need To Use Medical Claims Lawyers Close To Me?

It’s a common misconception amongst our clients that “I need to use medical claims lawyers near me”. Usually, we will provide you with a clinical and medical solicitor who can help with claims in your area, if that’s what you’re looking for, however sometimes we might recommend a medical claims lawyer elsewhere in the country if we feel they have the right skills and expertise to match your case. Fortunately, because of digital communications like Skype, email and mobile phones, it is now almost as easy to keep in regular contact with a medical claims lawyer in a different town or city, as it is elsewhere.

Different Types Of Medical Negligence Cases That Legal Expert Can Help With

If you have experienced medical negligence whether at a GP surgery, hospital, dentist or any other sort of medical practice then you could be legally entitled to claim tens of thousands of pounds of clinical negligence compensation. Below, are some examples of some of the types of clinical negligence claims that Legal Expert can help you with. Legal Expert can provide you with hospital negligence solicitors, dental negligence solicitors, GP negligence compensation. We provide claimants with many types of specialist legal solicitors with experience of pursuing claims in your area, including hospital negligence solicitors, dental negligence solicitors, and solicitors to help you claim GP negligence compensation. Our solicitors can provide you with cancer medical negligence cases and childbirth medical malpractice cases.

Hospital Negligence Solicitors

Legal Expert can provide you with a hospital negligence solicitor covering many parts of the UK to handle your claim for medical negligence compensation. Whether you suffered NHS medical negligence or private hospital medical negligence we can help.

Dental Negligence Solicitors

If you have been the victim of dental negligence in the East Midlands or other areas, then Legal Expert can help you. Whether the incident happened while you were undergoing medical or cosmetic dentistry, we can provide you with the right dental negligence solicitors covering your area to win your compensation claim.

GP Negligence Compensation Claims

If you have experienced medical GP negligence in an NHS or private practice in your area, Legal Expert can help. Our medical negligence lawyers can help you make a claim for GP negligence compensation.

Care Home Medical Negligence Claims

Residential nursing homes and care homes play an important role caring for vulnerable people who are unable to care for themselves. When that trust is broken through medical negligence or abuse, the results to the victim can be harmful and devastating. If you or your next of kin who is now deceased or is mentally incapacitated have experienced nursing home or care home clinical negligence, then you can claim care home negligence compensation. Trust a Legal Expert solicitor to win your care home medical negligence claims case.

Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Examples

Below are two common examples of medical negligence, which our clients frequently claim compensation for.

Cancer Medical Negligence Cases

Sadly, many Claimants sue hospitals for cancer misdiagnosis. Cancer misdiagnosis, or cancer late diagnosis, means that the cancer treatment you need is delayed and therefore cancer that it is harder to treat cases. Trust Legal Expert to provide you with an expert medical malpractice solicitor covering Walsall cases and who is experienced in handling cancer misdiagnosis cases.

Birth Negligence Claims

Have you experienced birth negligence which resulted in an avoidable injury to you or your child? Trust Legal Expert to find the right clinical negligence solicitor in Walsall to win your birth negligence claim.

NHS Claims Against Walsall Health Trusts

In this table, we have included information on the number of claims made against healthcare trusts in this area, as well as their total value.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Recieved 2015/ 16Number of Incident 2015/ 16Payments Made
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust67*10,528,243
Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership Trust000

No Win No Fee Walsall Clinical Negligence Solicitors

If you are looking to hire clinical negligence solicitors covering areas such as the West Midlands or further afield, you may want to consider using a no win no fee clinical negligence solicitor. There is no upfront fee to pay. Instead, you will only have to pay your solicitor’s fee, if and when you win your medical negligence claim. With a no win no fee clinical negligence solicitor there is no compromise on the quality of service you receive and for many, it is the less stressful, more affordable option. To inquire about using a no win no fee clinical negligence solicitor, call Legal Expert today for your free consultation.

Speak to Legal Expert Today

We are Legal Expert, a trusted solicitor’s firm who can provide you with the best solicitor who is able to handle your compensation claim. Some of our medical and clinical negligence solicitors have over 30 years of experience, so you’ll be in good hands to win your compensation claim. Call us, Legal Expert today, or fill out our online claims form to start your medical negligence compensation claim. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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