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Medical Negligence Solicitors For Huddersfield – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

By Daniel Cody. Last updated on 2nd December 2021. Welcome to our guide on medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield. Patients who are using healthcare services across the country should always expect a very high level of service provision, whether from the NHS, or a private provider. Patients are entitled to a minimum standard of care from the managing authority, and practitioners involved in any care. However, some patients will find that their care is much lower than they would expect.

Malpractice or negligent treatment on the part of a healthcare professional can cause a diverse range of consequences to the patient, from injury to illness, or even death. Negligent treatment could cause a condition to worsen, or an injury to go untreated. If you have experienced clinical negligence in a hospital, such as Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, talk to our team about finding a medical negligence solicitor in Huddersfield today.

Medical negligence solicitors Huddersfield

Medical negligence solicitors Huddersfield

If you, a member of your family, your next of kin, or another person whom you are responsible for has suffered an injury or illness in some way by a practitioner in the Huddersfield area, you could be entitled to claim a settlement for damages suffered. Our Huddersfield medical negligence team are on hand to assist people who have suffered whilst under care in Huddersfield, or who live in the town itself or surrounding areas. We could help you to gain a settlement of hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Call us today on 0800 073 8804 for advice and guidance regarding your claim. You can also write to us about your claim online.

Our dedicated team covering claims in this area can then look at your claim, assessing whether or not you have a claim for which we can secure a compensation award for, as well as providing some initial information on how much you could be able to claim. If you are ready to make your claim, our team can then provide you with a solicitor who covers the Huddersfield area. All at no extra cost to you as a customer.

People who are accessing medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield do so for a variety of reasons. Medical negligence or malpractice is defined (partly) are the improper, negligent or unskilled provision of treatment of a patient by a medical practitioner. The practitioner could be a doctor, surgeon, nursing professional, dentist, or even a pharmacist.

Other health and social care professionals may also owe patients a duty of medical care. Negligence claims deal with the liability of one of these practitioners, or the authority they work for, and is a type of tort law. The negligent actions may lead to circumstances where the patient suffers a worsening of their existing condition, the development of a condition that was not diagnosed, an injury or other negative effects on their health.

Your claim may also involve the practitioner administering inappropriate treatment or medication, making errors that could have been avoided or misdiagnosing the cause of a condition. Under laws in the UK, people who have suffered in some way due to the care they received are able to claim compensation for their injury or illness. People can also claim compensation for any costs they have had to meet as a result.

The solicitor who we can provide you with will gather evidence to show that your claim and case meets the following criteria.

  • That as a service user or patient, you were owed a duty of care by the defendant.
  • That the defendant acted in a way that breached their duty of care. This breach can be caused by both actions and inaction.
  • That this negligent treatment was directly responsible for a condition being made worse or was the cause of an injury.

You are able to bring a claim for compensation on behalf of a person who has passed away as a result of the care they received. This could be due to the care not being adequate, or other similar circumstances. You will need to be the claimants next of kin or someone who is legally responsible for them. An example of this could be claiming for a relative who died due to negligent treatment at a care home. Our medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield can help you with this.

Before making a claim for either a personal injury or clinical negligence, you need to be aware that there is a time limit within which the claim needs to be made. There is a three-year time claims time limit within which the claim should be made. This period begins either when the incident happened, or when the injury or illness was discovered and diagnosed.

If you have suffered negligent treatment by a dentist, GP, private practice or NHS hospital in the Huddersfield area, contact our Huddersfield medical negligence team today.

NHS Medical Negligence Claims

The NHS releases yearly statistics relating to the compensation that’s awarded in relation to medical negligence claims. The graph below has been taken from the 2020/21 annual report. As you can see, the total spent by the NHS on fees associated with medical negligence claims came to £2,209 million.

These figures don’t include claims made against private healthcare companies. This is because those statistics are harder to access. You can still make a claim if you have been injured due to medical negligence at a private healthcare facility.

Medical negligence solicitors Huddersfield statistics graph

Medical negligence solicitors Huddersfield statistics graph

How To Find The Best Clinical Negligence Solicitors In Huddersfield

Whether you are looking for medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield and the surrounding area, or elsewhere in the UK, there will probably several options for firms of solicitors available to you. So, what are the best ways to differentiate between them?

