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Bicester Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee

By Stephen Frost. Last Updated 2nd November 2021. Welcome to our guide on hiring medical negligence solicitors for Bicester personal injury claims. Before you begin your search for a firm of solicitors in Bicester to represent you in a medical negligence compensation claim, you should read the contents of this page so that you can make an informed decision. You will find plenty of info such as an NHS compensation payouts guide, as well as details of how the clinical negligence claims process works. Whichever solicitor you choose, you will need to ensure that they work within the guidelines laid out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

In this guide, we’ll clarify how medical negligence is defined and what conditions can allow you to start a medical negligence claim. We’ll also look at what factors to consider if you’re looking to hire medical negligence solicitors for Bicester claims on a No Win No Fee basis. An explanation of the benefits of claiming under a No Win No Fee agreement is included in this guide.

Also, we’ll talk about how solicitors can potentially assist with your medical negligence claim. We’ll walk you through many of the different types of medical negligence claims which we can help out with. We will also take a look at some statistics regarding NHS medical negligence claims. The types of damages you could be compensated for through a successful claim is also highlighted within this guide. So please keep reading on for more insight into Bicester medical negligence claims.

If you have any other questions or want our assistance, you can contact us online or phone us on 0800 073 8804

What is medical negligence?

medical negligence solicitor Bicester

Bicester Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical negligence can be defined as any time that a medical professional responsible for caring for the health of a patient, actually causes harm by mistake, through an accident or oversight, or for providing an insufficient level of supervisory care.

Ever successful medical negligee claim will a) prove that the medical professional had a duty to care for the health of the patient, b) prove that the medical professional failed in this duty, and c) show that the failure in meeting this duty could have been avoided.

Medical negligence can take many forms, for example:

  • Misdiagnosis of a medical condition.
  • Avoidable delays in providing key treatment.
  • Mistakes and accidents are made whilst a patient is on the operating table.
  • Administering the wrong medication.
  • Administering the wrong treatment.

No matter how you became a victim of medical negligence, Legal Expert can help you claim compensation. Out national claims service is available to residents of Bicester. We have a proven track record going back more than 30-years of winning compensation for our clients across a very wide range of clinical negligence cases.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Medical Negligence Solicitor?

In order to find the best medical negligence solicitors for Bicester claims, you need to make sure that any legal firm you are considering engaging can answer yes to the following 4 questions:

  • Are you fully compliant with all legislation set down by the solicitors regulation authority?
  • Have you successfully won a medical negligence claim similar to mine in the past?
  • Can you take on my claim under a No Win No Fee agreement?
  • If I need additional services, such as an independent medical opinion, can you arrange for them locally?

A far simpler way for anyone in the UK to find a good legal firm to make a medical negligence compensation claim is to use the national claims service operated by Legal Expert. We have a local team covering the Bicester area and can arrange for a home visit if you wish. We can also arrange local services such as getting you an independent medical opinion to support your claim.

The time limit for hiring solicitors for medical negligence in Bicester claims

Something to make sure about before exploring the possibility of making a medical negligence claim is that you have enough time to get such a claim underway. Due to the Limitation Act 1980, the standard time limit for commencing a personal injury claim is three years. This three-year deadline applies from the day your injuries occurred or when they could be confirmed.

It’s always best to start taking action to get your medical negligence claim underway as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the more time there is for everything to get sorted so that your claim can be processed. There can be exceptions to how the time limit works, but only in a small number of circumstances. If a victim of medical negligence is below the age of 18 or lacks the mental capacity to act independently, then the time limit for claiming is frozen at least temporarily. Only when the victim turns 18 or recovers sufficient mental capacity will the time limit be activated.

Reading Solicitor Reviews Can Be Helpful

If you can find a website that has published a solicitor review of any legal firm you are considering engaging, then this makes a good starting point. Read the reviews carefully to make sure they seem truthful. Once you have shortlisted a number of firms of solicitors, you should double check your selection by asking friends, family and acquaintances if they have ever dealt with a solicitor on your list? If they have, then ask what the experience was like?

A much simpler way to connect with a suitable legal firm covering the Bicester area is to contact us here at Legal Expert. We will give you some free legal advice. We can also help you to find the best clinical negligence solicitors for Bicester claims or any claims elsewhere.

Where Should My Solicitor Be Based?

Your solicitor can actually be located anywhere at all. There is no longer any advantage in using a local firm, as email, Skype and other Internet communication channels enable you to contact your solicitor easily wherever they are located.

Legal Expert can provide solicitors for medical negligence in Bicester claims. We can also arrange for a home visit to discuss your case if you prefer a face to face meeting rather than using the phone.

Claims Our Bicester Clinical Negligence Team Can Handle

Our legal team that covers the Bicester area has plenty of experience in claiming compensation across a very wide range of different types of medical negligence cases.

In the sections below, we have detailed many of the more common types of negligence cases we take on for our clients. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if your particular situation doesn’t align with any of these outlines, we can still help you. Give us a quick call so we can learn more about your case and offer some free legal advice on what to do next.

