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Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors Newton Abbot

Many of us have reason to visit doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, dentists or even receive care in care homes for a time. We do so feeling that we are being taken care of properly, but sometimes, due to negligence, this is not something that occurs. Providers of care, both NHS and private practices hold a duty to care for our needs to a certain standard. However, should Medical negligence solicitor Newton Abbotthe standard of care not be up to scratch, and we suffer illness (physical and/or mental), injury or worse, then a claim for compensation may be made with the help of solicitors Newton Abbot. Whether you are looking for more information on NHS compensation, or have suffered substandard care in a private practice, or need information ahout no win no fee negligence solicitors we offer all the information you need to find the right course of action for you here.

How Do You Find the Best No Win No Fee Solicitor?

Finding a medical negligence solicitor for medical negligence that happened in Newton Abbot that best fits your case – as each case differs – can be a confusing search. For those not familiar with the law already, terms on websites might be confusing and there may be a lot of technical information you need to digest. The best No Win No Fee solicitors will explain any legal jargon in simple, easy to digest forms, allowing you to truly understand the course of action you are taking. But how do you find someone like that?

Some people opt for a simple internet search, and look to work with solicitors Newton Abbot that appear at the top of the search results, but with such an important decision to make, it is vital that you do at least a little research before opting for a particular one. Here at Legal Expert, our medical negligence team have a wealth of data on the solicitors we can provide you with, allowing you to have all the information you need to hand before opting for a solicitor for your case.

Should I go With a Local Lawyer?

Previous to the internet and the advances in modern technology, people would always choose a lawyer they could get to for their legal needs but there are no longer restrictions on locality when looking for a solicitor to take on your case. You can complete a lot of the important things electronically or by post, so there is absolutely no restriction on using someone in London if you are based in Manchester for example. Legal Expert are able to provide you a team covering Newton Abbot – just call us and we’ll be happy to provide you more information on this.

Reviews for Medical Negligence Solicitors in Newton Abbot

When it comes to the selection of solicitors Newton Abbot, some try and ask family members or friends who they have used, if indeed they have ever had a claim. However, there is always the option to read reviews left from previous clients of any solicitor you are considering using. Be careful to read more than one review of the solicitors you are looking at, and see what details of the claims are relevant to your case. For example, a personal injury solicitor may have worked on many cases involving car crash victims or slips trip and fall claims, but may not have experienced the complexities of a medical negligence case before. Experience in key to maximising your compensation award.

Cases Our Newton Abbot Medical Negligence Team Conducts

With a wealth of experience in the claims process, the medical negligence team at Legal Expert have worked with clients with a wide range of different medical negligence claims. Here, we provide more information on the most common types of claim we encounter, along with more information on how we can help.

Hospital Compensation

NHS compensation claims are often made against hospitals, and for a variety of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

  • Hygiene substandard leading to infection or poor infection control
  • Misdiagnosis/Missed Diagnosis/Late Diagnosis
  • Surgical issues
  • Medicine issues – Wrong medicine given/Incorrect dosage/Drug interactions
  • Blood transfusion problems

We can help with claims concerning all the above and more in the Newton Abbot area, including the hospitals listed below, both for NHS and private hospitals.

Dental Negligence

Dentists also have a duty to provide us with a certain level of care, and should they fail to do so and we suffer because of it, we will be able to advise you on what to do next. Common problems with dentistry can include:

  • Poorly performed procedures leading to injury
  • Failure to diagnose oral health problems, including decay and cancer
  • Negligence leading to infection

Whatever the reason for your claim, we will be able to guide you in the right direction as to how to take your case forward.

GP/Doctor Negligence

The initial call to a GP for minor health problems, symptoms of potential illnesses or injuries is one many people make. However, GPs can get things wrong sometimes, leading to complications, and worsening health. There are a wealth of different types of claim that are made against GPs, and whether you have used an NHS GP or have a private doctors, if they have been negligent in their care of you, we can help you claim.

Common GP negligence claims can involve, but are not limited to:

Late diagnoses – Sometimes a late diagnosis does not have a marked effect on a patient but sometimes it can make a difference to the treatment and the prognosis of a patient, especially if it is a dangerous disease such as cancer.

Misdiagnoses – If a patient is misdiagnosed, they may receive treatment that has little or no effect on their health, or it may cause harm to them, as well as the correct diagnosis being left untreated.

Incorrect Medication prescribed – Whether a drug prescribed interacts with medication you are already taking, or the wrong dosage was given, leading to problems with your health, we can help with this type of claim.

Minor procedure negligence leading to injury – GPs are undertaking minor precedures all the time, but if negligence has led to an injury during these procedures, you should have a claim.

Cancer Negligence

One of the most worrying things about cancer that many of us have read is that it can spread quickly in some cases. This is why the earliest diagnosis gives us the best chance of beating this frightening disease. When opportunities for diagnoses are missed and late diagnoses are made, it can have a huge effect on the disease, its advancement and the prognosis. Add to this the issues with surgical procedures to treat cancer and chemotherapy issues, there are wide range of things that can go wrong in some cases, and if they do, due to the fault of someone trusted with your care, then you will likely be able to make a claim. We here at Legal Expert are experienced in helping people with cancer negligence cases and have the knowledge needed to help you with your case.

Nursing Home Compensation

Trusting others with the care for our loved ones is a scary thing, whether it is a hospice or a nursing or care home. If your nursing home has not been providing the proper standard of care to your loved one, and this has led to new or worsening health problems or injury, you could help your loved one be compensated for the problems that have occurred. Common claims include:

  • Failing to care for a primary need
  • Poor hygiene leading to infection
  • Injury occurring due to negligent care

If your reason is not listed above, it is essential you still pursue your options, as there are many other types of nursing home compensation claims we can help with.

Childbirth Injuries

Injuries during the process of childbirth are common, but if they have occurred due to the negligence of those charged with the care of mother and/or baby they should be fully investigated and compensation awarded to the persons affected. Here at Legal Expert, we can help with claims for birth injuries that affect mother, child or both. Some common types of claims include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Hypoxia
  • Partial or full paralysis

Whether you give birth in a private or NHS hospital, if the care you have received is negligent, and has led to physical or mental issues, then we can help.

Medical Negligence Claims Against Torbay And South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Claims against the NHS occur all over the country, and although there are private cases being launched too, we are only able to gather evidence that is publicly available. This is why we have provided below details of claims in 2015/6 against the NHS in Torbay and South Devon NHS, as well as competitive information from nearby.

Trust ConcernedClaims BroughtIncidents ReportedValue of Payouts
South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust51*£5,726,756
Devon Partnership NHS Trust60£642,477

No Win No Fee Newton Abbot Medical Negligence Solicitors

When seeking to pursue a claim, your initial thoughts are likely to be consumed with how much it will cost and how you will pay for it. However, this is not something you need to be overly worried about with the advantages of no win no fee medical negligence claims. The way in which this operates is via an agreement that sets out the amount of compensation that may be taken from your award towards the legal fees. This way, if your claim is not successful, then there is no fee to take. We very much prefer our clients to be fully informed about this process so if you have any queries or concerns about how this works, please do call us.

What to do next

If you are looking for solicitors in Newton Abbot or the surrounding area, then you can start by calling us on 0800 073 8804. Or, if you prefer, fill in our claim form online. We can answer queries you may have, listen to what has happened to you and offer advice on whether you have a valid claim, or provide you with a solicitor covering the area that will take your case through to conclusion.

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