Finding the best medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield to take on your case is the most important part of getting the compensation that you could be owed. You need to find a solicitor who has the knowledge and experience to best support you through your claim. Follow the steps below when choosing a solicitor to work with.

Reading Reviews For Medical Negligence Solicitors For Huddersfield

Reading reviews of medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield can help you to find the solicitor covering the town and surrounding areas who has the most relevant experience to your case. When searching online for reviews people often use terms such as ‘solicitor reviews, Huddersfield’.

This might help you find solicitors in the town, but leave you missing out on experienced solicitors who are based outside the town but have experience in successfully helping people in this area. Reading reviews and looking at impartial feedback can be an important step in choosing a solicitor, as can be talking to family and friends.

Do You Need A Local Solicitor?

Whilst many people are used to accessing services over the internet or communicating every day using a variety of different digital channels, people still think they need to find a service such as a solicitor in their town. However, in today’s digital age professional services can be accessed from providers across the country.

Our Huddersfield medical negligence team can provide you with a solicitor who covers the area and has the right level of experience for your claim needs. They can even organise a medical examination in your local area and even arrange a home visit if necessary. You can still stay in touch with your solicitor as quickly and easily as if they were close to you.

Claims That Our Medical Negligence Solicitors For Huddersfield Handle

Our medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield handle a wide variety of claims. We can help with a wide range of types of negligence and personal injury claims. In the sections below we will briefly look at some of the most common causes and consequences of medical negligence. Don’t worry if your illness or injury doesn’t fit into one of these categories. If you have suffered as a result of the way you were treated by a medical professional our team may still be able to help you.

Hospital Negligence Compensation

Cases of hospital negligence can deal with the treatment provided by a practitioner or organisation which falls short of expectation and which, in some way, leads the patient to suffer from an injury or illness. This negligence constitutes a breach of the hospitals’ duty of care and can lead to very serious consequences for the patient.

People can be left dealing with serious, long-term and even life-threatening consequences as a result of negligence suffered in a hospital, such as the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Negligent treatment can exacerbate your existing illness or injury, or it can result in a new condition developing. Our medical negligence solicitors for the Huddersfield area can help with cases to be brought against both NHS and private hospitals in the town itself, and the surrounding area.

Dental Negligence Solicitors

Negligence claims against a dentist deal with incidences of negligent treatment which has been provided by either a dentist or a dental practitioner, such as a specialist anaesthetist, nurse or surgeon. Similarly to cases involving hospitals, they involve incidences of the practitioner failing to provide the correct treatment, providing the wrong medication, or in some other way causing the claimants overall condition to get worse.

The negligent action may result in the claimant suffering serious and long-term consequences. The solicitors we can provide you can help with an NHS compensation claim, as well as those against private practices.

GP Negligence Compensation

GP negligence compensation claims can be brought against your individual GP, another practitioner (such as a locum doctor) or the practice as a whole, depending upon where the liability lays. Again, they deal with negligent treatment which has (or has not) been provided by a GP.

The consequences of negligence suffered under the care of a GP can be wide-ranging. They may be mild, moderate, severe, or even life-changing in the most serious of cases. Common incidents may include the GP failing to correctly diagnose a condition, prescribe a course of treatment, or fail to review a patient’s progress.

Cancer Negligence Compensation

Clinical negligence in cases of cancer treatment can have very serious outcomes. Cancer is a serious and in many cases, life-threatening disease. If the cancer is not correctly diagnosed and a course of treatment is prescribed at an early stage, the difference can be between recovery and even death.

If you have been, or a relative was, treated in a negligent way during your cancer treatment, you could have the basis of a compensation case. Contact Legal Expert today to find out more about how we could help you.

Care And Nursing Home Compensation Claims

Whether in the private sector or the NHS and care and nursing home has a duty of care to provide treatment to some of the most vulnerable patients in the healthcare system, such as the elderly, mentally handicapped, or those with terminal illnesses. Service users may be treated as outpatients, or reside under the homes care.

You can claim for negligence suffered as a result of the actions of a care or nursing home, whether you suffered yourself, or on behalf of someone else. If the person affected has since died, you still may be able to bring a claim on their behalf. For further information, consult our care homes negligence guide.