Hospital Negligence

A hospital negligence claim is made when due to a patient coming to harm whilst being treated, compensation should be available by claiming for medical malpractice against hospital staff who caused the patient harm. There is also medical negligence ambulance drivers and medics could cause on the way to the hospital.

If you have been the victim of negligence at Bicester Community Hospital or another hospital in the Bicester area, Legal Expert can help you to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Dental Negligence

When an accident occurs while a patient is undergoing a dental procedure, the resulting injury to the gums, teeth, jaw or face could also cause some form of disfigurement. This cosmetic injury could range from short-term cuts or bruises, permanent scarring, or something in between.

Legal Expert has the best dental negligence solicitors available in Bicester to claim for not only the physical injury but also the mental trauma of having to live with facial disfigurement, even if for only a short time whilst it heals.

GP Medical Negligence

We all like to think we can trust our own doctor to always take the right steps to safeguard our health. The truth is, however, that cases of GP medical negligence are quite common in the UK. When your GP makes a mistake, such as diagnosing a serious medical condition wrongly and treating you for a much more minor illness, the consequences can be serious.

Legal Expert can assist residents of Bicester to prove that their GP was liable in a medical negligence case by arranging for a locally produced expert medical opinion from an impartial doctor.

Cancer Medical Negligence

When the two words negligence and cancer are used in the same sentence, they can be a recipe for dire consequences. Catching cancer early is the best way to give a patient the best chance of survival. In advanced cases, receiving immediate treatment is critical. When delays are caused in administering treatment due to medical negligence, then this can leave to the death of the patient in the most serious of cases.

Legal Expert can help the dependants of a cancer victim to claim compensation for cancer negligence which lead to the patient’s death. We will always try and win you the maximum amount of compensation in such serious cases of negligence.

Nursing Home Negligence

Of all the types of accidents that are caused by nursing homes, negligence falls are the most common. They happen when a resident of the care home is not being supervised properly and have been left without the care they need to perform simple daily tasks, such as visiting the bathroom. These kinds of avoidable instances of negligence in a care home happen when staff are overworked or undertrained.

If you have a loved one who is resident in a care home, and they have recently been injured due to a slip, trip or fall, then it could be that negligence on the part of the care staff was the cause. Contact Legal Expert today to find out how we can begin claiming compensation on behalf of your relative who is resident in the care home.

Birth Injury Clinical Negligence

Birth medical negligence cases are often the most tragic of all the types of clinical negligence cases we encounter. When a newborn baby suffers grave harm such as serious, permanent brain damage due to an accident in the birthing process, the family will need to come to terms with caring for a handicapped infant.

Legal Expert can help to claim compensation in cases of clinical negligence during childbirth, and we always aim to do so in the least stressful way for the family.

Statistics for Medical Negligence Claims Against Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

So how often are NHS medical negligence claims in Oxford and other areas of Britain? Statistics released by NHS Resolution give us insight into how many NHS medical claims are handled on a national scale. NHS Resolution is a department of the National Health Service which specialises in handling personal injury claims made against the organisation.

As revealed by the NHS Resolution Annual Report for 2020/21, the NHS received 12,629 medical negligence claims and reported incidents during the time period covered. The number of claims received increased by 7.5% when compared to the 2019/20 report. During that period, the NHS received 11,678 claims.

Also revealed in the 2020/21 report is that the NHS settled a total of 15,674 clinical and non-clinical claims. 11,704 (74.7%) of the claims were settled without the need for any court proceedings. 3,914 (25%) of the claims involved some court proceedings. 56 (just 0.3%) of the claims ended up going to trial.

Damages you could claim with medical negligence lawyers for Bicester claims

If you are able to make a medical negligence claim and it proves successful, then the amount of compensation you may receive depends on what damages you can claim for. There are two main types of damages which you could potentially receive compensation for:

  • General damages – Compensation for this kind of damages covers you for physical and mental injuries which can be diagnosed and directly linked to the medical negligence you experienced.
  • Special damages – If you are able to receive compensation for general damages, then it’s possible you could receive additional compensation for special damages. This type of compensation is meant to cover financial losses which have been caused by medical negligence. For example, if the harm caused by the negligence has led you to miss out on wages from your job, then special damages may be able to cover you for this.

Making a No Win No Fee Compensation Claim

Funding a clinical negligence claim yourself is an expensive proposition, especially if the claim drags on for some time. And of course, if your claim is actually unsuccessful and you lose your case, you will have also lost all of the money you spent on legal fees etc. This would mean that you have not only suffered the physical discomfort and mental trauma of being the victim of clinical malpractice, you are also severely out of pocket due to it.

This is why Legal Expert recommends that residents of Bicester take advantage of our team of No Win No Fee negligence lawyers which we can provide as part of our national claims service, to make their compensation claim.

By using engaging us on a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), you won’t pay anything at all right up until the moment you are paid compensation. And if we lose, then you don’t pay. So, there is no financial risk to you at all.

Starting Your Medical Negligence Claim

Call Legal Expert now on 0800 073 8804 to begin your clinical negligence claim. After a short call, we will offer you some free legal advice on the next steps to take, we will also likely recommend you use our national medical negligence claims service as the best option and propose that we represent you under a Conditional Fee Agreement.

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