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Laser hair removal burns or negligence How much compensation can I claim?

By Stephen Hudson. Last Updated 28th June 2022. Welcome to our laser hair removal negligence claims guide. Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent form of removing unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal in the UK has become increasingly popular over recent years and more and more beauty salons and clinics are offering this treatment as a service.

As with all other services they offer, beauticians have a duty of care when carrying out such procedures to ensure everything goes smoothly and that the outcome is as the client expects, and that nothing goes wrong. However, as with all cosmetic surgery, there are laser hair removal risks, and if the beautician has failed to adequately inform the client about the procedure and something goes wrong, then you will be able to claim compensation.

If this has happened to you, we may be able to help you secure the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve. Get in touch with our advisors today to get started.

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A guide to laser hair removal surgery negligence

Welcome to our laser hair removal negligence claims guide.

Laser hair removal is usually undergone by people wanting to remove unwanted body hair such as on the face, arms, legs, bikini line, underarm and other areas. The majority of clientele are people who want to get rid of body hair that makes them feel self-conscious, such as above the lip, under the arm and leg hair, especially if the hair is particularly dark or coarse.

However, occasionally things can and do go wrong causing the client pain and suffering and having to deal with laser hair removal side affects. If this has happened to you and you were not made fully aware of any potential risks by the practitioner carrying out the procedure, then you

laser hair removal negligence claims

laser hair removal negligence claims

will have a high chance of making a successful claim due to their negligence.

We have plenty of experience dealing with cosmetic negligence claims and can help you with yours. Due to the increased popularity of the laser hair removal procedure, we are dealing with more and more laser hair removal claims. Our expert cosmetic surgery lawyers will make sure that you get the compensation that is owed to you. Read on to find out more information on cosmetic surgery claims UK, how much you could claim for, how to start your claim and more.

What is laser hair removal surgery?

Before we look at laser hair removal negligence claims, let’s look at what this procedure actually is.

Laser hair removal surgery is where the unwanted body hair is removed by destroying the hair follicle by means of exposure to pulses of laser light. The treatment became commercially available in the mid 1990’s and is now widely used in beauty salons and clinics across the UK.

The laser hair removal machines give out a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration that are used to obtain the maximum effect on the targeted tissue but with minimum effect on the surrounding tissue.

There are a number of benefits from laser hair removal such as:

  • Lasers are able to selectively work on the problem area targeting without affecting the surrounding area.
  • Speed. It takes just a fraction of a second for each pulse of the laser to treat many hairs at the same time. Large areas such as the back or legs can take up to an hour to be treated, whereas smaller areas such as the upper lip may be treated in less than a minute.
  • Although it is thought of as a semi-permanent form of hair removal, sometimes permanent hair loss is experienced after three to seven treatments making it very desirable if you suffer with unwanted body hair.

There are some common laser hair removal side effects such as itching, pink or redness and swelling around the treated area but they should normally go after two or three days.

What to do if you are involved in laser hair removal surgery negligence

If you’re wondering whether you could make laser hair removal negligence claims, you may also be wondering if there’s anything you can do in the meantime to increase your chances of securing compensation.

If you have suffered as a result of having laser hair removal surgery, it is of great importance that you take the following steps to help to strengthen your case:

  • Take photographs – Having photos give visual proof of the damage / injuries that you have sustained.
  • Medical report – Seeing a medical professional regarding your injuries will give written evidence of your physical and mental suffering, course of treatment, time for recovery, and the expected outcome of your injury, i.e is it permanent or will it improve for example?
  • Information and clinic correspondence – Gather all of the information you were given by the clinic regarding the procedure, also any information you obtained by your own means. Jot everything down that you can remember before, during and after the treatment as there maybe something important to supporting your case.
  • Proof of expenses – Keep any receipts or proof of payment for any costs you have had as a direct result of the treatment. These may include costs of travel to and from the hospital / doctors, alternative travel or vehicle adaptions, prescription fees, childcare costs, counselling fees, and also any loss of income or potential future earnings.

My skin tone looks uneven following my laser hair removal procedure, can I claim compensation?