Childbirth Medical Negligence Cases

Our team can help those who need to make a childbirth medical negligence claim. These can be brought against the hospital or other bodies responsible and may include injury or illness suffered by the child or mother. Typically the incident will have occurred during pregnancy, the birth itself in the immediate aftercare.

Common injuries or illnesses resulting from negligent practices in births and deliveries may include the communication of infection, fractured bones, or the baby suffering oxygen deprivation during the delivery. If you or your child (or a family member) were injured or became ill as a result of the way your birth and delivery were handled, speak to the specialist at Legal Expert today.

Clinical Negligence Compensation Calculator

There can be a number of figures that go in to make up your final settlement amount. In this section, we’ll break down and explain them.

General Damages

You have a legal right to be compensated for your physical and psychological injuries. The sum that’s calculated to achieve this is known as general damages. This figure is put together by legal professionals on a case to case basis. It is done so in part with the assistance of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). This publication is comprised of a number of different injuries that can be sustained due to various forms of negligence.

There are monetary values alongside each entry that suggest how much the injury could be worth. The amount that’s settled on could be higher or lower than the figure stated in the JCG. This is because they are only guidelines. Certain unique circumstances may make the sums irrelevant to the damage caused to the individual.

Below, we’ve included a table that contains some example figures from the JCG. This will better illustrate how the JCG is interpreted.

Psychiatric damage(d) less severe - this bracket takes into account how badly daily activities such as sleep are affected£1,440 to £5,500
Chest(c) when the chest and lung(s) are damaged and this leads to continuing disability£29,380 to £51,460
Chest(f) when injuries lead to collapsed lungs, but an uncomplicated and full recovery is made£2,060 to £5,000
Female reproductive system(d) infertility but where the injured party would not have, in any event, had children£6,190 to £11,820
Female reproductive system(f) when the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy is delayed but there is no effect on fertility£3,180 to £19,170
Neck(c) minor - (iii) when your recovery is complete within a period of 3 monthsUp to £2,300
Shoulder(e) clavicle fracture£4,830 to £11,490
Arm(E) amputation - (b)(i) when one arm is amputated at the shoulderNot less than £128,710
Finger(m) when the little finger is amputated£8,110 to £11,490
Foot(b) when one foot is amputated£78,800 to £102,890

Special Damages

Additionally, there can be other figures included in your settlement. Special damages are other costs and expenses that have arisen due to your injuries. If you have evidence of these outgoings/losses, then you could have them paid back to you as part of your claim.

Some examples include:

  • Loss of earnings you may have missed time at work due to your injuries. As a result, you could miss out on wages. It’s possible to have these losses paid back to you as a special damages payment.
  • Travel costs – you may be unable to drive for a period of time, for you could reclaim the costs of things like taxis and public transport
  • Adaptations to your home – if your injuries leave you with reduced mobility, it’s possible you could need things like ramps fitted in your home to aid with access. 
  • Medical expenses – you may require things like painkillers and/or antibiotics. It’s possible for special damages to cover these costs too.

For more information on what else can be included in a special damages payment, get in touch today.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors For Huddersfield

Are you worried about the financial impact that making a claim may have on you? If so, we may have just the solution for you. Our medical negligence solicitors for Huddersfield always work with their clients on a No Win No Fee basis. This deal is exactly as the name suggests.

If you do not win your claim, then you won’t be responsible for covering your lawyer’s fee. You won’t owe them anything.

If your claim is successful then your solicitor is paid via a small, legally-capped percentage that’s taken from your settlement before it reaches you.

No Win No Fee deals are put in place to help minimise the financial risk to you whilst making your claim. Whilst it’s possible to make a claim on your own and without the help of a No Win No Fee solicitors, we don’t recommend it.

With a deal such as this in place, you may still be required to pay expensive legal bills even if your claim is unsuccessful. Without a settlement to assist with this, you could end up in financial distress as a result.

Contact Legal Expert Today

Start your claims process today and begin your journey to recovering the compensation you could be owed. Legal Expert have helped people across the country to make medical negligence claims. You can take the first step by calling our team on 0800 073 8804. You can also contact our specialist teams by sending an email to

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