Discolouration of the skin is a possible unwanted side effect of laser hair removal. However if this was a result due to negligence, or you were not properly informed of the risks, or mislead by the clinic in any way, then you will be able to make a claim. We have years of experience in plastic surgery negligence cases and getting the maximum payout amounts for our customers, and can help you to make your compensation claim a success.

To learn more about how to make laser hair removal negligence claims, please read on.

I have scarring following my laser hair removal surgery, do I have a claim for compensation?

Although scarring is a potential risk, this should be greatly reduced when the procedure is being performed by a fully trained professional. The most common cause for scarring whilst undergoing this type of treatment, is improper use of the laser hair removal machines.

When a person who hasn’t been trained uses the laser incorrectly, they may bore down into the skin too far causing blistering. Also, different skin types require different types of lasers, and so it is imperative that a fully trained professional who knows what they are doing, performs the procedure.

If you have suffered scarring due to an unskilled person carrying out a laser hair removal procedure on you, then you can make a claim.

Our solicitors have dealt with many successful laser hair removal negligence claims and can help you to launch your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

I had blisters on my skin after laser hair removal surgery, can I sue?

As with the above, blistering of the skin can occur due to an untrained person operating the laser hair removal machines, penetrating the skin too deeply with the laser. If you have ended up with blistering on the skin due to negligence, then you can claim compensation. Give us a call and our expert cosmetic surgery lawyers will get your claim underway.

I got a burn following my laser hair removal, what should I do?

Again, as with the above, although getting laser hair removal burns are a possible risk, usually such injuries will be down to clinical negligence. All you need to do is call us and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have regarding laser hair removal negligence claims, and then we can begin launching your claim.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

Although there are some risks involved such as redness, scarring and discolouration of the skin, as of yet, there is no research that shows that light energy from hair removal lasers has caused cancer.

I have been told that I have irreversible damage to my skin following my botched laser hair removal surgery, who do I claim against?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the whole procedure process from initially contacting the clinic, to the laser hair removal aftercare, will determine if the clinic is responsible for negligence or if the practitioner themselves. We have lots of experience over the years in plastic surgery negligence cases and so if you call us, we can advise and guide you on who to claim from and how to go about it.

How to begin a hair removal surgery negligence claim

If your procedure goes wrong and it’s down to negligence, you could be entitled to make laser hair removal negligence claims. If you would like to claim compensation for botched hair removal surgery, then simply give us a call and we can get started on the process. We have years of experience of claiming compensation and have helped many people get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.

Once you have called us, we will give you a free consultancy session to determine the details of your case. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and also gives us the chance to ask you some questions too so that we can understand exactly what your needs are and so advise you the correct course of action. We can even arrange a local medical if required at no extra cost to you.

Then with your permission, we will proceed with making your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. What this means is that you will not be required to pay any legal fees unless your case is a success.

For more information on laser hair removal negligence claims, please continue reading.

What can be claimed for after laser hair removal surgery negligence?

When making cosmetic surgery claims UK, there are a number of things that you can include such as:

  • Medical Expenses – This covers the cost of the treatment, prescription fees, counselling etc.
  • General Damages – This is the compensation you will receive for your injuries you have sustained and the physical pain and psychological suffering you have had to endure.
  • Travel Expenses – This relates to any costs of travelling to and from the hospital. It can also cover any costs incurred by needing vehicle adaptions or alternative transport arrangements during your recovery.
  • Care Claim – If you have needed help around the house, then the person who has been helping you can file a care claim.
  • Loss of Earnings Any income that you have lost and any future income that may be lost can be claimed for as long as it is as a direct result of your surgery.

The most common types of laser hair removal negligence

The following lists the most common types of negligence experienced when having laser hair removal:

  • Scarring.
  • Infections.
  • Burns and blistering.
  • Laser burn marks on the face.
  • Hyper-pigmentation – meaning darkening of the skin.
  • Corneal ulcers – these are open sores which can develop on the surface of the eye.
  • Irreversible damage to the skin due to the laser going too deep.
  • Appearance of the skin seems to be uneven.
  • Muscle tone can be reduced.

Before undergoing treatment, the clinical practitioner should establish all of your medical conditions to make sure the treatment is safe and suitable for you. If they fail to follow such procedures, they could be liable for any subsequent damage you suffered through making laser hair removal negligence claims.

Laser hair removal side effects and ways you can help to prevent them

For most people, laser hair removal is relatively safe and leaves no side effects, but for some it can be a different story altogether. When choosing to have laser hair removal, all the potential risks need to be considered and researched. Although when choosing to have such a procedure done, very often we only want to think of the positive outcome, but it’s really important to investigate the possible negative outcomes thoroughly.

By researching laser hair removal negligence claims and taking into account the statistics and also looking at cosmetic surgery gone wrong photos, it can really enlighten you to how regular and/or how severe some side effects can be. It’s always best to have all the facts to hand to make an informed decision on which procedure is right for you.

There are a few side effects that patients may experience that are fairly minor and should disappear after a few days such as:

  • Redness around the treated area that should gradually fade.
  • Swelling or slight irritation where the treated hair follicle is situated.
  • Itching can occur during treatments.
  • Slight pain or tingling can sometimes be felt on the area being treated. If the patient is particularly sensitive then sometimes a numbing cream may be applied.

Unfortunately, there are also side effects that should be bought to the attention of the person carrying out the procedure such as:

  • Sometimes slight bleeding and scabbing can occur on areas being treated due to irritation often caused by overtreatment.
  • Bruising particularly on patients with sensitive skin.
  • If areas aren’t cleaned and disinfected properly prior to treatment then infection could possibly set in post-treatment.
  • Burns can occur due to the laser equipment not being used properly or by using the wrong type of laser for a certain skin type. In such cases, the skin absorbs the heat rather than the hair follicles that are being treated.
  • Changes in skin pigment known as either hyperpigmentation, which is the darkening of the skin tone, or hypopigmentation, which is the lightening of the skin tone, can also be caused by incorrect use of the laser hair removal machines as above. Both hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are a greater risk for darker-skinned people.

There are certain steps that you can take yourself to help to minimise the potential risks from occurring such as:

  • Firstly, do your research to ensure that the clinical practitioner carrying out the procedure is fully trained and qualified.
  • Make sure you research and discuss with the clinical practitioner all of the hair removal options open to you to determine the most suitable for your needs.
  • The clinical practitioner should establish all of your medical conditions and skin type to make sure the treatment is safe and suitable for you.
  • Follow all of the instructions provided by the clinic for before, during and after your treatment to ensure optimal results and minimise any risks.

Laser Hair Removal Burns Compensation Examples For 2022

A question you may have regarding laser hair removal negligence claims is how much compensation you could receive. In this section, we’ll talk more about the factors which influence a settlement for laser hair removal burns.

The total compensation for laser hair removal burns in each case can vary substantially. It depends mainly on what exact injuries were caused by negligence during the procedure and how severe those injuries are deemed to be. Cases involving severe burns caused by a laser hair removal procedure can be worth more when compared to claims for minor laser hair removal burns.

It is difficult to assess how much your own laser hair removal burn claim may be worth without knowing the details of your case. You can contact our advisors at Legal Expert for more info about this topic if you have a valid claim to make.

In the table below, you can view compensation brackets for different injuries you may be compensated for when making a laser hair removal burn claim. The brackets are based on the 2022 edition of the Judicial College Guidelines. Solicitors may refer to these guidelines while calculating the value of the injuries you’re claiming for.

Reason for CompensationTypical compensation amountComments
Severe psychiatric damage£54,830 to £115,730This relates to cases where the prognosis is poor, there are problems with regards to future vulnerability , the extent to which the treatment would be successful. It also relates to the effect on the claimant’s relationships and their ability to cope on a daily basis.
Moderately severe psychiatric damage£19,070 to £54,830This amount is calculated when taking into account the problems above but with a better prognosis.
Moderate psychiatric damage£5,860 to £19,070This relates to some of the factors mentioned above but with a much better prognosis and even some improvement by the time of trial.
Less severe psychiatric damage£1,540 to £5,860The payout amount will be determined by the impact on the claimant’s sleep and daily activities.
Very severe facial scarring £29,780 to £97,330Young claimants with severe psychological reaction to disfigurement.
Less severe facial scarring£17,960 to £48,420Substantial disfigurement with significant psychological reaction.
Significant facial scarring£9,110 to £30,090Aided by plastic surgery with relatively minor psychological impacts.
Minor body scarring£2,370 to £7,830This is for cases where there is one noticeable scar or several superficial scars.
Mental Anguish£4,670Fear of death and expectation of life.

No Win No Fee laser hair removal negligence claims

Some people may be apprehensive about hiring legal assistance to help them with their claims. This could be for a variety of reasons, but financial worries can be among them.

However, all of our lawyers work with their clients under a No Win No Fee agreement. But what does this mean?

When making a No Win No Fee claim, your lawyer will make you aware of what percentage they will take from your settlement to cover their costs. But this percentage is only taken if your claim is successful. It is also capped by law.

If you are not awarded compensation, then you are not required to pay your lawyer this percentage. Financing legal assistance in this way can help reduce the financial risk that hiring a lawyer may pose to you.

Why choose us as your claims service for laser hair removal negligence claim?

Looking for legal help to make laser hair removal negligence claims?

We are honest, reliable and caring personal injury specialists that won’t let you down. We have years of experience specialising in claims such as yours. We have a fantastic track record of successful claims for maximum payout amounts for our clients and our reputation speaks for itself.

We understand that you are going through a tough time at the moment and will do our utmost to make the process of your claim run as smooth and as quick as possible so you don’t have to deal with any extra stress or worries. We will keep you informed every step of the way and will focus on securing your compensation, and you can focus on taking care of yourself.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

If you have any questions regarding laser hair removal negligence claims or believe you may be entitled to compensation, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 073 8804.

laser hair removal negligence claims

laser hair removal negligence claims


Your call will be answered by a member of our friendly and professional team who will be able to assist you in any way that they can. They can answer your questions and explain the next steps in the claiming process and begin launching your laser hair removal compensation claim to secure the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

You can also head to our reviews page and read quotes from past satisfied claimants.

Laser hair removal negligence claims FAQs

Can I sue for laser hair removal burns?

Providing that you suffered as a result of negligence, whether that be of the technician, manufacturer or another third party, you could be able to make a claim against them. Please contact is today to get a free consultation.

What is negligence?

Negligence can normally be determined if the following applies to a case:

  1. A third party owed the victim a legal duty of care
  2. Which they failed to uphold
  3. And the victim suffered as a result

What helps burns from laser hair removal?

We cannot offer medical advice, so it’s best to see a doctor if that’s what you’re after. However, often, victims of laser burns use a topical antibiotic cream on the affected area to soothe any pain and aid healing.

Are laser burns permanent?

Depending on the severity of burns sustained, laser damage can cause permanent harm to the skin, resulting in scarring.

Do scars from laser hair removal go away?

This can depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the scar. Some scars may be small, some may be more severe, and much more noticeable.

Whilst the possibility does exist that a laser hair removal scar could be permanent, according to the NHS, there are a few possible treatments that can reduce their visibility and their effect on your life.

What are the side effects of laser treatment?

There are a few injuries that could occur as a result of later treatment. You could sustain burns to the skin or changes in skin tone after the treatment.

Swelling and pain or discomfort can be amongst other possible side effects.

How much can I claim?

Each claim is valued on a case by case basis, meaning you’ll need to get a consultation from one of our team members in order to see how much you could be entitled to. To learn more, please get in touch today.

How is compensation valued?

Usually, the amount of damage you sustained as a result of your accident will determine the value of your compensation. This way, the more you suffer (or may suffer in the future) will be reflected in your final settlement.

What is a No Win No Fee agreement?

This is a type of agreement between lawyer and client in which any legal fees are charged on a conditional basis. Simply put, you won’t have to pay your lawyer if they don’t win your claim.

Where can I find a No Win No Fee lawyer?

At Legal Expert, all of our lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning you don’t have to worry about any financial risk when making your claim. They have over 30 years of industry experience and could start handling your case today.

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